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All are excited for Mahek but Mahek is tensed. Mahek comes to her room, she is tensed. She opens her laptop and messages Shaurya hey.. Karela king.. CCTV? tomorrow is my big test, i want your best wishes. Shaurya doesnt reply her. Mahek says he must be busy, all doesnt have india super cook in their lives.

Kanta comes and asks to sleep, she asks why she is going for chatting and all? its Nehal’s department, i dont like all this you know, Mahek says i have made page on my mother’s name, you know it. Kanta sees page where food recipes are posted, Kanta smiles and says this is all happening with your mother’s blessing only, she hugs Mahek and asks her to sleep, she leaves, Mahek turns off laptop and goes to sleep.

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Its morning, Ravi says we will all fit in car, Nehal will sit in lap of someone, Nehal says no i wont, i am not going. Kanta says no need to get stuffed in car. Mahek comes there, Mansi says she is looking really nice, Ravi says we should hire cab, Kanta says no, only Mahek, me and Jeevan will go, its just audition, not all have to leave their work, let two.. three rounds pass then we will see. Mansi makes Mahek eat yogurt as good will. They leave.

Mahek, Jeevan and Kanta comes to audition venue in rickshaw. Kanta asks Mahek what happened? Mahek says i am tensed, Kanta says you will do good like in Dehli heart. Mahek says there are so many people here for competition, you think i will be able to compete with them? Kanta says dont worry. Mahek is tensed, host asks Mahek to not be tensed, relax and enjoy the competition. Host sees car stopping and says seems like our judges have arrived. shaurya gets off car. Mahek looks on. Other judge Kakkar,, comes out of car then Rajiv comes out. Shaurya says this anchor is talking so much. He sees Mahek standing there and angrily stares her. Shaurya says to Rajiv, go and motivate.

Kanta greets Rajiv, She says to Mahek that one judge is already impressed with you, there are two more, impress them too. Shaurya messages Mahek that my best wishes are always with you, all the best and rock the desk. Mahek smiles reading his message. She writes that i wish, you were here and would see how nervous I am. She looks up and sees Shaurya waving to people, she frowns seeing his arrogant face, she recalls how they met first, then how they fought at dhabba, Shaurya recalls how she insulted him, Mahek recalls how he threw her out of his hotel, they stare each other, Shaurya leaves.

Shaurya stares at Mahek and goes into audition venue. Kanta says to Mahek that you are busy on phone, you have got Nehal’s habit, focus on audition, Mahek puts phone down.

Judges are given seats and table. Rekha Kakkar asks what Sharuya is doing new this time? Shaurya says left hand shouldnt know what right hand is planning, contests will make their own rhythm.

Mahek fills out form and gets apron. One reporter comes and asks in english how she is feeling to be part of this competition? Mahek tries to answer but stammers, reporter leave. Jeevan asks her to not get tensed. Kanta says your apron have 7number, its your lucky number, Mahek says my lucky number is 9, Kanta says number doesnt matter.

Mansi says to PD that i feel like calling them, Pd says Mahek will call us when she gets free, dont worry.

Kanta says to Mahek that many people look fool to me, go in there and cook like you cook for us, Mahek says i am not tensed about losing this contest but to break your hopes, Jeevan says dont worry about us, just cook with your heart. Host comes and drags Mahek away for audition, Mahek turns and looks Kanta and Jeevan tensely. PD calls Kanta and asks where is Mahek?

Kanta says she has gone inside for audition, Pd says why you didnt go with her? Kanta says we were not allowed, PD says if i were there, i wouldnt have allowed anyone to stop me, Kanta says fine.

Nehal calls Ajay, Ajay says even your hello rings bell in my heart, he asks if Mahek is taking part in super cook competition? Nehal says yes, why dont you make poster for her to cheer for her. Mansi comes and asks whom she is calling? she says no one.
Host says to Mahek that where were you? Shaurya Sir is waiting for you and is miffed.

