Twist of fate update Saturday 24 December 2022

Twist of fate 24 December 2022: Mihika telling that she didn’t know that she will get the good news, just as she comes here. She says I used to like whenever I hear Sid bhai praising Prachi bhabhi. She says if they agreed for the marriage then I will attend the marriage surely.

Aaliya says they are ready and asks her to come to see the marriage dresses. Rhea says even I will come. They take Mihika with them. Rahul asks his friend what is the scene. They say they shall start. They take the bag. Ranbir recalls Mihika’s words and is upset. Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks what do you need, as I have nothing to give you, neither talks nor praises. He says if you want to hear praises, then I will call Sid. Prachi says if someone says good thing about me, then you can’t blame me.

He says you remember my promises, but don’t remember my words. He says I told you that Sid likes you, and asked you to leave work, but you didn’t listen to me. Prachi says it is not my mistake if someone likes me. Ranbir says you didn’t go away from him, knowing his feelings. Prachi says I was earning for us, and not just for me. Ranbir says you was earning for us, wanted to tell me that you are superior. He says if you had told me then I would have done anything, might have broken the stones for money, and would have been better than sid.

Prachi says I wanted you to live your dreams. Ranbir says my biggest dream was you, you couldn’t understand. He goes. Rhea and Aaliya take Mihika to room. Aaliya says we are happy that you are here. Rhea says you have no idea, what you are to me, you are my happiness and life, you made things easy for me in my life. Aaliya says Sid is in our hands, due to you. Rhea says we can make him dance on our tune. Aaliya says a sister is useful for a brother. Rhea says Mihika is useful and her stars are good, that our destiny turned just as she came. She says I wish everyone gets sister like you, not sister like Prachi, but step sister like you. Mihika says let me go.

Rhea says you have to attend the engagement, dance and get mehendi applied. She says you are my life, and I love you more than Ranbir. Sid comes there. Mihika hugs him and cries. Rhea says step brother-sister’s love is real. She tells Mihika that Sid has a golden heart, he knows that her mind is very criminal and did bad with her, but he still has place for me in his heart. Sid says let Mihika go. Rhea says just now your sister was saying the same thing. She says why will I lose my power. Sid says I will tell everything to everyone, my sister is safe here. Rhea says I never loved you, as you are really really stupid.

Aaliya claps and calls the goons. She says they have guns and they will stay here, as Sid’s colleagues. She says if you open your mouth then they will shoot you. She asks them to be tight lipped. Rhea says then you will be alive. Aaliya asks them not to be oversmart. Rhea says nobody is smarter than us. She says my sister will cry a lot, she will cry, cry, cry and will shed blood tears as her heart is injured.

Shahana comes behind Prachi. Prachi says I really don’t care, just I am ok with everything. Shahana sees Aryan and tells that Prachi and Ranbir are worried, and you are having chips. She tells him what Prachi was saying, whatever happening is wrong. Aryan asks what are you saying? Shahana asks him to go and check on Ranbir, and report her. Aryan says yes, Maam reporting. He takes back his chips.

Ranbir thinks he just don’t care about her sayings. Aryan knocks on the door. Ranbir says Prachi just go. He says you are having chips. Aryan says I am hungry, it is better than eating someone’s mind. Ranbir says even I will eat. He says I talked to Prachi and she hurt me. He says I am very angry, and don’t want to care for her, if she don’t cares for me. He says I don’t care if she wants to marry or not. Aryan thinks Prachi also said the same thing. Ranbir says I really don’t care, if she marries or not. Aryan says then who will love?

Mihika says you both don’t want me to tell anyone that you kept me hostage in hotel and blackmailed my brother. She says things will be out of control in sometime. Aaliya asks what do you want to say? Mihika says I saw someone in kitchen and they are planning to do something. Rhea says guns are in our kitchen, she laughs and says you are funny. Aaliya says you want to say, that khichdi is in making with guns, laughs. They laugh at Mihika. Aaliya says you are a bad story teller. Rhea says pathetic, you didn’t divert our attention. Mihika says I am saying truth, they were planning big. Rhea says nothing will happen. Aaliya says if something happens, then we will see. Rhea asks Sid not to be oversmart. She asks the goons to take Mihika to hotel, and says I am best story teller. Rhea says who will ask about her. Sid says don’t take her to hotel. The goon holds Mihika’s hand and says we are here to take care of you.

Ranbir and Prachi are coming from opposite direction. Prachi’s foot hits Ranbir and she is about to fall. Ranbir stumbles and holds her. Aryan and Shahana look at them and smiles. Shahana asks Ranbir, why did they turn their face, you guys are made for each other, then why to fight with each other. Aryan says life brings you together, if one falls then other holds. Ranbir says if I collide with someone on road, then I shall stay with them. Prachi says our life would be different if we were made for each other. Ranbir asks if you know about love and relation, that you are advicing us on it. He says children. Prachi says the same and goes. Shahana and Aryan tease each other.

