Twist of fate update Tuesday 1 February 2022

Twist of fate 1 February 2022:  Abhi tells Pragya that he got their marriage certificate made, seeing her silent when she was asked in the court about it. He says what is the problem if certificate is made without your knowledge.

Pragya cries and tells that she couldn’t answer anyone, even though she was married. She says I wanted to be with you when you was unwell. Abhi asks what is the problem, now even I am fine. He says what Sarita behen will think if she cries. She asks him to go. Next day Tanu comes to Mehra house, Dadi praises her beauty and tells that she is looking nice in black googles. Tanu thanks Dadi. Dadi goes to make tea for her. Abhi comes there. Tanu touches him and asks when she will get her Abhi. He asks her to move from his way.

Tanu asks why is he behaving like stranger and tells that they have roka recently. She says I think that you are not habitual to my touch now, and asks if he will run away from her after the marriage too. Pragya comes there and shouts Tanu, asking how dare she to touch him. She slaps her hard. It turns out to be Tanu’s dream and she wakes up, thinks it was a dream. She thinks now Pragya can’t raise her hand or voice infront of me, as I have the power.

Prachi comes to kitchen and gets bread from it. Ranbir says he was hungry so came. Prachi asks if he will have sandwich. He says he don’t know how to make it. Prachi makes sandwich and gives to him. Ranbir says I never have such tasty sandwich before. Prachi says if someone is hungry then the food looks tasty. He cheers with her for the juice and says our party is going on. Prachi asks him not to say that they shall dance.

Ranbir asks shall I play music? Prachi says everyone is sleeping. Ranbir says if anyone wakes up then I have to share my tasty sandwich. Prachi laughs and says you got the moustache. Ranbir says he don’t have. Prachi says let me wipe it from your mouth. Rhea comes there and tells that she was talking to Pallavi. She asks Ranbir to talk to her on video call. Ranbir says ok. Prachi goes to side. He asks if mummy told something. Rhea asks him to talk to her.

She calls Pallavi. Pallavi asks Ranbir if she has to talk to Rhea to talk to him. Ranbir says it is not like that. Pallavi asks if she changed her mind to marry Ranbir. Rhea says no way and tells that just as court case settles down, then Dadi and Tanu will get engaged. She says dad will be saved and then you can think of our marriage. Ranbir says yes. He says I will talk to you later and asks her to sleep. Rhea ends the call and says she likes when Pallavi aunty talks to her nicely. She says I love you so much and hugs him. Prachi gets upset and goes. Ranbir asks Rhea to have sandwich and says he will return in 2 mins. Prachi thinks of Rhea’s words and gets sad.

Ranbir comes there and says he needs to talk to her. Prachi asks him to leave her hand. Ranbir asks if she is feeling bad hearing Rhea and his marriage. He asks her to tell that she is feeling sad and even now loves him. He asks her to tell that she only loves him. Prachi wishes to tell him that he is her only love and there is nobody in her life. Ranbir asks her to tell the truth and says I will forget everything and will return to you. He says I swear that I will handle everything and asks her to say. Prachi looks at him.

Tanu comes to Mehra house and sees Pragya and Abhi in the room. She comes there and says if I see you in Abhi’s room then? Abhi says she is my wife and asks her to think before saying anything bad for Pragya. Tanu tells that they have done roka. Abhi tells that Pragya let the roka done, as you have deal with her for my freedom. He says last night, we were chilling and thought that they will not listen to her. Pragya tells that she has no fear till now and tells that she is neither helpless nor weak. She says I will not give my kumkum to someone else and says your truth will be out soon and the people who was sympathizing with you will hate you.

Tanu says you are doing a big mistake. Pragya says I am rectifying my mistake and have understood that until I am wearing his name’s mangalsutra and kumkum, we will never be separated. Tanu says Abhi is mine and nobody can separate him from me. Abhi asks her to stop it and leave from there now itself. Pragya asks her to understand that she will get defeat everytime as nobody can separate them. Tanu says I will scratch your mouth and tries to attack her, but Abhi pushes her. Tanu wakes up and it is again her dream.

She feels threatened with Pragya’s presence in the house and thinks until she is there, I will get such dreams. She thinks to end Pragya’s story, before beginning her story. She calls Pragya in the night itself and asks her to meet her in Abhi’s house tomorrow. Pragya thinks why did she call her, thinks if she thought that she will not let her marriage happen. Tanu thinks now she will sleep peacefully and rests on the bed. She closes her eyes and imagines Pragya slapping her. She asks why am I afraid? She tries to sleep again and gets the dream. She says I can sleep peacefully when I kick out Pragya from Abhi’s life.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she don’t think for him anything. Ranbir asks then why did you go from kitchen? Prachi says she wanted to give them privacy. She is not the one whom he is waiting. Ranbir tells that whatever he told was a lie and says same thing he feels, when she lies to him, he feels strange. He says Dida used to tell me that eyes are the reflection of heart, since I see your eyes and your lies, I believed this. He says you shall feel one day that you should have told me everything, but I will be not with you then. He says I am one woman man and says today he loves her and is ready to do anything, but once he marries Rhea, he will become of hers completely. He goes.