She brings Mahek to audition venue and says Sir Mahek Sharma is here. Shaurya takes off his glasses and glares at her. Mahek is tensed and tries to walk aisle to her desk, she strikes with one desk and things fall down. Shaurya sees it and says to Rajiv that you have brought weird piece to this competition, Rajiv says what if this weird pieces cooks something incredible today?

Shaurya says if this happens then i will sponsor your business for one year, Rajiv says great and what if she eliminated today? Shaurya says i dont give a damn.

Rajiv says to contests that there are ingredients rice, mushroom and oil on your table. Shaurya says we know what can be cooked from these ingredients, we want to know whose mind has ability to guess what dish we have in our mind, see ingredients and decide what you can cook. Most contests guess dish to be risotto. Mahek says what can be cooked from it? shaurya says you all have 50minutes. Mahek says khidchi can be cooked from it. All contests start working on dishes.

Outside Kanta asks Jeevan to ask how much more time will it take? Jeevan says this is not dhabba to ask waiter to bring food fast, wait for sometime, Kanta prays for Mahek. Inside venue, Rekha asks Shaurya what this is girl(Mahek) is cooking? he taunts that maybe she is creating some new invention. Mahek looks around and raises her hand, Shaurya asks What Miss Sharma? Mahek says there is something missing her. shaurya comes and asks what? she says cooker, He asks why do you need cooker? She says khidchi cant be cooked without cooker, Shaurya says you are cooking khidchi?

Mahek says khidchi can be cooked from these ingredients, shaurya asks what else is missing? Mahek says rice type is not suitable for khidchi, shaurya says you are lots of knowledge, he asks manager to bring cooker, she goes. Shaurya puts hand on Mahek’s shoulder and squeezes her shoulder, he says so you like khidchi? She smiles and says yes, we love to eat at home with milk, shaurya says all the best. He smirks at her and comes to Rajiv.

He says to Rajiv that your favorite contest is cooking khidchi, this is Dhabba girl’s first and last dish at India’s super cook competition. All are busy in cooking, Mahek looks around and says what they are cooking? Shaurya asks what happened Miss Sharma? are you thinking what they are cooking? Mahek says yes, Shaurya says they are cooking what you all supposed to cook, and what you couldnt cook, this dish is called risotto, its Italian dish and you couldnt cook it so you are failed, Mahek is stunned, Shaurya says not like this, say Ri.. Mahek looks on and says Ri.. He says now say So.. he says its Sautan like So, you must watch TV serials, i am making you understand in your language, all laugh at Mahek, he asks her to say TTO..

Rajiv says everything is getting recorded Shaurya, Rekha says dont bully her. Shuarya says what i want only that will be shown on Tv and this is girl is a fraud, she doesnt know anything but is a cheater. Mahek recalls how PD advised her to follow her heart, how Mohit said that she will win only, how Karela King wrote to her that there is victory ahead of fear. Shaurya says you have only 15minutes remaining, cook what you want.

Shaurya says only 15minutes are remaining, he says to Rajiv that i feel sorry for you, you lost before even starting. Rajiv sees Mahek cooking and says picture is remaining, see her, Shaurya sees Mahek cooking. Mahek says to herself that focus.

PD calls Kanta and asks why they are taking so much time? are they making her walk on ramp? Kanta says i dont know, why you are calling me again and again.

countdown starts for competition to end. Mahek is serving her dish in plate, Shaurya is circling around her and observing her. Rajiv counts 5….3..2..1.. he asks everyone to stop cooking, very well done by everyone. Judges are ready to taste dishes. Rekha tastes one dish and says its only cheese flavor, its not balanced for me, I am sorry. Rajiv tastes one and says mushrooms are not cooked well, i am sorry. Shaurya asks Mahek what she cooked? Mahek says i have made rice pakoras.

