Twist of fate update 6 January 2023


Twist of fate 6 January 2023: Rhea looks down from the window and tells Aaliya that Ranbir is closer to Prachi. She says she has to go else Ranbir will be burnt and she hates burnt marks on the body, and if he gets marks on his face. She goes. Aaliya calls Aryan and thinks pick the call.

Ranbir calls Neha and gives her compliments. Prachi thinks don’t know why he is cracking jokes and laughing. Dida thinks she is jealous in love. Rhea thinks what the hell, now Ranbir is happy with this girl too? Prachi thinks she can’t hear what they are talking? Ranbir asks Neha to laugh aloud as Prachi is coming. Neha laughs aloud. Prachi comes to Ranbir and tells that Mom is calling him, and tells Neha that her Dad is calling her. Rhea comes and asks Neha to go as her dad is calling her. Ranbir asks Pallavi if she is calling him.

Pallavi says no. Prachi tells Neha that Ranbir is her husband and she is his wife. She asks her to go. Neha goes. Ranbir also goes. Rhea says you are doing wrong that you are claiming to be Ranbir’s wife. She says Ranbir will not become your husband as you have done aarti with him. Prachi says I haven’t done just aarti with him, but have taken rounds with him, so for the next 7 births, Ranbir is mine and this Kumkum bhagya too. She goes to light the diyas. Rhea gets angry recalling her words, and sees Prachi’s dupatta on the ground.

Rhea coming to Prachi while the latter is busy lighting up the diyas. She holds Prachi’s dupatta and tries to burn it holding it near the diya. Aaliya comes there and stops Rhea. She takes Rhea with her forcibly. Pallavi looks at them and recalls that the dupattas are exchanged by mistake when she was thanking Aaliya. She tells Vikram about it. vikram says what is the big deal, they are sisters, it is ok. Pallavi goes worried from there. Ranbir and Neha act to make Prachi’s jealous.

Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks Neha to go and tells that Prachi will be very happy. Neha goes. Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks what is going on? Ranbir says nothing and asks how did she feel? She says it was bad joke. Ranbir says whoever cracked this joke was good. Prachi asks what is cooking

between you both? Ranbir tells that Neha likes me, and I don’t blame her as many girls like me, but there is a difference between you both and says you have illness which she doesn’t have. She says you don’t find me hot, but Neha thinks I am hot. He goes. Prachi says hot and you…and thinks to see Neha.

Aaliya asks Rhea why she was trying to burn Prachi’s dupatta. Rhea says Prachi should have burnt to ashes by now, God should have burnt her, but she is having fresh air. She says we can’t take breath in the same house. Aaliya asks her to stay away from Prachi, and says if she is near her, then everyone will doubt her.

Rhea asks why you didn’t let me do. Aaliya asks her to stay away from her planning and asks if she wants her plan to be flop. Rhea asks why you think that I will ruin it, and says I was making it successful. Aaliya says you want her dupatta to be burnt, then she will burn and tells that we will use our last option lastly and asks her not to use it first.

Aaliya sees her goon coming. Rhea says why did you call him here, if anyone sees him. Aaliya says nobody will doubt her if she meets him here. The goon comes near her and gives car keys. Aaliya asks if work is done. He says yes. Rhea asks what work? Aaliya says I asked him to fail the car brakes. She says just as Sid and he will sit in the car. He (the goon) will ask Sid to drive the car himself and will get down the car. She says then the car will stop in the valley. She asks Rhea to see Sid’s photo frame later. Rhea says why will I see him, I will see Ranbir. Aaliya asks about Aryan. Rhea says she didn’t see.

Shahana was on call with someone. Aryan comes there and teases her. He asks with whom she was talking to so desperately. Shahana refuses to tell him. Aryan snatches her phone and runs. He checks that she was talking to Sid and asks what is going on? He says Prachi is marrying Sid and you are talking to him secretly, asks what is in him. Shahana praises Sid and tells that he is a good guy and respects women. She says he is better than you.

Aryan asks don’t I respect women? Shahana says no and asks him to think girls as girls, and says you wanted to do arm wrestling with me that day. Aryan says when I used to give you equal right then you have problem. He asks her to compete car driving with him. Shahana says she knows how to drive car. Aryan sees Sid and the goon coming. He asks Shahana what is the matter? Shahana thinks if I shall tell him. Just then some kids burn crackers there and Aryan asks them to play at other side. The goon pretends to get a call and tells Sid that his wife is hospitalized, and asks him to drive car himself. He says he will send the address.

Sid asks Shahana to sit in the car. Aryan stops Shahana from going with Sid alone and he takes keys to drive the car. He sits in the car. Shahana also sits in the back seat. Sid says you can’t go with us Aryan. Aryan drives off. Pallavi sees Aryan driving the car. Prachi follows Neha and comes to her. She asks her not to look at Ranbir, as his life is already complicated. She says don’t trap or woo him. Neha says I am not doing anything. Prachi tells that she gets bad thoughts and asks if you want me to do bad with you. Neha says no. Prachi asks her to enjoy Diwali and not to trap her husband as a witch. Ranbir gets happy seeing her jealous and says she understood. Prachi pretends as if Shahana called her and goes. Ranbir thanks Neha.

Aaliya comes to room and calls Aryan. Pallavi comes there and says I have done a big mistake. Aaliya says I have done a mistake and asks him to stay back, but he don’t obey me. Pallavi asks her to relax and says he is a good boy and is a gem of a child. She says Aryan was helping people and took car to parked somewhere, as some kids were burning crackers there.


