The Good Son update Thursday 17 June 2021

The Good Son 17 June 2021:  Gomti tells that Purva will live her remaining life as Dasi. They laugh, but soon their happiness ends seeing Purva walking inside. Purva says you wanted to see my patience limit, and now I wanted to test it too.

She says you all wanted me to leave, but I will not go. She says Dadi is upset with me, and I know how to change my tomorrow. She says Vedant is my husband and until he tells me, I will not go. Vedant comes to her and smiles. Dekha hazaar martaba tujhe plays…….Manjula smiles. Vedant holds Purva’s hand and takes her to room. Purva says I want to talk to you and says I want to do job. She says I hope you will have no problem. Vedant is silent. Purva asks if it is yes or no. Vedant says family members will not agree. Purva says I want your decision.

Vedant says I have to care for their decision. He says they will not accept if Tripathi bahu works outside. Purva asks shall I leave my family and says you miss few things. She says I used to run that house and asks what shall I tell them. Vedant says Nani and Pankhudi are my family and responsibility too. Purva says she don’t want his favor. Vedant says he can’t permit her to do job. Purva says she will not sit at home and talked to her old boss. She says I returned here as I don’t want you to be alone in your fight. Vedant says I don’t need your favor. Purva says even I don’t need your favor.

Vedant comes to room and takes the pillow. He sleeps on sofa and looks at Purva who is sleeping on bed. Purva gets up, sees him and turns her face. In the morning, she gets up and don’t see him on the sofa. She thinks to talk to him and thinks she told him much in the night. She sees Dadi and tells her that she didn’t mean to hurt her and apologizes to her.

Gomti asks shall I get your tickets for Mumbai and says you will get good money for your tears. Dadi says I forgave you when you had cleaned the kitchen. Purva asks really and asks why she didn’t tell. Dadi says she was taking hope test and says you have passed in the test, you will never leave Vedant. Purva says Vedant is very good and I respect him. He is a good friend. Dadi says love starts with friendship. Purva says she can’t love him. Dadi is hopeful though. Gomti thinks if she forgave her then why did she act.

Ramesh comes there. Gomti tells Ramesh what Dadi had said to Purva. Ramesh says Amma will not say this and thinks to keep an eye on her for 24 hours. Gomti says we have James bond at house. Sumiti is keeping eye on Purva using the binoculars. Purva talks to her boss and tells that she will do day shift, but he says only night shift job is available. Purva says ok. Sumiti hears her. Purva is going out in night.

Ramesh asks where is she going? Purva says she has resumed her old job. Gomti asks if she wants to ruin their respect late night and calls Dadi. Dadi asks what happened? Purva says I am resuming my job. Ramesh says I won’t let my respect ruined. Purva says how your respect will be ruined when you don’t think me as your bahu. Ramesh says, unfortunately, people do. Purva tries to convince Dadi. Dadi doesn’t agree. Vedant comes and asks job? Gomti says husband doesn’t know about his wife’s drama. Dadi asks did she tell you about the job? Vedant says she told me and I said it is a good decision. Dadi says you shall ask elders and says it is a night job. Gomti taunts Purva and says don’t know where she goes. Ramesh says don’t know at what inauspicious moment, she came here.

Vedant says enough and says if she wants to do job, then she will. I don’t think it is wrong. Dadi says if Purva goes out in the night then people will make nasty comments. Purva says she is helpless and tells that Nani and Pankhudi are her responsibility.

Gomti asks her to forget Mayka. Vedant says the values which separates us from our family are not good. Gomti says girl is Parayi. Vedant tells that the values and the memory was her identity and we don’t have any right to snatch it from her. He says Mayka means mother’s house and asks Manjula if her Mayka is paraya, and if she don’t miss her house. He says they have to change their thinking. Dadi says you are saying right, we can’t change society’s thinking and says I can’t let your Dada ji’s respect be ruined. She says Purva can work, but not in night. Vedant signs her to agree. Purva says ok and goes to her room. Vedant thanks Dadi and says everything will happen as per your wish. Dadi hugs him happily.