Shaurya says you were asked to cook risotto but you didnt, Shaurya says to Mahek that you asked for cooker for khidchi, did you change the plan? what happened to it? you didnt use it? this is not risotto but rice balls which you are calling as rice pakoras. I am sorry but you are disqualified Miss Sharma, Mahek is stunned.

Jeevan asks bodyguard to let her go, Kanta says that i want to go to washroom, let me go, he says go to otherside there is washroom there too. Kanta sees Mahek coming out of venue, she runs to her and asks if she is selected? Jeevan says let her drink water. Kanta says dont worry, even if you are not selected, its fine, atleast you tried, Mahek says no.. She recalls flashback, Shaurya says to Mahek that you are disqualified.

Rajiv says whatever Mahek has cooked, it looks good and is presented well so we should taste it once, Shaurya says Rajiv Sir we are not in restaurant but in competition, Sorry Miss Sharma your journey has ended before even starting, Rekha says one minute i would want to taste this dish too, shaurya says but Ma’am, Rekha says i just want to be fair, we just want to taste it, Rajiv says lets taste it.

Rekha and Rajiv tastes it, Rekha seems lost in its taste, they nod at each other, Rekha smiles broadly and says like always i am happy with my decision, i am very happy to say that this is best dish till today Mahek is elated hearing that, Shaurya glares at her. Rajiv says i know this is not Risotto but its italian dish too and its extended dish of risotto, we are here to judge presentation and taste of dishes so its yes from mine and Rekha’s side. Shaurya says majority wins as its democracy, we indians are emotional people, we get emotional seeing someone tears so anyway Miss Sharma see you are India’s super cook, he extends his hand to Mahek for shaking, Mahek is stunned for second but shake hands with him, he squeezes her hand tightly which makes Mahek tensed, she tries to take her hand back and looks at Shaurya in fear, flashback ends.

Kanta says means you are selected? Jeevan dances around. Kanta gets PD’s call and says Mahek is being selected, Pd says your voice is telling that Mahek’s magic worked, come home, we will have party, she ends call. Mansi says i wanted to talk to Mahek too, Pd says we will cook sweets for Mahek today.

Kanta says to Mahek that you dont seem happy, one girl comes and congrats Mahek. Kanta asks why she is not happy? Mahek sees Shaurya leaving in his car, he pulls car’s window glass down and glares Mahek, he points finger at his eyes then at Mahek implying that he has eyes on her, his car leaves, Mahek is tensed.

Shaurya is sitting on couch. Rajiv sees him thinking and says today was good to start, start drinking, your pain will lessen about your prediction going wrong, Shaurya says i was right, she failed to qualify, she didnt sell her talent but her emotions and fake tears which you and Rekha bought easily, Rajiv says why you are getting personal? S

haurya says i am just saying that girl is fraud, i am getting sure of that, that girl fooled you both, she never heard name of risotto, still she got selected, she destroyed rules of our competition infront of us only and we couldnt do anything why? because of her tears. Shaurya sees someone calling him, he gets angry and cuts call. He sees call again but cuts it again, Shaurya says i wont spare that girl otherwise i will change my name, Rajiv says just be fair, Shaurya says you are here for that.

Ravi asks everything ready? Mohit says yes. house is decorated with flowers, Ravi asks dhol people to start playing when Mahek comes. Balwant says she only won audition not competition. Ravi says she is first girl from our family to be seen on Tv soon, just think when reporter comes to our society, people try to peek in camera so that their face comes on Tv for even a second..

Mahek comes there. Dhols starts playing, whole family starts dancing, Mahek is given bouquet, Sonal dances with her but senses something off with Mahek.

Kanta says to Mansi that i was so tensed for Mahek and PD kept calling, Pd says my girl was going to win, i had to call. Kanta says Jeevan kept asking me if he can go to shop as if his work is more important then her competition, Mohit says Mahek will win all rounds, Kanta says dont pressure her, Jeevan says dont talk about pressure (referring to washroom).

