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Purab and Disha’s conversation. Purab says if Pragya di have hidden her past from King then there might be a reason, but if Abhi tells him everything then King will blame Pragya. Disha says let the truth come out and says until this truth comes out, they will not be separated, if Di wants to return to jiju then let this happen. John is on the way in the auto and tells driver that two witches are behind him.

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Nikhil is following him in car and thinks his honesty is a disease and will take his life for taking panga from Tanu. He stops the car before the auto. He tells that you want to go to hospital. John asks how did you know? Nikhil says Robin told me. Nikhil takes john in car. John says I have to tell something to abhi. Nikhil asks do you want to unveil someone’s secret.

Dadi, Tai ji and Dasi pray for Pragya’s life. Abhi stands in the hospital temple and looks at the goddess idol. King notices and recalls Purab’s words.

Nikhil asks are you scared of me. John says I don’t know you. Nikhil asks did Robin know? John says no and says I will call him once. Nikhil puts breaks on the car to make his phone falls down. He says Robin told that you saw Aaliya and Tanu cutting the rope. John says I didn’t tell him.

Nikhil threatens him and says Tanu gave you a chance, I am also giving you a chance. If you don’t tell anyone then your life will be saved, else curse. John gets down from the car and runs. Nikhil says lets play with him.

Doctor comes and tells that Patient is out of danger. She tells King that his wife is fine. King thanks her. He tells Abhi that he is a frank person and asks what is his relation with Pragya. What is his family’s relation with Pragya.

Abhi asks what do you mean? King says you tell that you don’t believe on God, but silently prays for her hiding from everyone. He says my concern seems to be less than you. He asks if he and his family behave same with everyone. He says I saw you crying for the first time, you ran to nurse and gives instructions to her. He says there is something which I don’t know. Abhi recalls Pragya’s words.

King asks if answer is difficult or you don’t have. Abhi thinks when Pragya have hidden the truth then why shall I tell him, and upset Pragya. He tells that Pragya’s nature is good and that’s why everyone liked her. He says a big accident happened with her in my hospital so it was my duty. King thanks him and says I thought you are Mumbai guy.

Abhi asks who? King says the one who left her, because of his stupidity, she is with me. Abhi thinks King doesn’t know about him and goes to inform family members about Pragya. Naina song plays…..He recalls the happy moments with Pragya.

John is running on the road. Nikhil says the more you make me run, your death will be more dangerous. John sees a parked bike and takes it. Nikhil thinks good, now his death will look like an accident and it is not a crime. He hits John’s bike. John gets severely injured and falls down on the road.

Nikhil gets down from the car and comes to John. He says you have become zero and says your time is up. He says you are a good man, but you are going to pay the price of loyalty. He says when you go up, tell God that I have killed you due to helplessness. He says you have threatened Tanu, how can I leave you alive. John says I will not tell anyone, please let me go.

Nikhil says I can’t take chance and says you are saying this due to fear. He says you will tell that you have a wife and daughter. John says I have 6 months old daughter. Nikhil says a 6 months old girl have to grow without her father. He says not fair, I was about to do a big crime. Nikhil leaves the ailing John in the middle of street.

John turns to run for life with his injured legs. Nikhil drives the car hitting John who dies. Kiara had come out of the car and witness the accident. Sunny also goes down the car and asks Kiara why she is so afraid. Kiara was unable to speak.

Abhi comes towards a temple corner in the hospital. Purab comes there. He asks Purab what Pragya is for him, she is only a guest. King was asking him why everyone in his house cares for Pragya so much. Abhi says he told King that Pragya is the best for him and so he got emotional for him.

He never thought he would ever have to call Pragya a guest, he wonders why he went so far away. Its so painful to hide his feelings at this tough time. Purab appreciates Abhi’s efforts. They watch King speaking
to the hospital staff nearby. Purab says Abhi hid his feelings in front of the one who cares a lot for Pragya himself.

Abhi says he doesn’t like King being so nice. King walks towards them and wanted to speak to Purab. He wanted to thank Disha for giving blood to his wife. Purab claims Pragya has turned to be like a family member by this blood sharing now.

Tannu gets a call from Nikhil who briefs her about her assigned task. He now demands Tannu to do what he asks her to in return. Aaliya hear Tannu speak to Nikhil on phone and promise to do anything he would ask her to. Aaliya comes inside to slap Tannu on face.

The driver comes out of the car and asks why she came out in such heavy rain. Kiara says someone killed this man lying in the midst of the road, she claims to be able to recognize the murderer. People compel Tiara to come along them to police station.
Aalya blames Tannu’s character and accuses her to have continued relations with Nikhil, that’s why she couldn’t create a relation with Abhi.

She betrayed her brother and has no right to live in the house. Tannu resists by deterring to hit Aaliya’s head with a vase otherwise. She asks why would she betray Abhi, when she longed for this life. She explains she only sent Nikhil to stop John and John is dead. She saved both of them but next time if she tries to slap her…. she slaps Aaliya on face saying she would also return it.

In the hospital, doctor appears from OT. Everyone was tensed. The doctor says she is out of danger, she is conscious but weak. They must go inside one by one. Abhi steps forward but King goes towards Pragya’s room first. Tears fill Abhi’s eyes. King turns to offer Abhi go inside first, Abhi allows King.

Purab place a hand over Abhi’s shoulder consoling him. Bee ji asks if he is still angry with Pragya that he sent her boss inside. Dadi says the boss must be in a hurry to leave, so he was allowed inside.

Inside, King sits beside Pragya and asks how she feels. She smiles weakly, better. King says she had to be better, he even wrote a song for her while she was ill. Pragya corrects a few Hindi words in his verses and was happy.

In the corridor, Disha questions why Abhi let King meet Pragya first. Abhi says he is her husband and holds the first right. There are matters in life beyond one’s understandings, Disha must relax and not stress herself. Disha leaves annoyed, Purab follows her.
King tells Pragya that Mehra family is really tensed for her, someone is crying, someone can’t eat and someone is standing to pray in temple. He feels like a stranger among them, but they are great support.

He wouldn’t have been able to handle this all alone. Disha even donated blood for her. Pragya asks about Kiara. King says he didn’t inform her not to worry her. King turns to leave as doctor has forbidden her to speak much but if Abhi comes in she must speak to him well, he was quite tensed for her.
In the hospital, Disha questions Purab that Abhi could have met Pragya before King. She is sure Pragya must have been happy as well.

They know well Abhi would never fight for his life and his love, can’t they do something for him? She didn’t tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter upon Purab’s demand. Purab argues they aren’t sure. Disha says she is sure Kiara is Abhi’s daughter, its her heart’s verdict. Purab warns Disha that if Kiara doesn’t turn out to be Abhi’s daughter he would shatter. Abhi won’t even be able to bear that Pragya has a daughter with King.

Zee World: Twist of fate 2 teasers April 2019

Disha breaks into cry. Purab takes her promise that she shouldn’t disclose anything about Kiara until they are sure.
In the police station, Kiara tells the police about murderer’s get up and drawing of a sketch. The inspector orders his subordinate to distribute it in every station around upon the charge of murder.

Abhi tries to speak to Disha but she still looked annoyed. King comes out and allows Abhi to meet Pragya. He goes to call home. Abhi walks into the room. King calls the driver who informs him about being in the police station with Kiara. King forbids the driver to leave the kids alone, he will soon be there. He informs Purab he has an important task and leaves.

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