Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 28 September 2022


Little singing Kulfi 28 September 2022: says i will come to you Sikander Sir i miss you too and want to come back to you , Sikander praying says God thank you for the sign just one more to get close to Kulfi and give Kulfi strength to fight. Lovely scolding Amyra says do you have any idea what you have done and now just tell me where all you have used posters and dont tell anyone where i went.Kulfi starts finding her way out, Sikander out of Davids house, Sikander says i fell Kulfi is close by but where, Sikander gets in the car and leaves.Lovely with face covered starts taking off the posters.Sikander looking for Kukfi again dashes David but doesn’t recognise.Kulfi gets hurt while struggling with window and says i won’t give up and falls down and starts crying. Sikander hears David buy pagdi,he follows him, Sikander tries to match all the clues they have,and runs towards David and pulls him out of car and yells tell me where is my Kulfi,Dabid recognises its Sikander pushes him and runs away.

Sikander gets David,David starts acting innocent, Sikander says come with me to police station and takes him to police station and says heres the culprit ask him where Kulfi is now, Laundry boy says he looked like him, Inspector asks David and says if we find kid at your place, David says talk to my lawyer, Inspector says lets go to his house and examine,David tries to cover upKulfi crying says why dont people stay in my life anf Sikander sir this time i won’t leave you i promise,a butterfly flies to her and she remembers their last minute, “copied this update from blasters series facebook page” Kulfi follows the butterfly, it takes her to ssusans room and she sees susan is asleep and window is open,Kulfi says David uncle asked me to not to enter here but its only way to go out,Kulfi enters the room,closes the door, susan wakes up coughing and it reminds Kulfi of Nimrat.

everyone reaches Davids house, Kulfi goes help susan and gives her water, David tries to make excuses, Inspector warns him, Susan holds Kulfis hand and she gets scared,Kulfi says please leave me.for god’s sake. David opens the door,Sikander shouts Kulfi,and everyone starts looking around for her,Susan lets Kulfi go.Sikander gets in room Kulfi was kept. Kulfi from window gets out of the house. Sikander feels Kulfis presence in the room, Sikander sees blood on window frame he looks around the room,Mohendar gets in Sikander gets in Susans room and she shouts, Inspector asks is there any kid here tell us,David goes hug her and says she is blind dont bother her calm down susan please leave.David starts acting and says he is harming my privacy, Sikander says i still suspect him who traps his wife and locks this way, David says that is completely my take none of your business and you might be big star but you have raised your hands on me, and police is just watching and sare you trouble my wife, Sikander says then why were you so sacred and ran away from me,David says you will talk to my lawyer now. Police sayswe are sorry and all leave.

David goes to Susan and then realises Kulfi must have ran away from window. Sikander looses his calm and says i have full confidence that he knows about Kulfi,Inspector says look we did search but we found nothing,we will keep an eye on him and leave. Mohendar takes Sikander in with him in car,Kulfi running and police van passes she sees Sikander in it and runs behind shouting Sikander name.Sikander says believe me Sikander was there i felt it please trust me i will loose him,Kulfi falls down and car leaves. “copied this update from blasters series facebook page” David gets Kulfi, and slaps her and takes her back home and asks her to stop crying and says now even ssusans room window is closed, Kulfi gets scared and David says im your dad dont be scared look i brought new clothes for you and im going out and dont make me angry or else it won’t be good

Sikander sitting with the robo toy missing Kulfi and says kids are so pure like Kulfi, Amyra sees Sikander broken and crying. Amyra says i ccant see dad sad, Lovely stops her and says you cant tell him truth you want him to love you like always right because he won’t forgive you easily,Amyra says got you mmom and leaves .Tevar trying to convince Minti,she is angry over gifting lovely diamond’s,Minti asks are you my boyfriend or her,Tevar says her,and starts laughing and says its you,Minti says then i want to diamond ring and you will give it infront of whole of Lovelys family. Kulfi crying and says i cant see stars ma please help me, Kulfi hears kids playing and starts banging on vessel to attract their attention.

Kulfi asks who it is i am kulfi, they say we are rose and peter,Kulfi says david uncle locked me,he fooled me he isnt my dad please help me get out of here,Rose asks how will we help you. Lovely with Amyra thinking about Tevar,she gets call from him and asks what you want, Tevar says Minti wants me to give her diamond ring and propose her, Lovely feels bad but says your take,Tevar says whats your, Lovely says im already too tensed do whatever you want to,Tevar says dont regret later.Kulfi says for god sake help me he has locked me,i want to go back to Sikander sir. Sikander comes near David’s house.

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