Aaliya is shocked and sits worriedly. Pallavi then asks Aaliya, why Rhea was wearing Prachi’s dupatta. Aaliya asks what? Pallavi asks I am just wondering what has happened. Aaliya goes worriedly for Rhea.

Shahana tells Sid that Aryan is teasing her. Sid asks Aryan to drive slow and says you are driving fast. Aryan says there is some problem in the car as the car doesn’t stop. Shahana asks him not to scare her and says she will not get scared. Aryan says car brakes are failed. They see a car coming from opposite sides and close their eyes. Aryan turns the car…

Aaliya comes out and prays to God for Rhea and Aryan. She falls down and scolds the guests standing there. She asks the goon if she son drove the car. He says I didn’t recognize him, and asks if he was your son, and says he was driving the car. Aaliya says he was my son and I asked you to send Sid alone. She asks him to search Rhea and makes sure that she stays away from fire. She calls Aryan. Rhea comes there and is walking past diyas. The diyas set off. Aaliya sees Rhea and comes there, but she is not there. Aaliya calls Aryan. Shahana says it is your Mom’s call and asks him to stop the car. Aryan asks her to tell this to the car and says may be it stop hearing the call. He says she must be calling me, as I didn’t return her phone. Shahana says you are born to be scolded. Aryan says I will jump down from the car. Sid asks them not to fight. Aaliya calls Rhea and prays to God to save atleast either of them.

Ranbir following Prachi and asks if she is jealous. Prachi asks why is he behaving like kids. He says no, he is enjoying seeing her burning like anaar. Prachi asks what is this? Ranbir says nothing. He says he is not in a mood to answer her and will go and celebrate Diwali. He turns to go and starts walking, thinks if she stops me then it means she loves me. He turns and looks at her, but he couldn’t see her. She is infront of him and she takes him to the wall. She says she is having hormonal changes and gets angry. Ranbir smiles. She asks him not to smile when she is angry. He says you looks good while fighting. Prachi says I don’t want to end our fight, as I love fighting. Ranbir says lets see, who will win, our fight or love. He reminds her of their first Diwali.

Prachi recalls and says no. Ranbir asks if she remembers that they have seen a couple marriage and imagined his wedding with her. He asks if she saw Neha. Prachi says you will not look at her and says you knows well that I get angry. Ranbir asks her to tell the truth and asks if she is hiding her anger. He tells that there is something on her cheeks and cleans it. Rhea comes there and gets angry, seeing them closer. Prachi sees Rhea’s dupatta about to catch fire and runs to save her. She holds and hugs her. Rhea holds Prachi’s dupatta and tries to burn it. Aaliya comes there and stops Rhea. She takes Rhea with her. Ranbir looks on.

Aryan is driving the car still. Shahana asks Aryan to stop the car. Aryan says I can’t stop the car and asks her to pray that it stop somehow. They pray to God to save them. Aryan hits the car on the tree. Shahana asks if we are alive. Sid says yes. Aryan sees the car’s front side damaged and gets worried. Shahana asks him to tell her, so that she don’t scold him. Aryan asks really? Sid says yes.

Rhea asks Aaliya to let her do whatever she thinks right, and says Prachi has to die, as she was romancing my Ranbir, when she has to marry Sid. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says she can’t calm down and tells that she has full chance to make Prachi vanish from Ranbir’s life.

She says when she has to die, then why not, now? She says once her dupatta catches fire…Aaliya slaps Rhea and says your dupatta would have catch fire and then you would have blasted. She says you are wearing that gun powder dupatta and not you. Rhea throws the dupatta on the floor. Aaliya asks if she understood why she was stopping her. Rhea gets tensed.

Aaliya gets Aryan’s call. Aryan apologizes to Aaliya and tells about the car accident. Aaliya asks if he is fine? Aryan says yes. Aaliya asks him to come home and asks about Sid. Aryan asks did you see us going? Aaliya asks him to come home, and tells that she doesn’t care about Sid. Rhea tells Aaliya that she was almost saved from death. Aaliya takes the dupatta. Rhea says I was about to burn myself and not Prachi. Aaliya asks her to forget about that and tells that they have to make Prachi wear this dupatta and take back your dupatta from her. Rhea says thank god, God made Prachi emotional else she wouldn’t have saved me. Aaliya says they have to think something else.

Ranbir recalls Prachi saving Rhea and asks if she has her mind or had fixed deposit it. He says you are pregnant and was running. Prachi says I? Ranbir says when you are wrong then can accept it. He says if you get unwell or get even a scratch, then I feel the pain. He says if anything happens to the baby then I will never forgive you, I don’t know why I am saying this, if this is right or wrong. Prachi says you shall not do this, as nobody takes care of me like you, nobody worries for me like you do, nobody looks at me like you look at me. She gets emotional and hugs him. Pallavi sees them hugging. Ranbir reciprocates the hug.

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  1. When will this film end? It is so depressing and annoying. I can’t see myself going into mental stress any time I watched this film. Films are supposed to bring relief to the mind, body, and soul rather ,this twist of fate is killing me. Abeg carry go with this stupid program.

  2. This film is becoming boring, disgusting and deceitful. I don’t see anything meaningful coming out of this film. It’s time the producers change gear and have a rethink.

  3. I like the romance part but the drama is no for me so I only watch on Sundays that is when one issue shown through out the week is capped.


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