Twist of fate update Tuesday 14 April 2020

Twist of fate 14 April 2020: Akash loses it and blurts out his casenova attitude and tells her that he did not do potency test but DNA test and then in front of everyone to save his ego he blurted out that Rachna was carrying his baby.

Akash getts angry on his fiance that she is alleging he cannot become father. He says he made a girl pregnant and is father of her child. He says report is fake. His fiance asks how can he say the report is fake. He says he exhanged DNA report and is responsible for Rachna’s child. He sees Rachna there and asks her to tell the truth. Rachna says Akash is right, he is the father of her child. He says his fiance if she got a proof now.Fiance says she cannot marry him as he is a liar.

Daadi apologizes Rachna for misunderstanding her and says she will get her married to Akash. Rachna says Akash lied to everyone and cannot anyone’s responsibility, so she will not marry him. She says she is going back to her village and is feeling guilty as she became pregnant. She says she cannot marry Akash again, he rejected her before, now she is rejecting her. Daadi asks Pragya to take care of Rachna as she is the mother of her future heir. Pragya says okay and goes with Rachna from there.

Daadi asks Pragya if she is one who helped her cross road. Pragya says yes. Daadi ask how does she know Rachna. Pragya says she is her neighbour. Daadi says she did a lot for neighbour and prays god to keep Pragya happy. Pragya says she has to leave now and goes.

Akash’s mother says Akash’s fiance’s parents that they are mistaken, Akash is not like that. Fiance’s father says Akash made a big mistake and will not let Akash marry to anyone. Abhi comes home and sees Sukruti/Akash’s fiance and her parents leaving. Akash’s mom says her whole incident. Suresh comes there. Rachna says she got what she wanted and asks him to take her from here. All 3 leave from there. Abhi sees them going from there.

Daadi says Akash that he did a big mistake and gets unconscious. Abhi sees daadi stumbling and runs towards her.

Suresh, Rachna, Pragya come out of Abhi’s house. Reporters ask Suresh if he forcefully wants his sister married to Akash for publicity. Pragya asks reporters how can they allege someone for publicity. She says she Akash married Rachna and betrayed her. They cannot hear Rachna’s plea as she is poor and says Akash accepted the truth in front of everyone and his married broke because of that. She says you people think Abhi as idol, but he is a wrong person. He helped his brother instead of Suresh for telling truth. Abhi made Suresh and her resign from college. If Abhi was really an idol, he would have helped the truth and says it can happen to even your sister or daughter. She says she cannot tolerate anyone interfering her life. Sarla and whole family watch Pragya’s speech on TV.

Pragya says she did not come here to insult anyone, but came to get justice for Rachna and does not want anything now. Bulbul says she is proud of Pragya that she is very courageous. Sarla and daadi also praise Rachna and says now I will see who will finger at Rachna.

Akash’s mom scolds him for telling the truth in front of everyone and says now Abhi will not leave him. If daadi dies because of him, Abhi will not spare them.

Abhi’s sister-in-law informs him that Rachna was telling truth. Akash’s mom sees Abhi coming down and starts acting like scolding him. Abhi slaps Akash and asks him how dare he to tell lie. He takes cane from Taiji and starts beating Akash, but his sister Aaliya comes and rescues Akash. Abhi asks her when did she come. Aaliya says she came just now, but how can he beat his brother. She says she knows Akash made a street girl pregnant, he would have given her money and sent her. Abhi asks how can she tell that being a girl.

Aaliya says she will not let that happen to herself. She says Rachna does not have proof of marriage with Akash and trapped him by getting pregnant. Abhi says Akash told lie and daadi wants him married to Rachna. Aaliya says even she loves daadi and asks him if any of his ex-girlfriend comes and says she is pregnant with his child, will he accept her and asks him to stop thinking like an old man. She says he is a rockstar and people try to gain publicity from him. Abhi says he hit an innocent because of him and goes from there. Aaliya says Akash she will not let Daadi’s old ways come in between his brother.

