Twist of fate update Saturday 18 November 2023

Twist of fate 18 November 2023. Ranbir comes to the Lady constable and asks who freed me, where is my family? Lady constable says there is your family. Inspector comes and says Mr. Kohli, you are free to go. Khushi goes to him calling Shiv. Ranbir lifts her and asks why did you do friendship with chikchiki. Khushi says she is lovely and sweet. Ranbir says even I used to feel the same.

Inspector asks him to sign. Prachi tells Khushi that she will drop her home. Khushi asks her to drop Shiv also, as he is having injury. Prachi says ok and goes to get the car. Ranbir signs and thanks Inspector. Khushi says lets go, to chikchiki, and says when you have named her chikchiki then you are baklu. Ranbir recalls Prachi calling him Chikchiki. He tells that someone closed to him used to call him Baklu, who used to love him a lot. Khushi says I can call you Baklu. He says you are little chikchiki. Prachi thinks Kamlesh went, now she has to drive. Ranbir tells Khushi that he don’t want to go with her. Khushi says she is chikchiki, but sweet too. Ranbir says ok. He is about to sit on the front seat with Prachi, but Prachi asks Khushi to sit with her. Khushi tells Ranbir that he has injury. Prachi says who asked him to do gundagiri.

Ranbir says who asked her to interfere, and then give conclusion. Prachi says she had interfered as he did such a thing. and tells that people are here due to their work. Khushi asks them to see each other and talk. They say no. Prachi says I don’t want to talk to anyone. Ranbir says even I am not dying to talk to her. Khushi asks Prachi if she has medicine in car. Prachi gives her ointment. Khushi goes to sit on the backseat to apply ointment to him. They look at each other. Khushi applies ointment on his hand. Naata mera tera. Akshay comes there and goes inside the PS, he doesn’t see Prachi’s car there. He asks Inspector if Prachi had come here. Inspector says we didn’t arrest the girl with this name. Akshay says I didn’t say that you have arrested her, and tells that Prachi called me and said that she is here.

Inspector asks what you want to ask. Akshay says she was having her phone, so that means you didn’t arrest her. Inspector says you asked me wrong question and then giving clarification. Akshay asks what is the right answer? Inspector says you should have asked me, if Prachi had come here. Akshay asks him, if Prachi had come here. Inspector says she had come and gone. He says she is a good girl and her husband is. Akshay asks what? Inspector says don’t say that her husband is devta. He shows the FIR and says Ranbir Kohli had fight with someone, and Prachi came here and became his guarantor being his wife. Akshay sees it and says Ranbir Kohli is Prachi’s husband. Prachi tells Ranbir that she shouldn’t have sit in the car. She holds his hand and takes him outside. They sit on the bench. Prachi applies ointment to his hand. Khushi thinks what has happened to them, they were fighting and now she is helping him. She says they are same like each other.

Song plays….Ranbir says you haven’t changed. Prachi says even you haven’t changed. Khushi admires them standing far. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other.

Ashok comes to Akshay’s room and wonders where is he? He thinks why he is taking so much time to park the car. Akshay recalls Ranbir telling that Prachi is his. Inspector says Ranbir is her husband and she is his wife. He says she also said that her husband is a good guy, when I asked her why she didn’t tell before. He says she said that they had a fight, after which she stopped telling people that he is her husband. He says our lady constable told that if wife guarantee about her husband even after fight then it means that her husband is a good person.

He says even I believe the same. Akshay recalls the recent happenings. He comes out and sees them on the bench. He thinks how I couldn’t understand that Ranbir is Prachi’s past whom she couldn’t forget till now. He thinks why she is caring for him, if she has feelings for him, and that’s why refuses his proposal. He thinks when I made Ranbir sees her, he was happy for me and it seems he has moved on, but she couldn’t moved on, and that’s why she signed as his wife.

He takes out the ring from his pocket and drops on the floor. Ranbir sees Akshay and says hi. Prachi asks Ranbir to move his hand. She asks Akshay why you came here. Akshay says you had said that you are in PS, and that’s why I came to help you, but it seems you don’t need my help. He collides with Khushi and says sorry. Prachi says she is like my daughter. Ranbir says she is like my daughter. Akshay says I understood. Ranbir says I am fine, you can leave me. Prachi says you have left me long back. Akshay goes to his car.

Ashok calls Akshay again and again. Akshay picks the call. He tells him that he has seen Prachi’s past, Ranbir. He says Prachi was married to Ranbir. Ashok asks that competent guy whom Kaya had sent. He says how can anyone leave Prachi. Akshay says they are separated, but couldn’t separate from each other. He says now I understand why Prachi refuses my proposal everytime. Ashok asks him to come home. Akshay says why this happens to me everytime.

