Twist of fate update Monday 18 December 2023

Twist of fate 18 December 2023: Shahana telling Khushi that Prachi used to miss her and her life had stopped after she left. She says she wants to celebrate your birthday and wants to see you happy, give you all the happiness of all years.

She requests Khushi to let Prachi celebrate her birthday and don’t separate her from herself. Khushi says I am not asking her to separate herself from me, even I will be celebrating my birthday for the first time, and I want Shiv also. She asks her to call Shiv here and says I want to celebrate my birthday with both of them. Shahana asks if I call Ranbir then will you celebrate your birthday. Khushi asks her to call Shiv. Shahana says if he refuses. Khushi says he will not refuse and asks her to call him. Shahana says ok. Khushi thanks her.

Shahana calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks if Prachi is fine? Shahana says she is fine. He asks Dadi and you are fine? She says yes. Shahana says actually I called you to invite for Khushi’s birthday. Ranbir asks if Prachi wants me to come. Shahana says yes, even Prachi wants. Khushi asks her to ask him to bring all the family. Ranbir hears and says ok. He ends the call. Khushi goes to change her clothes. Shahana thinks nobody can save her today.

Balbira thinks till Police comes to know that I am here, I will murder Prachi and leave. He says Prachi, get ready to count the backward numbers of her breath. The guy comes there and tells that he is junior magician, and his senior magician is inside. Balbira says he is murderer, but the guy doesn’t believe him. He hits him with brick and faints him. He then takes him to side to wear his magician uniform.

Dadi tells Prachi that if Khushi refuses to celebrate her birthday infront of Meera, then what she will say. Prachi says she wants this day to be special and memorable for her, but if Khushi…Khushi comes there dressed in a beautiful dress. Magician shows his magic. Prachi comes to Khushi. Khushi asks for a hug. Prachi hugs her. Shahana asks God to make the time slower and thinks once Prachi sees Ranbir, she will play my band. Dadi asks Shahana what has happened? Shahana asks her if she will beat her? Dadi says no.

Shahana says I have invited Ranbir and his family and they are coming here. She says Khushi wanted them to come. Dadi says Prachi will not leave you, she wanted to make Khushi’s birthday special. Just then they see Ranbir, Dida and Pallavi standing at the door. Rhea comes home and thinks where is everyone. She calls Pallavi. Pallavi tells that they have come to Prachi’s house for Khushi’s birthday. Rhea says without me. Pallavi says you was not at home, so we came, as wanted to celebrated her birthday. Rhea says Prachi invited you, so sweet of her. Pallavi says yes and ends the call. Rhea recalls Aaliya’s provocative words and comes to the room. She sees Ranbir’s portrait and hits on it. She then cries and takes it. She keeps it on the bed.

Shahana asks Dadi to hide her with her Pallu. Balbira in a magician dress walks towards Prachi holding knife in his hand. He sees Ranbir coming to Prachi and moves away.

Rhea comes to Aaliya’s house and asks if I can stay in your house tonight. Aaliya says yes. She asks if all is well. Rhea asks what to say, there is nothing which I shall tell you. Aaliya asks her to say what is the matter? Rhea says she came here for peace. Aaliya says you can come to me at anytime, you have same right on me. She asks about everyone. Rhea says nobody is at home. Khushi gets happy seeing Dida and calls her. Prachi looks at them. Dida says my baby. Pallavi wishes her happy birthday and says God bless you.

Khushi is happy to see Ranbir. Ranbir lifts her and says you are looking good. Meera asks Prachi why did she call Ranbir? Prachi asks Shahana why did she call Ranbir? Shahana tells that Mini Prachi had called him. She tells that Khushi wanted so she invited them. Prachi asks if you are hiding something from me. Khushi comes there and asks Shahana to come with her. Shahana goes with her. Prachi and Ranbir’s head collide with each other. Ranbir collides it again. Khushi takes Shahana to the room and asks why Mamma and Papa got separated. Shahana says circumstances were such. Khushi asks her to tell whom she can trust to unite them, Dida or Pallavi. Shahana says nobody and says right now, lets focus on your birthday and later we will talk to them. Khushi says they will not understand, and says she can understand that they shall unite.