Abhi talks to Vikram and tells that he will end the call before Aaliya kills him with her eyes. Aaliya asks don’t you know, that Prachi and you have returned from Sarita behen’s house and not Pragya. Abhi asks if he is seeing the dream. Aaliya asks him not to joke. She says Pragya can face and solve all the problems, and says we can have a peaceful sleep if she stays with you. Abhi says you used to be concerned for me when I used to get late from concerts. He says you used to get panic for me. He says you are doing the same thing for Pragya. Pragya comes there and tells that Tanu called her and asked her to meet her here. Abhi asks her to relax.Aaliya says Tanu didn’t come to know anything, but might be feeling threatened by you. She wants to insult you to corner you. She says she wants to make her victory sure and says she herself is already afraid. Pragya says we have done a mistake by not involving you in our plan. She thanks her. Aaliya says it’s ok, anything for my brother.

Abhi asks what does she think that she will insult my wife and I will see. Aaliya asks Pragya to handle Abhi, as he is impossible. Abhi asks what? He tells Pragya that he will not bear if Tanu says anything to her. Pragya says let her insult me for her peace, she will be relaxed. Abhi says stop her from coming here. Pragya asks him to agree and says you shall not say anything, asks him to think about family. She says let her say against me today, then she will speak in your favour in court. Prachi asks them to come out and says if Tanu aunty comes then it will be a problem. Abhi goes out of room.

Dadi thinks Pragya said right that Tanu is coming, but why she didn’t come till now. Tanu comes there. Dadi asks her to bend down for her blessings. Tanu bends down and touches her feet. Dadi blesses her that she shall get whatever she deserves and thinks once her secret is out, people will scold her. Tanu asks about Pragya. Dadi says she is in the washroom and asks Prachi to call her. Tanu says I will go by myself. Mitali comes there and says welcome home Tanu, I saw your car so made ginger tea for you. She says sorry for not talking to her nicely and says I thought to talk to you like before. Tanu drops her purse by mistake and bends down to pick it. Dadi thinks Mitali saved her as if Tanu have seen Abhi and Pragya together then. Tanu asks Mitali why she stopped talking.

Mitali says no, my talks never end and says we will become dewrani and jethani. Tanu says everyone is changing in the house and you are wonderful, to have loyalty for yourself. Dadi asks Tanu to sit. Tanu thanks Mitali for tea and asks where is Pragya, tells her that she doesn’t like any outsider woman to spend time in her sasural. Aaliya comes there and asks what is she doing here? Tanu says when you talk to me, I feel good. Rhea comes and asks what is she doing here? Tanu asks where is Pragya?

Abhi comes there. Tanu asks how are you? Aaliya whispers to Abhi to first listen to her and then reply. Tanu says you didn’t reply to me? Abhi asks if she will file case against him. Pragya comes there and says she has come here as Tanu called. Tanu says if I wanted then I would have gone to her house and talked, but I wanted everyone to know that I feel so nicely about Abhi. She says she wants to take the court case back as Dadi wants. She says it is not good that you are inside and I am outside.

She says I gave this offer to Pragya, but she didn’t talk to you, how selfish. She tells that when Dadi talked to her, she doesn’t believe her, but got sure when she involved media and got their roka done. She says I believed when everyone gave their genuine reaction. She says I got emotional being a woman, but not a stupid woman.

She tells that if she takes back the case during the hearing then Abhi will be freed on the same way, but he will not get freedom from Pragya. She says why Pragya will leave me, they are legally husband and wife and even law can’t separate them. She says if you all want Abhi to get free from this case, then I want to see divorce papers before getting ring in my hand before the court hearing. Everyone looks shocked. Tanu says she can’t marry Abhi until he is married to Pragya.

Dadi thinks what is she saying? Pragya goes inside. Rhea says mom…She tells that she will never accept Tanu as her mom. Tanu asks her to be practical and asks her not to think that she is dying to be her mom. She says I will feel good as my Abhi loves you. Rhea goes. Tanu tells Prachi that she will not accept her and says you will go to your house with your mother.

