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Zee World: Twist of fate 2 teasers May 2019

  In May 2019 on Twist of fate season 2, Abhi discovers that Kiara is his daughter despite Pragya denial. Tarun and Bubbly finally get...

Zee World: Twist of fate teasers April 2019

  Pragya and King are pretending to everyone in Mumbai that they are married, but Tanu and Aliya are insecure and plots to kill Pragya!...

Zee World: Twist of fate 2 teasers April 2019

  Twist of fate season 2 full story  Twist of fate 7 years leap summary Monday 1 April 2019 Episode 23 Pragya disguises herself to get to Abhi...

Zee World: Twist of Fate 3 Teasers – February 2019

  Abhi puts Pragya to the test to figure out her identity. After everything, he realises that she is in fact his Pragya. Simonika is...

Zee World: Twist of Fate 3 Teasers March 2019

  Dadi is killed by Simonika, Pragya is sent away from the Mehra house and a 7 years leap occur. Read all March 2019 teasers for...

Read Spoilers for Twist of fate 3 come January 2019

  January 2019 on Twist of Fate will be action packed, drama filled with continous scheming and manipulations from Aliyah and Tanu. There's also going...