Mahek recalls Shaurya misbehaving with her, bullying her at competition, Sonal asks where she is lost? Mahek nods nothing.
Mahek is in her room, Mahek says to Sonal that Shaurya Khanna is judge is at India’s super cook, he was staring me weirdly, he was trying to intimidate me, he even misbehaved with me, Sonal asks her to not worry.

Shaurya recalls how Mahek insulted him at dhabba, he is angry and recalls how Rajiv and Rekha selected her, how they praised her. Mahek messages Shaurya “hey”. Shaurya reads it but doesnt reply, he throws away his phone being angry. Mahek says he read my message but didnt reply, i dont care, i am getting to deal with all crazy people today anyway. Sharma house’s lights go off. Otherside Shaurya’s house lights go off too. Shaurya shouts to switch on generator.

Tere is loadshedding in Sharma house. Jeevan asks Mohit to call electricity department. Mohit calls him, he informs family that there is fault and light wont till tomorrow morning, papa you should buy inverter, Jeevan says you sit with me on shop and i will buy it, he says no way. Pd says we will spend night in lounge then, Mahek is excited, Nehal says mosquitos will bite me, Mohit says like you pain us, they will pain you today.

Whole Sharma family sits together, Mahek says lets play antakshari, Nehal says who plays it these days? its so middle class, Ravi says we all play in today’s time, he starts singing, he starts dancing too.

Mahek leaves from there. Kanta is thinking, PD sees her and asks what you are thinking in such darkness? Kanta says i am worried about Mahek, tomorrow is her competition’s day and there is no light tonight, how will she work? Nehal says what will happen? cant she work even if she doesnt sleep, its not a matter. Kanta goes to check Mahek.
Mahek comes to kitchen and says i have to do something chill, its hot. Mahek sees kulfi in fridge, Kanta comes there and asks whats happening? Mahek says there are only two kulfies and eight people, i have to do something.

Zee World: Mehek Teasers for May 2019 #Mehek

Shaurya’s grandmother comes to kitchen and finds kulfi in fridge, she is about to eat it but Shaurya comes there and says you here? she says i came to take water, nothing else, Shaurya says where are all servants? they can bring you water, Nans says its good to walk, Shaurya sees her hiding ice cream, she asks why did he come? he neds water? Shaurya’s phone rings, he takes water bottle and leaves. Nans have sigh of relief, she eats ice cream, she doesnt like it.

Shaurya comes back and says its sugar free thats why you dont like it, she asks where is my real one? he says in trash bin, Nans says one day a girl will come, she will make eat ice cream for me, will do dressing of it and will make me eat. Shaurya says go and sleep, you will find girl in your dreams only.
Mahek makes faluda from ice cream and makes Kanta eat it, Kanta likes it.

Jeevan asks Balwant to sing, he says dont mess with me, i wont sing, Pd says smile sometimes, sing, she pinches his cheek, Balwant says okay i will sing, Balwant sings chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe, he dances too. Mahek brings faluda for everyone, she offers Balwant, he says i wont eat, Mahek feels bad but smiles. PD says to Mahek that i have right on your food first, Mahek hugs her.

Shaurya is going to his room when one man says you are 12hours late. Shaurya angrily stares man, man says i fixed meeting with new investor at 12noon and its midnight, Shaurya says i didnt ask you fix meeting, man says i am worried about you, i ask investors to invest money in your hotel, Shaurya says dont worry about me, i am only 12hours late but you are 12years late in worrying about me, he glares him and says you wanna listen more dad? dad stares him and goes to his room.

Its night, all family members are sleeping in Sharma house but Mahek and Kanta are awake. Mahek says Chachi will i be able to do it tomorrow? she says have faith in yourself, you will be able to do it, sleep now. Mahek lies to sleep, Kanta lies beside her, Mahek dozes off.

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