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Roshni sees DD’s aarti tray catching fire and DD getting panicked. She sets the fire off and gives DD water to drink. She then performs the aarti with DD. Naani sees that and gets happy.

DD’s client calls her and asks her to deliver his ordered jewelry today instead of tomorrow. She agrees and says it is our specialty, we deliver our Client according to their needs. She calls Kesar and asks him to personally deliver the jewelry to her Client right now, as she cannot trust anyone to do it, but him! Kesar hesitantly agrees.

At home, Sid and Roshni are by the poolside. He says he has a surprise for her. He whistles and the lights comes on. Roshni stares in awe.

Sid snaps his fingers and the lights goes off, he then reminds her that they have a lot of work left to do.

He then gets Simran’s call with the ring tone, Maa Ka Phone Aaya… Roshni says it is a very tacky ring tone. Sid tells Roshni, It’s his Mom calling and asks her to help take the phone out of his pocket since his hands are busy. She picks it and starts talking to Simran.

Resham enters the pool area and tells them they still have a lot to do! Roshni gives her an evil look.

Resham says it’s not her faults, DD’s orders! She gives them a list of more things to do. Roshni tells Simran they will be with her soon.

Simran tells Raj that DD won’t give up and she will give DD a taste of her own medicine!

Sid and Roshni tell DD they have finished their task and asks DD if they can go out now? DD says there is a charity event for poor kids and she wants them all to attend briefly, then they can leave after. She goes to change. Sid says he doesn’t want to disappoint his mother. Roshni tells him they should attend, since it’s for poor kids.
Kesar tells Pratima to go and deliver the jewelry to the customer and tells her it’s worth 3.5million. He lies that it was DD’s clear instructions.

Pratima protests saying she wants to go home early, but he says she has to go!
Kesar gets home and DD asks if he has delivered the jewelry? He lies that he did.
Pratima gets out of a taxi and starts to look for the address of the customer.

The customer calls DD to tell her the jewelry hadn’t been delivered.

She looks at Kesar in shock. She tells the Client that she will call him back in 10 minutes and asks Kesar why he didn’t deliver the jewelry!

Pratima while walking through a secluded area sees 3 Men playing cards who sight the jewelry box in her hand and starts following/chasing her.

Kesar says he asked Pratima to deliver the jewelry, as he wanted to see if she could handle it. DD calls him an imbecile and tells him to call her and find out where she is! He calls, but gets no response. He says Pratima has taken advantage of his kindness! He only wanted her to win DD’s heart and he didn’t think she would run away with the jewelry!

Pratima falls on the ground as the Men get closer to her. The jewelry bag falls out of her hand. She leaves the box and runs from there.

DD calls the Police and reports that Pratima stole her 3.5m jewelry, as she gave her to deliver it to a Client, but Pratima eloped with it!

The thieves pick up the bag and decide to leave Pratima alone since they already have the jewelry.

The Police Inspector arrives at the house and asks DD if it’s the same Pratima that is her sister in law?

He says he heard the news of what happened at the fasting ceremony (Karvachauth). DD is surprised. She says it was just a rumor and Pratima is not her Sister-in-law! She shows him her photograph.

Pratima runs into the house just then, crying. The inspector says it looks like the thief has arrived?

Pratima is hurt, hearing that, she says some thugs chased her and she got away, so why is she getting blamed for it?

DD says she is lying, and asks the Inspector to arrest her!

Sid tells the Officer they can’t arrest Pratima without a warrant/proof?

Pratima tells Sid there is no need for that, as she was able to grab what she needed. She brings out the jewelry from her bag and says she was able to get it out of the box, so when she threw the pack down, she fooled the men! DD is stunned.