He says when I used to ask you to give me a brother or sister, then Mom got pregnant and Doctor said that she can save only one, and I asked her to save my Maa, but what happened, I didn’t get my mother or my sibling. He asks whoever I love, goes away from me, if God doesn’t like me. Ashok says Akshay. Akshay says I had proposed my girlfriend Wendy, and that night she met with an accident and left me. Ashok asks him not to cry and asks him to come home.

Akshay says I am not a child and will come. Ashok says I will come there. Akshay says I will come and asks him not to worry. Ashok worries for him. Khushi sees him crying and asks what happened? Akshay says I was talking to my Dad. Khushi asks if he scolded you. Akshay nods his head. Khushi says my Maayi also scolds me, and says anyone can cry. She wipes his tears. Akshay says Prachi told that you are like her daughter. She says she is like my Mamma. Akshay asks about Ranbir. She says he also loves me. He says they are good as a couple. Khushi asks if Inspector said something. Akshay says Inspector showed the paper in which Prachi has signed as his wife. Khushi says even I was fooled and felt that they are husband and wife, but they are not married.

Akshay tells Khushi that he saw the papers on which Prachi has signed as his wife. Khushi says even I thought that they are husband and wife, but it is not like that, they are not married, it would be good if they were married. Akshay says Prachi has signed as his wife. Khushi says she signed to free Shiv from lock up. She says she calls him Shiv. She says Inspector told that until his family comes, he will not free him, so she signed. Akshay says Prachi signed to get him out from lock up. Khushi says I had told her that I will not go until Shiv comes out, and she did this for me, she is not his wife. Akshay gets happy and lifts her, says he is so happy. He says you are my angel, you don’t know that you gave me a big happiness. He says lets go to them.

Prachi asks Ranbir not to fight infront of Khushi again. Ranbir promises that he will not initiate the fight. He says if such thing happens again. Prachi says I will handle. He asks how? She says when I handle, I will tell you. They see Akshay lifting Khushi and coming happily. They ask what happened? Akshay says Khushi’s happiness. He hugs Ranbir and says he is happy to see him out and asks what had happened? Prachi says what will happen, fighting with drunkard 3-4 men. Ranbir says they were 3.

Akshay says I know that you will not interfere in anyone’s drama, and says there must be solid reason. Ranbir thanks him for not judging him. Khushi asks him to come with her and says she has to take care of him. Prachi tells Akshay that she has to drop Ranbir first as Khushi wants. Akshay says Khushi is special. Akshay calls Prachi. They look at each other. Ranbir asks Prachi to come. Akshay asks Prachi to go and says he is coming behind her. He goes to his car. Prachi drives off.

Dida asks Pallavi if she is making food. Pallavi says she was worried and that’s why thought to make food, to get some peace for sometime. Dida asks did you talk to him? Pallavi says I was worried and restless, his phone was off. Khushi is sleeping on the back seat. Ranbir asks Prachi if she has charger as his phone was off. Prachi gives him charger. Akshay thinks his life would have come out of him, thinks he knows her past, but it was like her past comes infront of her. Ranbir says phone is charged. Prachi asks him to call.

Ranbir calls Pallavi. Pallavi asks why his phone was off. Ranbir says battery had gone. She asks he is with whom? Ranbir says he is with his friend? Prachi gets upset and drives fast. Ranbir says you don’t know my new friend. He says I will reach in 10 mins with this speed.

Laali thinks from where she will get the money. She says why Balbir had beaten me and then had beaten Khushi also. She thinks lawyer demanded 15000 Rs, from where to get, as Balbir didn’t give her any jewellery. She gets an idea and takes out chain and pendant of Khushi (which Ranbir made her worn after her birth). She thinks she thought to give it to Khushi when she grows up, but now she has to sell it to give money to lawyer.

Prachi gets down from the car near Khushi’s house. Ranbir also gets down. Prachi asks him to wait there. Khushi wakes up. Ranbir says even I want to go and talk to Laali. Prachi says you had got a chance to talk, but you went to lock up. She says she will talk to Laali, being a woman she understands how to make other woman understand. He says Laali is not like any other woman, she will talk to her. Akshay comes there and says he was stopped at the signal but didn’t get late to reach Prachi. Ranbir thinks he loves Priya. Akshay smiles. Ranbir asks if someone said something to you. Akshay hugs him. Ranbir asks why you are happy, and asks him to tell him before hugging him. Akshay asks him to get well as he felt pain.

