Twist of fate update Thursday 17 June 2021

Twist of fate 17 June 2021: Shahana comes to Dimple and asks her to wait. Prachi asks Ranbir not to worry. Ranbir says you are so good. Prachi asks did you say something? He says nothing and asks her to come. He keeps his hand on her waist. Prachi is surprised. Ranbir says you are not going with me and takes off his hand from her waist.

Shahana gives charger to Dimple. Dimple asks Shahana about Prachi and Ranbir. Shahana says there is something, but Prachi is confused and Ranbir realized his feelings. Dimple says Prachi will realize soon and she loves him even now and is jealous. She says they will be together soon. Prachi asks Ranbir to drop Dimple to her home and asks him not to stop the car for tea or anything. She asks him not to get down at Dimple’s house for tea or coffee. He asks why? Prachi says as tomorrow is an important day. She asks Dimple to get ready and tells that she will come tomorrow. Dimple sits in his car. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks her not to worry and take care. Prachi says the same. Song plays again. Prachi looks at him as he goes. Shahana teases her.

Pallavi tells Vikram that her son is crying within and she couldn’t help him. Vikram says he has a feeling that everything will be fine. Pallavi says all my dreams will ruin…Vikram asks to rule on bahu? Pallavi says we have to make arrangement for engagement in the morning and then his marriage with Ranbir.

In the morning, Kohli family gets ready. Pallavi says nobody came from Mehra house. Aryan comes there and tells that nobody wants to come, as they think that this marriage is not right. Chaubey calls Vikram and threatens him asking if they will come or he shall send someone to come. Vikram says they are coming. Meera is taking chocolate milk for Rhea. Aaliya takes it from her hand and tells that Rhea don’t want to meet anyone as she is upset. She thinks Rhea is holding her responsible for Ranbir’s engagement and thinks to send her something.

Ranbir and Aryan are in the car. Ranbir smiles. Aryan says you look cool like Ranvir Singh, but sad like Ajay Devgan from inside. Ranbir stops his car and says I am not sad and asks him not to use his psychology on him. Aryan says I am very sad for you. Ranbir says you have a misunderstanding and tells that his engagement will not happen. Aryan asks him to say. Ranbir says we have a plan and tells everything. Aryan says this is best, no father will get his daughter marry such guy. Ranbir calls Prachi. Prachi tells that she is at Dimple’s house and will bring her there. Ranbir gets happy and tells Aryan that once they are successful to cancel the engagement, then they will have party. Prachi rings the door bell. Servant comes out. Prachi asks him about Dimple. Servant tells that Dimple went for her outdoor shoot. Prachi is shocked.

Chaubey waits for Kohli family. Maya’s mother says they will not come if you looks at the there. Chaubey says if they don’t come then they will invite their death. Vikram, Pallavi and beeji come there. Mrs. Chaubey asks he was waiting for you. Mr. Chaubey asks about Ranbir. Beeji says why he will come when he don’t want to marry. Just then Ranbir comes there with Aryan.

Mr. Chaubey greets him and asks about Aryan. Ranbir says Aryan is bal brahmachari. Mr. Chaubey tells that he has only one daughter. Ranbir jokes. Mrs. Chaubey does Ranbir’s aarti. Ranbir is tensed. Prachi calls Dimple and asks where is she? Dimple says she can’t come? Prachi says she don’t know and asks her to come there anyhow. Dimple says she will take time.

Mr. Chaubey tells Ranbir that he has made all the arrangements in a short span of time by telling the decorator and others about Vishnu’s story. Pallavi tells that she is feeling bad for Ranbir and it would have been good if he had married girl of her choice. She says there is either love marriage or arrange marriage, but what kind of marriage is this? Beeji says this is marriage by force, jabran marriage. Mrs. Chaubey brings Maya there.

Ranbir asks Shahana about Prachi. Shahana says she is coming. Maya comes to Ranbir and takes him from there to talk something. Sarita behen thinks Ranbir is badly trapped. Maya takes Ranbir to side and tells that she wants to confess something. He says you said that you like me and tells that if I tell that I don’t like you then it will be a lie. She tells him that she is falling for him. Ranbir is shocked and thinks why did I open my mouth and thinks he will get molested all life. She asks her to say something. Mr. Chaubey comes there and takes Maya with them, says mahurat came.

Ranbir thinks where is Prachi? Sarita behen tells Shahana that Dimple’s phone is off and Prachi is not picking the call. Aryan comes to Shahana and says Dimple and Prachi will come. Shahana says she knows and asks him to be quiet. Sarita behen says she talks to me like this and asks them not to fight. She tells that she is very sad as Ranbir’s family is very tensed and says she will tell her plan. Aryan says let them be sad, they will get happy and Mr. Chaubey will know.

Mr. Chaubey asks Kohlis to come on stage for the engagement ceremony. Pandit asks Maya to make Ranbir wear ring in the right hand. Maya makes him wear ring. Ranbir waits for Prachi and tells that he has forgotten the ring. Mr. Chaubey says I thought and brought the ring. He says he will take money from Vikram for the ring. Ranbir is about to make Maya wear ring when Prachi comes there in veil and asks them to stop the engagement. She says this engagement can’t happen as Ranbir is mine and he will be mine only. Chaubey asks who are you? Prachi says she is Ranbir’s wife and asks them to ask Ranbir. Ranbir thinks why Dimple came in the veil?

