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Anupama 2 November 2022: Anupama returns home. Vanraj shouts at her that she showed her true face, first she gave a job to his wife and then got her kicked out on first day itself, she proved how cheap she is, if his words are hurting he just started and she needs to hear a lot.

Anu removes cotton from hears and says he must be not be tired repeating same dialogues, but she is tired; even then if he wants to speak, he can send voice notes. she tries to leave. He holds her hand and stops her. She angrily frees her hand pushing him away and warns he shouldn’t dare touch her; she informs that she is going out of Ahmedabad with Anuj and if he can send his taunts via voice notes, he can send them in installments with one note daily instead of burning his blood at once and increasing his BP, she will go with Anuj tomorrow from home openly instead of hiding and is not bothered about his taunts. Vanraj stands shocked while she walks to her room. Bapuji taunts that voice note idea was right, even Leela/Baa should make notes as their discussion was repetitive. Mamaji explains repetitive’s meaning.

Kavya says Bapuji didn’t say anything to Anupama and instead insulted them. Vanraj shouts that she wanted to work for Anuj and got insulted brutally. Bapuji walks to Anu and says she is habituated to all this nonsense and gives an example a woman working in kitchen bearing minor oil burns and cuts while working and tolerating them, he says they shouldn’t tolerate and take care of them.

Anu says she could get courageous with his support and apologizes for not taking his permission before confronting Vanraj. He says she did right and says he is going to satsang tonight and will pray god that she doesn’t have to prove herself each day. She prays Kanhaji to end this daily drama.

Anu visits temple and prays Kanhaji to protect her family and keep her children happy always. She sees a sticker nearby and picks it. Akshara also holds same sticker. They both discuss their views towards family and tie sticker to banyan tree together praying god to protect their family relationships. Anu then shows mirror made for Pakhi and herself and says one should give time to family but should keep some time for herself, etc.

Akshara says she will never forget her advice, she was going to Udaipur and stopped at Ahmedabad maybe to meet her and know values of oneself. They both tie mirror to banyan tree branches. They introduce themselves and decide to meet next time and show each other’s singing and dancing talent. They part ways praising each other and pray god for each other.

Vanraj returns from jogging and sees Anuj waiting for Anu outside house. Anu tries to leave house, but Vanraj locks gate and warns that if she goes with Anuj today, she cannot not return to this home again. Anu remembering Bapuji’s advice gets out climbing fence, greets Vanraj, and leaves in Anuj’s car. Sarla and Vimla badmouth as usual. Vanraj kicks door angrily and walks in. Kavya confronts Baa that she was taunting her a lot during her time, but didn’t utter anything to Anu. Baa determines to humiliate Anu once she returns home.

Anuj performs pooja with Anu at a temple and tells her that he used to send offerings to this temple before his every project and today he is praying himself for his new project. Anu also prays for their new project and relaxes on temple stairs with him. He says she did good by stopping at this temple as it reminds him of his childhood temple visits with his parents. Two girls pass by and praise that Anuj is very handsome. Anu says everyone likes him. He murmurs except her. She asks if he said something. He says prasad coconut is very sweet. she says he worked hard and succeeded in life, why didn’t he marry till now. He asks if he should tell the reason. She says yes.

Anuj tells Anupama that he had many girls in his life, some as friend, some as girlfriend, some as a night companion. He met many and had affairs, but couldn’t love anyone; its not that those girls had something missing in them, he couldn’t love them and it would have been injustice to the girls if he had married one of them; usually one falls in love after marriage, but what if it doesn’t there is one-sided love in marriage. Anu remembers Vanraj’s betrayal. Anuj says he would have married, but couldn’t as he didn’t want to take risk. She says he can marry even now as he doesn’t look more than 30, rich, and handsome; he should marry as everyone needs a life partner.


He laughs and mimicking Salman Khan says there are 2 kind of people, one can be married and sad and other can be unmarried and happy, he chose to be happy. She laughs. He says he had a bad luck in love, but he has learnt to live happily. She continues laughing. He asks when she told everyone needs a life partner, then why don’t she marry. She says she doesn’t need a life partner.

Vanraj writhes with leg pain and headache. Nandini gives him pain killer. He thanks her. She says feels bad when he hurts Anu and hurts himself in the process and gives an example of a kid playing in a dirt. She says a lot happened in this house recently and she feels it was just a built up and real drama will start now, he should handle it if it happens.

Anu tells Anuj that she doesn’t have a place for a life partner in her life, not because she is a mother of grown up children, but because she doesn’t have courage to love or bear pain as she did it once and can’t again. She says one can tolerate a young age love, but cannot a mature age love; she gathered herself with great difficulty, but can’t again. He mimics Salman Khan again and says she is right and should join Mamaji’s single’s club membership; as he said she can be happily unmarried than unhappily married. She laughs again. He sasy can they go now after his bad mimicry. She says yes. They pray god again and return to car. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. song plays in the background. Climate changes. Back in car, Anu messages Bapuji that they are leaving and will reach home by evening. Rain starts. Anu says its an unseasonal rain like cooking competition day. He says he can’t see roads due to heavy rain.

Family gets concerned for Anu. Pakhi asks Toshu about Kinjal. Toshu says she has gone to Mumbai for conference. Bapuji says Anu messaged that she will return by evening. Samar says her phone is not reachable. Anuj’s car gets stuck. He tries to make a call, but doesn’t find network. She says its heavily raining and even her phone doesn’t have a network. He says he will go out and check and asks her to be in car. She says they both will go out together and jokes giving example of a movie. He offers her umbrella. She asks if he is waterproof. He says he is also not made of salt. He holds umbrella and gets her out. She slips. He holds her and drops umbrella. They get drenched. He removes his blazer and drapes it over her. She remembers seeing a house nearby and reminds him discussing about it. He says he remembers. She asks is it. He murmurs he remembers her each word. They both head towards the house.

Bapuji speaks to GK over phone and assures him that Anuj would be fine. Vanraj gets worried for Anu. Baa with a frowning face asks what is he blabbering. Samar says its better for mummy and Anuj to stay in a hotel than driving in rain. Baa determines to punish Anu if she doesn’t return home today. Anu and Anuj reach a hope and ring bell hoping they can make a call from there. Two boys half open door. Anuj requests to let them make a call. Boys says they can’t trust strangers and cannot allow them in. Anu says they are right as she also taught children not to trust strangers. Anuj asks them to check his name on internet. They check and get excited seeing him and say they were partying with friends in their guest house. They take them in and introduce famous NRI businessman Anuj Kapadia to their friends. Anuj apologizes for disturbing their party. Anu calls from landline and informs Bapuji that they are stuck in rain and reached a house. Samar suggests to stay there tonight as there is a cloud burst int that area. Vanraj, Toshu, and Baa frown hearing that.

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