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SUNDAY UPDATE Twist of fate

Abhi sits near Pragya and bends to push her hair off her face. The memories from past flash his mind. Pragya opens her eyes. Abhi complains Pragya didn’t listen to his call, she got injured and he… his family is really tensed. Dasi, Purab, Disha everyone was restless, Mitali and Raaj were worried even King was terrified and visited the nurse. Pragya asks what Abhi did.

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Abhi wish he could tell Pragya he was praying for return into her world, if not his. Pragya silently place her hand over Abhi’s and inquires again what he was doing? Abhi smiles that it’s been long since Pragya held his hand and that too without a fight. Pragya says she never fights intentionally.

Tannu reach the hospital thinking she must act in front of family at least. She wish to get the news of Pragya’s get when she reach there. She finds Mehra family happy and comes asking about Pragya. Everyone tells her that Pragya’s operation was successful and she is fine. Tannu asks about King, but Mitali says King left while Abhi is inside with Pragya. Tannu goes inside against everyone’s consent. Mitali regrets telling Tannu as she was sure Tannu came wanted to keep a close eye on Abhi. Pragya withdraws her hand from over Abhi’s as Tannu enters the room.

Tannu explains to Pragya that she was in the temple and prayed for her. Abhi tells her to go outside, she may come after him. Tannu insists she needs to speak to Pragya, she promises not to let Pragya speak. She apologizes Pragya for inviting her to the party, she holds herself culprit of Pragya. She had been leading a happy life with her husband. Pragya gets a cough, Tannu hurries to bring water for her before Abhi. She asks Abhi about the discharge. Abhi walks out of the room. When alone, Tannu takes a seat and smiles Thanks God Pragya, how can someone survive such a huge accident otherwise?

Abhi recollects his memories and marriage with Pragya. He remembers how Pragya told how no one will come between them. He sees a Goddess idol and says that people say i don’t believe in God, i have never prayed to you, but Pragya always trusted you, but today you saved Pragya, i am thankful to you and today i think why didn’t i trust you, i would have been with Pragya, but now i am happy that she is safe, though i am away from her, and now i will stay away from her as her happiness is with me staying away from her.

Tanu says Pragya what happened between us was past, now you are my friend, Pragya says don’t pretend as no is in the room now. Tanu says anyways i have no pity on you, i was praying that you should die, as you want to take away my husband, Pragya says i have no interest in your husband, i am happy in my life, she says i didn’t want to come to party, you invited me, Tanu says i saw that you wanted to meet Abhi’s family, she says but you came to party and eyed my husband. Pragya says i can’t say same thing again an again, she says Tanu, if you really love Abhi, then don’t just say, but prove it.

Disha sees Abhi praying for Abhi and says i know both of you love each other and you are inseparable, she promises to reunite Abhi and Pragya.

Pragya tells Tanu that make Abhi realize that you really love Abhi, Tanu says i fear of Abhi as he is always attracted to you. Pragya says till now you have pretended to love, you will never get Abhi’s love, you have not changed, Tanu says it would be good if you would have died, i would party, Pragya says, with who Nikhil, Tanu leaves.

Cop calls Abhi’s househelp and says John is dead after accident. Tanu comes out and tells Disah i got emotional seeing Pragya and hugged her, Dasi says don’t lie, Tanu says its up to you to believe. Chachi hints that Tanu had invited Pragya and she met with the accident in the party, tanu says why are you questioning me, she points out Aaliya who is not here. Purab says what is need to involve Aaliya, Tanu says Disha you husband is siding Aaliya, Disha says he is saying the truth, Tanu says i was praying for Pragya in the temple. Mitali laughs at her lie, and chachi too. Tanu leaves. Dasi says let’s meet Pragya one by one.

Purab informs Abhi that Tanu is out.

King meets Kiara at the police station, the cops identify him as a big star. Kiara asks for her mother and says i want to meet her, King says sure, King asks what happened, cop informs that Kiara is prime witness to a murder. He says you daughter helped us with sketch of murderer. King is shocked that Kiara saw a murder.

