Twist of fate update Friday 17 November 2023

Twist of fate 17 November 2023:  Laali asking Khushi to come with her, and says you will be beaten up by him (by her boyfriend). Khushi says beat me, but don’t beat him. Balbir hits Ranbir and asks Laali to take Khushi from there. Khushi asks him to leave Ranbir. Ranbir asks Khushi to go. Balbir asks his goons to beat him.

Khushi says if I get angry then will beat you so much. She takes the utensils and hits the goons. Laali takes Khushi out forcibly, and pushes her out. She locks the door. Balbir says you want to become hero at my house and wants to beat him. The goons try to suffocate Ranbir and beat him. Khushi thinks what to do and comes to a neighbor, and asks her to call Police. She says they are beating my Shiv. She takes the call and asks Inspector to come there fast, and tells the address.

The ladies gossip that many men voice are heard. Khushi comes back inside the house somehow and asks them to go. She says Police is coming. Laali asks Balbir not to kill him, but beat him much. Balbir says I will not leave her. Khushi puts the ringtone of Police jeep siren in the mobile and tells that Police is coming. The goons run out. Ranbir beats Balbir and asks him to apologize to Khushi. Laali asks Balbir to apologize to him and run, as Police is coming. Ranbir asks him to apologize to Khushi and say that he will not raise hand on her. Balbir says I will not raise my hand on you again.

Laali asks Khushi to forgive her. Ranbir hits Balbir and tells Khushi that I told you that he will apologize to you. The goons come back and tell Balbir that there is no Police outside. Laali goes out and finds the mobile. She scolds her. Balbir and the goons walk towards Ranbir. Ranbir hits them. The Police comes there and arrests Ranbir and the goons.

Khushi tells Inspector that he is innocent. Laali tells Inspector that Balbir and his friends are innocent. Inspector says they have to take everyone. Khushi asks Inspector not to take Ranbir. Ranbir asks Khushi not to cry and tells that he will go and tell Inspector what they have done, then they will be in jail. He goes with the Police. Laali goes in auto to free Balbir.

Khushi calls Prachi and cries. Prachi asks her to tell what has happened, and says I am your Parvati, tell me. She asks her to take long breath and say. She says even I am taking long breath with you and asks her to say. Khushi says Shiv had come home, Maayi’s boyfriend and his goons beat him very much, and the Police have taken him. She asks her to come to the PS. Juhi’s mother asks Khushi to come with her to PS. Khushi sits in the auto. Prachi tells Dadi that the Police have arrested Ranbir and tells that Laali’s boyfriend and his friends beat him in drunkard state, and Police arrested him. Dadi says you will not go there, and says surely Ranbir must have done something. Shahana says he gets angry.

Prachi says I am going there for Khushi. Dadi says I know that you love Ranbir even now and you both have been separated because of his anger. She says the pain doesn’t get over, in this love. She asks Prachi not to go anywhere, and says you have faced much pain already. She asks Shahana to lock the door, and says Prachi will not go anywhere. Prachi asks Shahana to stop. Dadi shouts and says no, and says I don’t want to see you going through the same pain again and asks Shahana to close the door.

It turns out to be her imagination, thinks if I tell them then they will not let me go. She tells that she has to go to office and asks them not to worry, she can be late. Shahana asks what do you think? Dadi says she again went to office, and says let her come, I will talk to her. Shahana thinks she went for some other work. At the PS, Ranbir tells the Inspector that it is not his mistake. He asks Inspector to give him response and says they were drunk. He asks didn’t you see difference between them and me. Inspector asks didn’t you beat them.

Ranbir says if I haven’t beaten them, then I would have died. Laali comes there and takes Balbir to side. Inspector says you would have called me, when they were beating you. Ranbir says how I would have called you. He says I want to file case against Balbira. He says I need to make an important call.

Inspector says later and asks Constable to file the complaint. Balbir goes to side with Laali and tells that they have to do something. She asks him to move back as he is stinking wine smell. He asks if she didn’t get the smell before. She says she used to get, but used to stay silent, and says you are getting wise and polite. He says anyone gets polite here. He asks her to hear him carefully and holds her hand. Laali bites on his hand and asks him to tell clearly. He says you have to file complaint against Ranbir and tell that he was beating khushi and my friends and I was saving her. Laali says Khushi will not give statement against you. He asks her to threaten Khushi and put all his sins on Ranbir. Laali says give me sometime, I will do something.

