Twist of fate update Thursday 16 April 2020

Twist of fate 16 April 2020: Bulbul thinks why she wants to hear I love you from him. They both see each other in a lift corridor. They both remember the incidents happened between them. They both then hug each other passionately.

Taiji wakes up Aaliya saying media is outside the house and want Abhi’s reply regarding Pragya’s statement. Aaliya asks where is Abhi and Purab. Taiji says Abhi is with daadi and Purab’s phone is not reachable. Aaliyaa comes and asks Abhi why is he is meeting media people outside. Abhi says daadi needs him here. Aaliya says daadi is fine and asks daadi if she is fine. Daadi says she is fine. Aaliya asks him to come and face media then. Abhi asks her to go and he will come in some time. Abhi feeds daadi and makes her sleep.

Abhi and Aaliya go down and meet reporters. Reporters asks if Pragya was right that Abhi is trying to mask is brother’s mistakes. Aaliya says Abhi does not need to hide anyting and says matter is between Akash and Rachna and Pragya tried to gain publicity by dragging Abhi in between due to his celebrity status. She says Pragya just needs money and will keep silent after getting money. She asks reports why are they making a drama and wants to say that rockstar Abhi is trying to cheat his fan. She asks them to reply, else go from. Reporters go from there. Aaliya says media is insulting him becuse of Pragya and she should not spare Pragya.

Daadi says her friend that she wants a girl for Abhi’s marriage. Friend says Abhi is a rockstar and girls will die to marry him. Daadi says she just wants a girl who is well cultured and knows the value of family. Friend says she needs some time for that. Daadi says she does not want her to reveal Abhi’s identity and to just tell that alliance is for Abhishek Prem, Abhi’s full name. She says she wants a girl who loves Abhi’s character, not his money and status. Taiji thinks she will have to find someone who will control Abhi and help her in getting Abhi’s money. Taiji’s daughter-in-law thinks of informing about it to Tannu.

Maamaji reaches Sarla’s home with his family. Sarla gets happy seeing him and asks why is he looking lean. Mamaji jokes that his wife does not feel him well. Mamiji gets angry. Mama says he is just joking. Pragya comes home and gets happy seeing mamaji and his family. Mamaji asks Pragya how is she. Pragya says she is fine. Mamaji says he has brought gifts for everyone and distributes it. He gifts video came to daadi. Dadi gets happy seeing her gift and takes kids to her room to play video game. Sarla says mamaji that he did good by coming here as he can handle Pragya’s marriage well.

Mami says she would have invited them if she would have cared about them. Sarla says she informed mama as she does not do antying without asking her brother. Mami says she is just joking and asks who is the groom. Suresh comes just then. Mami gets angry seeing him and remembers how Suresh rescued Sarla from her before. Sarla then says Suresh is the groom.

Mami is angry that Suresh is the groom. She says mamaji that she does not like Suresh as he snatched their property from them. Mamaji says Pragya is like his daughter and does not want any misbehaving from her. He says he listened to all her demands and went to her parent’s home with her, now he does not want her to create any problems in her sister’s daughter’s marriage. Mami thinks mama is fighting because of Suresh and she will not forgive Suresh for this.

Panditji informs Madhavi that Pragya and Suresh’s kundali are not matching and Suresh’s career will finish if he marries Pragya. He asks her to refuse for the marriage. Rachna asks him to just find the muhurath for marriage. Panditji says he will find the muhurath, but to rethink about the kundali issue he told them. Madhavi gets tensed about it. Mami hears Madhavi and Rachna’s career.

Daadi’s friend calls panditji who informs that groom has a very good kundali. He says girls want to know details about Abhishekh Prem. Daadi’s friend asks him to tell that Abhishekh is from a good family. Panditiji asks his assistant to check Abhishekh’s kundali with the girl’s kundali’s they have.

Pragya’s kundali files and falls with Abhishek’s kundali. Assistant matches Pragya and Abhishekh’s kundali and informs panditji about it. Panditji gets happy, but sees it is Pragya’s kundali. He says his assistant that this girl’s marriage is already fixed. He says Suresh and Pragya’s kundali’s are not matching, but Abhishek and her kundalis are matching well.

Mami informs Sarla and mama about the kundali and says Suresh’s career will finish if Pragya marries him and asks to rethink again. Madhavi comes and informs that panditji has found a marriage muhurath after 5 days. Sarla asks if Panditji told that kundali’s don’t match. Madhavi asks who told them. Sarla asks her not to worry about that and to tell if it is true.

