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I do 24 March 2022: Haider is teasing humaira, and takes pleasure when he finds that he is succeeding. Haider tries to cheer up humaira, in the kitchen, saying that even if she’s going through a hard time, if she stays gloomy like this, then she wouldnt be able to be happy.

Humaira reprimands him not to disturb her and gets frustrated at him. Meanwhile, Haider sees that her vegetable dish is beginning to burn up. As he tries to point this out to her, she refuses to listen to anything. Finally having no other option, he jerks her away, and hence by defult towards himself, as he dozes off the raging flame. She clutches at haider unconsciously but soon gets very conscious. As she begins to reprimand him for this, he stops her and asks her to shut up, by even insinuating that he is trying to get closer to her. Humaira leaves in disgust, while haider still is amused.

Dilshad finds razia at the door, who comes in saying thats he has never seen a more shameful lady in her life, as she is getting insulted so much in the house, and still doesnt leave. Dilshad says that she knows that she is trying to provocate her, and can answer her back, but right now rashid’s health is her only concern and not other people’s taunts. Saying so, she leaves, while razia is fuming. She says that taunts are for respectful ladies, not for shameless people like her. As she begins to enter her room, she sees that a rope is tied to her room’s rof, that strangles her around the neck. as she manages to catch herself free, she gets a call. As she receives it, someone tells her that she is being watched, and soon she maybe faced in rality like this to her death. She runs out to see who has done this. She doesnt find anyone. Razia wonders who is behind her and torturing her like this. She says that rashid isnt keeping well, and what if something happens to her too.

While Shirin is talking to Rashid, while he rests, she finds a hand on her shoulder and finds that its dilshad. She asks her to stay away. Shirin reprimands dilshad for being responsible for this and her son too, and thats she is in this condition where neither her husband nor her son is with her, because asad hurt him so much, that he distanced rashid so far away from each other. She says that she knew what asad told rashid. Dilshad says that this isnt the time for all this, and they should rather pray together for Rashid’s safe and sound health.

Shirin says that she should be praying as if anything happens to him, god forbid, then she would curse dilshad and her son so badly that she may never be able to see him again. dilshad is shocked seeing such venom in shirin’s mind. She turns her around and says that she knows that she’s in shock, but that doesnt mean that she can say whatever she wants. dilshad says that rashid would be perfectly fine, and then, not just me, he too would see asad. Dilshad says that her son, Asad is her pride, and he wont ever do anything that makes his mother’s head hang low.

She is dead sure that her son would come to see rashid. While she is saying all this, she doesnt realise that asad is already at their doorstep, along with zoya. she says that he maybe angry but he can never leave her. Shirin is distraught while listening to all this. Asad and zoya stand outside the gate, tensed and awkwardly worried. zoya takes asad’s hand and clutches it tightly and walks with him inside. As asad steps foot inside the house, rashid begins to gain conscious. Asad maintains a stoical face. Shirin is happy tht he is awake now, and she cals out to her children, and ayan too, but then remembers that he isnt here.

all come and are happy that he’s conscious now. Dilshad finds rashid, stunned and speechless. shirin and razia are concerned too. She is disturbed that he isnt saying anything. dilshad leaves to call the doctor, while shirin attends to him. Dilshad says that rashid would take come time to cope up from the shock, and its good that he’s conscious atleast.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
Farhan comers out of the bathrom, while nikhat is busy preparing clothes for him. she turns aay and says that she was about to go. Farhan asks her not to do this, as he can take care of himself. she says that she wants to do this. He says that this colour is too bright and he wont wear it. she says that she felt like this one, hence kept it, but his other cloth is pressed too, and he may wear it if he likes. She leaves from there, while farhan eyes the shirt.

At the breakfast table, nikhat anxiously awaits farhan’s arrival and his choice of clothes. He is disheartened seeing a black sleeve, and turns away, but actually farhan has worn the shirt that she chose, and he comes out, carrying the other shirt, and tells her to press it again. She happily agrees. Nazma too comes in and compliments farhan for the shirt. Nikhat and farhan eye each other.

While chandbi and haseena are watching the girls from a distnce, working in the kitchen and packing tiffin for their husbands, she isnt able to stop herself, and asks whats the matter. They tell that they want to surprise their husbands by getting tiffin. Haseena says that what if they get surprised, and they arent here really, and are busy in the meeting. Nazma disheartens her by saying that she has already talked to imran.

