Twist of fate update Sunday 27 March 2022

Twist of fate 27 March 2022:  Rhea tells Shaina that Dida warned her and said that if I don’t stop my plans then she will tell everyone about me. Shaina asks what she will do in doubt. Rhea says Ranbir and I are about to go to Bangalore and by the time Sid would have left for Mumbai. She says she would have spent time with Ranbir.

Shaina asks if Sid is in Bangalore. Rhea says Ranbir was taking me to Bangalore, and I planned to act unwell so that that spends time with me. She says Dida convinced Prachi at the end moment, so that Ranbir and I don’t stay together. Shaina asks if Prachi knows about your feelings. Rhea says no, she thinks I am changed. Shaina says you can execute your plan, Dida has convinced Prachi to go with you and says if her leg gets broken then how she will go.

She asks her to push her off the stairs. Rhea says it is a wonderful idea, why didn’t I get it? Shaina says I have to come with this idea. She says I will go and meet Prachi, till then you go and spill oil near stairs, I will come down with her, and will walk behind her, Prachi will fell down from stairs and can’t go with you. Rhea says Soni will take you to Prachi’s room. Shaina asks where is your Papa? Rhea says I will talk later.

Abhi eats poha and appreciates Mitali’s cooking, saying it is too good. I have decided that you will make food for me, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mitali says Aanchal and Shagun make tasty food. Abhi says the magic which is in your hands are not in their hands, and says if we are in chawl or here, you will make food.

Pragya says when your dewar is insisting, how can I refuse and says Tai ji will help you in kitchen as the work is more. Tai ji coughs. Pragya says Tai ji doesn’t like cooking and asks Mitali to cook alone. Mitali says she likes to cook. Pragya asks Mitali to cook alone and asks Tai ji to help Aanchal and Shagun in sweeping and mopping the floor. Aaliya asks if you don’t feel ashamed to make elders do work. Pragya says you also made elders fetch water and asks if you don’t feel ashamed.

She says it is not shame to work in our own house. Aaliya asks why don’t you do? Pragya says I work in office and that’s how this house runs. Sushma aunty also works in office and your brother works with me. She says only you people are free. Tanu says she is not chawl Tanu anymore, now she has money and respect. Pragya asks her to hire a Servant if she has so much money. Mitali says Pragya is giving good suggestion, we shall keep Servant for us, who does our work.

Pragya asks them to think that the Servant to work in the big house. Sushma says Tanu has much money, why are you worrying. Dadi says money gets spend and until it is with her, she will have lavish life. Pragya says Tanu will not spend money. Abhi says I am done with breakfast. Tanu asks don’t you want to say anything. Abhi says I am tired of listening to do this and asks them to decide what to do. Pragya says if you have objection then you can do their work. Abhi says he is getting sleep and goes.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and says I will be alone and away from you after marriage. He says I want you and will miss you. She gives the file and asks him to give to Sid. He sees the file and says Sid has meeting in Mumbai and he shall be there today. He thinks by the time Rhea reaches there, Sid will leave Bangalore. Sushma tells Pragya that she feels that Aaliya and Tanu can handle the house cleaning work.

Tanu says this is big house and people ask for more salary. She says until when I will give, I think we shall clean this house, it will be timepass and exercise for us. She says I am doing this with my wish and not as you said. Dadi says she is so understanding. She asks where is broom and mop, and asks Tai ji to help her. Tai ji says she will help Mitali in kitchen.

Rhea and shaina come to kitchen. Shaina asks Soni to take her to Prachi’s room. Soni takes her with her. Rhea takes oil container and soaks cotton in it.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he needs to call Sid once, but he is not picking the call. Shaina comes there and calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks how is he? Ranbir hugs Shaina. Shaina says she is good. She asks what is going on? Ranbir says all is well. Prachi hugs Shaina and asks how is she? Shaina apologizes for past mistakes. Prachi says I never took your words on heart. Shaina says she met everyone and feeling good to see them together. Ranbir asks Prachi to talk with Shaina, as he has some important work. He asks her to ask about the girls, whose heart is broken due to her. Shaina asks shall I call them for reunion and tells that they are married. She asks Prachi to come with her.

Dida tries to convince Pallavi to let Prachi go with Ranbir. She says house work will go on without her too and says if you don’t agree then I will stop her. Pallavi says when you have told her, then its ok. She says Prachi doesn’t matter to her, even if she sends her for many days. Rhea comes near the stairs and squeezes the cotton, making the oil fall down the stairs. Pallavi calls Rhea and asks why you didn’t tell me, when your friend came here.

