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Shaurya says I have heard this voice. He comes out of washroom and says you.. Mahek says you.. He says what are you doing here? Are you stalking me? She says I have better things to do. I came here with my friend. He says where is your friend? She says who are you to ask me that. He says who cares. Shaurya tries to open the door but it doesn’t. Mahek says help help. He says there is no network. Mahek calls sonal and tells her that she is locked in her room.

Shaurya takes her phone and says I will call first. Take the money from me. She says give me my phone back. How dare you. He says I am just making a call. They come close while fighting for the phone. The phone falls in bucket. Shaurya says this was just a 1700 phone. Mahek breaks his phone. He says it was 70000. She says better buy my 1700 phone for better network. He pours all the water in bucket on her.

Ajay is still in the closet. Nehal comes and says please stay there for sometime.

Mahek says what do you think you are.. He says better than you. See my expensive phone. It is working now. Shaurya gets angry. Shaurya shouts how dare you. She says don’t come forward. Stop there. Stay away from me. If you do anything you won’t be able to run away. He takes his coat off. Mahek says why are you doing that. Shaurya shoves her, she falls on the floor. Mahek says stay there. I know you intentions.. Shuarya sits close to her. Shaurya says what are you my intentions? That I an you? Have you ever seen your face? My workers have more class than you. I am giving this flat to my employees. I wont even touch you, you are not my standard. Wear this coat or you will die because of pneumonia and shoot would stop.

Tai ji asks nehal to call Sonal or mahek. Sonal gets a call. Vicky says tell them you are on the way. Nehal says we are on the way we are about to reach. He says why are you worried? SHe says if we don’t reach on time Kanta chach will kill me. Kanta says I think there is something wrong. Shaurya is driking tea while mahek tries to dry herself up. Shaurya looks at her.

Mahek covers herself with dupatta, Shaurya is watching her closely, Mahek flicks her hair and water falls on Shaurya’s face, he snaps out and says what the hell?

Kanta says to Sonal that why did you leave her alone? Sheetal asks her to speak up, Mansi asks where you left her last time? Sonal says i dont know where she went, Mahek called but we couldnt talk. Jeevan asks Nehal to call again, he asks Kanta not to worry, we will wait for 15minutes then we will go to find her.

Shaurya is eating energy bar, Mahek stares at him, he asks if she wants it? she denies but is hungry, she sees him checking bottle of water, Mahek says its water only, my friend left it, Shaurya says i dont know, you can make drink kerosene, Mahek says then dont drink, shaurya drinks water and asks if she wants it? she gets up to get bottle from him but feels dizzy,

Shaurya says dont do drama here, there are no cameras here, Mahek says i didnt eat or drink anything since morning, Shaurya says i was asking you to eat energy bar but you didnt, now doing drama, Mahek says i have fast, Shaurya says i knew you were married, you do all antics like married woman, Mahek says i am single, unmarried girls fast too for good husband, shaurya says you girls are confusing, one side you want to be equal with men and talk about feminism otherside you fast for husbands like they are your God, even if they beat you and treat you like crap, you women are emotional fools that just want to remain at slippers of men, he leaves and goes to balcony.

He recalls his argument with his father this morning and kicks bucket. Mahek listens noise and tries to go to balcony but she faints. Shaurya comes in room and says bloody hell, TRP queen fainted due to hunger. Shaurya asks Mahek to eat energy bar, she says i will not eat before seeing moon and stars, he says you are fainting due to hunger, eat it, she says not without seeing moon.

Shaurya carefully makes her lie on floor and goes to balcony to see moon, he finds moon and comes back and says moon has come out, now eat, she says i dont trust you, i want to see myself, Shaurya says get lost then.

He lifts Mahek in his arms bridal style and brings her to balcony, he says see moon, he makes her sit down and says now eat something, Mahek sees moon and smiles, Shaurya makes her eat energy bar, Mahek holds his hand while eating, Shaurya stares her intently while she is eating bar, he makes her drink water while holding her neck to support her, music plays.

Jeevan asks where is key of car? Ravi brings it, he asks Mohit to start car, Mohit goes. Mansi gives lemonade to PD as her BP is low, Balwant says this is all your fault PD, you gave freedom to Mahek, Pd says dont know where my Mahek is, Balwant says care for yourself, dont think about Mahek. Jeevan says dont worry PD, we will bring Mahek, Ravi and he leaves. Kanta is crying, Mansi asks her to not worry.

Shaurya asks Mahek to eat little more, Mahek pushes his hand away and moves away from him, she says what were you doing? Shaurya says you fainted so i was making you eat sweets so you remain alive, Mahek says i didnt ask you for food, how dare you touch me? Shaurya says i dont like to keep you on lap and make you eat sweets, we are stuck here for more than three hours, your family worries about you or they think you are mad too?

