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Twist of fate 23 December 2022: Pallavi and Prachi comes to the room. The goons hide Dida behind the sofa and they hide behind the curtain. Prachi asks if there is any work. Pallavi asks her to sit quietly.

She calls Ranbir and asks him to bring Sid and Pandit ji there. Rahul asks Mihika to tell his friends about the mistake which they were about to do. Mihika says Mr. Jay, this powder is dangerous that someone’s lives can go. Rahul makes her smell chloroform. Sid comes there. They all hide with Mihika. Mihika faints. Rahul’s friends think to hide her somewhere. Rahul asks the other friend that they shall start. Vikram thinks if Inspector came to do darshan of Bappa. The Inspector takes Bappa’s blessings. Aaliya sees the Police and thinks to elope before the inspector tells the truth to Vikram.

She thinks to elope and just then she hears Inspector telling Vikram that they have seen two goons kidnapping an old lady and taking her in car. He shows their pics to Vikram, saying they are wanted. Vikram says I don’t know. He asks Aaliya to see the goons’ pic. Aaliya sees and says she didn’t see them. Inspector asks Rhea, why she is nervous and sweating as if she knows them. Aaliya asks what do you want to say? Inspector tells that the car is parked here. Aaliya says it is impossible. Inspector asks do you think that the lady belongs to this house and the goons will not bring her here. He says you want to say that the thieves will not hide her, from where they have kidnapped her. Rhea says yes she heard this saying. Inspector says it seems that you tackle goons. Vikram asks Inspector to search the goons without telling the guests.

Ranbir comes to Sid and asks him to come. He asks Pandit ji to come. Sid asks what happened? Ranbir says why you didn’t tell me, that Mihika came to Delhi as she came here. Sid is surprised and thinks Mihika is here. The Inspector shows the goons’ pic to Ranbir and tells that they have brought an old lady here. Sid thinks Mihika has eloped and came here. Ranbir asks Sid to come. Rhea and Aaliya hear them. Rahul asks his friends if everything is ready.

They see Vikram coming there with Police. Rahul says they have forgotten the way to go out. Kohli tells him directions to go out and asks him to ask the watchman. His friend says that girl might have called Police. Rahul says no, I made her smell chloroform. His friend is scared. Rahul says we shall know why the Police came.

Rhea packs her bags. Aaliya asks what is she doing? Rhea says you called me to hotel, and Dida came behind me. She says Dida might have heard about our lie of Prachi’s pregnancy. She says Police and goons have come here. She asks if she is waiting to party with them. Aaliya says you appreciate me for my plan and if it fails then you scold me. Rhea says if our plan failed and says I need to go. Aaliya stops her. Rhea says I will jump down from the window. Aaliya stops her and asks her to stop acting like children. She asks don’t you trust me or not? Rhea says yes. Aaliya says I got Prachi and Sid’s marriage fixed. Rhea says if Dida opens her mouth then nothing will be left. Aaliya says there is some way to handle Dida, and tells that they shall brainwash Pallavi so that she don’t believe anything.

Ranbir brings Sid to the room. Pallavi asks Sid to sit. Sid sits beside Prachi. Pallavi asks Pandit ji to match their kundalis. Prachi gets up sad. Ranbir feels pain seeing her sadness. He imagines Prachi saying her heart is bleeding, how he can do this, how he can let his love blood flow, and how can he trust the wrong. She imagines Ranbir telling that he will always support her, but they can’t be in the same boat as he has promised the baby to give him both parents’ love.

Pallavi calls Ranbir and tells that Next Monday mahurat is auspicious. Ranbir says good, this will bring auspicious time for everyone. Just then his phone falls down. Prachi bends down to pick his phone. The goons are watching them. Prachi notices someone is behind the sofa. She moves the blanket and sees Dida in it. Vikram takes Inspector to Dida’s room. The Inspector asks if the old lady was your mother. Vikram says Mummy ji is busy with guests. He calls her and tells that his call is not connected. Inspector says how there can be no network in the house.

Prachi says Dida is here? Ranbir and Sid move the blanket from Dida. Pallavi says make her lie down on the bed. Aaliya and Rhea come there to brainwash Pallavi and get stunned to see Dida there, and goons hiding behind the curtain. Aaliya signs the goons to run away. They refuse. Ranbir brings water. Prachi opens the cap. Ranbir sprinkles water on Dida’s face. Aaliya takes out goons forcibly out, from behind Ranbir, Prachi and Pallavi’s back. Rhea takes the blanket and hold it to hide the goons. Prachi looks at it. Rhea says who can do this, who can place this blanket on Dida. Prachi says you are hiding something behind this blanket.

Prachi asking Rhea if she is hiding anything. She asks Aaliya why she is looking here and there. Aaliya says I am seeing, how Dida fainted? Vikram says I am sure that my wife is in her room. He comes there with the Police, and says my Mummy is here. Ranbir says Dida was unconscious behind the sofa. The Inspector says my doubt was right. Ranbir asks what doubt?

