Twist of fate update Thursday 22 September 2022

Twist of fate 22 September 2022: Prachi says our baby. Ranbir says it is a husband’s duty to keep his wife happy,and says you gave me all the happiness of this world in just one second. He asks can I do one more thing, can I talk to the baby. Prachi says baby can’t hear now. Ranbir says but I can hear his heart beat. Prachi says yes. Ranbir says I can feel him and says hi, keeping his head near her tummy. He says I am your dad, can you feel me, says I love you. He then says that baby asked me to take care of you always, and that he loves us a lot.

He says he asked me for a promise and says he asked me to love his mother and never leave her. He says baby is smart and knows that his father loves his mother a lot, as his mother fulfilled his father’s dream. He says his papa can give him just name, but his mother will give him life. Prachi says our baby doesn’t know one thing, and says he knows that you are his papa, but doesn’t know whose husband you are, that you have married Rhea.
Rhea asks Shahana if she saw Prachi? She says she is searching her. Shahana says you will find her and will get moksh one day.

Rhea says you wanted to get importance here, but when she didn’t get it, then how will you get it. Shahana says Prachi will throw you out tomorrow. Rhea says how, and tells that tomorrow Prachi will be out. Shahana asks her to keep dreaming. Rhea says dream is fulfilled, and tells that someone’s eyes shall open. She asks do you want to hear the breaking news. Shahana says she got important message and goes. Rhea thinks Prachi’s divorce will be done.

Ranbir says he has heard that expectant mothers shall be happy. Prachi says you have married Rhea. Ranbir says I was trapped. Prachi says whatsoever the reasons, why did you marry her? Ranbir says this marriage is not valid, as I haven’t divorced you. She says I wouldn’t have felt bad, if you have divorced me, but felt bad as you have married Rhea. Ranbir asks will you marry me again. Prachi says I will marry you 100 times, as our baby will call us Maa and Papa. He says our baby will call you Maa and will call me Bau ji.

Prachi smiles. Ranbir says we shall get married now itself, and this mahurat is perfect. Prachi says how we can marry here? Ranbir says we want a witness, and opens the balcony door saying moon will be the witness. He says I have solution and shows the video, in which Pandit ji is solemnizing the wedding. Prachi says how we will take rounds around the fire. Ranbir says it will be real and asks her to wait there. He brings a pot and adds papers in it. He takes out the bridal veil etc and says it was sent from temple. He asks her to sit down on the chair and applies his favorite bindi to her forehead. He then covers her head with bridal chunari. He says it has mata rani’s blessings. He takes the ghatbandhan cloth and ties on to her chunari. He asks her if she is ready for their marriage. Rhea comes to the window and sees them shockingly.

Ranbir gives a hand to Prachi and says, let’s go. It’s phera/rounds time. She asks where is the fire? Ranbir burns the papers, but then realizes that fire won’t last long enough. He goes to get more papers.

Rhea comes there and sees them getting married. She tries to go inside saying stop it. Ranbir asks who is it? Prachi says, enemy of our love, Rhea. Rhea tells Prachi to stop it. You are not in your senses. Prachi tells Ranbir, she is here to stop our marriage. Ranbir and Prachi both say that no one can break their marriage. Rhea screams, you are already married to me, Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi hold each others hands and start the rounds. Pallavi, Aliya, Dida hear the mantras from Ranbir’s room and rushes to check. Dida gets happy seeing Ranbir and Prachi getting married. She blesses them.

Pallavi asks, you know Ranbir and Rhea are married, right? Dida says, I also know that Prachi is Ranbir’s first wife. Shahana says, but what happened suddenly? Aliya tells her to shut up. This marriage should not happen. Shahana says, no one can stop them now. They have come very close to each other because of their love. Rhea gets frustrated and says, it’s not their love. They are drunk. They don’t know what they are doing, so this marriage has no meaning. Dida says, but we are watching. We will tell them. Shahana says, we saw their love and now we are seeing their marriage. Rhea says, he doesn’t love her! Dida asks what do you know about love? Pallavi tells Aliya, I think we need to do something. Aliya says, but they have locked themselves in the room. They shout from outside, but it has no effect on Ranbir and Prachi. The priest declares that marriage is completed now. They hug each other.

Ranbir opens his room’s door. They take Dadi’s blessing. Dida blesses them. Rhea says, they need to get them into their senses. Prachi says, hey illegal sautan, shut up. Every time, you make ugly face and do the ugly talks. What do you mean we are drunk? In a drunken state, people speak truth. Just like that, they do right things in drunken state. Now I have gotten my rights back. You have no right to interfere. My husband is mine. Ranbir gives high-five and says, correct. Ranbir says, and this is my wife and my room. I will sleep with my wife only. Rhea gets angry.

She says to Ranbir, I will talk to you in the morning, because you are drunk right now and you don’t know what you are saying. Prachi tells Rhea, you always say rubbish too. Does that you mean you are always drunk? Prachi and Ranbir laugh. Rhea gets frustrated and leaves. Now it’s Pallavi’s turn. Prachi tells her, you don’t take me as bahu. What blessings I take from you? I can’t trust you. You may say something and you may have something else in your heart. It’s just too risky, so no blessings from you. She then asks Ranbir that he didn’t feel bad, right? Because she didn’t take blessings from his mother.

