I do update Tuesday 1 February 2022

I do 1 February 2022: Asad comes in his room, and finds ayan in the window. ayan says in a poetic manner: Asad asks why the haste in his engagement. Ayan changes the topic and praises the preparations.

He asks asad if he’s serious about this marriage. Before he can answer, they find the girls too, coming in through the window, to congratulate him on the marriage. Asad tells humaira that she’s very courageous to be marrying ayan, who is so difficult to control. they tease him about zoya, and the way she mistreats him. Asad asks who told them. They look at ayan, and he starts giving clarifications to asad that he didnt.

Ayan asks asad to hurry up, as zoya is in the habit of running away. Nikhat says that noone can run away from a groom like asad. As dilshad knocks on asad’s door, asad and the others are tensed. He opens up, and says that she should go and he would come. Dilshad is surprised to find ayan and the girls there. She curtly wishes them, and says that she would leave, and that he can come with his brothers and sisters. She smiles at them, relieving them too.

Scene 5:
Location: Mental Hospital
Razia is given electric shocks, and she is distraught, and asks the nurses to let go of her, for God’s sakes. As thre nurses leave, razia is shocked by tanveer’s presence beside the bed. razia calls her tanveer, which surprises her, as she’s used to being addressed as Billo Rani. Razia, in the mental hospital, asks tanveer to take her out from here somehow. Tanveer says that she would take her from there, and she has made plans for that too, but she too would have to do something for her in return. Razia asks what is it. Tanveer smirks while razia is puzzled. Tanveer asks her not to be scared, as its in her favour too, as she knows her well, that she wont do anything without expecting a favour. tanveer asks her to come along as she has to destroy someone’s happiness, and achieve her mission.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad comes out with ayan and the girls. Ayan is forcibly sent off with the girls by asad, as he goes to get the gift. Dilshad is entertaining the guests, and also looking after the preparations. Nazma tells her that zoya is getting ready, while asad too would come down. She asks dilshad to smile and calm down.

As dilshad sees rashid coming from the other side, she is shocked. Dilshad remembers what she had told him the last time. she asks about him being there, as he wasnt invited. He says that he knows he doesnt deserve any respect, but that he doesnt need to be called, as its his right, and he’s heer to deliver his duty. He says that he has never done anything for his son, but wants to get his son married today. She is overwhelmed, and is about to say something, but is stopped by zoya, who holds her hand and says that Rashid is right, as her father couldnt be here, but asad’s should be, as all fathers want this, and they shouldnt snatch this from asad.

Dilshad resigns herself and leaves from there. Rashid thanks zoya, and says that he’s here for both of them, and not just asad. He says that he has come to tell her that they cant be friends anymore, scaring her, but then saying that she’s going to be his daughter in law.

As celebration begins, zoya is brought down by her sister and other ladies. Zoya is told by ayan that she’s looking beautiful. Zoya asks where is Asad. Nazma too meets her half sisters, and dilshad and rashid too are awkwardly being with each other. As she gets up to go, Rashis stops her. Zoya is getting worried for asad. she entertains the guests, while deciding to call him up. But the phone keeps ringing and he doesnt pick up. She calls ayan, and tells that asad isnt picking the phone.

Ayan teases her saying that she has bothered him so much, thats why he’s having his revenge. Zoya threatens him to call up, or else she would start bothering him again. Dilshad comes and asks ayan, and knows that asad isnt picking up the phone. Dilshad tensedly, asks him to continue trying.

Scene 2:
Location: In the car
As asad gets in the car, tanveer knocks on his window and says that today, the groom shouldnt go anywhere alone. tanveer says that she cant leave him alone today. He asks her what happened. In the car, tanveer tries to get all senti saying that from today onwards, she would be distanced from him. She hugs him, and says that he would be someone else’s. When asad says that freinds never distance, tanveer too says that she wont let that happen.

She reminds him that he has to get a gift for zoya, and he thanks her for this suggestion, and goes to get the gift. They head towards home, as dilshad and zoya are waiting for him.

As asad gets inside the car, getting the gift for zoya, he doesnt find tanveer there. He sees tanveer being pushed into another car by some guys, and rem,embers her threat about her husband and taken away. He is shocked and follows her in his car. as he catches up, he finds the car stranded, without anyone. He enters the nearby stranded factory, and shouts out her name, and after several screams, tanveer too responds back, asking tanveer to save her, while Razia is tearing off her clothes, and asking her to shout all the more, and throwing away cartons to make a noise.

He sees tanveer is a dishevelled state, with her clothes torn and wound, as if she has just been assaulted, and is shocked beyond disbelief. He is apalled and hugs tanveer, who pretends to break into his arms, in sadness and horror. tanveer is happy that her plan is succeeding, while motioning razia top come ahead with a stick. Asad’s phone keeps ringing.

As razia hits asad, and injects him with something, he goes dizzy, and the phone falls on the floor, and breaks down. He turns around to find who did this, and doesnt find anyone. As asad goes unconscious and falls on the ground, tanveer asks razia to help her. They together drag asad, and place him on a make shift bed. Tanveer smirks at her plan’s success. razia comments that asad is under medication, and whatever he hears right now from her, that would happen, and he would listen to him. she asks tanveer to take advantage of his unconsciousness, as he still has lots of time to regain consciousness.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence and the factory.
As dilshad asks zoya, if asad picked up the phone, she says that he didnt and that earlier it was ringing but now its unreachable. zoya is highly tensed, while dilshad and ayan, and the girls continue trying to call. Zoya is near to tears, waiting for him.

