Twist of fate update Friday 13 January 2023

Twist of fate 13 January 2023: Aaliya telling Rhea that she wants to ask her something. She asks when you had gone for DNA test, Prachi was near you. Rhea says no. Aaliya says I think Sid is playing game with us along with Prachi and we didn’t know. Rhea says why you are saying same thing again. Aaliya says they are playing game with us and we didn’t know.

Rhea says tell that this is your doubt, how we will handle. Aaliya says I will not let anyone fool you or me. Rhea asks what to do? Aaliya says we will take advantage of this darkness, and will make our weakness as our strength. She asks her to hear her out carefully and smiles sharing her plan.

Shahana comes to Prachi and tells that Ranbir is getting angry. Sid comes there and says Ranbir is feeling that you will marry me. Prachi says I told him in night that everything will be fine. Sid says he becomes Diljala lover seeing me and gets angry, and forgets whatever you say and the things runs in his mind talked by the people. Prachi says his anger will blast at one point, his anger can spoil things. Sid says Aaliya and Buji might be surely doubtful on us.

Prachi says she doesn’t care. She says today they will be exposed as Rhea’s reports will come today and everyone will know how they betrayed and did wrong with everyone. She says everyone will know that they have kidnapped Mihika and asks Shahana to keep eye on the door, and get the report. She asks Sid to pressurize Aaliya to bring Mihika there. Sid says yes, we have just tonight, I will have Mihika and our marriage will be called off. Prachi says we have to get the reports and shall care for Mihika’s safety.

Sid asks what you will do. Prachi says she will make her sister dance on her tune on sangeet, and tells that she will provoke her so that she does a mistake and her mistake will get her punished for her 1000’s mistakes. She goes out of the room, recalling Rhea’s bad words. Rhea recalls Prachi’s words. They come face to face. Prachi tells Rhea that there is still time. Rhea says time is always there, but the people lecturing on time won’t be there. Prachi says I am talking about you. Rhea says I am also talking about you. She asks her to go from there, then she don’t have to marry Sid. Prachi asks if you are scared that you can’t hide what you are hiding from us. Rhea says I don’t get affected if you know something or not. Prachi says when everyone comes to know then you will be affected. She says it is easy to hide the truth, but difficult to face the truth.

Rhea thinks of Aaliya’s words that she shall show not her fear to anyone. She says everyone knows your truth and that’s why marrying Sid. She says she will dance much today. Prachi asks her to dance, but don’t forget her pregnancy. She says you are overconfident and forgets your truth. Rhea claps and says your lecturing me who is exposed. Prachi says I am warning you, there is still time, apologize and get forgiveness. She says I can’t give 10 days, 15 days’ time, she doesn’t know such dramas.

She says I believes in actions and not words and will expose you tonight. Rhea says do what you want to do and I will do what I want to do. She says I promise I will make you take rounds with Sid. Prachi says I will not wait for sangeet for end, I will expose you and then nobody will see your beautiful face and you will be thrown out of my husband’s life. Rhea says I will go and get ready, as I have to dance much tonight. Sid and Shahana hear them. Prachi asks Shahana and Sid to make sure that they shall get the reports.

Shahana thinks Aryan is sad without Mili. Mili comes there and hugs Aryan happily. Shahana thinks she is not sad. Ranbir’s employee comes there and says hi to Shahana. He asks if Aryan is your boyfriend. Shahana says no, he is just good friend. She goes to Mili and asks how are you? Mili thanks her for asking Aryan to invite her. She tells her that Aryan talks a lot about her. Shahana says he don’t talk to me much. Mili says only you can convince him. Aryan goes to get something for them to drink. Shahana asks how is she? Mili says I will come back. Shahana thinks she didn’t have breakfast, and if she had then she is good to handle it.

Rhea looks for Aaliya and sees Pallavi. She tells Pallavi that she is looking good. Pallavi says she has called all the reporters who wrote about Sid and Prachi. She says she will introduce them as a couple and it will be a slap on reporters and they will publish the news that prachi and Sid are getting married.

Rhea thinks if Prachi has Sid and Shahana then she has one woman army, Pallavi one, one woman who is enough to handle everyone. Sid comes to Rhea and asks about Mihika. Rhea says Mihika is unwell and can’t come here. Sid tells that he will go there and be at her side. Pallavi says today is his sangeet. Sid says he will be upset and will think about Mihika. Pallavi says he is right, if Media sees his sad face then will make stories. Rhea says she can’t call her, if she comes here then it will be a mess. Pallavi asks Rhea if she is going to surprise them. Aaliya tells Rhea that she has brought Mihika there. Sid hugs Mihika. Aaliya asks Mihika to walk with her, else she knows what will happen. Sid gets worried.