Rhea says you are talking about Shaina. Pallavi says she met me and went upstairs. She says I don’t like when someone comes here, and I couldn’t welcome her well. Rhea says Shaina is my best friend and not judge us. Pallavi says she is guest for us. Rhea thinks this idea will be my favorite after Prachi falls down and breaks her leg. Prachi comes and looks at the oil on the floor. Shaina waits for her to fall. Prachi stops Shaina and says oil is on the floor. Soni comes there. Pallavi asks how did the oil fell here. Prachi says I will clean it and asks her to bring mop. Soni brings mop. Prachi cleans the floor. Rhea thinks she is saved, but she shall not come with Ranbir to Bangalore, I can’t see.

Tanu and Aaliya sweep the hall. Sushma says it is good that you made them work. Mitali says this house is big, when we came here, we felt good, but now we have to clean the house. Tai ji asks if we came to do this. Mitali says we have become Servants. Tanu says nobody becomes Servant if works in the own house, as it will be ours too. She asks Aaliya to remember why they come, they came here to win from Pragya and not to fight, asks her to do something.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and gives him tea. She tells that oil was spilled on the floor and says if someone would have fallen then felt hurt. She asks if tea is good as she added laung, elaichi etc. He says it is good. Prachi tries to go. Ranbir is busy checking the file. She tells that it is plain tea and tells that his concentration is not on her. She tells him that she is going with him to Bangalore. He asks really?

Prachi tells Ranbir that she is coming to Bangalore with him. Ranbir asks her not to joke with him, and says it is sensitive topic for me. Prachi says I am really going with you. He asks if tickets are done. She says yes. He says this is my life’s good surprise and thanks her. He gets happy and hugs her. He says I love you. She says I love you too and asks him to tell if he needs help. Ranbir says I will discuss with Sid and do the work and asks her to do the packing. Prachi says yes. Ranbir hugs Prachi happily.

Sushma and Pragya come to Dadi and ask what is she writing on board. Dadi says she is writing about Pragya’s victory. She says she wrote that Tanu couldn’t take Abhi from here, and Pragya stopped Abhi from drinking for a day. Sushma asks what is the third one? Dadi says you taught them a lesson, making them work. Pragya says it was necessary to teach them a lesson, and here only I can rule. Sushma asks if they used to do work in chawl house. Dadi says Mitali used to do cooking and Abhi used to bring the stuff. Sushma asks what Aaliya and Tanu used to do. Dadi says they used to fetch water from outside, but since few days, I was fetching water. Pragya asks why? Dadi says so that I can maintain peace in the house. Tanu hears them and comes to Aaliya, says Dadi is with Pragya. Aaliya says Dadi is always with Pragya.

Tanu says Dadi is on Pragya’s side, and badmouthing about us. Aaliya asks her not to tell this about Dadi. Tanu says Dadi is ditching us, we have taken care of her so well and she is ditching us. Aaliya was never with us, if she had any other option then she wouldn’t have stayed with us. Tanu says then why she didn’t say then? Aaliya says for Bhai. Tanu tells that Pragya didn’t any work to Dadi. Aaliya says it is not in Pragya’s values that she will make Dadi do the work.

Tanu tells that Dadi was writing on the slate about Pragya’s achievements. Aaliya says I shall tell you about my work and tells that Pragya has n’t done any big work and tells that even we used to work. She says Pragya is thinking that she is winning from us, but opposite thing is happening, and says I will hurt her power, money and business. She says tomorrow Pragya will lose the tender to Gaurav Thappar. She says let Pragya take 1 run on each ball and tells that she will hit sixer ultimately.

Shaina tells Pallavi that she was not having Rhea’s number, else would have invited them. Rhea is thinking about Prachi, and thinks she will go with me as extra baggage, and has come between Ranbir and me. She slips and falls down. Shaina thinks Rhea fell down on the same place, where she had spilled the oil for Prachi. Pallavi and Shaina help her get up. Pallavi asks are you okay? Shaina says Rhea fell down where oil was fallen. Dida says Prachi had cleaned the floor.

