Twist of Fate November 2022 teasers


Twist of fate November teasers 2022: Ranbir gets shot while trying to save Prachi, Rhea and Aliya tactics never ends. Ranbir finds out about Prachi pregnancy and decides to divorce Rhea.

Tuesday 1st November 2022
Nick demands a ransom in-exchange for Prachi, However Ranbi Outsmarts him. Backed into a corner, he accuses Prachi of plotting her own kidnap, Will Ranbir believe him?

Wednesday 2nd November 2022
Ranbir takes a Gun shot Meant for Prachi, He is hospitalized. Shahana almost reveals Prachi pregnancy to Pallavi, while Alia and Rhea continue plotting against the couple.

Thursday 3rd November 2022
Rhea shares her new plan with Rhea, Meanwhile Prachi tries to drag her sister from a drowsy Ranbir’s room but Ranbir opposes her, Is he falling for Rhea?

Friday 4th November 2022
Prachi feels betrayed due to Ranbeer’s lack of support. Rhea gives Prachi a seven-day ultimatum to leave the house, later she is all cozy with Ranbir.

Saturday 5th November 2022
Alia’s plan is panning out as Rhea falls of the steps, Everyone is a suspect when the police arrives

Sunday 6th November 2022
The police give Prachi a deadline to prove her innocence. Pallavi tells Ranbeer that she does not want Prachi in the house. Ranbeer informs Prachi that he has hired a private investigator. Vikram advises Ranbeer to elope with Prachi.

Monday 7th November 2022
Ranbeer’s through his private investigator is able to prove Prachi innocence when the police come for her arrest. later  Rhea accuses Prachi of stealing her wedding chain and tries to snatch hers but Prachi stops her.

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Rheas wedding chain is found and  Pallavi orders Rhea to apologize to Prachi for accusing her wrongly. Ranbeer leaves for Bangalore for a business trip. Alia hires a man to follow Prachi.

Wednesday 9th November 2022
Alia’s goons snatch Prachi’s wedding chain but Ranbeer thrashes them and gets it back. Upon Alia’s insistence, the goons return to snatch the chain and end up stabbing Ranbir. Ranbir is operated

Thursday 10th November 2022

Sahana advises Prachi to reveal her pregnancy to Ranbeer. Alia and Rhea learn that the goons sent by Alia stabbed Ranbeer. Prachi tells an unconscious Ranbeer about her pregnancy. Prachi’s doctor threatens to tell Pallavi about the pregnancy.

Friday 11th November 2022
Ranbeer regains consciousness finally. Rhea overhears Prachi and Sahana’s conversation. Rhea tries to attack Prachi, but Prachi meets with an accident, she help her out.

Saturday 12th November 2022
Rhea is forced to tell the family about Prachi’s accident, later they learn of Ranbirs attack. Meanwhile Ranbir delays his discharge from Hospital so he can stay longer with Prachi.

Sunday 13th November 2022
Ranbir rejoices after accidentally learning about Prachi’s pregnancy. Later, Prachi wakes up to the disappointing sight of Ranbeer and Rhea hugging.

Monday 14th November 2022
Prachi receives a warm welcome from Ranbeer at the Kohli mansion. Rhea tells Alia about Ranbeer’s embrace at the hospital. Sahana shouts at Pallavi and Alia as their scheming has got her angered.

Tuesday 15th November 2022
Rhea is of the notion that the party is indirectly linked to her new found relationship with Ranbir, she sees a ring in his pocket and that confirms her suspicion. Meanwhile Prachi remembers her past life.

Wednesday 16th November 2022
Ranbeer has made up his mind to divorce Rhea.He tells Rhea about the divorce as well as Prachi’s pregnancy, Rhea stabs Prachi. Ranbeer cooks up a plan to make Rhea sign the divorce papers.

Thursday 17th November 2022

Rhea interrupts Ranbeer and Prachi’s dance by spilling a drink on them. Ranbeer tries to help Prachi fix her saree. A drunk Daljeet chides Rhea in her room while Stanley hides in the cupboard. Ranbeer tells Prachi that he knows about her pregnancy and Prachi’s anger disssolved into happiness.

Friday 18th November 2022
Stanley escapes from Pallavi and Rhea. Pallavi tells Prachi that Ranbeer has planned to divorce her. Alia overhears Ranbeer’s plan to transfer a share of his property to Rhea. Ranbeer buys his and Prachi’s old house. Following an argument, Prachi tells Rhea that she is pregnant.

Saturday 19th November 2022
Ranbeer lies to Prachi that he bought their old rented apartment for Rhea, infuriating Prachi. Ranbeer tells Vikram about Prachi’s pregnancy and his plan to divorce Rhea but realises that Vikram has passed out. He then tries to tell Rhea about divorcing her while Prachi prepares to leave.

Sunday 20th November 2022
Ranbeer stops Prachi from leaving the house. Ranbeer plans to drug Rhea with Stanley’s help but fails. Daljeet ends up having a misunderstanding. Ranbeer manages to get Rhea to sign the divorce papers. Prachi and Sahana leave the house.

Monday 21st November 2022
Ranbeer comes looking for Prachi and asks her to trust him. At the party, Rhea realises that Ranbeer is about to propose to Prachi and faints. Later, the doctor reveals that Rhea is pregnant. Ranbeer worries about Prachi. Alia rebukes Daljeet, and Pallavi taunts Prachi. Later, Prachi conveys her sorrow to Sahana.



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