Twist of fate update Monday 19 October 2020

Twist of fate 19 October 2020: Purab saying that no one can escape from Rockstar’s home, and says why did you leave from here. Pragya says if you remember everything then you might have remember me as well.

Vijay asks who are you? Pragya slaps him hard. Vijay is angry. Everyone is shocked. Pragya says you all want to know why I am caring for him, and spending money on his treatment. She asks Tanu to ask her now, and says you might have forgotten to ask. She says you might see yourself in other’s face in the mirror and says that’s why you calls everyone characterless like yourself.

Aaliya asks what is wrong with both of you and says talks to Vijay. She says they got his treatment done with the best doctors, and says you have hit Raj on his head. She asks him to get out and tells slowly asking him not to take their name else they will get him killed. Abhi says 1 min and says let clear everyone’s doubts now.

He asks Pragya to tell why she was taking care of him. Aaliya says that doesn’t matter and says he deserves a punishment. She says I will call Police. She calls police and asks them to come. Pragya takes the phone and says she has a relation with Vijay which has no name.

She says he is not a ordinary decorator, but a professional killer. Everyone gets shocked. She says he came here to kill me on Dussera day. She says everyone knew that someone tied me inside the ravan, and says Vijay was the one who tied her inside the ravan. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj get shocked. Abhi gets angry at Vijay and says nobody feels safe because of your kind of people. He beats them asking him to think about his family. He asks why did you tried to take Pragya’s life.

Aaliya asks Abhi to stop it and says we don’t know if Pragya is saying truth or lying. She says she will never trust Pragya. Abhi says I trust her fully. He says I can feel it that she is saying truth, and asks why you are taking his side. He asks do you know him? He says big proof is that he feigned to have a memory loss. If he is not lying then why did he try to escape from here. Aaliya says I am not taking his side, and says let Police come and decide who is truthful. Tanu tells Aaliya that it is good that Vijay didn’t take their name else they might have been caught.

Pragya asks Vijay, how you are feeling now, and says you know well how the Police behaves with your kind of people. She says it will be better if you tell the truth. She says if I can spend so much money to get your treatment, then I can do anything to bring out the truth from you. Vijay asks what do you want to know? Pragya says do you remember the Dussera night, and asks him to keep quiet and speak infront of Police, or tell her the truth now itself. She says if you choose to tell me then I promise that I won’t let you go to Police station. Vijay says few people chooses their own way. Pragya says you told me that day that someone gave you money to get me killed and asks who is that person. She asks him not to get afraid of her and says you can go from here smilingly if you tell that person name. Vijay thinks I have to take that person’s name to save myself.

Police comes and asks Aaliya why did she call them. Aaliya says it is good that you came and tells Inspector to arrest Vijay. Pragya says just 1 min, and says he wants to give us some important information, and asks Vijay to tell that person’s name who hired him. Vijay looks on. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj get tensed. Vijay says it is enough now, and says my mum says that one shall say the truth and be happy. He says I will tell the truth and says that person is from your family.

He says he is from your family member and might be thinking how can I do this with him. He apologizes and says I have to take his name to save myself. He asks Pragya to promise that she won’t do any complaint against him. Pragya asks the Inspector to arrest the person, who has hired Vijay. Vijay says I thought what is the need to do Ram Leela, when there are many enemies at home. Pragya asks him to tell truth fast. Vijay says I did wrong by dealing with your family. He asks her to identify his enemy who gave him money, and says he is the one…………He says he was that man…………..Raj, Aaliya, Tanu and Abhi were standing at that place.

Pragya says Raj Bhaiyya…….Vijay asks him to move…..Pragya says Tanu…….Vijay asks her to move……..Pragya says Aaliya…Vijay says she is the one who gave me money to kill you. Pragya says I knew it. Vijay asks Aaliya to move from there and asks if she wants to go to Jail. Vijay takes Abhi’s name. Pragya and everyone is shocked.

Vijay taking Abhi’s name and says he gave him money to kill Pragya. Abhi says why I will get her killed, and says he is the one who saved her. He asks Dadi not to believe him and says he is innocent. Vijay says you told me that you want to get your property back and asked me to kill her silently.

He says I tied her inside the Ravan, and you was the one who fired the arrow. Inspector asks Constable to arrest him. Abhi says he will come and starts walking. Pragya stops them and tells Inspector that he is taking case against him. She says he can’t do this. Vijay says you are a great family and leaves. Abhi looks sad.

Pragya comes to room and sees him sad. She thinks why he is sad, may be because of Vijay. She asks him not to fear and come. She says may be I would have crack jokes for you. She asks what you are doing…what is going on in your mind. Abhi says everything is finished……….Pragya says what..Abhi says whenever I see two of them. I get motivation that my love story will move on like them, but……He says when the decorator accused me then I thought you will believe him. Pragya says I doesn’t believe on his words and says I don’t think like that about you.