Khushi asking Shahana who can help her to unite Mamma and Papa, and asks if Badi Mummy or Dida. Shahana says don’t trust anyone, right now we shall focus on your birthday. She says we shall talk to them later on. Khushi asks if you think that they are mature enough to understand, and tells that she wants them to unite even before she comes to know that they are her Mamma and Papa. Shahana asks how did she know? Khushi tells that they complete each other, one is mischievous and other one is calm, one is talkative and other one is silent, one is responsible and other one is mad, and says one is baklu and other is chikchiki. Shahana asks who is mad and mischievous? Khushi says Papa, who else.

Shahana calls her yaar and says you are very understanding. Khushi asks her not to call her yaar. Shahana says you are like Prachi, even she gets irritated. Ranbir asks Prachi if she will stare at him. Prachi says no and asks him to say what he wants to say. Ranbir says leave it. Dida blesses Prachi for inviting them here. Pallavi also thanks her. Prachi thinks she is not telling me even now, and tells that her happiness lies in Khushi’s happiness.

The kids come there and ask Meera to dance with them. Meera says she don’t know dance. Dadi asks Prachi to dance with the kids. Prachi refuses to dance. Ranbir says he will dance with them. He dances on the song happy birthday to you with all the kids. He comes to Prachi and asks for her hand to dance. Rabba jaanda plays….

Shahana asks Khushi why she got sad suddenly. Khushi says I never had Mamma and Papa, both, while all the children used to have both parents. She says Maayi was with her, who she used to regard as her mother, but she wanted Papa. She says she used to call Balbira as her papa, but he didn’t want her to call him Papa. She says she wants Mamma and Papa to be together. Shahana says they don’t love each other, they used to love, but has forgotten it. Khushi says they shall make them remember their love.

Ranbir and Prachi are dancing. He thinks what is special in her, that he couldn’t go far even after separation. Prachi thinks you have separated me from me, but I get drawn towards you and get closer to you, why? Ranbir thinks you have accused me so much, but even now I feel complete taking you in my embrace. Prachi thinks why all my fear end in your embrace, this is my peace. He thinks how did this distance will end? Prachi thinks we have moved on, I know that you see me moving on with Akshay, but I am not like you and is still at the same place and can’t give your place to anyone. He thinks you feel that I have moved on with Rhea, but I am still standing on the same place, as you have moved on with Akshay. He thinks it is too late for both of us. They continue to dance. Pallavi, Dida and others look at them dancing. Inteha song plays…Prachi turns to go, he holds her hand and they continue dancing. Pallavi asks Dida if it is appearing as if there is nothing between them and they have forgotten each other. Dida says talk in low tone, keep the feelings to yourself. Pallavi says they shouldn’t have done this, as the matter is about many lives and Khushi. Everyone claps for Ranbir and Prachi after their dance performance. Prachi goes to get Khushi. Balbira thinks to kill Prachi. Prachi collides with a little girl. Balbira gets upset.

Khushi asks Shahana what is she thinking? Shahana says they don’t love each other like before and tells that their lives are changed now. She says how this miracle will happen? Khushi says she had wished that they shall be together. She asks Shahana to tell what had happened between them? Shahana is about to tell that Ranbir was surrounded by girls when Prachi saw him first, then they fell in love while fighting.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi is playing mind games with Ranbir. Rhea says it is unintentional also and rain started also, it can be coincidence. Aaliya says even I can be right and says how do you know that Prachi don’t want to trap Ranbir and not playing mind games. Rhea says Akshay had proposed Prachi and Dida also announced our wedding. Aaliya says Prachi must have asked Akshay to propose her in Ranbir’s party. Rhea says no,and tells that Ranbir was arrested due to Prachi’s complaint, then why she will play games. She tells that she acted as if she has no interest in him, and then acted to bail him out. She says now she has kept Khushi’s birthday party and invited them, so that Ranbir loves her again. Rhea says Prachi is using Khushi. Aaiya says she is using Khushi to get closer to Ranbir, and says Khushi can unite them.

Prachi asks Khushi to play. Khushi looks at Balbira who is in magician’s costume. Balbira gets worried. Khushi asks them to close the doors. She asks Balbira if he thinks that she will not identify him then he is wrong, she knows who is he.

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