Scene 4:
Location: In the factory
Tanveer spirts water on asad, and refers him as Mr. Khan so that he gets the impression that she’s zoya. It has the desired effect. Tanveer says that she loves him. Asad is told by tanveer, that she’s zoya, and that they have been married, when asad asks about it. She gets close to him, in an intimate fashion, and places her head on his chest. She goes on to take off his shirt and unbuttoning it. tanveer goes ahead with her mission.

Part 1

Dilshad tells someone that the car must have broken down and asks the person to go check..! A person comes n tells Dilshad to call the groom as Qazi has to go someplace else also..!

Zoya n her Api are anxiously waiting for Asad..! Slowly all people leave..! Rasheed is standing next to Dilshad and tells her to take Zoya home…! Humera-Nikhat-Nuzhat all comfort Najma..! Ayan looks at Zoya..! Dilshad puts her hand on Zoyas head and asks …shall they leave? Zoya gets up…her dupatta is stuck in a nail …and recollects Tanvirs words…that if someone wears Dulhans dupatta other than her.. its bad omen..! She says.. to make habit of wearing uttaran.. as soon Asad too will be Tanvirs uttaran! Zoyas moby rings..and its Tanvir.. n she says.. ur Mr. Khan din come

n wont come either..! Tanvir is in bed with Asad..(He is bare chest) and she is covered with bed sheet and says. told u . ‘Barat tumhari aaegi aur Sej hamari sajegi..’ She laufs out..! She says… ‘Lo saj gai’! Zoya is fuming and shaking in anger! Tanvir asks she is not believing what she heard? Well may be seeing will be believing n tells her that there is an empty godown in Keshav LaL Road.. where she will find her .. Mr. Khan err her Jammy ..! Zoya drops the moby and recollects Tanvirs warning that .. no matter who Asad marries.. suhagraat will be with her! Zoya asks Ayan to give his car keys.. he says… he will drive n duo rush out..!

Zoya reaches the godown… and suddenly notices a closed door…there..! She walks towards it…slowly..! She opens the door n finds Asad asleep with Tanvir on top of him…! There are lipstick marks on Asads body…! Tanvir looks at Zoya smirks and points at Asad..! A tear drops from Zoyas eyes..! Asad slowly gets conscious …and wakes up and sees Zoya infront of him and Tanvir covering herself embarassedly ..! Zoya breaksdown..! Asad looks at himself.. and is shocked…! Zoya shakes her head disappointedly ..as Asad recollects the events before. .of imagining Zoya in Tanvir.. n sleeping with her…!

Part 2

BG – Chan se jo toote koi sapna..! Zoya breaksdown and almost falls to the floor but stables herself on the wall and slowly slides out of the room..! She turns and runs..! Tanvir holds Asads hand and says… Jammy she wont understand..! Asad puts on the sherwani and runs after Zoya…! He takes her wedding chruni as Zoya runs …! Asad stumbles and falls before reaching to Zoya..! They are outside and its raining..! Zoya stops and cries as Asad walks to her..! Flashback of Asad dabbing Zoyas head… giving her a rose…!

Zoya keeps crying recollecting all the AsYa romantic moments…! Asad is standing behind her and is sad..! She recollects hugging Asad.. him putting color on her.. the engagement..! Asad tells Zoya that he knows.. he knows.. but he says..she was there…and he…! He says..he doesnt remember anything and asks her to listen to him that..what she saw was not the truth…! Asad turns Zoya around when she pushes him off n says.. dun touch me.. and says.. he is talking of truth? HE??? Zoya says .. there is no connecting of truth with Asad…n that she knows what is truth..

n truth was what she saw with her own eyes and truth is that Asad is a very weak man.. n that truth is that he broke her trust..and the truth is … that he broke her heart.. ! She says..she regrets… that she loved.. a man like him …! Asad is stung…! Asad tries to reach out to Zoya and Zoya screams and says.. dun wanna listen to anything..! She turns and leaves from there…! Asad watches… and recollects .. meeting Zoya first time.. her offering him coffee.. sleeping on his shoulder…AsYa in rain…Asad carrying Zoya in his arms… them in the park behind shooting stars..!

Tanvir watches Asad and smirks… !!

Part 3

Dilshad tells Zoya this cant be! Zoya breaksdown and falls on the floor..! Her api asks her to calm down..! Dilshad tells Zoya that she must be mistaken! Zoya cries and shakes her head indicating no..! Najma breaksdown…! Asad comes with Tanvir and all look at them…! Asad looks guiltily with tears in his eyes at Zoya and Dilshad and everyone else..! He lowers his gaze… n walks towards them!Zoya continues to cry …! Rasheed-Ayan are pained too! Asad keeps walking towards them …and his lowered gaze.. makes Ayan fume and Dilshad walks upto him and slaps him …! A

yan rushes to Asad when Rasheed stops him…! All are shocked..! Zoya keeps crying..! Dilshad tells Asad that ages back… when Rasheed left her .. people abused and accused her. .but she din retaliate coz Asad n Najma were her pride..! Dilshad says..she was proud of him n her upbringing but today Asad broke her pride… made her lower her head.. dishonored her upbringing..! Asad keeps his eyes low..! Nikhat-Najma-Humera leave from there …! Dilshad asks Asad if he is seeing Zoyas tears? She asks him to identify that these are the same tears that were in his moms eyes.. ages back … n today he did what Rasheed did…!

Dilshad says ..why not… ‘Bewafai to tumhe Virasat me mili hai’! Rasheed-Ayan lower their gaze too..! Asad looks at Rasheed and glares at him…! Asad keeps crying with lowered gaze..!

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