Prachi asks Ranbir to tell everyone. Ranbir says I don’t know her. Prachi thinks he should have told that I am his wife. He says I don’t know you yaar. She asks him not to call her yaar. Ranbir realizes she is Prachi. He comes to her and tells that she will talk to her. He takes her to room and calls her Prachi. He asks about Dimple. Prachi tells him everything and tells that that’s why she came here as his fake wife. Ranbir says you can be my wife. Prachi says why can’t I marry you? Ranbir says you can marry me.

Prachi says I am hiding my face so that nobody recognizes me. She asks why you said that you don’t know me. He says lets go out and tell everyone that you are my wife. Prachi says we have to do something to convince everyone. Ranbir takes her out and asks her to hide her face. Pallavi says who is the village girl? Vikram says everyone is behind my son and asks Pallavi if he is really her son. Beeji scolds him.

Sarita behen tells that the veiled girl is not Dimple. Aryan and Shahana think the same and says the same. Sarita behen asks them to say something new. Mrs. Chaubey tells that Ranbir is not married and says you will win in the elections. Mr. Chaubey assures her. Shahana sees Prachi’s face under the veil and tells Shahana behen and Aryan. Ranbir and Prachi come there. Mr. Chaubey says this can’t be your wife. Pallavi tells Prachi that she can’t be Ranbir’s wife. Vikram asks her not to spoil his son’s engagement and thinks what he told. Ranbir tells that this is my wife, I married her 6 months back.

Pallavi asks if she threatened him. Ranbir says she is relieving my pressure and asks them to leave him alone with his wife. Mr. Chaubey says lets get the engagement done. Prachi says I have proofs and shows the pic. Ranbir thinks what is she doing, Dimple is with me, but the pic is in veil. He is relieved. She tells that they have brought the garland from kallu’s shop. Vikram says I don’t accept this marriage. Ranbir thinks let this marriage happen.

Prachi ask everyone to see that they are married and tells that they have taken garland from a shop and exchanged it. Vikram says we don’t accept this marriage. Ranbir says I accept this marriage and signs her saying this girl is right who is on my right. Pallavi asks if something went in his eye. She hugs Ranbir and asks if she is your friend. Ranbir whispers that she is Prachi and came to help me. Prachi shows her face to pallavi. Pallavi declares that she accepts this marriage. Vikram asks how did she agree so soon. Pallavi says they are blessed by mata rani. She asks Ranbir to take her home. They are about to leave, but Mr. Chaubey stops her and tells that they have not accepted this marriage and Ranbir will marry just Maya, this is final.

Some NGO women come there and tell that Ranbir is married and asks him not to snatch his wife’s right from her. They ask who are you. The women says they are NGO workers and ask Mrs. Chaubey why is she forcing Ranbir? Maya says this girl is not his wife. Prachi asks her to agree to Ranbir’s sayings.

Maya says you can’t do this with me. Prachi tells that she thinks him as a pati parmeshwar and had kept the fast and tells that she thinks she should have kept fast for all day to ward off Maya. Ranbir gets impressed with her. Pallavi asks beeji and Vikram to help her and tells that the girl is Prachi.

Mrs. Chaubey tries to see Prachi’s face. Beeji says she is new bride and tells that even her muh dikhayi haven’t happened. Vikram says she can’t lift her veil infront of me. They tell that they will do muh dikhayi at home and are about to leave, but chaubey stops them. NGO women says if you stop them then bad thing will happen with Maya. Prachi says she don’t want anything bad happen to Maya and tells that if they snatch her husband from her then she don’t want to curse them. She asks them not to snatch her right from her. Pallavi asks her not to curse anyone. Mrs. Chaubey takes Maya inside. Her mother asks Maya to stop this marriage. Maya asks did you forget what happened with Bua. Mrs. Chaubey asks Maya to stop this marriage and tells that if you get the curse of the girl. Maya asks if you are illiterate. Mrs. Chaubey says she is 12th pass. She says if you get cursed then. Shahana hears them. Mrs. Chaubey says she will convince her husband. Mr. Chaubey comes there and tells that this marriage will happen as this is the matter of his prestige.

Aryan tells that Chaubey family are shocked due to the curse. They thank NGO women. Shahana comes there and tells that Chaubey is not agreeing to stop the marriage. Security guards come there and ask them to come as Mr. Chaubey is calling them. They all gather in the engagement hall. Mr. Chaubey tells that he will not let the girl’s life ruined and will get her married to someone else. He asks his nephew to marry the veiled bride. His nephew agrees. Ranbir asks if this is a joke and tells that she is his wife and will not marry. He says he will not marry Maya and asks what is this drama? Maya asks my Papa is trying to find solution. She says she will see her face. She lifts Prachi’s veil and is shocked to see her face. Mrs. Chaubey realizes seeing her.

pragya comes home and calls Prachi. Mrs. Chaubey says she is Maya’s friend and asks why is she doing this. Mr. Chaubey tells NGO women that this girl is not his wife. Prachi tells that he shall not force Ranbir to marry his daughter and tells that Ranbir didn’t propose Maya that day. Mr. Chaubey asks her to go and tells that he is forgiving him. Pallavi calls Aaliya and asks her to ask Abhi to help them. Mr. Chaubey asks who is having objection with this marriage and tells that he will make this forced Jodi. The guards take Ranbir to stage forcibly and Mr. Chaubey makes Ranbir get engaged to Maya forcibly. Ranbir’s family and Prachi get upset. Mr. Chaubey hugs Vikram and congratulates him. He invites them for holi party and asks them to come, else he will call them forcibly. They all get tensed.

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