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Age is just a number 19 October 2020: Neelam shouts that what Bari Amma told wasn’t complete truth, Shankar was her husband and she held illegitimate relationship with him. She and her son, recognized as Ghungru here, have come to revenge them of Shankar’s death.

She blames Bari Amma who kept Shankar as a servant here in her house. She never thought about her sister and turned her life into hell. Kamli’s soul in Vaidika leaves Sahil’s collar and grabs Ghungru’s shirt now. She questions if Ghungru came for revenge to the house. Ghungru punches Vaidika who falls onto Sahil. Ghungru accepts it was all a drama.

He was dubious of them already. Vaidika was no normal. She says she created all the drama because she wanted Bari Amma to tell the secret of 333. But she didn’t know Ghungru can so easily confess in front of everyone that he wasn’t crazy, he boasted about his abilities of hypnosis and mind control. Nani wonders what hypnosis is. Deepak says one controls the mind of others and force everyone to act as per her wish.

Ghungru says he can show others what doesn’t actually exist. He calls Kamli. Vaidika says Kamli never actually died. Kamli reaches the room. Vaidika slaps Ghungru and tells the family it was the plan of them three. They used hypnosis to do all this. She deters to call the police. Ghungru was stubborn what if he doesn’t leave. Sahil drags Ghungru outside while Nani pushes Neelam out of Agarwal house, slapping the door over his face.

Ghungru deters he would stay back until he has revenged the family. Sahil takes the challenge and shuts the door. Nani blames Bari Amma for her blunders. Sahil hugs Vaidika and boasts that she saved the family once again. It was her plan, and she unveiled the 333 secret. He thanks Vaidika, being appreciative of her.

Neelam place a hand over Ghungru’s shoulder and asks him to forget what happened. Ghungu says she knows that whatever was said today isn’t the complete truth. Neelam says he must turn himself strong enough to turn not the situations but their enemy. Ghungru was determined not to spare them until his bruises are healed. Sahil and Vaidika would remember this date, and will be left with no option to include him in their lives and house.

They will beg him of forgiveness one day, only then his revenge would be accomplished. Neelam questions what he is up to. Ghungru says one must only attack where it hurts the most, he found that sore. She must only see their destruction now on.

Vaidika sat in her room, still thinking about Kamli, Bari Amma and the strange. happenings in the house. She was tensed and restless. Sahil appears from behind and shuts her eyes; excited about what he brought for her. He playfully asks her to guess what it can be. Vaidika was happy by the excitement in his voice.

Bari Amma wasn’t ready to give an explanation to Nani and pushes her outside. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for all this trouble, she forced her to speak this truth out. Nani wasn’t ready to accept this blame. She says Bari Amma kept a dead body in the house, naming it 333. She killed Yash’s mother, Anjana, hid Sahil and Bhoomi’s truth, stole Vaidika’s child.

Puneesh counts what about Tej Pratab, Pankti’s father. Deepak comments on Bari Amma’s character. She warns to throw Deepak out of the city. Nani gets seated and asks what other secrets are left about her life. Puneesh says whatever Bari Amma did was for the wellbeing of the family. He requests Bari Amma to forgive Deepak and his mistakes as well. Deepak thinks Puneesh Tiwari is surely playing some game. He must figure out.


Vaidika watches the surprise by Sahil. Sahil says they got a guarantor for their bank loan. Vaidika hugs Sahil. Sahil says its Mr. Desai, he was an investor and promised to pay off their debt. He was happy that their house can never be sold. This house is extremely special, it has seen a lot must most importantly their love story.

Vaidika says thank you to Sahil. He kiss her forehead, saying he can do anything for her smile. Vaidika shows a family photo of Sahil, Vaidika and Ved she got framed but forgot. She says this photo shows she has everything in life. Sahil says since they are happy and must go on a lunch now. He asks her to get ready.

Downstairs, Prachi was tensed while she reads some legal papers. Sahil comes downstairs and was taken aback at the notice. Prachi says his guarantor isn’t picking up the call, he didn’t pay a single penny; their house cannot be saved. Bari Amma loses her balance, tensed that she will now lose this house.

Vaidika calms Sahil down, she tries to explain to the lawyer that there is a misunderstanding. There was a rumor that this house had ghosts and they suffered loss in their business. Mr. Desai signed the papers, and promised to pay their loans. The lawyer reads Mr. Desai’s papers and says the paper doesn’t hold a governmental seal.

They must evacuate the house within ten minutes, else police will get it evacuated forcefully. Agarwal family was shocked. Orders for seal of house doors were passed. Prachi tries to argue they can’t be pushed out of their own house. Vaidika calms Sahil down and says they can’t accept a defeat and will find a solution soon. Sahil was determined to fight and win, and get his house back. Vaidika asks Nani to bring the kids.

Everyone come with their packed luggage. Vaidika picks an idol from the temple corner. She tells Sahil they are in trouble, still they have a place to live. Bari Amma cries, everyone else was also tearful as they walk out of Agarwal house. Vaidika speaks to God, she holds complete faith over God that they will return to this house again.

Agarwals arrive at Vaidika’s old house. Prachi asks Bari Amma to sit. Bari Amma blames Vaidika to bring them in this bird cage; she forced to unveil the secret of 333. Nani tells her to shut up, she herself is the reason of Ghungru menace. She clarifies to Bari Amma she must never call their house as bird cage. Sahil tells Bari Amma they must thank Vaidika.They must live in this house and try to accommodate. Nani boasts about their big heart and takes everyone inside show their rooms.

Inside, Puneesh thinks there is an advantage of staying in this house. Shruti will stay in their room with Prachi. Deepak comes to jump over the bed with Puneesh. He says they will both live in the same room. And a third person will also stay with them. Ved runs into their room with a whistle. Shruti smiles from the door as Deepak gives her a thumbs up. She was relieved that Deepak handled the situation, else Puneesh would have continued misbehaving with her.

Sahil and Vaidika sat in a corner. Sahil says he finds a strange peace in the house, as he fall in love with her in the same house.

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