Sid commends Pratima for her smartness and bravery. He says they need to clap for her! Roshni and Naani claps 👏.
The Police Inspector also praises Pratima and tells DD that she has honest employees. He then leaves.
Naani tells DD that she refused to accept Pratima but now, she has risked her own life just to save DD from losing millions! She begs her to call Bablu back home for the Diwali, but she (DD) said nothing.
DD walks to Kesar and gives him a slap. She says she thought she could trust him, but he put her and her business to shame! She gives him the jewelry to wrap and deliver to the Client himself! She calls her mother (Naani), Sid and Roshni to come, so they can go for the NGO function.
They all leave.

Resham asks Pratima if she’s happy now that DD slapped her husband, as he was only trying to do something nice for her! Pratima asks what she has done? Resham tells her to leave!

On the way to the function, Sid is worried that he can’t reach his Mum on the phone and if she doesn’t see them today, she will come to DD’s house and make a fuss.
They arrive at the venue and DD wonders why they were invited to that part of town?
Simran knocks on their car window and some reporters are standing there with their cameras. DD is unable to show her true emotions. She smiles and pretends for the camera.
One reporter says she is setting a good example by allowing her daughter marry from a lower class.
They suggest DD and Simran perform the ritual. DD hesitates, but Sid tells her that if she doesn’t comply, the reporters will ruin her public relations.
She smiles and follows Simran.
Everyone moves into Prashant’s family compound. Sid tells Roshni that he is going to perform the prayer ceremony with his Mum and he thinks she should do the same with DD.
He goes to his Parents and asks his Mum to tell him the truth; she planned everything. She asks if he thinks only his Mother-in-law is the smart one?
They all laugh.
A photographer asks Roshni to move closer to DD for the prayers, so he can get a photo of them together.

Sid prays silently that she goes to her, but Roshni moves to join Sid and his family.
The reporter says it’s strange that she is closer to her Mother-in-law than her own Mother. DD looks embarrassed.
Sid says it is strange, but some people really do love their in-laws; Roshni will perform the prayers with her Mother-in-law and he will do the same, with his Mother-in-law.
He goes to DD. Naani prays to God that Sid is performing aarti with DD and they should unite soon.
Sid and Roshni spend the night with his Parents.
In the morning, Sid is clearing up the bedding. Simran tries to go to the Kitchen, but Roshni and Raj tells her not to enter the Kitchen. Raj says he will cook today.
Sid takes her to the living room and tells her that the plan yesterday was excellent! Simran says she remembered she was Mrs. Khurana and made the calls necessary to make the event happen.
Raj and Roshni serve the food and Simran feeds Roshni. Sid sees Simran feeding Roshni and complains that she is not feeding him. Roshni says Mom loves me more than you and asks him to have food from Dad’s hand. Sid tastes the food and says it tastes really good!Simran tells Raj that it is delicious ! They all eat and joke together.

Simran starts to cough and Roshni leaves for the Kitchen to get her some water.
Sid asks his father how work is, and Raj says he’s going to London for a meeting and Sid has to keep an eye on their business. Sid asks how he will manage because he has to work for DD as well? Raj tells him to find a way because it’s important.

Roshni comes back with the water and complains that Simran’s eyes are watering, and she thinks she is not too well, so she will stay with her.

Simran assures her that she is fine and they (Sid & Roshni) have to go home because of her Mother (DD). They both agree and leave.
Simran tells Raj that she likes being with her Kids and hopes they can inform Roshni everything so that they can both stay with her.

Kesar enters DD’s office. She asks if he can see a bowl on her table?
He asks why the bowl is there.
She tells him to put 1000 rs in there.
He asks why? She asks if he thinks she will just forgive him for all the mistakes he made ; he almost made her lose a lot of money and he embarrassed her! In the future, when he makes a mistake, he will have to add 1000 rs to the bowl!

She looks out of her Office window and wonders where Sid is going during Office hours?

Sid is about to leave the Office when DD stops him to ask where he’s going? He says he is going to the factory to check on a problem. She permits him and tells him to keep her informed!

When Sid leaves, DD tells Kesar that he was lying!

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