Madhavi says kundali’s does not matter and says Pragya and Suresh’s hearts match. Mami says Suresh and Pragya has to bear the problems as they are facing problems after their engagement. Pragya asks if the panditji is right, the does not want to force her to marry Suresh. Madhvi says Pragya that she helped her family. Pragya says help is different and she does not want her to marry Suresh forcefully. Madhavi says she is fearing about Suresh’s future. Pragya says she can see fear in her eyes and will not marry Suresh. Sarla and mamaji are shocked to hear that.

Pragya ask Sarla if she should marry Suresh knowing he will be in trouble after marriage. She saays she loves Suresh, but not to the extent that she will put him in trouble. She says with this kundali thing, she is afraid now and cannot see Suresh in trouble.

She assures Madhavi that Suresh will not be in trouble because of her and asks her to take a decision. Suresh hears her conversation and asks her mom to tell her decision. He asks her to tell that she does not believe in kundali. Madhavi does not reply. Suresh says she is afraid of his future and says she is not different than Akash’s family as they thought about Akash’s future and wanted him to marry a rich girl. He says it was Rachna’s issue that time and now it is Pragya whom she believes as her daughter. Madhavi says kundali matters as marriages happen and break because of it. Suresh says he can sacrifice many jobs for Pragya and says what if his job is lost after marriage and says he cannot live without Pragya.

Madhavi asks sorry to Suresh and says she was afraid about his future. Mamaji says if there is problem with kundali, they can meet Pandit. Rachna serves sweets to everyone.

Daadi calls panditji and asks about alliance. Pandit says he tried many girls, one girl is very much suitable for Abhi, but she soon to be married to someone.

Sarla and Madhavi’s family select sarees for Pragya’s marriage. Mama asks when shall they start marriage preparations. They all decide to start marriage preparation from tomorrow. Suresh comes there. Madhavi asks Suresh to take Pragya for shopping and buy her yellow saree. Bulbul jokes about them going together on a date for first time. Sarla asks her to go with them and help them buy sarees. Madhavi says Sarla that she prepare beautiful jewelleries for her both daughter. Sarla says we should go to temple and pray god. Madhavi says she will accompany her.

Daadi come to a shop to buy sarees. Owner asks his salesman to show quality sarees to daadi as she is his regular customer since ages. Daadi asks him to show kumkum red colour saree.

Bulbul, Pragya, and Suresh start shopping. Bulbul starts taunting them. Suresh sees his friend and goes to meet him. Bulbul sees Purab and goes to meet him and asks Pragya to check sarees in nearby shop. Pragya goes to a shop where daadi is shopping. Daadi sees Pragya and asks her how is she. She says she is fine. She asks about Rachna and says she would have agreed for marriage. Pragya says her dignity did not allow her to marry Akash. Daadi says she is right and asks her sorry on her family’s behalf. Daadi gifts Pragya the saree she bought.

Purab meets Bulbul and says he came in search of her. He says he could not sleep whole night and says if she knows that he loves her. Bulbul says she knows and even she loves him. She starts her commentary. Purab stops her and says I love you. Bulbul says she does not love him. Purab is shocked to hear that.

Bulbul says she was just joking and says her didi and jiju are here and if they see, she will be in trouble. She sees Suresh waving her and runs from there. Suresh asks whom she was talking to. She says it was her boss and takes him from there.

Pragya selects a saree, but sees it is 12000 rs. She starts bargaing, then sees Suresh coming there, and asks salesman to change the saree. Salesman says Pragya likes this saree. Suresh asks about the price. Salesman says it is 12000 rs. Suresh without thinking once asks to pack it. He says she is priceless, so it does not matter. Bulbul asks Pragya if she is amused and says love changes everyone.

Aaliya asks daadi why did she call matchmaker aunty. Daadi says she is just checking a perfectt girl for Abhi. Aaliya says she does not want any behanji for Abhi. Abhi comes there and asks why is she talking with daadi like that. Aaliya says daadi wants him to marry a behanji. Abhi says he obeys her always, but not this time. Daadi says if he believes her or not. Abhi says if she wants a marriage in this house, then it will happen. He sends Aaliya from there. Daadi gets angry and goes from there

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