Prachi is getting ready. Ranbir comes there. Prachi says she is searching her jhumka/earring. Ranbir searches it and gets it. Dheere Dheere song plays…

Prachi and Ranbir searching for her earring. Prachi finds it. Ranbir says he will make her wear. He makes her wear it. Dheere Dheere song plays…..Prachi smiles and looks at Ranbir. She gets a call and goes to attend Dr. Preeti’s call. Dr. Preeti says she has sent the report. Prachi asks did you see the report? Dr. Preeti says no and tells that she has copy of the report in her laptop and will tell her.

Ranbir asks whose call was it? Prachi says Doc and then says she wants to talk to Shahana and goes out. Ranbir hears the guests telling that Prachi is having pregnancy glow. Ranbir comes to Prachi and insists to talk to her. Prachi says we will talk later. Ranbir says later, I will not have rights on you. He asks her not to marry Sid. Pallavi comes there and asks

her to tell Media that she is marrying Sid. She asks her to tell and clears her image. Prachi tells the reporters that they don’t have any extra marital affair and today is their sangeet and they will get married. They ask if she is happy. Prachi says they are enjoying the function and asks media to enjoy the function, and then go. Pallavi asks them to publish the news that Prachi and Sid are going to get married. The reporter asks Sid to stand with Prachi for the pics and smile. Ranbir moves back seeing Media taking their pics. The media asks Pallavi to pose with them. Pallavi poses with them and asks reporter to take their more pics. Prachi sees Ranbir crying and wiping his tears. She thinks I will relieve you from all your pain.

Aaliya asks Rhea to talk to her. Rhea says you have done a mistake and brought Mihika here. Aaliya says Mihika shall be here and asks Rhea to see the waiter carefully. She says waiter is holding the gun under the tray. She says waiter will shoot her, if Mihika tries to run or do something. Rhea asks really? Aaliya says this waiter is trained. Rhea tells that it sees Prachi has won and waiting for trophy. Aaliya looks at Prachi. She says let her fly, you dont think much.

Rhea sees sad Ranbir going from there. He goes to the bar stall and asks the bartender to give scotch. He couldn’t bear and drinks. Aryan comes there and takes drink from his hand. He says you are my brother, I will not let you drink. Ranbir says I am over excited and that’s why drinking. He says he don’t want this marriage to happen, and wants to ruin the decorations. He says he wants to tell Mom to change her decision and wants to ask Prachi not to marry Sid. He says he got Prachi ready for sangeet. Aryan says people will call you mad. Ranbir takes drink from his hand. Prachi takes the drink from his hand and goes. He goes behind her and asks if I am stopping you from marrying someone else. Prachi breaks the glass.

Everyone looks at her. Ranbir asks what is your problem, if I drink and get two peaceful moments. He asks what is your problem with my life. Prachi says you can’t handle this drink. you can be out in one drink. Ranbir says when you are getting out of my life, then what shall I do. Prachi refuses to let him drink. Ranbir says she shall show her love and concern for the person whom she is marrying. He asks her to go and dance with Sid, and get married to him.

Prachi says I don’t want to marry him, as I am married to you, I am your wife and I love you. Pallavi is shocked. Dida smiles. Rhea is upset. Song plays ek duje ke liye……The Media brings camera and takes their videos and clicks pics. Pallavi asks Media to go and not to click pics and videos. Dida says they will not go. She says nothing can stop the truth from coming out, nothing is big than our children’s happiness. Rhea asks why she wants to get my Ranbr now, she can’t bear being jealous that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. Prachi asks her to shut up and tells that Rhea is not pregnant with Ranbir or anyone’s baby. Aaliya says first you asked Rhea to get DNA test and now saying this. Prachi says leave it, no test is required as Rhea is not pregnant. She asks everyone not to be shocked and tells that she can prove this, tells that Rhea’s report can be here at anytime, but don’t wait for that as Rhea is fooling everyone.

She says Rhea is pretending to be pregnant. She says I am pregnant and my baby is not of anyone else, but of my husband Ranbir. Aaliya asks Sid to tell Prachi is bearing his child and signs at Mihika. Shahana asks Aaliya to stop threatening Sid, and tells that she is threatening to kill Mihika if Sid don’t agree. Prachi takes Mihika with her and asks Sid to tell truth to everyone. Sid says yes, this is truth. He says Prachi’s baby is of Ranbir and not mine. He says I couldn’t tell this truth until now, as Aaliya was blackmailing me that she will get Mihika killed if I don’t lie. Aaliya says Mihika will die even now.

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