Never say goodbye update Saturday 26 March 2022

Never say goodbye 26 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha coming dressed in a red saree. Everyone smile seeing her. Vividha prays and thinks of Atharv. Pandit applies tika to her. Vividha does the aarti of Mata Rani. She prays that like Sita ji got Ram ji, always keep me close to Atharv. Kailash thinks Vividha did wrong prayers, she forgot Ram ji and Sita ji did not stay together. Uma gets the bridal clothes and accessories shagun plate and gets puzzled. Kailash says this is your bridal dress Vividha, its from your inlaws. Vividha likes the dress and smiles.

Uma thinks Sujata chose such a costly dress for Vividha. Kailash thinks the bridal dress has red color of Ravish’s name. He asks them to hurry up and go home to do mehendi ritual. Uma tells Vividha that this bangles, sindoor and red color is not just a color, your future hides behind this, you will start a new life with this. She prays to Mata to give longlife to the man whose name’s bridal dress her daughter is going to wear. No one sees Shagun plate which Sujata kept.At home, Vividha’s mehendi rituals start. Sujata sits with Vividha and smiles. Kailash looks on. The girl writes A in the mehendi. Vividha sees Atharv and smiles. She signs him about mehendi.

He signs its great and smiles. Dadi sees them eye sign romance and gets an idea. She calls Atharv. Atharv asks me? Dadi signs him to come. Atharv goes to them. Dadi says whats this, its big program of mehendi and groom is missing, groom also gets shagun mehendi applied. Vividha says yes. Atharv asks why me, I won’t apply mehendi. Dadi says we have such ritual.

Atharv says I won’t. Sujata asks him to come and get some applied. Dadi says groom wants to marry soon, but don’t like to do shagun rituals. She asks Guddi to drag the groom here. Guddi says sure and takes Atharv. Atharv and Vividha smile. Dadi asks Atharv to give his hand and applies shagun mehendi to him. Atharv says I will wipe it. Dadi says my name is Indumati, I will see how you wipe off the mehendi I apply. She asks him to wipe it now and show. Everyone smile. Atharv says I will wipe it now and looks at his hand. He stops seeing Vividha’s name written on his hand. Dadi asks him what happened, wipe it.

He says you have seen many movies, you said right, how can I wipe Vividha’s name. Dadi laughs. Vividha and Atharv have an eyelock and recall their lovely moments. Jaana na dil se door……………plays……………Abdul uncle comes and says congrats, I m lucky to see this day. Sujata cries. Abdul uncle understands her pain and controls his emotions. Atharv gets tearful eyes. Abdul uncle pacifies Sujata. She asks is everything fine in village. He says yes, its all Lord’s wish. She asks him to meet Vividha. He sees A in Vividha’s hand and blesses her long life and happiness, all problems stay a mile away from her, stay happy. He hugs Atharv and congratulates him. Atharv asks how are you.

Abdul uncle says I m fine, why is silence here, Indumati ji there should be singing and dancing. He does shayari. He greets Kailash.Guddi sings Meri banno ki ayegi baraat………. and plays dhol. The girls dance and make Vividha dance along. The song changes. Abdul uncle says now its my turn and dances. Banno tera swagger……..plays……………..Everyone smile. Atharv whistles and dances with him. Sujata laughs seeing Dadi dancing with Atharv. Dadi gets Uma for dance. Vividha finds Uma upset.Vividha getting ready in her bridal dress. Banno re banno……plays………..Uma and Dadi cry.

Vividha asks Uma not to cry and hugs her. Uma thinks don’t know of my tears, is it for Vividha’s leaving or some worry. Vividha tells her that she will be in neighborhood and asks Uma not to worry for her, what can be more better than this, its just 4 steps distance between us and you can meet me anytime, we don’t take to board train or flight.Dadi says there is noth ing like dowry in your marriage, I will tell Kailash to return haveli to Sujata and Atharv, we will go back to old home. Vividha says we are one family, Atharv and I will buy a new home and live. Dadi says no, if you put new house responsibility on Atharv, it won’t look good. Vividha says Atharv’s factory is running well and he is planning to open new one, there is no money problem, I was thinking why to sit at home, I will complete studies.

She tells about her new house, it will have open space, and temple outside, Sujata likes simple colors, we will decorate house, I will keep a huge swing. Uma wishes Vividha does not catch anyone’s bad sight. Kailash hears Vividha and smiles.Kailash thinks Vividha will hate me after this day, but one day she will understand that whatever I m doing is for her good, life runs by rich status and money. Vividha asks him how am I looking. Kailash blesses her. He compliments his daughter. He says the way I have chosen for you just has happiness, you know that I m doing this for your good, do you agree. She nods. Uma looks on.

Kailash says I was against Atharv and you did not listen to me, now I want you to do what I say. She says yes, whatever you did was for my happiness, whatever you will say, I will do. He asks promise. She says yes, promise. He makes her keep hand on his head and swear. Uma looks on worried. Dubey comes there. Kailash says I will come, you go. Kailash thinks groom would have got on the horse, its time to get him on the funeral.Sujata ties the sehra to Atharv and cries. He asks why are you crying, its not my bidaai. She says you can’t understand, I have seen dream of this day since your childhood, this is not happiness tears seeing your sehra, its your success, you are better than what I prayed, and Vividha is better than the wife you would have thought, Vividha will come soon in this house.

Atharv says we would have done court marriage and come, this rituals and all made this delay. Abdul uncle tells shayari and asks Atharv to come now.Dubey tells Kailash that he has done what Kailash said, I will take Dadi, Ankit, Uma and Guddi in one car and go to temple, and other car you and Vividha will go straight to Delhi. Uma hears this and gets shocked. She asks Delhi…. why are you going Delhi. Kailash asks Dubey to go. Uma says no Dubey, tell me why will Kailash and Vividha go to Delhi. Kailash sends Dubey. Uma says there is marriage in temple in few house. Kailash looks at her and shuts the door.

Uma asks him whats going on, why are you taking Vividha to Delhi, tell me, my heart is sinking. He gets a call and talks to Suman. She asks about marriage preparations, will you reach on time. Kailash says yes, we will get one or two hour late, as Mata ji is unwell.Suman asks what, is she much unwell. Kailash says no, I will get Vividha and come, everyone else will take care of her. Suman says if everyone is here, it would look good, but taking care of Mata ji is also imp, we will wait for Vividha and you. He asks about marriage ….. Uma asks what do you mean. Kailash shuts her mouth and talks to Suman. He says Vividha is very happy with this proposal, don’t worry, we will reach Delhi soon. He asks about Ravish, will he reach on time.

Suman says don’t worry, you will find Ravish ready, just you come. He says sure and ends call. Uma pushes Kailash. She cries and realizes Kailash’s lies. She gets stunned.

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