Twist of fate update Friday 30 September 2022


Twist of fate 30 September 2022: Prachi ask what is going on here, and says I thought you are upset. Dida says she was worried and I have solved her problem. She says I told her that I have brought clothes for you both and Shahana got happy.

She gives clothes to Prachi and Shahana and says sundari and Mundari shall wear this on lohri day. Prachi says it is really good. Pallavi comes to Vikram and asks why is he behaving differently. Vikram looks at her and says can’t we celebrate the festival without any fight. She says you are fighting. He says I was going and you asked me and gave me a sarcastic reply. Pallavi says no. He asks what did I do? Pallavi says you are asking me what you have done, and asks why did you bless Prachi in the morning. He says I knew that you will raised an issue on this topic.

Pallavi says Prachi is not the bahu of the house, but Rhea is the bahu. Vikram says she bent down to seek my blessings and my hand touched her head to bless her automatically. He asks what I would have done? Pallavi says come on, even then, you shouldn’t have blessed Prachi, Rhea felt very bad. Vikram says even I see so much wrong happening in the house, but I don’t say, I won’t be quiet anymore. Pallavi asks what you want to say? Vikram says if one person don’t do their duty then other person shall do it. Pallavi says I won’t let any injustice happen with Rhea, I was standing with her and will always stand by her. vikram says again Rhea, I am talking about Prachi. He says you have supported Rhea, when she spiked Prachi’s drink and took her signatures by betrayal. He says you knew it and supported Rhea.

He says I am not yet done. Dida comes there. Vikram says when I am saying, you shall hear. He says the matter is about this house, and tells that injustice has happened with Prachi and not with Rhea, and this all happened infront of you. They see Dida standing there. Pallavi goes. Vikram tells that they had a fight. Dida says few things shall be between husband and wife. Vikram says Rhea’s saas doesn’t like what Prachi’s sasur had said, and left. Dida hugs him and says now you understood, that she is not bad. Vikram says Prachi was never bad, but we got late to see.

Shahana gets ready to celebrate lohri and comes to Prachi. She asks why she didn’t get ready yet and talks about childhood. She asks why you are taking time to select the dress and says Dida has given you a dress. Prachi says Ranbir doesn’t like that color. She asks her to go. Shahana says I can understand the changed color on your face. Prachi says we shall make a new start on the festival.

Prachi says she thought to be happy for her baby, and she will start from this day. Shahana says you said right. Prachi asks her to make sure that she is happy. Shahana says I know how to keep you happy and says you both will be happy after today, I promise. She hugs her.

Aaliya comes to Rhea and says when I see you, I feel like I am seeing myself. Rhea asks really? Aaliya says you are smart, focused, obsessed and loves yourself like me. Rhea says I love Ranbir. Aaliya says ofcourse, everyone knows that nobody can love Ranbir more than you. You feel secure with him. Rhea says I feel my victory with him, he is my destination and life partner, when he is with me, I feel like finally I have snatched Ranbir from Prachi and took my revenge. Aaliya says you want to get Ranbir as you love him. Rhea says I love him so much, but I get happiness to hate Prachi more than I love Ranbir. She says when I have taken revenge from her, I feel like I am answering her mother. She says nobody can understand my feelings, but I am that bird, who wants to make the other bird fell down. She says Prchi had snatched all my happiness from me, but the curse is still attached with me.

She says Dad raised hand on me. She says I loved Mom, Dad and Ranbir and Prachi snatched them from me. She says my hatred for Prachi is more than loving Ranbir. Pallavi comes there. Rhea tells that her revenge is done, and says she will love Ranbir until Prachi has feelings for Ranbir and until she shows her right on him. She says I will love Ranbir, the more she shows her right on her. She says I want to see Prachi alone and the beginning is done, nobody loves her here. She tells that she loves Ranbir more, knowing he ignores Prachi. Aaliya says Prachi can do anything and says old love and disease stay for longer. Rhea asks her not to worry and says I am winning. Pallavi is stunned to hear her intentions. Rhea asks her to come and see the guests.

Dida and Shahana greet each other with a hug. Ranbir comes there. Dida asks Shahana to see him. Shahana smiles seeing him. Ranbir wishes them happy lohri. Shahana says you will not give me compliment so I shall give you compliment. Ranbir does poetry and tells Dida that Shahana is the only girl, who used to praise him a lot. Shahana says you are good. She asks Dida why Ranbir loved Prachi, with whom he never got along in college. Dida tells about opposite attracts. Jai comes there and tells Ranbir that Shahana is looking good in Punjabi dress.

Ranbir asks about Palak and him. Jai says he had break up with her and now he is focused on work. Ranbir asks do you like kids? Jai asks why are you asking me? Ranbir thinks Shahana is pregnant. Jai asks why are you asking? Ranbir says you will look good with Shahana.

Dida asks where is Prachi? Shahana tells that the dress given by you, was having some problem, as it was not Ranbir’s favorite color, so Prachi wanted to wear his favorite color. Dida says it is a good news. They go to have sweets. Rhea hears them and thinks Prachi will not become his favorite. Aaliya signs Pallavi to come and talk to her. Pallavi is attending the guests. Prachi collides with Rhea. Rhea says sorry and asks if you are hurt? Prachi keeps hand on her tummy. Rhea says you haven’t learnt mannerism. Prachi says happy lohri. Rhea says sweet gesture and says your simplicity will not have any effect on me. Prachi says do whatever you want, but I will not fight. Rhea holds her hand. Prachi says don’t do this.