Haseena begins to find what have they packed. haseena tells her that farhan doesnt like Okra. Nikhat tells her that she has made earlier too and he liked it, as habits change with time. Nazma says that her fod is in the casserole and asks her to erat, while they have lunch with their husbands. They bid goodbye and leave. Chandbi taunts her that the sisters are bonding, and what now. Haseena says that would happen what haseena wishes, and she would seperate the step sisters, and she’s waiting for the right time. She is determined.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The servant comes in and tells that asad has come with zoya. while dilshad is happy, shirin and razia along with others are shocked. Razia wonders why did zoya return. shirin asks her why did asad come back. Razia says whatever may be the reason, this is troublesome. They come to the balcony to see them, while dilshad rushes down and hugs asad, who is awkwardly tensed himself. Zoya looks on happily.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Dilshad and asad hug tightly, while others look on. Nuzrat is happy while shirin asks her to go inside. Dilshad tells asad about her faith and what she had said about him to shirn, and how confident she had been about his coming. She asks if he wont go now evcer. He complies. Dilshad thanks zoya saying that only she could have done this. she tells how rashid regained consciousness just when he entered the house.

Dilshad asks asad and zoya to come to meet rashid, as he may havent regained conscious completely, but he would surely know that his son has come to meet him. Shirin and razia as they walk up the stairs, while razia fills shirin’s mind with venom, that first mother, and now the son has invaded this house. She says that she’s concerned that what would happen to her now. Shirin hugs her.

Asad stops at the dor, while dilshad beckons him to come inside. Asad is tensed but enters nevertheless, to find rashid staring vacantly at the ceiling. dilshad asks him to see who has come to see him. asad remembers his harsh words to rashid. zoya is stunned to see rashid and tries to cheer him up into talking. Dilshad says that he had always wanted this, and now it has happened, and his entire family is under one roof, and with him, and asks him to take a look once, She assures him that he would be alright now. shirin and razia watch this, while she is instigated by razia about dilshad’s words. She says that dislhad is trying to capture her house, her husband and everything else.

And now that rashid isnt sane, and ayan isnt here, god knows what all would happen, particularly with her. Shirin is upset and sitraught hearing this, and seeing dilshad’s hand in rashid. Shirn leaves from there, while razia is satisfied to see what effect she brought on shirin. She leaves. Dilshad asks asad to come closer. She takes asad’s hands in one and rashid’s hand in the other, while asad remembers how rashid had gone leaving them, taking ayan with him.

he is unable to go througjh, and takes off his hand, and says that he would be waiting outside. dilshad is hurt but composes herself and asks rashid not to worry as she would just get him. Zoya is tensed. dilshad goes after asad, and asks him where is he going. He says that he did what he was asked to do for her. Dilshad says that he should meet his father. He says that he didnt come to meet him, but for her. Dilshad hugs him and says that if he came here for her, then he should stay here. asad says that its impossible for him to stay here, with these people.

Dilshad asks him to stay atleast till he is better. before asad can protest, zoya to complies with dilshad, and says that looking at rashid’s condition, she doesnt think that they should leave. Zoya asks him to do just this bit more. Dilshad says that no meds or prayers would work, like him being here, and begs him to stay back. Asad is speechless, while dilshad calls nuzrat to arrange a room for her brother. nuzrat agrees and takes asad. shirin is distraught to see this.

Nuzrat asks zoya if she’s comfortable with sharing rooms. Zoya says that she’s fineZoya finds humaira sad and depressed, and is shocked. Nuzart tells humaira that asad and zoya would stay here till rashid gets better. Humaira complies and leaves the room, astounding zoya. She asks nuzrat what happened. She tells zoya about ayan’s leaving having this effect on her. zoya understands.

Nuzrat says that he would return soon, as its just been two days, and would return soon. she breaks down talking about how bad they feel when he does something like that. zoya assk her to compose herself, as they would teach ayan a lesson, once he comes back. she tries to cheer up nuzrat. Nuzrat leaves to show asad his room. after she’s gone, zoya is tensed.