Constable asking Balbir what is he doing here. He takes him with him. Laali calls Khushi and asks where are you dying? Khushi tells Juhi’s mother that Maayi is angry and shouting at me. Juhi’s mother asks her not to tell Laali that she had given her phone to her, to call Police and also don’t tell her that I have brought you here. She gives her phone and goes. Laali asks did you really die? Khushi says I am outside the PS. Laali asks her to be there, else she will break her hands and legs. She collides with constable and argues with him. She comes out and says I will not leave her today. She holds Khushi’s hand and says because of you, Ranbir came to my house, and asks who tells house matters to outsiders. She says because of him, Balbira is in lock up and I am crying here.

She cries and says I have done so much for you, but you have killed me. She says I don’t want to live, my daughter betrayed me. Laali hugs her to pacify her, and kisses on her cheeks. Laali says you are my daughter, we are each other’s support and Balbira is our support, and says we will go inside and get him freed. She asks if you will tell that Balbira didn’t do anything. She asks her to tell that Ranbir was beating her, and balbira and his friends fought with him for her. Khushi says I will not lie.

Laali says you have to just say that Balbira didn’t do anything and Ranbir beat her. Khushi says he didn’t beat me, he wanted Balbir to apologize to me, so that he don’t beat me again. Laali says you have to say this, even if it is lie or truth, else I will leave you for forever, and the child traffickers will take you, and will cut your hands and feet. She says then you will beg for food. She asks her to think what Maayi can do with her, and threatens to beat her. She asks if you want to stay with me and asks her to tell Police that Ranbir beat her. She says send Shiv to kailash.

Ranbir asks Inspector if I can make a phone call. He calls at home landline. Pallavi and Dida come there. Pallavi says who is calling in this mobile time. Dida says why people keeps phone in this mobile era. They don’t pick the call. Dida asks Pallavi to pick the call. Pallavi picks the call, but the call gets disconnected. She keeps the receiver improperly. Ranbir calls again and says I will throw the landline after reaching home.

Laali comes inside the PS with Khushi and tells that Ranbir has beaten her daughter so much. She smiles looking at balbir. Dida asks Pallavi why Ranbir haven’t come. She says Vikram came and slept. She says I sleep for just 4 hours. Pallavi says you are aged, but not others. She says phone didn’t come again. Dida says whoever called will messaged on mobile. Pallavi says she is feeling strange. Ranbir asks Khushi not to cry. Balbir says don’t talk to my daughter. Ranbir says don’t come between Khushi and me. Balbir asks inspector to see how he is talking to me, and threatening me. He says she has beaten my daughter, and says I will file case against him.

Khushi says he didn’t beat me, but Balbir has beaten her much. She says he had slapped me hard, and had beaten Maayi also. Laali asks her to tell truth. Khushi says I am saying truth. Balbir asks Khushi to say. Ranbir asks him not to threaten the girl. Inspector asks Constables to lock them in the lock up. Khushi says don’t lock him. Ranbir asks Khushi to go home and call his Dadi and Maa.

Laali brings Khushi out and asks her to put blame on Ranbir for everything. Khushi refuses to lie. Laali says if you don’t lie, then I will not let you stay in my house. She says I brought you up, gave you food and clothes, but don’t come to me. Khushi holds her feet and asks her not to go without her. Laali says if you want to come with me, then asks Inspector to leave balbir Papa as Ranbir has done everything.

She pushes Khushi on the road and goes talking on phone. Prachi comes there and helps Khushi get up. She asks her why you are crying and hugs her. Naina song plays….Prachi asks why you are crying as Police arrested Ranbir. Khushi says yes, and asks her to get him out from lock up. Prachi says we will go and bring him out. She asks her not to cry and goes inside the PS with her. Laali comes back and thinks Khushi went.

Prachi comes to Inspector and tells that she wants to meet Ranbir Kohli. Inspector asks if you are his lawyer. Prachi says no, and says she called me. Khushi says I called her. Prachi says once I know what happened everything, I will call lawyer. She says the girl has saw so much in a day. The Inspector says yes, she bear so much and says why people give birth, when they couldn’t handle their children. He says sorry. Prachi asks Khushi to go and sit in her car. Khushi asks her to promise that she will get her Shiv out of the lock up. Prachi promises her and tells that Kamlesh will make you sit in car. She hugs her. Khushi goes to sit in car. Prachi requests Inspector to let her meet him once.