Madhavi thanks god for giving justice for Rachna and says truth came in front of everyone because of Rachna. Rachna says it is because of Pragya. Sureshs says today’s train has gone and he will book the tickets tomorrow. Rachna says she will not go from there until Suresh settles. Suresh asks what she wants to tell. Rachna says even her own sister would not have helped her like Pragya helped her and asks Suresh to marry Pragya soon. Suresh thanks Rachna is right and remembers Pragya taking care of him and helping him. Jaise koyi kinaara…. song plays in the background.

He remembers Pragya saying she will be for him forever. He says Madhavi and Rachna that Pragya thinks about us a lot and now he has to think about Pragya.

Akash’s mom pacify him. He asks her to stop as she is the one who caused issues between him and with Abhi. Mom says she handled the situation, else Abhi would have doubted her also. Her husband asks her not to be oversamrt, else she will repent for it.

He says she will go and console daadi and goes from there. Mom says Akash he Aaliya consoled Abhi, else he would have killed him. She asks him not to get out of room without her permission and says she will let Aaliya handle Abhi and daadi.

Abhi gets a call from someone who asks him to switch on TV and check news. Abhi switches on TV and sees reporters praising Pragya and downgrading Abhi. Pragya then starts downgrading Abhi. Abhi gets angry on her. He then gets a call from an Advertisement agency who informs that they cannot do an ad with him. Abhi thinks Aaliya was right, they are trying to gain publicity from him. He says he will not spare Pragya.

Daadi prays god in the morning. Servants bring tea and news paper for her. Daadi sees Pragya’s pic in newspaper and remembers Pragya helping her and other. She thinks she is a good girl and hope she is not married yet, she is perfect for Abhi.

Abhi reads news paper and sees Pragya’s pic with his news. He says Pragya is his target now and he will not spare her.

Pragya says Suresh that we have not informed about our engagemnet breakup to our families and should inform them now. Suresh says he wants to marry her now. Daadi on the other side thinks only Pragya can handle Abhi. Allah waariyan… song plays in the background. Suresh says it is love where someone holds your hand and walk with you, he says she is one who held his hand and taught him to be practical, he does not care that he did not get Bulbul’s love, but he cannot lose Pragya and asks Pragya if she will marry him. He says he knows she is confused, but he is clear and is thinking practical like her. Pragya asks if he loves her.

Suresh says when I wake up, I get a smile on my face. He says he loves her as she takes care of him and understands him, and same he feels for her. He says we both are looking at same direction and he knows it is difficult for her to take a decision and he broke her heart once. He says he will wait for him until she accepts him. Madhavi calls Suresh to come out and he goes from there.

Suresh comes out and sees neighbours asking to call Rachna out and says they made a mistake by misunderstanding Rachna and with Pragya explaining the issue on TV, they know now that Rachna is right and they are wrong. They say they will stand for Rachan in front of those rich people. Another neighbour says he helps the whole localilty with his complaints and asks him to forgive them. Suresh accepts apology and then looks at Pragya. Madhavi and whole family mingle with neighbours. Suresh gets a call from college. He informs Pragya that college people apologized and asked them to rejoin. He says Pragya that she is too good and now he wants to correct himself and will not dissappoint her this time.

Bulbul gets a call from Pragya who informs her that she will not be lecturing her. Bulbul jokes if she is eloping. Pragya asks her not to joke and says she and Suresh got back their job. Bulbul congratulates her. Bulbul’s colleages says she looks happy. Bulbul says she is and says she will pay their lunch bill. Purab comes out and says she cannot handle simple task, etc, and splashes sauce on her face by mistake. Bulbul goes to bathroom and opens tap, and tap gets broken by mistake with water falling on her. She starts shouting. Purab hears her voice and comes into bathroom. She hugs him in a worry and asks him to close the water up. Sunona sangemarmar… song plays in the background. They both get conscious then and part away.

Bulbul laughs seeing Purab also getting drenched. He also starts laughing. They then look at each other romantically, hug each other, purab is about to kiss her. Bulbul then gets conscious and asks him how dare he to think of kissing her. She comes out of the bathroom and thinks how can she come close to Purab who flirts with girls and thinks she should be away from him and says she deserves much better guy than him.

Pragya comes out of house to go to college. Suresh comes with his scooter and asks her to sit with him. She tries to keep her hand on his shoulder. He asks her to keep it and says their life’s journey will pass easily. They both remember the recent incidents happened and then Suresh proposing her to marry him.

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