Twist of fate Monday 31 January 2022

Twist of fate 31 January 2022:  Pragya appreciates Dadi for executing their plan well. Rhea hugs her and says you are a rockstar Dadi. Prachi says you have saved Papa. Dadi asks them to go inside and asks them if they remember their first trap/plan, roka.

She says we will trap Tanu in our clutches to save Abhi from her clutch. She asks them to go inside and says she shall bring the chunari for shagun. She asks them to attend press conference. Pragya says you didn’t want to play this game before. Prachi says she refused to play first. Rhea says now she has become game changer. Dadi says it is all because of Pragya, she asked me to get ready to do anything if I love Abhi.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he would have called Dad if his phone is not working. Aryan says you would have called me, if I didn’t call you. He says you would have asked, how I am managing with two sisters. Ranbir asks what do you mean? Aryan says I am their brother and shall make sure that no guy can tease or trouble them. He says if I had any fight with the guy and if he would have beaten me etc. Ranbir says Rhea and Prachi are very strong girls and don’t need your support. He says they can save you from Tanu like girls. Aryan says they are my sisters and I have to save them for guys like you. Ranbir asks are you drunk? He says we can’t save chief if he marries Chief. Aryan says when you didn’t pick my call, I came to you and brought you here. Ranbir says you are my real brother and hugs him.

Aaliya says you are not innocent, I understand meaning of your every word. Abhi thinks Aaliya making the scene realistic, without knowing that it is trap for Tanu. He asks the media to go and asks them to go and give them privacy. Tanu asks him not to ask Media go, they shall know what is happening, and says just like Dadi said, that rape victim shall get justice, even I shall get justice. Abhi says Dadi is innocent, what did you do with her.

Prachi and Rhea come there and ask Abhi what they heard that he agreed to marry her. Prachi asks how can a woman marry a person who has done bad with her, and asks Tanu if she respects him after the allegations. Tanu asks where did you learn such big things and says you are Pragya’s daughter so these things are justified. She asks them to go from there. Abhi holds Tanu’s hand and says sorry for holding her hand tightly. He asks her to stop what she is doing? Tanu asks what?

Abhi asks what did you do with Dadi that she wants me to get roka done with you. He says I will die, but will not marry you. He asks her to stop doing what she is doing with Dadi. Tanu thinks she was doubtful that it was a trap, but seeing him angry, it can’t be a drama. He thinks if it was drama then he would pretend to happy and talk sweetly. He asks what magic did you do on dadi? Tanu tells that she didn’t do anything with Dadi, she understands that this is right.

Abhi recalls Pragya telling him about the marriage. He says you sided Dadi on your side, to convince me? Tanu asks him to think that whatever he is doing is for Dadi’s happiness. Abhi says I can never love you. Tanu thinks of Dadi’s words and tells that once marriage happens, love will happen too. Rhea comes there and asks Abhi to come out. Pragya stops Tanu.

Tanu asks her not to look at Abhi and says he is her family now. Pragya says I don’t know how you fooled Dadi. Tanu says I gave you a chance to become great, but now I will not allow you to meet Rhea. Pragya says you can’t separate me with my daughters. Tanu asks her to leave with her daughter once she marries Abhi. She goes. Prachi tells Pragya that Tanu agreed and tells that they shall see what is happening.

Ranbir tells Aryan that both Prachi and Rhea are saying the same thing. Aaliya asks Tanu to leave. Dadi says if Tanu leaves then I will die. She asks Abhi to sit with Tanu for the roka else make the preparation of her 13th day. Abhi sits with Tanu. Dadi does their aarti and asks Tanu if she is happy? Tanu smiles. Dadi covers shagun dupatta on Tanu’s head and gives her shagun.

The reporter asks Tanu what will she do now and congrats her. Dadi asks what do you mean? She tells that after 2 days, there will be engagement, then haldi, sangeet, mehendi and marriage. She tells that she wants to get them married as soon as possible. She asks Tanu to take her blessings. Tanu touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi thanks Media as they leave. She tells Tanu that she will show her new room after marriage. Aaliya accuses Tanu for manipulating Dadi and asks her to get out. Ranbir hears Abhi and Pragya talking that they shall stop Aaliya. He thinks what is happening? Pragya signs Rhea. Rhea asks Aaliya to calm down. Aaliya says Bhai might be helpless, but not I am. Dadi says this marriage will happen and it will come on news channels, etc. Aaliya says you are brainwashed. Rhea takes Aaliya with her. Dadi asks Tanu not to worry and says your marriage will happen with him. She takes Tanu with her.

Aaliya asks Rhea how did she agree for Bhai and Tanu’s marriage. She says she is taking your mom’s place and asks how did you agree? Rhea recalls Pragya asking them not to tell anyone and tells Aaliya that Pragya wants this marriage to happen, tells that it was a plan. She asks her not to worry and not to stop the marriage.

Aaliya says they were doubtful that I will tell plan to Tanu. Mitali says they doubt you. Mitali thinks even she shall change. Prachi stops Ranbir and asks him to give her phone. Ranbir says you will not get your phone, you have to give me some information. He asks why Dadi wants Chief to marry Tanu and how did he agree? Prachi says I don’t know. Ranbir asks what is the truth? He asks what she wants to hide? He says I will not force you, but will blackmail you. He says if you don’t tell me then I will throw your phone in the pool. Prachi asks him to give her phone. Darmiyan song plays…..

He says if you don’t tell me then I will tell Rhea that you were forcing me. Prachi says I will tell her that you used to stare her. Ranbir asks how did you know, as your eyes are on me? He asks her to tell else her phone will go and also he will go to Rhea. Prachi tells that it was already decided and tells that it was a plan to get Papa married to Tanu and get freedom from the case. he says forced marriage.