Prachi and Laali come inside. Laali keeps the locket inside. She asks Prachi you are here? Khushi gets worried and says I didn’t tell her anything. Prachi says I am talking to your Maayi, she will not say anything. She says I understand that your Maayi had gone through a tough time and must have cried for scolding you. She says she is good and I want to do something for her. She says I can transfer some money to you, 50000 Rs. Laali coughs.

Prachi says your maayi loves you a lot. She says I am giving you order for the flowers, and says every month you shall send 3-4 flowers for my cabin through Khushi and I will give you 50000 Rs, this order is confirmed. Laali gets happy. Prachi says I want to talk to you some other thing and says I can understand that you are very angry on him, how he can raise hand on your daughter, your boyfriend Balbir. She says you knows that it is a wrong to raise hand on kids, it is a punishable and non bailable office, and says whoever supports him can get jailed too.

She says if he raised hand on Khushi again, then I know that you will stop you, as how can anyone raise hand on your daughter. She asks if you understood or shall I make you understand well. Laali says I am very angry on Balbir and will not let him beat my daughter, says she loves her a lot. She says she will send a bouquet to her daily and asks when she will transfer money to her.

Prachi says now and asks her to tell her account number. Laali gives her mobile. Prachi sends her 15000 Rs and says she will send her remaining amount also. She asks her to make sure that Khushi stays happy, as when she brings flowers to her, she will tell her everything. Laali says I will take care of Khushi and asks her to have tea. Prachi says later, we will do more deals. She asks Khushi to call her at anytime. Khushi thanks her.

Prachi asks her to say I love you. Khushi says I love you. Prachi gets emotional and goes. Laali thinks she will get balbir out later, else Prachi can get angry and will not give her 50000 every month. She talks to Khushi nicely and makes her sit. She asks what she would like to have, and says she will make food for her. Khushi thanks God and hopes Parvati is her real mother.

Prachi coming out of Laali’s house and looks at Ranbir. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Akshay asks Ranbir why she is looking at you. Ranbir says she might want to taunt me and that’s why looking at me. Akshay says if something doesn’t go as she wants then she taunts much, it is her habit. Ranbir says nobody knows her habit better than me and says she taunted me so much since I came out of lock up, didn’t leave any chance to taunt me, and says she does so much chik chik, she is chikchiki.

He says he was happy there in jail, she was not there, I have come here for Khushi else I wouldn’t have come. Prachi comes there. Ranbir asks what did you tell Laali, if Khushi is safe? Prachi says after whatever I have done, Laali will not call her boyfriend Balbir to her house for many days. She says she is sure about that. Ranbir asks what did you tell her? Akshay asks if he raised hand on little girl Khushi. Ranbir says yes, I got very angry and….Prachi says he had fought with them.

Akshay says if I was on the same place then would have beaten him too. Prachi says nothing will happen, and says I gave a contract of flowers to Laali, for which Khushi will bring flowers to me daily, and will tell me that everything is fine. Ranbir says you talk strange yaar, why Laali will agree? Prachi says I am not your yaar and tells that sometimes people learn from strange talks. Ranbir says I will go. Prachi says Khushi asked me to drop you. Ranbir says I think I shall leave, if I stay here for some more time, then I will be very hurt. Akshay asks what pain? Ranbir says if I stay here, then she will taunt me more and my heart will be hurt, so I will go. Akshay asks shall I drop you? Ranbir says no, and tells that let the taxi driver earn some money, though it is your money. He sits in taxi and goes. Akshay says bye to Prachi and sits in his car. Prachi also sits in his car. Ranbir is going home and thinks of Prachi. Prachi thinks of Ranbir. Akshay thinks of Ranbir telling that she is made for him and is perfect.

Akshay comes home. Ashok asks if you are fine? Akshay says he is very much fine and tells everything whatever Khushi told her. Ashok says why Prachi went to save Ranbir. Akshay says Prachi regards Khushi as her daughter, and that guy Balbir had beaten her up so Ranbir fought with him. He says may be Khushi called Prachi and that’s why she went to help Ranbir. Ashok says it is good that you came to know about this. Akshay says those 5 mins were very bad. He says he will go to sleep and will meet Prachi in dreams. Ashok prays for Akshay.