He says, not at all. It’s better you don’t take blessings from her. We didn’t take permission from her, so no blessings either. Pallavi leaves in anger. Prachi asks what about post-marriage rituals? Ranbir says, it’s good. Let her go. Now they look at Aliya. Prachi says, I will not take any blessings from you because instead of blessings, you will give curse to me. They laugh. Aliya is angry. Ranbir says to Prachi, her anger is justified because she came for Rhea’s reception and she is leaving by seeing our marriage. Aliya leaves now.

Prachi tells Shahana, you are my only true sister and hugs her. Ranbir tells Shahana, you will have to do bride’s sister’s ritual. But before that, Ranbir and Prachi fall down on the floor and sleep. Shahana asks Dida what will they do tomorrow? Dida hopes they remember everything that happened. Shahana asks what if they don’t remember. Dida gets an idea. She says, let’s put them on the bed and put some flowers. When they wake up and see that, they will think that they had suhaagraat.

Pallavi comes to her room. Vikram asks why do you look tensed? Pallavi asks how can I be at peace when Prachi is here? He asks, you are talking about Ranbir and Prachi’s dance? That’s okay. That was just a game. She says, I am not talking about the dance. She informs him about their marriage in drunken state. He says, you are worrying for no reason. Such marriage has no meaning. She says, I know. Even if they got married in a temple, it would mean nothing because we have the papers with Prachi’s sign. He asks what papers?

She tries to change the topic, but he keeps asking. She says, I won’t be able to tell you because you will judge me. He says, I won’t. Tell me. She says, before saying anything, you will have to understand Rhea’s point of view. Rhea tricked and got Prachi’s sign on guilt admission papers. Prachi confessed in the written statement that she and Ranbir never got married. Marriage that took place in the temple was fake. Rhea also got Prachi’s sign on the divorce papers. I didn’t want to cheat. I know this is a wrong way, but I didn’t have any option.

Prachi has come here to stay. You saw what happened in the party today. If it keeps going on like this, then she will spoil our name in society and we won’t have anywhere to go. We need to do something before she succeeds in her plans. He tells her to relax. Why are you explaining so much? Whatever you did is correct. You are a mother, mother-in-law, bahu and you supporting Rhea is absolutely justified. Once Prachi leaves from here, everything will be fine.

Rhea is angry. Aliya comes to her and says, calm down. It’s just about one night. Prachi’s story will end tomorrow morning and then this house and Ranbir both will be yours. Rhea says, if Ranbir is mine, then why did he go to Prachi? Aliya says, he is drunk. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Rhea says, I get very angry when I see them together. I don’t like it. I am doing all this to win Ranbir, but now I feel that all my efforts are going waste. The harder I try to go closer to Ranbir, he goes closer to Prachi again and again. I don’t even know whether I will get Ranbir or not. Aliya says, you will get him when you learn to control your anger. You need to know where to use and where not to use your anger.

Prachi said me so many things too, but did I say anything to her? No. She asks Rhea, tomorrow, are you going to show Prachi the papers? or am I? Rhea says, I will do that by myself. As soon as I see Prachi in the morning, I will give her the guilt admission papers and then she will be out of the house. Aliya asks, you took her signature on the divorce papers too, right? Rhea says yes. Aliya says, then there is nothing to be worried about. No one will know you made Prachi drink and then took her signature in drunken state. Rhea says, I am not worried about that. I just can’t see Ranbir with Prachi. Aliya says, after tonight, he will be yours. Rhea says, I have got the guest room ready.

You stay here for tonight and go tomorrow after seeing Prachi’s bidaai/farewell. Aliya leaves. Rhea recalls hearing Dida’s plan and smiles saying, sorry Dida. I failed your plan. They got married, but won’t be able to do suhagraat. I put Ranbir and Prachi in separate rooms and tomorrow I will separate them. I don’t give away things easily that I get with difficulty. It’s time to give back to my sister!

Rhea recalling Prachi calling her as Ranbir’s illegal wife, and Ranbir calling Prachi as his wife. She says this thing hurts me, and says I might forgive Ranbir, but will never forgive Prachi. She says I even recall that slap and its sound echoes in my ears. She says I will call you as Ranbir’s illegal wife and I will slap you so hard without touching and the sound will be echoed in the hall. Ranbir wakes up from sleep. Dida comes there and holds him. He says you saved me. Dida hugs him for whatever he has done yesterday. Ranbir asks what did I do, that you are hugging me early morning. He sees the pot and the papers from his file burnt. He asks who had come here? dida says Prachi. She says it was judgement night and the two lovers accepted God’s wish.

Ranbir asks what happened? Dida tells that Rhea, Pallavi and Aaliya was jealous and angry. Ranbir asks are you joking? Dida says Prachi and you got married yesterday. He asks what? Dida says everyone of us saw it. Ranbir says how this can happen? Dida says you both were not in your senses and did what your heart say? She says Prachi loves you a lot and you know about your heart. He tries to remember and takes out the phone from his pocket, and drops the letter on the sofa. He says he is getting late. Dida hopes Prachi remembers it.

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