Abhi asks what do you think? Pragya says if you plan to kill me then you would not have come to save me risking my life. She says you can fight with me, get angry etc, but can’t plan to kill me. Abhi says did you think that I will come to save you. Pragya says I was sure that you will save me, and your money. She gets teary eyes and wipes her tears…..Kyun Tum Ho Dhadkan plays……….

Abhi asks her to look in his eyes. Abhi says I don’t want anyone to make fun of me and says he will not share his love feelings with her. He asks her to leave her alone, and thanks her for trusting him. He looks at fuggi and rockstar toy, and thinks he has become serious. Pragya cries and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks her to have strength and says you are very strong. Pragya says she can be strong from outside, but getting weak from inside. She says she feels weak whenever she has to go far from Abhi.

Dadi says I know that this is tough for you to do, and asks her to think that it is test for her. Dadi says Abhi will be pained all his life as his family betrayed him. She asks why do you forget that right way is always full of thorns. Dasi comes there. Pragya starts acting and says she took the case back this time, but won’t next time.

Tanu tells that Vijay is very clever and has played a mind game. Aaliya says he is psycho and gave surprise. She says it was a shock and says he would have trapped us, but he didn’t take our name. Raj says I asked him to take Abhi’s name if he is trapped. Tanu gets angry. Raj says I would have asked him to take your name. Aaliya says he is right and we should be thankful. Raj says Pragya accepted defeat and I thought Abhi will be in jail for 2-3 days.

He says Pragya still have feelings for Abhi. Tanu says I gave this idea to Abhi and he will take Pragya’s sign. Raj gets Vijay’s call, and he asks did he like the twist. Raj asks where are you? Vijay says he wants to tell something which will benefit them. He asks him to come to old factory behind their home else cut the call. He tells Aaliya and Tanu that Vijay called him. Just then Mitali comes, Raj changes the topic and Tanu and Aaliya act to be busy.

Dadi comes to meet Pragya. Pragya asks her to close the door. Bulbul says Vijay was clever and took Abhi’s name to create problem in the house. Purab says even Tanu’s baby father is unknown. Pragya says he would have tell truth, or lied. Dadi says we have to find way to Pragya’s problem. Bulbul asks Pragya to flirt with Abhi and says he will get tensed. Purab asks if she is trying old plan.

Aaliya, Tanu and Raj coming to meet Vijay. He tells someone is helping Pragya and that person is a family members. He asks them to give money if they want info.

Tanu says you are so greedy. Vijay says I am professional and asks them to be ready with money if they want the info. He leaves. Raj says we shall not be together here, and leaves. Tanu sees Nikhil there and gets tensed. Aaliya says she has some work and asks Tanu to come. Nikhil says I will drop her. Aaliya asks her to come soon. Tanu asks where were you? Nikhil says I came from bangalore and promises to be with her. He takes her to have icecream.

Abhi reminds himself that he has to take Pragya’s sign and thinks he shall not confess his feelings to Pragya from now onwards, but then thinks to woo her for one last time. Pragya comes to room and thinks now he will see how I flirt with him. She thinks seriously he won’t do anything and thinks she lost a good chance. Abhi throws dumb bells on his feet mistakenly. Pragya asks where is your concentration and understands that he is acting. Abhi says first my heart broke and now feet.

Pragya says who said that I don’t care for you, and says I care very much. Abhi asks her to come closer. Pragya lies on his closely surprising him. Abhi gets up from bed and starts walking with her help, but they fall on bed. Pragya asks him to look at her…..and caresses his face lovingly. Abhi asks what you are doing?

Pragya says your pain will be gone, and asks him to feel……She says nobody kiss me anytime before, and says I will kiss you now. She says meow……Abhi gets shocked….Pragya says I am so sorry, couldn’t understand your love, insulted and hurt you….You have to punish me for my mistake…..and says I …………….you…….Abhi gets scared and gets up from bed shockingly. Pragya asks him to hug her.

Abhi says he is thirsty and goes to drink water. Pragya asks him to come soon. Abhi comes out and thinks if she is mogambo or someone else. She has shocked me heavily and my hands are shaking even now. He collides with Tanu and he asks her to check if he is having temperature. She checks and says no. She asks him to tell if he got Pragya’s sign on the papers. Abhi says no and asks her not to remind him.

Tanu tells about their marriage and kids….Abhi says you are saying as if your marriage date is having expiry period. He says there comes an earthquake in my room. Tanu asks him to take Pragya’s sign on the papers, or else she will go away with the baby. She sends him again to room.

Purab and Bulbul come home. Sarla asks what happened? Bulbul thinks their plan failed. She tries to lie, but her lie is caught by Sarla. Purab tells her about Vijay. Bulbul says Pragya did right by taking back case against Abhi. Sarla says I think she is doing drama…..Bulbul asks why you are saying this. Sarla says Abhi bore her betrayal once, and thinks God saved Abhi like men from those kinds of girls.

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