Jeevan and Ravi comes to flats and ask guard about Mahek? he says they all left. Jeevan, Ravi and Mohit are asking people on streets about Mahek. They dont find any clue.

Shaurya is pacing around in room thinking. He takes a bulb and puts it on holder near Mahek, she asks what are you doing? he says trying to get rid of you, Mahek murmurs that dont know what he is going.

Shaurya switches off all lights, Mahek gets up and says why did you switch off lights? Shaurya comes closer to her, he takes off bulb holder and gives it to Mahek, he asks her to take this bulb and go to staircase, Mahek takes it from him and tries to stand, Shaurya says i know you have pain in foot but if you want to get rid of me then you have to walk and go to stairs, Mahek limps but goes to stairs with bulb.

Shaurya is trying to get electricity for bulb, he switches on and off bulb while Mahek is holding it near staircase, shaurya and Mahek shares eyelock. Guard from downstairs see bulb light flickering on and off. He comes to flat and opens door, he finds Shaurya and Mahek there and says you both got locked here? Shaurya taunts no we wanted to spend night here before buying it.

Shaurya is about to leave, he says to Mahek that the speed with which you are walking, you will reach house till diwali. Mahek tries to walk but winces in pain, she says i cant walk more, Shaurya stares but comes to her and lifts her bridal style, he takes her downstairs.

Shaurya and Mahek are in car. Romantic song is playing on radio. Shaurya turns up volume, Mahek angrily stares him and turns off radio, he glares at her. Car stops, Mahek says i stay here, he asks you live here? Mahek says no i live in area where car cant go, this is market where you get all antique and heritage things, Shaurya taunts yes like you. Mahek huffs and comes out of car.

Shaurya comes out of car and comes to Mahek’s side, he is about to lift her again but she says this is my neighborhood, people will talk if you lift me here, this is not your hi-fi society, Shaurya says dog’s tail will remain curved, he lifts her in his arms and takes her to her area. Mahek says all are seeing me, please put me down, Shaurya doesnt listen to her and keep walking with her in his arms, Mahek says please put me down, all are watching us, he asks where is your house? she says there, he takes her.

Kanta calls Jeevan and asks why is he in hospital? what happened? She sees shaurya bringing Mahek to their house in his arms, she says to Jeevan that Mahek has comeback, all look on shocked seeing them like that. Neighbors have gathered outside their house to see Mahek in shaurya’s arms. Kanta angrily looks at them.

Shaurya brings Mahek to Sharma house in his arms. Sheetal asks Sonal why she is in his arms? Shaurya puts Mahek down, Pd hugs her and asks how are you? she says i have sprain in foot. Shaurya says we got locked in flat, she had sprain so she couldnt walk and i couldnt bring my car to your house so i had to lift her in arms.

Kanta says you could have hired rickshaw to come to our house, you dont know that because you have come here for first time but Mahek lives here, she should know, she asks Mahek to lets go inside. She drags Mahek, Mahek turns and mouths thank you to Shaurya, he nods, Mahek goes.

Shaurya says i should leave, Sheetal says no, please come and sit. Shaurya sits. Sheetal says i am your big fan, you are so handsome, i should introduce myself, i am their family friend, i am Sheetal, meet my daughter Sonal Bhatia, PD asks Nehal to bring dish which Mahek cooked yesterday for him, Shaurya thinks that Mahek is not less that now i have to bear her whole daily soap family.

Sheetal says take me in your show, it will increase TRP. Jeevan and Ravi comes, they ask about Mahek, Balwant says dont worry, your Mahek has come here in arms. She is inside, Mohit sees Shaurya and says arrogant devil.

Nehal comes in her room and opens cupboard, she asks Ajay to break her fast, Ajay breathes heavily and says i would have died, he drinks water, she says break my fast, he says sorry and makes Nehal drink water and eat sweets, he is about to kiss her but she says anybody can come, you leave, he goes out from window.

Sheetal takes selfie with Shaurya. Ajay is leaving house and sees Shaurya here? they have good connections that judge is here. Shaurya says i should get going, Mansi says wait for sometime, she asks Nehal to bring refreshment. Shaurya gets his mother’s call and says i got stuck with some work, i will come, i love you, he ends call.

Sheetal says what upbringing he has that he is saying i love you mother, such good kid. Shaurya says i am getting late, Ravi says you are not married that wife must be waiting for your to break her fast, what will you eat? Shaurya says i cant eat anything, Sheetal asks for whom he is fasting? Jeevan says we are just asking you to eat with love, Pd says you are our guest and guest is God and we cant make God leave without eating, sit son and eat, Shaurya nods and sits.

Sheetal says i will make you eat with my hands, she mistakenly drops food on Shaurya’s shirt. Ravi says what did you do? Mansi says give me your shirt, i will clean it, Shaurya says i will clean myself, he asks for washroom.