Rhea says it seems like poison is falling from your eyes, and asks will you kill with your eyes. Prachi says I didn’t say that I will bear your misbehavior and says your first lohri will become last. Rhea says I am really scared. Prachi says I have promised someone that I will not fight with anyone. Rhea asks whom you have promised? She says if you tease me, then I will tease you. Prachi asks what do you mean? Rhea says you have worn Ranbir’s favorite color clothes. Prachi says I am going. Rhea asks until when you will fight with your destiny and go. She says you have parents, who are not with you, you have a husband who is not yours, no parents, no husband and no family.

She says you have a sister, who is nothing less than an enemy. She says you are alone, nobody is with you, you are the most unluckiest woman of the world, then also you want to be happy. She says his house is mine, this family is mine and Ranbir is mine. She says Ranbir is mine and will always be mine. She says Kumkum Bhagya was mine and will always be mine.

Rhea telling Prachi that Ranbir was hers and will always be hers, and says Kumkum Bhagya was mine and will always be mine. She says this red powder on your forehead is your illusion, and asks if sindoor and mangalsutra is made you worn by your husband. She asks her to see Ranbir and her seeing rounds around lohri and advices her to be happy in her happiness, and goes. Prachi holds her mangalsutra and gets sad. Jai tells Ranbir that he is getting bored, although the lohri celebration is good. He says the enthusiasm shall be high. Ranbir takes him to Shahana and they hear Shahana talking about celebrating lohri in Hoshiarpur. She boosts about herself and tells that they had a high lohri. Jai says it must be due to you. Shahana tells that the lohri is seems to be dull.

Ranbir excuses himself. Jai compliments her. Shahana says I have some work and goes.

Ranbir is going, and just then Prachi’s hair paranda hits his eye. She looks at him and blows on her dupatta and keeps it on his eye. Song plays…..Rhea looks at them and gets angry. Ranbir signs Prachi that his eye is fine and thanks her. Prachi says no need of thanks, you freed me from jail, I have helped you a bit, now scores are settled. Ranbir holds her hand and says your memory is sharp, but scores are weak. He says I left my flight to bail you out and even fought with my family.

He says you feel that score is settled by your move. Prachi says leave my hand. Ranbir says you have left my hand already and talks about Dida’s sayings. He says you will not understand as you don’t have the heart. Ali maula plays….Rhea goes to Prachi and takes her to side. She asks what are you doing? Prachi asks what? Rhea says you was eying someone’s husband and staring at him, didn’t you feel shame? Prachi asks where did your confidence go? Rhea says I am not insecure but you are insecure.

She says you are doing this dirty trick as he didn’t fill your maang with sindoor etc. Prachi says I don’t want to answer you and give you importance. Rhea says I am not yet done. Prachi says I can fight with you, but not with your bad thinking. She says think whatever you want to, and says whatever we think happens, and asks her not to pull her next time, else she will slap her to teach her some manners and etiquettes. She says I have decided to be happy and nobody can stop me, not even you. She says happy lohri and goes. Aaliya sees Rhea.

Jai is going behind Shahana and recalls Ranbir’s words. Shahana collides with someone. Jai asks Shahana if she is fine? Shahana says yes. She asks what is going on, seeing him following her. Jai says nothing. Shahana asks why are you nervous? Jai says I will come and tries to leave. Shahana says I like the guy who walks with me and not those guys who walk behind me, to be my lover boy. Jai thinks he likes her. Aaliya comes to Pallavi and takes her to side. She asks her to be honest with her, and asks whom you want for Ranbir, as his wife.

Pallavi says ofcourse Rhea. Aaliya says I am asking about Ranbir’s wife and not your bahu. Pallavi says it is ofcourse Rhea. Aaliya tells that she can see Prachi and Ranbir’s union and tells that they are fighting and talking and she has a feeling that they will unite, and says there was communication gap between them before, but now they are talking. She says their misunderstandings will be cleared if they continue to talk and asks Pallavi to do something so that Ranbir goes to Rhea and not to Prachi. She says only you can do this.

Vikram is talking to dhol guys and asks them to come fast. Ranbir asks what happened? Vikram tells that dhol guys haven’t reached and there is still time for puja. Shahana says we can make the guests play game. Ranbir says musical chair and says we can play other games too. Vikram says guests shall enjoy. Ranbir asks Shahana to come. He tells everyone that he wants to make an important announcement. He greets everyone happy lohri, and says we can’t do puja as there is still time for it, and we are waiting for dhol guys as well, so till then we will play musical chairs. He says just as the music stops, you have to sit and whoever couldn’t sit is out of game.

He says the winner gets a chance to….Rhea shouts and says chance to hug you. Ranbir says ok, ofcourse. He says lets start the music. Vikram says I will play the music. Jai says I will monitor to see nobody cheats. Rhea tells Prachi that she had asked her to go to room, and asks her to stay back and see Ranbir and her hugging each other. Prachi says you made a game as competition on festival day. Rhea says my happiness can’t compete until I see you angry, and says before 7 rounds, seeing our movie.

She goes. Shahana comes to Prachi and says Rhea shall not win. Prachi says she don’t want to make it as a competition. Dida comes there and asks Prachi to think about respect and says you shall not let her win. Prachi says I will defeat her in any circumstances and I will win. Shahana says when Ranbir hugs you, then this Rhea’s face will be burnt with anger. Dida says we are with you.

Rhea tells Pallavi and Aaliya that she wants to win at any cost. Pallavi says we are with you. Aaliya says you will win and she will lose. They walk towards the musical chair. Jai tells Ranbir that it seems that there is some competition. Ranbir says they have made small game as world war. Jai asks the participants not to make any excuses later. Prachi, Rhea, Ranbir and others sit on the bed. Jai says there will be chairs now. Ranbir keeps his hand on Prachi’s hand accidentally while sitting on the chair. Prachi takes back her hand. Aaliya looks at them.

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