Prachi telling Ranbir that everything was decided, and infact we had called the media. Ranbir says so you all knew about it. Prachi says no all, Mitali Tai ji and Aaliya Buji didn’t know about our plan. Ranbir says I am not foolish, that’s why you people were signing each other. She takes her phone and goes. Aryan comes to Ranbir. They see Abhi coming and come to him. Ranbir asks you didn’t involve me in this big plan.

Aryan says even I have the same complain. Abhi says my daughters have eaten my brain already and says even Pragya, when they unite then they rule on me. He says I didn’t agree to all this, but they have executed this plan. Ranbir says I am happy that you have two daughters and one wife. Abhi says I wish I would have a son.

Ranbir says I am like your son and will fulfill all my responsibility of a son, but will support Pragya aunty. Abhi says you are a son and hugs him. Rhea comes there and sees them hugging happily.

Dadi takes Tanu to her room and tells that she wants to give her something. She says today your roka has happened and makes her wear bangles. She asks her to make her bahu wear it, and tells that I am giving you a work which even Daljeet Dadi didn’t give to Pragya. Tanu thinks she is getting everything which she deserves. Dadi thinks her tongue has gone bitter. Tanu tells that she never thought that Dadi will convince Abhi. Abhi comes there and asks if she didn’t go still. Tanu says she is going to return, then marriage. She hugs Dadi and says she will tell you what will happen. She leaves. Abhi hugs Dadi and says you lie well, tells that Tanu is thinking that I will fall in love with her. He says Tanu is not doubtful, he says she will be exposed.

Dadi asks where is Pragya? Abhi says now I am going to her. Dadi says once Tanu goes away from you, then I will think that I have taken a holy bath in Delhi. Abhi goes to his room and thinks where is Pragya. Pragya comes there and gives him prasad. Abhi takes the prasad. Pragya says she has prayed to God and thanked him. Abhi says I thought to thank my wife and asks her to stamp her to keep her hand on his head.

He dances with her. Pragya asks have you gone mad to dance without music. Abhi stops dancing and says I am very happy today and that’s sharing my happiness to multiply it. Pragya says I don’t remember when did we get close last time? Abhi thanks her for being his guide and showing him destination. Aaliya comes there and says I will come later. Abhi asks her to come. Aaliya says you people are happy here and I was upset thinking Tanu has trapped you again, and I felt helpess.

Abhi says it was a plan. Aaliya asks if I am a family member and asks if they didn’t want to involve her then would have share atleast. Abhi says even I didn’t know about it, until I know about it, plan was executed and Dadi had brought Tanu home. He says ofcourse you are family, I am happy to get my old Aaliya back. Aaliya says sorry and says I was afraid that you are marrying Tanu. Abhi says until Pragya is with me, she will not let any problem come on me. Aaliya thanks Pragya and offers her help. Pragya says ofcourse I need you, we all will be saving him this time. She gets a call and goes. Abhi tells Aaliya that he is happy that she is back, who cares for him much. Aaliya hugs him.

Sarita behen calls Pragya and confronts her for not talking to her. She asks what did you think that my right on you got less. She sends Shahana out and asks Pragya why is she taking revenge on her. Pragya asks what had happened? Sarita behen says even though I haven’t given you birth, but I am your mother. She says she is feeling pain to know that Mr. Mehra is marrying Tanu and my partner got his roka done with her. Pragya says it was not Dadi’s mistake. Sarita behen says then whose mistake? She says I saw Mr. Mehra sad. Abhi comes there and takes the call. He tells that he wants to meet her. Sarita behen asks her to come home with Pragya.

Prachi says even I will come. They come to Sarita behen’s house. Sarita behen assures Abhi that she will not let the marriage happen and tells Abhi that Pragya has forgotten them and asks Prachi not to forget them. She says she has gone mad and don’t want this marriage to happen. Pragya says I want to get this marriage happen. Abhi acts and says even Prachi and Rhea got my marriage fixed. Prachi asks him to tell fully and says Sarita behen is possessive about my Maa. Pragya tells Sarita behen that it was their plan against Tanu. Abhi says I want to say and tells about it. Pragya says Tanu will not say anything against him now. Abhi says Tanu will say whatever Dadi asks her to say. Pragya says we will get proofs against her. Abhi says just we need to get prove against her before marriage. Sarita behen says Tanu will lose surely. Abhi asks her to come to the fake marriage and take out her anger just as she gets the chance. Sarita behen says ok. Prachi asks Shahana to come too.

Tanu thinks why Baljeet Dadi is excited and thinks even I am not much excited. She gets Pradeep’s call who asks where is she? Tanu says I…He says he is not interested to know and tells that he just wants his money. Tanu says I know. He asks why she is delaying and says your problems will increase with time and you know well what could be your problem. Tanu ends the call and thinks I shall marry Abhi, before Pradeep does something. She thinks once I marry, then I will think what to do with Pradeep, thinks to hurry up for marriage.

Abhi lies down on the bed and says he has attitude in sasural. Pragya asks him to go home. He refuses and says he don’t want his life to think that he left her here. Pragya says I have no complains. He says I don’t have to go to office in the morning. Pragya says Shahana has to sleep here. Abhi says no, why? Pragya says if you stay here then what Sarita ji will think. Abhi says I am your husband, if I don’t sleep then who will sleep. He calls her shy to have problem if he sleeps here. Pragya says what to do, the pandit ji who is missing and there is no proof of our marriage. Abhi says we have marriage certificate in our home. He says when the question is asked in the court, you was silent so I got the papers done. Pragya says but I didn’t sign. abhi says you have signed in the office. She says I thought it is case papers. Abhi asks what is the problem, when you can sign on the divorce papers without knowing then what is the problem if the marriage certificate is made without your knowledge.

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