Inspector asks Constable to bring Ranbir, and asks Lady constable to take Prachi to meeting room. Balbir asks why you are freeing him, he is a goon and has beaten my daughter. Ranbir gets angry and tries to fight with him again. Balbir says he is beating me also. Ranbir asks him not to take Khushi’s name again. Constable takes him to meet Prachi in the meeting room. Ranbir asks what you are doing here? He asks if she came to meet me. Prachi says no, and says I came to see why you came here again. Ranbir asks what do you mean? Prachi asks her to see his injuries and asks why did you fight and asks when you will stop all this. Ranbir says when you will stop blaming me without knowing, and says that goon Balbir had slapped Khushi hard on her face and her hand has bruises as he held her hand tightly. Prachi is shocked and emotional. He says it might be normal for you, but not for me, I will fight for Khushi definitely.

Ranbir telling Prachi that Balbir had slapped Khushi that she has mark on her face and he had held her hand tightly. He says it is normal for you, but wrong for me, and says I will do anything for Khushi definitely. He says don’t you know me, and tells that he went there to ask him not to be near Khushi again, but.

Prachi says but you might be angry, as your anger is not in your control. She asks why can’t you control your anger. He says why you judge the opposite person fast. Prachi asks why you are here, why Police arrested you, and asks if these injuries came by itself. He says if you had listened to me then understood that I didn’t initiate the fight. He says I have to reply to them, as Khushi was slapped. Prachi says there was other ways too, things can ruin, Khushi is not safe, she is scared and when I met her, she was crying. Ranbir says what I should have done, should I have asked him to beat him and Khushi. He says they don’t understand love, they get drunk. Prachi tells Ranbir that Balbir can be more dangerous, and will not leave Khushi.

Ranbir says I am wrong everytime and asks why you came here. He says you came to make me feel guilty. She says no. He says you didn’t ask me how did this happen? Prachi says no. He says if you asked me once, if I am fine. He says you came and started scolding me. Prachi says you are not in a mood to listen. He says when I didn’t do any mistake, why should I listen to you and asks her to go. Prachi says you deserve to be arrested. Ranbir says you make me angry. Prachi says you make me angry. Constable comes there and says since you came, lifted the PS on their heads. Prachi says this Ranbir Kohli has the degree of getting angry, and asks Constable to talk to him. She goes out. Constable takes Ranbir to the lock up.

Akshay calls Prachi and thinks if he shall call her late. Prachi picks the call and asks him to say. Akshay asks if she was sleeping. She says no. Akshay hears the background voice of constable. Prachi says she is in Police station. Akshay thinks he shall go. Khushi comes out of car and asks Prachi about Shiv. Prachi says I can’t free him. Khushi says I will not go until he comes out, he had asked me to inform his mother, but I don’t know her phone number. She asks her to drop her to his house. Prachi thinks if I call Mummy, then don’t know how she will react.

Khushi asks if you will come, and says Police arrested Shiv because of me, he is hurt and must be in pain. Prachi says if we go from here for his house, then it will be late. She says I will go inside again and will talk to Inspector. Khushi says even I will come inside and talk to him. Prachi says you love Ranbir so much. Khushi says yes, I love him immensely, and he also loves me. Prachi says I understood and says lets go inside.

Laali comes to Balbir and tells that Khushi refused to lie. Balbir says once I come out from here, then I will smash her under my feet. Laali asks where are your friends? Balbir says they are shifted somewhere else. He blames her for admitting her in govt school and tells that it is taught in school, not to lie. Laali says Khushi had learnt this in her mother’s womb. She says she will go and talk to lawyer. Balbir asks her not to give lecture and asks her to bring the lawyer. Laali goes. He thinks he will beat and break their bones once out.

Prachi asks lady constable where is Inspector. Lady constable says he is beating one of the arrested man. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words and tells that I don’t take impulsive decisions like Ranbir. She says I know what Balbir has done with you.

