Twist of fate update Friday 4 March 2022

Twist of fate 4 March 2022: Pragya ask Abhi, why did he beat him so much. Abhi asks why she seems to be strange and asks her to see what Gaurav had done. Pragya says he got unconscious. Abhi says I hit him and made him unconscious.

He says you shall thank me for saving you. He says welcome. Pragya says I have knife in my hand and would have gone. Abhi says what is this business? He says you will not believe me what happened today with me. He says Gautam got him locked in storeroom. He says he thought why did they do this. He says today Gaurav told me that once he gets this office then will kick me. He says I understood that he wants to get your business. He tells that he came out from the storeroom with much difficulty by broking the door with force.

He says I was about to faint. He says I just thought about you and understood that you are in danger. He says when your matter comes up, then I don’t see anything else, just wanted to save you. He says when I reached here and asks what is she hearing, after that you know everything. He says don’t tell me now that there is nothing between us, as we have still feelings between us. Pragya says you are hurt and blows on his hand. Their moments are seen. Abhi tells Pragya that he took back his hand as nobody knows about them here. He asks her to go home.

He says Gaurav is alive, so neither he will go to hospital nor he has to go to jail. Pragya comes out of the office and thinks if this is truth or that was truth. She says whatever she heard 2 years back was truth or not. She thinks if he had not come to save me then? She thinks though she is bold, but got scared.

Pragya sits in the car and sees Abhi standing on the road. She offers to go to drop him. Abhi asks who is asking boss or my…Pragya says Boss. He sits in the car. Pragya drives the car and tells that she hates traffic. Abhi says you are one among them. Pragya says everything changes with place and asks him to let her drive. Abhi says you think of me as punching bag and asks her to talk and vent out her anger. Pragya drives and stops the car. Abhi says you taunted me and thanking me, I shall thank you.

Pragya says no, for whatever happened in office, you saved me. Abhi says you saved yourself, I just scared him more. He gets down from his car and says bye. He says we will meet tomorrow in office and asks shall I drop you home. Pragya says no and looks at him as he goes smilingly. Kyun tum hi ho plays……She drives off. Abhi comes home and thinks of Pragya. He thinks his boss is not bad at all and thinks she has become arrogant, got attitude with power, but she is still the same, his kasturi methi. Sumit shows the wine bottle standing outside.

Abhi keeps hand on his eyes and says now he don’t want anything, as someone is in his heart. Sumit asks what do you say? Abhi tells that he wants to be in his dreams. Sumit asks him to come to the dream clinic. Abhi tells that he is dreaming about Pragya and tells that she thanked me today. Aaliya hears him. Abhi says today he has beaten her business partner, who wanted to get her business. Sumit asks did you fall in love with her. Abhi asks him to go and thinks to be in the dream and be happy. Aaliya gets an idea and smiles.

Tanu comes to the room and says today I will sleep on bed. Aaliya says ok and tells that they found Mohra/trump card for their work. Aaliya asks if she started gambling and says where did I marry? Aaliya says she is talking about Pragya and tells that she found Gaurav Thapar to make Pragya lose. She says he will work for me now.

Pragya comes home. Sushma says I thought you will give me more some in India, but you got more busy here. Pragya says I…Sushma looks at Pragya and asks why your sleeves are torn. Pragya says nothing. Sushma asks her to tell. Pragya says today Gautam’s brother came to office today and tells everything. Sushma gets angry and gets up to go there. Pragya says she has spoiled his plans, he wanted to take my signatures on property papers, make my MMS and then blackmail us. She says she had knife in her hand. Sushma says if he would have snatched it then? Pragya says he (Abhi) was there and wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

Sushma asks whom? Pragya says Abhishek Mehra. Sushma says he is your bodyguard and has done his duty. Pragya says Gaurav wanted to take her signatures on the papers on which it was written that we are naming all our properties on our name. She says she had changed the papers and asked him to sign. She says he signed on the papers on which it was written that he is naming all his property on our name. She says she will sell all the property related to Thappar and give the money in charity. She says our friendship is over with them. Sushma asks how dare he to touch you. Pragya says I am fine. Sushma calls an employee and asks him to get thapar house address.