Kanta is rubbing balm on Mahek’s foot and is angry, Mahek tries to talk to her and says chachi.. Kanta says what Chachi? what is going on mahek? dont let me think that i did mistake by sending you to competition, i wont pay such big price for sending you, Mahek says there is nothing like that, dont you trust me? Shaurya is passing by her and listens their convo.

Kanta says i trust you but i dont trust these rich people, i see all the time about MMS scandals and all, middle class girls like you are just one time fun for them, they use and throw girls. Mahek says i am sorry, my phone brokedown so i couldnt inform you, Kanta says you could have called from PCO when you got out of flat, why did you have to be in his arms?

Mahek says there is nothing between me and Shaurya, we fight all the time, Kanta says you dont understand that he lifted you in his arms even when he says he is your enemy, you dont know difference between us and him, their family doesnt have any tradition, they only care about money thats why their relations are useless, they marry two, three girls, they go in one room but comes out of different room.

We live peacefully but these people drink wine, eat meat and chicken thats why they are like animals, they eat animals and behave like animals, you should stay away from Shaurya. Mahek says i am sorry, i didnt use my mind, i will not do anything to make you complain, Kanta says i dont want you bear any pain, your mother gave your responsibility so i dont want to disappoint your parents. Shaurya gets angry and leaves.

Kanta says lets go downstairs, you have to break your fast too, Mahek recalls how Shaurya broke her fast earlier only and says lets go.

Shaurya comes in lounge, Jeevan asks him to sit down and eat, Shaurya glares him, jerks his hand away and leaves. Ravi says it seems like he saw ghost, he is weird. Mansi says Sheetal you made him angry, Jeevan sees moon in sky, Ravi says wives wont beat us today, will touch our feets, it feels weird, they laugh. Kanta, Mansi and Mahek break their fast.

At shaurya’s home, his mother breaks her fast. Vaitlana is drinking wine seeing all other women breaking fast. She says to shaurya’s dad if he wants wine if he is free from breaking her fast? Shaurya comes there and is still thinking about Kanta’s ill words about him and his family. Mother comes to Shaurya and asks what happened? Vaitlana says your son has grown up, its difficult to maintain so many girlfriends at a time, right Shaurya? Shaurya glares at her.

Vaitlana offers him wine but says i forgot you drink milk, shaurya says fools spend money to burn their bodies with wine, Vaitlana says and clever people use their past to burn themselves, Shaurya stares at her. Mother says enough of your funny talks, dinner is ready, she asks all guests to go inside, she asks Shaurya to lets go, Vaitlana leaves.

Dad says to shaurya that i want to talk to you, i am your father, if you give me respect and behave properly infront of guests then it will be better, i have asked your mother, she will explain to you. Shaurya says you show off everything so i dont have anything to show off, he leaves.

Shaurya comes to his room, mother comes there and asks him to eat dinner, he says i am not hungry, mother says why? i have made your favorite dish and its not oily, i dont know if you ate anything whole day or not. Vaitlana comes there and says hats off. Mother says enough Vaitlana, i didnt make issue outside infront of guests but no more words now, Vaitlana drinks wine and says didi drama started in this house 23years back when you married that fraud, i am just having good time and i have now habit of making fun, shaurya says change your habit, Vaitlana says drink red wine, its good for health, tell your mother that you ate, stains on your clothes are showing, seems like you went to break fast of some girl, Shaurya recalls breaking Mahek’s fast.

Sharma family is eating dinner, Mahek is lost in thoughts of Shaurya, their moments at flat.

Shaurya recalls Kanta’s ill words for rich people, how they use girls and throw them away, that person like Shaurya doesnt have manners, they only respect money, how he is like animal because they eat animals. Shaurya calls Ankita and asks her to forward Mahek Sharma’s number.

Kanta asks Mahek to eat dinner. Mahek gets call from Shaurya, she is stunned and says from where did you get my number? he says dont ask idiotic questions, if you family is with you then put phone on speaker. Mahek tells Kanta that tell Shaurya is calling and asking to put phone on speaker, Kanta asks her to do it, Mahek puts phone on speaker.

Shaurya says i want to invite you all on India’s super cook competition, i want you all to cheer for Mahek when she is cooking, i want you all to come tomorrow, specially Mahek’s chachi, Kanta, you have to come, will you? Kanta stares at Mahek, she thinks. Jeevan says dont worry, we will all come, Shaurya says good, good night Mahek, he ends call.

Mahek is in her room and says what does he wants? why he is calling my family? dog’s tail can never straighten. Shaurya calls her again, he says what are you thinking that how dog’s tail got straighten? Mahek says dont drag my family in all this, you dont like me thats fine but not my family. Shaurya says i took care of you today, broke your fast and brought you home so trust me, bring your family to set tomorrow, it will be fun, he ends call.


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