Nikhil meets Tanu, he says you look hot like before, Tanu says you want money for your work, he says now i don’t need money, he goes close to her, she slaps him.

Abhi’s house help is in morgue to identify the body, king is there too, king says this dead guy was at the party, and he looked scared, he says may be he knew something about the accident.

Nikhil tells Tanu for some time, we were away, but you are my old Tanu, even if you are married, you will always be mine. He says you remember, you told me you are with Abhi for money, is there any one else that you are cheating abhi, she denies, he says then why are you telling me all of this, he says stop saying lies to your ownself Nikhil and Tannu were together. Nikhil blames Tannu for being a girl who can’t spend her life with a single man. He forbids her to lie that she loves him or Abhi. Tannu says she doesn’t care whatever anyone says, she knows she loves Abhi.

Nikhil says its ok and hugs Tannu. He says he loves her and doesn’t care whom she loves. Tannu turns to leave. Nikhil thinks he will love Tannu as much that she would have never got. Next time, she will surely melt into his love when she meets him.

In the hospital the doctor informs Abhi that he can take his wife home, she is fine. He asks Abhi to sign the discharge papers. Abhi was reluctant to hold the papers and signs. The doctor notices he wasn’t Mr. King Singh as he did a different signs on consent form. The family says Abhi is a friend of King,
Abhi goes to call King.

Victor was crying beside John’s body. King stood there. The inspector asks if they had an enmity. Victor says John knew that the chandelier in the party was deliberately broken to kill Pragya. King gets Abhi’s call. King asks Abhi to listen to him, it’s very important. Kiara comes to hug King, he decides not to tell her about Pragya’s accident. Abhi asks King if he can sign Pragya’s discharge papers. King was ready and asks Abhi to take Pragya home. He is in police station and might get late.
Dasi sends Mitali home to make Pragya’s room. Abhi clarifies Pragya will go to her own house.

King tells the kids that he needs to speak to police inspector for a while. The kids were ready. The inspector was passing by, King takes his permission to take kids home. The inspector asks him to cooperate if they need Kiara’s verdict again. Kiara promises to cooperate and be here. The driver arrives. King sends the kids to car and goes inside. He looks towards the sketch of Nikhil and thinks that before John could tell the culprit of Pragya’s accident. He informs the inspector that John knew the culprit of Pragya’s accident, Pragya is his wife. Nikhil takes him inside for some other investigation.

King calls his Chachi and informs her about Pragya’s accident. He says he had to drop Sunny home and will be late. Abhi must be taking Pragya home, she should behave normal in front of her. Chachi goes to answer the door bell. Pragya came with Abhi, Purab and Disha. After greeting Pragya she invites them inside. Pragya was weak and about to slip. Abhi suggests they must take her to the room. Pragya decides they shouldn’t know she and Mr. Singh live in separate rooms and points towards a room other than hers. Chachi stares at her, then goes to bring water. Disha’s foot twists there. Abhi offers to go with Pragya, boasting he can still hold his Dee alone. Everyone was stunned at his words. Pragya and Abhi recall their times together.

In the room, Abhi finds King’s photos inside. Pragya walks towards the bed but was about to slip again. Abhi holds her towards the bed. Abhi asks Pragya why she looks quizzical.

Pragya demands a reply what he was doing when everyone was busy. Abhi replies nothing. He turns to look around, then asks Pragya if she don’t do pooja anymore. Pragya says temple is outside. Abhi asks there isn’t a single couple photo in her room. Pragya changes the topic and asks for a cushion from the lounge.

Zee World: Twist of fate 2 teasers April 2019

Abhi suggests she must change as she just returned from hospital. Pragya thinks if he opens the cupboard he might only find King’s clothes. She takes his attention towards the cushion. Abhi gets one from the couch in the bed. Her hair stuck in his button as he bends to place the cushion behind her.

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