Ranbir comes to the office, and the employees congrats him for the big project. Ranbir gets happy. The employee/colleague asks him, when they are shifting to new office and says new staff will also come. Ranbir asks why? The colleague says he has done research as the project is big, they need big finance. Ranbir asks them to get back to work and thinks he has to be successful as his family’s happiness and victory is related to it.

A peon collides with Akshay. Akshay scolds him for spoiling his hand and wasting his time. Peon says I will give you tissue. Akshay says if Dad was here, then would have said that 5 crores is wasted. Peon asks what? Akshay asks if I shall waste 10 crores to make you understand and asks him to bring tissue paper. Peon goes. Akshay hears Ranbir talking to Mohit and telling that he has one thing in mind, how to brought big finance as the project has become very big. Akshay asks if you forgot the way to my office. He hugs Ranbir. Ranbir asks so Mr. Akshay Tandon. Akshay says you know my name.

Ranbir says I know your name and all your biodata and likes. Akshay says you don’t know about my Dad and says I don’t understand his sayings, he says whatever happens is for good and says he feels his sayings odd, but right. He says it is proved that whatever happened is good, as when Peon collided with me, I scolded him for wasting my time, but then I heard you talking on phone that you need money for project, and says I will finance all your project and asks him to relax. Ranbir says the project has become big, so now you have to give me big office, have to hire more employees, then expenses will increase, computers, electricity bills, their salaries and my work capital will increase.

Akshay says nobody will give you so much money in market. Ranbir says yes, and tells that nobody was giving money to me before you, and says the money which I want is not just to start the project, but to keep the project going on and honestly speaking, for the starting 6 months, we have to just invest, no profit and then after 6 months, some profit will come. He says how I will bring more investors for some profit and who will give me money in market. Akshay says you have to mortgaged the property and give surety, otherwise you will not get money. Ranbir says I don’t have anything to mortgaged.

He then says if I mortgaged my company shares with you. Akshay says I trust you, you don’t need to mortgaged your shares. Ranbir says that is very sweet of you, and says I will not mortgaged my share, but instead I will make you business collaborator and says we will do work in partnership. Akshay says you are making me partner as I am not mortgaging your shares. Ranbir says I don’t want to exploit our friendship, you will give me money due to your goodness, and I can’t you much profit, so that’s why I want you to have equal profits.

Akshay says I like your project very much and says partnership is bonus and says it is a deal. Ranbir gets happy. Akshay says my company will collaborate with your company and asks him to concentrate on project and says he will handle the finance. Ranbir thanks and hugs him. He says all my stress is gone. Akshay says you have to give me party. Ranbir says I will give you party daily and thanks him again.

Pallavi comes to the temple and gives aarti plate to Pandit ji, to keep infront of God. Prachi comes there and asks Pandit ji to keep infront of God’s feet, as today is the birthday of Ranbir Kohli and asks him to get langar/feast for the poor. She sees Pallavi and recalls everything. She goes and sits in her car, and goes. Pandit ji says she didn’t tell me about Ranbir’s gotra. Pallavi says I am his mother, and will tell you, start the puja. Prachi comes to office, recalling Pallavi accusing her. Akshay stops her and tells that he is very happy today. He has done his life’s biggest work, and tells that he is opening his own company, I will be with Dad’s company too. He says our company will be collaborating with Ranbir’s company and we will be partners. Prachi says excuse me and goes to her cabin.

He calls her. Ashok asks him. Akshay says he is thinking to open his company and collaborate with Ranbir’s company. Ashok is happy and asks for party. Akshay says we will do party in night. Ashok says only day party, as my health doesn’t allow me. Akshay says ok. Ashok feels proud of him, and thinks soon he shall bring Prachi home.

Dida asks Priya to do some work. Pallavi asks Dida not to worry. Dida says today is my Ranbir’s birthday. Ranbir comes there and sees happy birthday decoration. He says happy birthday Mummy and says God shall give you my age too. Pallavi pats on his face and says today is not my birthday. Ranbir wishes Dida, happy birthday. Dida pats on his face and says today is not my birthday. Ranbir says Papa and Aryan’s birthday is also not today and asks if it is Priya’s birthday today. Pallavi asks where is your concentration and pulls his ears. Dida asks her to leave her grand son’s ears. Pallavi says what to do, if not pulling his ear and says he don’t remember his own birthday. Ranbir asks if today is my birthday? He asks why you didn’t tell me in the morning. She says you left early. She then asks him to go and get ready. Dida says she has done all the arrangements. Ranbir thinks when Prachi was with him, he used to wait for his birthday as she used to make his birthday special, and since she left, he is forgetting himself and has forgotten his own birthday. He gets sad.


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