Vedant comes to the dining table and says he will serve the food. Purva asks if he is still angry and says you should have known by now that I am stupid and say whatever comes in my mouth. Vedant says lets take out our anger. They sit to have food. Purva says she don’t know what work to do from home. Vedant asks her to remember his saying, and says it takes time, but it happens. They look at each other and have food. Gomti gets upset and thinks to do something. Dadi prays that their hearts shall unite.

Vedant admiring Purva while she is sleeping. Meri Manzilon ko….plays…Next morning, Vedant comes to hospital. Pankhudi is already there and greets him. She says today is the first day of her internship and calls him Dr. Vedant. Vedant welcomes her. They come to his cabin. Vedant prays to God first. He asks Pankhudi if 10000 Rs. Salary will be okay with her. Pankhudi says who gives salary in intership. Vedant says if we don’t change rules then who will. Dr. Rashmi comes there. Vedant asks her to introduce Pankhudi to all staff and show her hospital. He tells Pankhudi that rules shall change. Pankhudi says right. She comes to Vedant’s house later. Pankhudi tells that today it was her first day. Purva gets emotional. Pankhudi tells that Vedant offered her salary.

Purva asks her to refuse and says Vedant knows about our financial problem. Pankhudi says ok. She asks her to make her something. Sumiti gets the smell coming from kitchen and comes to eat. Purva says she made for everyone and serves to Dadi, Manjula, Sumiti and others. Dadi appreciates it and says it is good. Gomti comes there and looks at them eating. Purva asks her to have food. Gomti says she is keeping fast. Pankhudi says Didi is expert in baked food. Dadi says all Prayagraj shall know and asks her to start business. Purva says she makes it for home. Dadi asks her to make it at home.

Purva says it is quite difficult to take orders and deliver. Dadi says Vedant haina. Pankhudi tells Nani Mausi is right. Later Purva talks to Pankhudi and tells about the variety of baked food which she will make. Pankhudi asks her to take Vedant’s permission first. Purva says all set and tells that she is waiting for him. She hears the car sound and tells that he came. Pankhudi teases her. Vedant comes to room. Purva walks to him smilingly and takes his bag from his hand. She makes him sit and asks him to taste it and say how it is made? Vedant tastes it.

Purva asks Ramesh to have food. He says he don’t want to eat 2 Rs food. Gomti says this will hit your gems business. Vedant says it is good. Purva tells what Dadi had told. Ramesh asks if Maa said this and says he will not let this happen. Vedant asks her to open the canteen. Purva promises that food will be safe and hygienic, it will be Indian. She holds his hand and thanks him. She says she has investment problem. Vedant asks her not to worry and says your thank you account is also open. Purva says you can encash it whenever you want.

Sanju asks for more paratha. Ramesh comes and scolds him. He then scolds Vedant. Vedant says Sanju will have pass in the exams. Dadi asks if Purva talked to you. Vedant says we will talk later. Gomti tells Ramesh that Purva is thinking of supplying tiffin in the hospital. Ramesh gets angry. Vedant tells that if Purva runs canteen then the patients can have hygienic food and will not get unwell. Ramesh says if canteen opens then gems shop will open and says it shows way to people. Vedant says it is a blind faith. He says he will get a land for his shop.

Ramesh taunts him and says it her canteen opens then my shop will also open on a same day. He imagines Dadu coming to him. Vedant asks him to tell what to do. Dadu tells him about the childhood incident. Purva comes there. Vedant asks her to make the list of things to be bought and asks her to see the set up place at home. Purva says she will think of something, but Vedant asks her not to worry. Sumiti asks Narendra to do something, Narendra asks her to make food like Purva. She says she can’t do as she is allergic to spices. Dr. Rashmi tells Vedant that she ordered the food from food App. Vedant talks about Vijay who has opened food App and talks to him for a meeting. Vijay says ok.

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