Pallavi says Prachi knew that Rhea has to go upstairs and bring her stuff, then why she didn’t clean the floor properly. Rhea says Prachi wanted me to fall down. Dida asks why Prachi will do this, she is your sister. Rhea says I didn’t feel much pain by falling, but felt much knowing the reason. She says Dida, you always support Prachi, it was my trip. I was going to my friend’s marriage, and moreover I was going to meet Sid, my husband. She says I can’t go alone, I never said that Ranbir shall come with me. Pallavi asks what did you want to say? Rhea says since you asked Prachi that Ranbir shall go with me. Something happened between Ranbir and Prachi, that she got ready to come with me. Dida says I asked her to go with you. Shaina says someone makes us takes some decision. Dida asks her not to interfere in their family matters being a guest. Pallavi shouts Prachi. Dida asks her to calm down. Prachi tells Ranbir that Mummy is calling me.

Ranbir says she seems to be angry, don’t go. Prachi says she will get more angry, I have to go. Rhea says if there was something then she would have talked to me, why did she do this with me. Pallavi asks if something happened between you both. Rhea says I feel that Prachi is living in her past and she still feels that whatever was between Ranbir and me, is still there. She says Prachi doubts me and thinks that I have something for Ranbir in my heart. Dida says if this would have been truth then she wouldn’t have let Ranbir go with you. Rhea says Prachi was acting to be matured and sorted, and she doesn’t care if Ranbir comes with me.

She says then she said that she has no problem, but she told Dida that she wants to go with Ranbir. Dida asks Rhea why is she making false stories and says house breaks with these talks. Rhea says house don’t breaks with such talks and asks do you trust me about Ranbir. Pallavi asks Dida to tell if she trusts Rhea. Rhea says she will apologize to her, if she says once that she trusts her. She sees Prachi coming and pretends to be feeling pain. Pallavi claps and says your plan worked Prachi. You didn’t want Rhea to go with Ranbir to Bangalore, you got successful. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other.

Sushma asks Pragya what is she thinking? Dadi asks her to think with calm mind how to change Abhi. Pragya says I was told that he started drinking as I was away from him, but why is he drinking now. Dadi says he is habitual to drinking now. Sushma says may be he wants to trouble you. Pragya says now I understand that he is habitual and shows that he drinks to trouble me. She says she has to make him accept. Sushma says he drank as you went out yesterday. Dadi says you didn’t do right going in night. She says Sushma will make you change for better. Pragya says she is my mother and has right on me. Dadi says Pragya might have thought something. Pragya says she must bring something in his life, which is more dear to him than his life, that is music.

Ranbir asks what has happened? Pallavi asks Rhea to tell him the truth, so that even he believes. She asks her not to hesitate to say the truth. She says I will tell, says Prachi didn’t want Rhea to go to Bangalore, and that’s why didn’t clean the floor properly, so that Rhea falls down on it, get hurt and her plan gets cancelled. She says so that you both can go for a holiday, away from family and responsibilities. Prachi says you are thinking wrong. Pallavi says I am seeing this, you don’t trust Rhea about Ranbir and doubts her. Prachi says this is wrong, I trust her. Pallavi says you don’t trust your sister or your marriage, you can’t leave your husband alone with your sister even for a moment.

You did this as you can’t tell this directly. Ranbir says there is nothing like that and says Prachi told that Rhea is changed and asks why Prachi will do this. Pallavi says Prachi wants to be in everyone’s good books. She says Pallavi pretends and tries to play opposite. She says whatever you have done with your sister is very wrong. Shaina says getting possessive about husband is ok, but scheming is bad. She says you used to do all this with Rhea in college, but now you are a wife and a bahu. Prachi says Shaina, please you shall not interfere, I am not your friend here, I am someone’s wife, bahu and sister here.

She says you don’t need to tell me what I shall do, and says I don’t have any hard feelings for Rhea. She says I have realized that Rhea is changed and have become matured, and that’s why I asked Ranbir to take her to Bangalore. Shaina says yes, but you got your tickets done, nice move. She says you have set good impression of a good sister, and also did duty of a insecure wife, by not sending your husband and sister together. Prachi says you are crossing your limits. Pallavi says telling truth is not crossing the limits. Dida says Prachi is right, Shaina has no right to interfere in our family matters. Pallavi says I didn’t stop Shaina, as she told truth. She says I agree that you asked Ranbir to go with Rhea, and then got your tickets done, why? Did you ask me? Dida says I got her tickets done, Prachi didn’t ask me and said that Mummy will feel bad, don’t know how Reha will feel. Pallavi says she just says, and is manipulating you, why don’t you understand. Dida says this Rhea is manipulating all the family members.

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  1. I have to sincerely ask this question ‘is this how Indian families are? Cause there are a lot of loopholes in your story. I keep wondering is it necessary to prolong this soap and portray it for the fun of it? It’s too far from reality. It’s now getting really boring, not exciting as you think


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