Nuzrat asks asad to stay in ayan’s room as he would be more comfortable there. Asad thanks her and she leaves. Asad is taken back to the days, when ayan and he were together, in childhod and as adults. He gets emotional. shirin tells asad that he cant stay here, as this is ayan’s room. She telsl him that he helped a lot in nikhat’s marriage, and she owes him, but that doesnt mean he can take ayan’s place, in this house and rashid’s life. Asad says that she’s right and he cant stay here, as he cant take ayan’s place, and hence doesnt want to. Dilshad, hearing this at the door, is tensed.

He is about to leave, when dilshad says that he has come to the wrong room, and he should stay in the room adjacent to guest’s room. as they begin to go, shirin comments that all this is a drama, as one who doesnt want to stay wont go still, and she on the other hand, wont leave even if she is asked to, and wont let her leave too. asad is about to retaliate, when dislhad asks him to stop, and takes him away from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Nikhat finds farhan dressed up and is tensed. farhan says that he would return soon and she should sleep. Nikhat stops him and asks him not to misunderstand her, as she knows he;s concerned for sameera, but whats the guarantee that sameera’s here only. farhan says that he has to start somewhere and all signs indicate to such places.

Nikhat says that she wants to help, and asks if there is any pic of her. Farhan says that he couldnt find anything about sameera or her stuff, once he was back from Dubai, except for a passport pic of hers. Nikhat finds that its very hazy. nikhat says that she can see that sameera was very beautiful. Farhan emphasises that she is. Nikhat apologises for the mistake. he asks her not to bother as he would return soon. As he leaves, she is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Asad askls her why is she staying at a place where they are hated and disrespected. she says that she doesnt care for people’s opinion, but is bothered that her husband and his father needs both of them. she says that she knows that he hasnt been able to be a good father and husband, but fate has asked them to prove to be a good mother and son, and they shall do it. She says that such problems arise when Dilshad says that these people arent bad by nature. she asks him to think of rashid, when he isnt talking, and ayan has left the house, and it beckons him to be the elder son of this house. he says that rashid didnt even acknowledge his presence.

Dilshad says that he realises his presence, as she has seen the trembling hands of rashid that went upto reach out to him. Asad asks dilshad to come home with him. Dilshad asks if he knows what caused such a condition of rashid, and tells him that it was his phone call with asad, when he must have said something bad. He is surprised. She says that she knows how the phone fell to the ground after talking to him. She says that he has a moral obligation to stay here, being the elder brother, or else her upbringing shall be questioned, and he wont be able to bear that, after what he said, and so he shall. Asad is shocked and tensed. The screen freezes on his shocked face, as dilshad hugs him.

Location: Ayan’s residence
haider walks in, with headphones, oblivious that humaira is waslking from behind, who also doesnt know about him. thye collide into each other. Humaira is frustrated, while he cheaply flirts. as she tries to walk past, haider says that he is lost, and wants to know about his room. she shows him. he gets serious and moves towards her, scaring her, that he wants to say something serious and then irritates her to the core saying that he wants tea. she resignedly says yes.

He says he wants coffee instead. she gets furious and asks him to make up his mind. He says that some things he chooses once after seeing. She leaves, while he is amused at having teased her.

Later, zoya finds haider, who’s as messy as herself, manhandling his I phone. she is shocked, and catches it just in time, as he throws his phone in disgust when its not working. She starts reprimanding him for treating his phone like that. haider says that his I pad is hung and hence cant send an email. She says that it was hung due to late updation. as she fixed it and shows it to him, he is surprised, and she is victorious. he` startsv complimenting her, and asks who is she. she introduces herself, as the one who can do everything.

He introduces himself too, as rashid’s guest. she says that she is too. He offers for help, but she taunts him. He says that she shouldnt underestimate him, as he is of much use. Then reprimanding him, for the phone, she leaves. humaira comes back with tea, and asks that razia is asking if he wants dinner now or later. He says that he is a social person, and would have it with everyone else. She is irritated when he continuously pronounces her name wrongly. Haider asks humaira that he wants to know where is her mother.

she irritatedly tells him that she must be in her room, where else. when she asks why, he mutters something mysterious. He says that he wants to fix old things. When she asks what he said, he distracts her. But makes up the talk that he wants to solve business issues.

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