Twist of fate update Saturday 26 June 2021

Twist of fate 26 June 2021: Ranbir tells the police inspector that he killed Maya. When the police inspector says he didn’t hear, Ranbir repeats louder saying he is the one who killed Maya, and Prachi had nothing to do with it. Prachi overhears Ranbir and says that he doesn’t need to sacrifice himself alone. She tells the police that she is the one who killed Maya, and not Ranbir.

Meera asking Abhi what happened? She says Inspector said that Ranbir will be freed. Abhi gets a call and asks if Ranbir will be freed. Inspector says Ranbir would have been released, if he had not accepted his crime. He says he must have been scared and said that, but he had signed on the confession letter. Abhi is shocked. Inspector says his written confession letter is in Police record now, I can’t do anything now. Meera says DSP said that Ranbir has signed the confession letter. Pallavi cries and says our relation is with you is because of Vikram, but Ranbir cares for you so much, just save him. She asks him to get him out. Abhi says I am going and will bring him back. Meera asks Pallavi to trust him. She looks at Aaliya and recalls her words, die or kill.

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