Pallavi tells Rhea and Prachi that Rageshwari is the chairperson of Rageshwari foundation and today she is coming here. She says she got traditional sarees for them and matching jewellery with it. She gives them the saree and jewellery and tells that she wants Rageshwari Devi to like you both as you are Kohli family bahus. She says she wants them to get ready and look traditional. Teji says they have to look good and traditional for the keys and says whoever looks good will be the kohli family bahu to get the keys.

Sushma comes to Gaurav’s house and slaps him hard. She says your father has worked with us since many years, he did mistakes and apologized too, but he didn’t do like you have done. Gaurav says your daughter wanted to kill me with knife. Sushma says she was defending herself and says thank her that she has not filed complaint against you. She says Pragya has terminated partnership from you. He says he didn’t sign any papers. Sushma says my daughter used the chance and will sell your shares and property for charity, as she has everything except money.

He says he didn’t sign any papers. Sushma says if he was drunk and tells that he has signed the papers. He says Pragya can’t do this with me. Sushma says Pragya is giving your shares in charity at 3 pm in Press conference. She warns and slaps him. Mr. Thapar comes there and slaps him. He says you have ruined us and tells that you are more worse than Gautam. Aaliya comes there and tries to talk to Gaurav. Gaurav asks who is she? She says she is Aaliya Mehra, Abhi’s sister. He pushes her out. Aaliya says she is the one who knows Pragya well and made a good plan to ruin her.

She says enemy of a enemy is a friend and can help him. He closes the door, then thinks of Sushma’s warning and opens the door. Aaliya is still standing and Tanu comes from behind her. They smile.

Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir says hello and tells that if she was with him, then would have held her hand. Prachi asks her to see what she got and shows the saree and jewellery. She says she asked me to look as her family’s bahu and says she has accepted me. She says she gave saree to Rhea as well. She says I am very happy. Ranbir says even I am happy and wanted you at my side. Prachi says I wish I could tell Papa that we both sisters are very happy, and is Dewrani and Jethani in the same family. Ranbir says parents have a super power and gets happy when their kids are happy. Prachi says I love you. Ranbir says I love you too and says now you are distracting me, and says I want to be with you and make you sit beside me. Prachi says my husband is smart and knows what to tell when I am happy and sad. Ranbir says your Papa will be happy if you are here. Prachi says I have to get ready as Ms. Rajeshwari is coming. He says says I love you. Prachi ends the call.

Pragya comes to the office and sees Abhi. She looks at him. Abhi sees her standing out and says you got late. Pragya comes inside. He says there was no traffic, so I thought your time will not get wasted. Pragya says she has some work. Abhi says you are boss and can go anywhere at anytime. He calls someone and asks to send coffee for Madam. Pragya takes the call and says send 2 coffees. Abhi looks at her. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi asks for whom 2nd coffee is? Pragya says for you. Abhi says I want to hear from you and says I came to know that you have fired Harish from job. Pragya says he troubled you and that’s why. Abhi says for me. Pragya says he was working for thapars in this office. Other peon brings the coffee. Pragya thanks him. Abhi gets up to go. Pragya asks where is he going? She asks him to drink coffee. Abhi says cheers. He says you wanted to fire me from job and today you are drinking coffee with me. Pragya says we haven’t come on coffee date and tells that he is here to serve the notice period. She thinks he is holding her pallu and asks what is he doing? Abhi looks on.

Abhi gets up. Pragya looks at him. She bends down to take her pallu from the table. Abhi thinks she is still his Pragya and still has feelings for him. He thinks she wants him to be normal. Pragya says she will take the file and asks him to hold the stool. Abhi says I will take it out, if you fall then I will hold you and you will take wrong meaning. He says I will get the file.

Gaurav asks who is she? Aaliya says Tanu is Abhishek Mehra’s wife. He asks them to come inside. He says if you think that you can ruin Pragya and I shall hear your plan. He says he never saw any girl who can defeat me like Pragya. Tanu says if you have her number then call and praise her. Aaliya says if you want her downfall then talk to us. Tanu says he is not interested. Gaurav says he wants to see her downfall.

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