Pragya comes to the room. Abhi comes behind her and says it is our turn to show her that nobody can separate us. He says I will not give you divorce and says we will tell her that it was a trap for her. She says we are getting trap while trying to trap her and tells that he doesn’t want to tell her that their love is weak, as it is very strong. He asks her to come with him and tells her that they need to take revenge on her for the tears which she has given her.

Pragya says I know that our love, family, and the truth is with us, I know that you haven’t raped her and I believe you. She says what we will show when the court asks for proofs, in fact, the judge accepted you guilty. Abhi says let me go to jail. Pragya says I do care, I don’t want to divorce you, and wants to apply kumkum of your name in my forehead always. She says you are not just my husband, but someone’s grandson, father, brother etc. Abhi says even I want to see you here with me and goes to answer Tanu. Pragya asks him to hear.

Aryan comes to Ranbir and wakes him up. Ranbir says he doesn’t want melodrama in the morning and asks him to show a coffee cup, else his mind will not work. Aryan says you are too slow. Ranbir says my hands are very fast. Aaliya tells Rhea that she can’t do anything. Rhea says I have the right to talk about my dad’s wedding. Aaliya says the matter is about what you will do, this is not marriage but a deal. Tanu comes and hears them, says you are absolutely right. She tells Aaliya that she is happy to see her at her side and says the way you know me, even I don’t know myself. Ranbir and Aryan come there playing. Tanu says she likes happy houses and tells Aryan that he will be her favorite, being her best friend’s son. Aaliya says we are not friends anymore. Tanu tells that it is Pragya’s effect and tells that she used to be a mastermind to throw Pragya out.

She says she has learned everything from Aaliya. She says if you want then we can work as a team. Aaliya says we were friends when I thought that you will keep my Bhai happy. She says you are selfish to think about yourself and trapped my Bhai in the fake rape case. She says what do you think that I will be with you, and tells I am on my brother’s side and his wife is Pragya.

Tanu asks Aaliya to think wisely and reply. She says if you support me then I will help you get Abhi’s business which you always wanted, I promise I will get you that. Aaliya looks on. Rhea, Ranbir, and Aryan look surprised. Tanu says ok, I will throw Pragya out and don’t need anyone’s help. She goes out. Ranbir asks what?

Tanu comes to Dadi and asks if she saw Abhi and Pragya. Dadi says no. Tanu asks why did Abhi go behind her and Pragya reacted as if she has an objection. Dadi says you had called Pragya for the meeting. Tanu says you should have called me and confirm. She says I was sitting in the living room, while Pragya was inside. Dadi says it will not happen once the marriage happens. She tells that divorce will take a long time and tells that they shall get the marriage done directly. Tanu says you don’t know Pragya and my history and tells that she will become powerful with sindoor and mangalsutra. She says whichever God’s blessings she has, she always win. She says she will snatch her mangalsutra and sindoor power. She says let’s go to the hall.

Rhea asks Aaliya why she didn’t tell Tanu that she will help her and says you had to just pretend. Aaliya says she feels disgusted by her and can’t withstand her. She tells that she had done bad things in the past and tried to throw Pragya out, but not anymore as she is seeing whatever Pragya is doing for her Bhai. She says I can’t even act with Tanu. Aryan says how we will stop Tanu, as she is having smart moves. Ranbir says Pragya is brilliant and will outsmart Tanu.

Rhea says she can’t tolerate that lady’s face. Ranbir says me too. Aaliya asks her to think about the court case and says bhai will not divorce Pragya and then Tanu will take out her anger in the court case. Aryan says let’s go down and see what is happening.

Mitali tells Prachi that Tanu is trapping them and tells that Tanu has become clever and smart, this is her last chance to make Abhi as hers. Tanu asks Dadi where is Pragya? She says Abhi went behind her. She asks Dadi to make Abhi understand to divorce Pragya and says if she doesn’t leave him and file a case against him for his remarriage. She asks Dadi to talk to him with authority. Abhi and Pragya come there. Dadi thinks they will never agree to divorce. Aaliya thinks Bhai will not divorce Pragya and will kick Tanu out. Mitali thinks what will happen? Tanu asks when you will tell your decision? Pragya says we are ready. Tanu says I didn’t think that you will agree. Pragya says I have a condition, I will consult my lawyer and will give you divorce papers after your engagement. Tanu says good try, but I will not agree. Pragya asks her to call her if she agrees with her condition and tells her that she will not come again to meet her. Abhi tells Tanu that he didn’t want to divorce Pragya, but agreed for her. He says he is doing this for his promise made to her and for her happiness. He says she can see me far from me, but can’t see me in jail. Tanu says I hope you will fulfill all your duties when we get married, will love me, and will keep me happy. Abhi looks on.


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