Dida opens her eyes. Pallavi says thank god, you got consciousness. Ranbir asks what happened dida? Inspector says someone made you unconscious and then made you lie down here. Vikram says she has weakness. Pallavi asks if you will drink water. Aaliya signs the goons to come. Prachi asks Dida if she knows who has brought her here. Aaliya and Rhea are about to go out, when Dida points finger at Aaliya and Rhea, and


takes their names. Aaliya and Rhea go from there. Inspector asks them to stop. Vikram and Ranbir go behind them. Pallavi asks Dida if they did this with you. Dida says I know the truth and asks Pallavi and Prachi to come with her. Rhea says I wanted to get saved. Ranbir calls Rhea and asks where are you running away? He asks if you are hiding. Vikram asks why didn’t you stop. Rhea says we didn’t hear anything. Inspector asks Rhea if they have hired Dida and asks if they have enmity with her. Rhea says we are family.

Aaliya says you are having a misunderstanding. Dida says only I know the truth, why you both have done this, I don’t know, and says you both have kidnapped a girl surely. She says I have seen the goons and that scared girl with them. She says they wanted to kidnap her. Aaliya and Rhea ask what is she saying? Dida says you both had seen me there and got me kidnapped. She asks Vikram to ask them, who was that girl? Aaliya says everything happened due to Rhea, she forced me to say this. Rhea says she is lying, it was her plan. Aaliya asks her to say the truth.

Rhea says I told that we shall not do this, this is wrong, but she….Sid says you both have done this, says my sister Mihika….Aaliya says Mihika came to Delhi.
Rahul’s friends tell that Aaliya and Rhea are fighting. Rahul says they are cunning people. He says we are doing this theft not for money, but for self respect. Aaliya says Mihika came to Delhi due to Rhea. Rhea asks Dida if she thinks that she can try to harm her. Aaliya asks why did you do this, you didn’t listen to me. Rhea says we both know what we have done, then why are you acting. Aaliya says you wanted that happiness to come here, which this house doesn’t want to get.

Pallavi asks what she is saying? Aaliya says Rhea wanted to bring Mihika here, as she wanted her to get all the love, and kept her in hotel, and was waiting for Dida’s mood to get fine. Dida asks them to stop the stories. Aryan comes there. Rhea says my brother Aryan is not my real brother, but I really miss him. She says I used to call him daily. Aryan says I never got your calls. Rhea says the number was wrong. She says when you had come, I cried a lot hugging you. Aryan says you cried as Ranbir married both Prachi and you, and not for me. Rhea says siblings love are such. She says Prachi and I fight a lot, but she knows that I love her a lot. She tells that I had saved Prachi, when she met with an accident.

She says she wanted Mihika to stay here. Dida says I saw Mihika scared and saw you both asking goons to keep eye on her. Mihika comes there and says whatever you saw was right, but you took the meaning wrong. Aaliya and Rhea smiles and look at each other. Rhea recalls telling Aaliya that they shall tell that Dida went to village.

Aaliya says we shall tell that Dida went somewhere. Just then they see Mihika under the table. Mihika frees her hands and looks at Aaliya and Rhea. Aaliya and Rhea threaten her, blackmailing her using Sid’s name. Aaliya threatens to kill Sid if she doesn’t do what they asked her to do. Mihika says nobody had kidnapped me, and Rhea had told me that she wanted to bring me back. She says may be you heard when we were arguing. Sid thinks Aaliya and Rhea might have forced Mihika to lie.

Rhea says my intention was something else and Dida misunderstood. She says when they have accepted Prachi, then why not the daughter of the house. She says I was worried about Mihika and not about myself. She asks why are we punishing her, by keeping her away from us. Dida says you are making me mad. Aaliya says you just misunderstood. Dida says somebody hit on my head and I had fainted. Aaliya says that is head stroke Dida, and says sometimes it happened with her. Dida asks Mihika to tell the truth if she regards her as her grand mother.

Mihika says whatever Rhea told, it is the truth. She says nobody had kidnapped me, and haven’t done anything wrong. She says Aaliya Buji had taken good care of me. Rhea says why she will lie, she has nobody except you all. She asks Dida to accept her and hug her. She tells Mihika that this is her family, and says you didn’t meet Dida before. Prachi says Rhea is right and asks Dida to accept her, as she is part of the family. She says if you have accepted me then can accept her too. She says you have loved daughter in laws a lot and asks her to give her same love as her. She says I might not stay here in future, but please accept her. Dida calls Mihika and hugs her.

Rhea says wow, that’s what is called as complete family. She tells Mihika that she is now part of the house. She says she wants to share good news with her. She says your brother Sid and my sister Prachi is going to marry next week. She says this Tuesday, they will get engaged. Mihika says wow, I didn’t know that I will get good news coming here, I used to like when I used to hear praises for Prachi from Sid. Aaliya and Rhea looks on smiling. Ranbir gets upset.

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