Rhea appreciates Aaliya. Aaliya tells Sid that his sister is alive. Rhea says it is Bappa’s day, we are so happy. Aaliya asks him to take some happiness from them, they will take it back from him. Rhea says I know you love Prachi and wants to marry her, but acts infront of us. She says you might be imagining kids with her, and a wonderful life with sweet sweet Prachi. Aaliya says you can stay happy infront of us, we will not tell anyone. Rahul’s friends walk away from there. A guy meets Sid and begins talking to him.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Dida is upset. She says until my Buji is with me, nobody can throw me out. Aaliya says finally you believe me. Rhea hugs her. Dida tells Pallavi that she doesn’t believe Rhea. Pallavi asks her not to see her past record and says she is trying to be a good bahu, and says why she will refuse to do the good work to hear praises, what could be the reason for refusal. Vikram asks Ranbir if he is fine. Ranbir says yes, I am okay. Prachi goes from there and her hand touches his hand and goes. Ranbir says some people are very rude. Prachi says when you get tit for tat, you think it is rude. She asks him to get habitual to it, says you will get many like me.

Ranbir telling that people are rude now a days. Prachi says get habitual to it, as you will get many like me. Ranbir asks Vikram if he saw. Vikram says it was your mistake before her. Ranbir says she don’t have manners. Aryan tells Shahana that they love each other and their ego is coming between them. Shahana says only they can distance each o Prachi takes phone from Ranbir’s pocket and gives it to Rahul’s friend. Dida says she is feeling pain and asks Rahul to move the knife from her neck. Rahul says how it will feel when it goes inside your neck. Prachi goes near Rahul and slaps him. Rahul asks if you want to die. Prachi says I am not afraid of death, if Dida scream in pain then I will kill you. Rahul asks Manish to tell her, how it feels when death is on the head.

Manish falls down due to the carpet with Rahul. Prachi takes Dida to safety. They all begin fighting with Rahul and his goons. Manish aims gun at Prachi. Prachi is holding the goons’ bag. Ranbir sees manish aiming gun at Prachi, and runs with her. Manish shoots in air and asks everyone to sit down. Prachi asks Ranbir if he saw how she used bag to hit them. Ranbir throws the bag far and blames her for her careless attitude. He asks why did you slap the goon? Prachi asks him not to show the fake concern for her. Ranbir asks her to close her eyes and feel. She closes her eyes and says she didn’t feel anything. Ranbir says bravery without intelligence is not actually bravery.

She says if you are reading motivational books. He says I am seeing action movies like you. He says you shall watch cartoons. Prachi says when my son is born, we both will watch cartoon. Ranbir says my daughter will play with Barbie, and says I feel that my daughter …he realizes and stops. He says if you want to be super woman then remember that you are pregnant. She says she is smart and intelligent and learning from her mistakes. She says she couldn’t see Dida’s pain and says you was always late. Ranbir asks where I was late? Prachi says to apologize to me when you doubted on me.
Aaliya and Rhea run away from there.

Rhea says it was attack. Aaliya says Mihika was telling about this attack. Rhea says you laughed at her, and I laughed seeing you laughing. Aaliya says you could have used your mind. Rhea says I was following you. Sid comes there and says Mihika was warning you, and you made fun of her. He asks Rhea if she is loyal to anyone. Rhea asks him to see himself and says you have kept illegal relations with the wife of the son of this house. Aaliya says I will see the situation outside. Rhea asks Sid not to talk to her like that, and says I am not your wife.

She says your destiny was good, that you got such high standard girl, but my destiny was bad. She says I found Ranbir and used you. She says I have used you then and using you even now. Sid holds her neck in anger. Aaliya comes there and pushes him. Rhea slaps him and kicks him with her legs. Sid pushes her. Aaliya asks how dare you and asks him to think about his sister’s life. She says I will kill your sister. Rhea and Aaliya kick Sid and go from there.

Rahul asks Manish, why did he slip and fall down. Other friend asks Rahul why did you keep knife on the family member? He says it is your mistake. The other guy says we have power, don’t fight. He finds the bag missing and realizes Prachi had taken it. He says he will bring it. Ranbir asks Prachi not to blame him for problems in her life. Prachi says you are the root cause of the problems and says you are headache. Shahana hears them. Prachi says your timing is bad. Ranbir says your mind is bad, and you had ego, that you didn’t return. Shahana thinks to stop them else they will fight physically. She asks who will fight there. Prachi says I was fighting, but someone stopped me. Ranbir says if I haven’t stopped you then. Prachi asks why didn’t you give your mobile. They argue. Ranbir asks if you have a heart then you would have understood the feelings. Prachi says who is saying it, who doesn’t know love and feelings. Ranbir asks Shahana to see what her sister is saying.

Shahana shouts and says Vikram uncle and Pallavi aunty are with the goons, along with goons. Prachi says there is something in the bag. They find a powder and a gun inside the bag. Prachi, Shahana and Ranbir say lets go. Prachi walks in the front holding gun. Aryan hides with Dida. Dida asks him to do something. Aryan says I will call Police. Dida asks if you have phone. Aryan says he has two mobiles. He finds the phone off as he plays a lot of games.

Dadi scolds him. The goon comes insearch of Prachi. Ranbir keeps hand on Prachi’s mouth. She bites his hand. He hides with Prachi. The goon goes away from there. Shahana is also hiding. Ranbir shakes his hand as he feels pain. Prachi feels pain and blows on his hand. Shahana looks at them. Prachi asks Ranbir why did he hide with her? She says she had gun and asks why don’t you use your mind. Ranbir says we didn’t take the gun to shoot them, but to scare them. Shahana says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on my Tom and Jerry. Rhea asks where is Ranbir? Shahana says he is tied to Prachi’s Pallu. Rhea twists her hand and says if you say this again then you will not be saved. Shahana stamps her foot on her foot and warns her. Rhea thinks she will kill her today.

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