She says I will not fight with him, but will teach him a lesson. She says he has no right to raise hand on anyone and if he raises his hand on you, then your Maayi will stop him. Khushi says Maayi gets very angry, and she recalls Laali telling Ranbir that she has adopted Khushi. She tells that she must have done something good, that Mata Rani made me meet you both, and says you are my Parvati and he is my Shiv. He says he came to my house to teach a lesson to Balbir uncle and you also came on my phone call, and says that means I am very lucky. Prachi gets teary eyes.

She asks her not to cry. Prachi asks her not to thank her, and says I am your Mamma, I am like your Mamma and says I get happiness whenever I do something good for you, I feel doing good for my daughter. Khushi says don’t cry, I feel like crying as you love me. She asks if you will love me always. Prachi says yes, always and cries hugging her. Naina song plays….

Inspector comes back to his chair. Prachi tells Inspector that whatever was told to you that Ranbir raised his hand on Khushi is wrong, and says actually Balbir had slapped Khushi, and Ranbir had gone there to make him understand not to do it again. Inspector says you didn’t know how he was fighting with them. Prachi says I am saying truth. Inspector says it is our duty to protect the law and says the guilty will be in and the innocent will be out. Prachi says they have started beating him and Ranbir just retaliate, he can’t keep quiet.

She says Khushi is the eye witness and will tell you, what had happened there. Khushi says I made a call and called you there, and asked him to agree. She was he was talking to Balbir, but he started fighting and showed him knife. Prachi recalls scolding Ranbir. Khushi says I am saying the truth. Inspector says we can leave Ranbir, but one of his family shall come and sign, and says if his wife comes here then it is better, she shall take his guarantee, if he does wrong then she will get angry on him. He asks if Ranbir’s wife can come here. Prachi says Ranbir’s wife don’t have to come here, as she is already standing here, and says I give guarantee of Ranbir, as I am his wife. Khushi hears and gets happy.

Akshay is going out. Ashok asks where is he going? Akshay says security called and said that car is not parked properly. He goes. Prachi says I am his wife and can give guarantee for him. Inspector asks why didn’t you tell before. Ranbir says ifs he don’t regard herself as my wife, then what does she thinks of herself. Prachi says she is his wife, they were separated and stopped talking to each other, and stopped to tell people that we are husband and wife. Inspector asks what had happened? Prachi recalls Ranbir asking her to leave. She says it was personal reasons, I can’t tell you. She says I can just say that Ranbir is a good person, he couldn’t be a good husband, that doesn’t mean that he is a bad person, and tells that he always raises voice against injustice. He says he will never lie, and had done this for this girl.

Prachi telling Inspector that he is a good person, as he will never lie, whatever he told is truth. She says whatever he did for this girl, for the truth. She says he was not drunk, he loves this girl a lot and couldn’t bear anything wrong happening with her. She says if you or I would have been on his place, then would have done the same, he has raised his voice against wrong, says Ranbir is a very good person, please leave him. The lady constable asks Inspector to believe Prachi, as she is angry with her husband, but still saying he is a good girl, he is really good person. Inspector says yes, once my wife was angry and told that I am thief and my friends are also thieves. Lady constable says but she will praise you behind your back, like Prachi is saying.

Prachi signs and give guarantee for Ranbir. Inspector asks Yadav to leave Ranbir Kohli. Prachi thanks him. Yadav goes to Ranbir and says you are freed. Ranbir thinks my family must have come to free me. Khushi asks Prachi why didn’t you tell me before that you are his wife and even Shiv didn’t tell me that you are his wife. Prachi says no, actually. Khushi asks where were you, when I had gone to Shiv’s house. Prachi says I was not there. She says I will tell you later, and says I have fulfilled my promise that I will take him out. She asks her not to tell Ranbir that she signed as his guarantor.

Khushi asks why? Prachi asks did you see me in his house. Khushi says no. Prachi says did you see him in my house. Khushi says no. Prachi says your friend Juhi’s parents stay in the same house, but we don’t stay in the same house, as we are not husband and wife, I am not his wife. Khushi says you are not his wife. Prachi says that’s why don’t tell him that I signed as his wife. Khushi asks if she signed as Inspector uncle said that only family member can take him home.

Prachi says you have understood and asks if you will not tell him. Khushi says I don’t lie. Prachi says you can tell him that I free him out, but don’t tell that I signed as his wife.

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