Gangaa Written update for Wednesday 5 December 2018

This are the events that will happen on Gangaa today the 5th December on Zee World.


MLA’s goons don’t think that Solanki will live. Its good that we don’t have to do anything now. One of the guys eyes his bag. They pick him up.

Ganga brings all the vegetables. Maharaj ji and Madhvi are happy to see that she did all the work herself. The CD falls from the bag when Ganga is taking out the veggies. She doesn’t notice it. Ganga tells Madhvi about the vegetable seller quoting higher prices but I told him that I will only pay what I had paid for veggies two days back. A man collided with me but then he helped me too. I wasn’t hurt but I think he would have been hurt. Maharaj ji notices the CD. Ganga thinks that it will be Sagar’s CD. He might have forgotten it here.

Sagar and Yash are practising dance. Yash isn’t enjoying. Let’s go to Chandan’s
house. He has grand speakers. Sagar asks him to practise here only. I have to help Ganga too. Yash tells him against it. Sagar says she is alone. Someone has to help her. Ganga tells him not to pity her. Do your work. I will seek babli Didi’s help. Yash laughs at it. You were talking about helping this arrogant girl. Sagar tells her to go then if she doesn’t need his help. He plays music and starts practising. She tries to tell him that she had not come there to talk to him. I only came to give you your CD. You forgot it in the kitchen. Sagar takes it and resumes practising.

Madhvi is tidying Sagar’s room. Ganga comes to tell her that Maharaj ji is looking for her. He wants to know what is to be made in dinner tonight. I will do all this. Madhvi suggests doing it together. How are the preps going? Ganga replies that the preps will only start when more girls will agree to take part in the competition. Madhvi has full faith in her. Have you told Amma ji yet? Ganga denies. But I wont hide anything from her. I will tell her everything. Madhvi gives her the task of collecting all the CDs and keeping them together. Ganga mixes Solanki’s CD with Sagar’s CDs. Madhvi goes downstairs when AMma ji calls out for her.

MLA checks Solanki’s bag but cannot find any CD in it. Where is it? The goons have no idea. Maybe he dint have it. MLA doesn’t buy his excuse. He came here with the motive of giving that CD to either police or my enemy. You guys are useless. Go to hospital and ask Solanki about the CD. I want it at any cost. He scolds Verma for giving such an important task to such good-for-nothing people.

Ganga brings milk for Amma ji. She keeps it on the table and recalls about her convo with Madhvi. Amma ji asks her to go to school. Ganga recognizes Meera Bai from the cover of the book that Amma ji is reading. Amma ji tells her about Meera Bai who had devoted her life to Kanha ji. Ganga asks her if she has ever taken part in singing or dancing competition. Amma ji has done it when she was young. I still dance in the bhajans that happen today. Ganga reasons that she too can dance then. I want to take part in the Inter School Competition. Madhvi smiles hearing her round about logics. Amma ji allows Ganga to dance but it should be a good song, plus no colourful clothes. Ganga agrees to follow her rules. I will manage the clothes now as you have agreed. Madhvi smiles. Amma ji calls Ganga too clever. She can make anyone agree to whatever she wants!

Ganga and Principal Ma’am discuss about the girls who still haven’t agreed for group dance. We will need around 8-10 girls. Principal Ma’am pins Gandhi ji’s photo to the wall. Ganga gets an idea. Your work was tough too but you dint give up. I too wont give up. Our school will surely take part in the competition. Principal Ma’am loves this in her. Give your best.

Ganga finds Bulbul in the corridor. It is wrong to eavesdrop. Bulbul smiles. Keep trying but I know you will fail. Ganga tells her to wait and watch. Bulbul warns her not to argue with her.

Solanki’s condition is critical. One of the goons gets update on his health from the doc. He informs someone about the same. He is in no condition to give any statement to the police against us.

Ganga and Reena try to convince a few girls regarding the dance program but they walk away when Bulbul eyes them angrily. Bulbul smiles victoriously. Ganga is in thoughts. She tries convincing girls in the class too but Bulbul is there to brainwash them and scare them.

Mrs. D’Souza asks the girls if any of them want to participate in the dance competition. No girl says anything. Mrs. D’Souza tells Ganga that she asked everyone in front of her only but no one is ready. Reena offers her support. Mrs. D’Souza tells her to sit for now. Bulbul knows that Gang will need around 8-10 girls. I wont let her succeed. Ganga too makes up her mind not to let Bulbul win. I will make more girls agree for it.

Chandan is announced as the main dancer of the group. All the kids have to follow him. The dance teacher resumes the rehearsal. Chandan cannot dance well. The Dance Teacher keeps telling him the steps again and again. Sagar is irked as they have to repeat only one step again and again. Yash says I was right that Chandan will be chosen.

Another teacher comes there. She notices the kids performing. She thinks that the MLA’s son got the centre position even though he dances so poorly. Wish I could do something about it! Sagar makes up his mind to become the lead dancer or they will lose.

Gangaa requests Principal Ma’am to let her participate. One girl has agreed. Other teachers reasons that others school perform so well. How will they match up with just 2 girls? Ganga reasons that they never tried which is why they never won. Please let us participate. Principal Ma’am tells Ganga that she has no problem with it but they have very less time. If you don’t convince more girls by then, then I wont be able to submit this form. Ganga thinks about it.

Babli helps Sagar practise his steps. Ganga watches from outside. Madhvi asks him to eat food first. Sagar asks Ganga when she will practise her dance if she will keep herself busy in all the house work. Ganga shares the problem with them. I am sure I will make them agree. She walks up to Babli. Will you teach me how to dance? Babli agrees. Select a song first. Ganga picks up Solanki’s CD only. We will need Sagar’s laptop to play it but he has told me against it. Babli offers to do it as Sagar wont say anything to her. She inserts the CD in the laptop. Someone calls her so she leaves. Ganga waits for the CD to load. Amma ji calls out for her so she too leaves. The video plays in which MLA’s BIL kills someone (Abhay).

MLA’s BIL is given 5 star treatment in the jail. MLA is also there. MLA tells him about Solanki recording the murder in his camera. He has that CD but my men couldn’t get it. His BIL tells him to get the CD asap or they will land up in trouble. The other biggies too will be in problem. MLA knows it already. I am more concerned as Niru has taken up the case against you. I can see the danger. I am under a lot of pressure. This case cannot start. If it starts then everyone’s story will end. This wouldn’t have happened if you were a little careful. I will get that CD and get you out of here too. His BIL has no tension. I get a little bored here. Please arrange some entertainment too. MLA reminds him of his position.

Ganga comes back to Sagar’s room but she thinks that the song has ended. Sagar asks her if she wants to damage his laptop again. He gives her that CD. She refuses to take help of him or his laptop. I will practise without it. They both cutely bicker over the competition and who will win.

Ganga is playing with the CD. Amma ji asks her about it. Ganga replies that I wanted to select one song for the dance competition but he dint let me. how will I practise? She suggests her to focus on studies. Ganga asks her if she is alright. You spoke about studies! Amma ji reminds her of the drama that she did to get admission in a school. Lie down to sleep. Spare me. Ganga thinks that she will only get to participate if the girls agree. I will have to do it anyhow.

Next day, it is one girl’s birthday. She (Neha) is distributing chocolates amongst her friends. Ganga smartly says she has a gift for her but she wont get it today. You will get it a few days later. If you take part in the competition and win then you will get a prize. Plus their photos too will be printed in the paper. Gunwanti affirms the info. Neha goes to other classrooms with Bulbul to distribute sweets. Principal Ma’am comes to ask Ganga if any other girl has agreed to take part in the competition. We need to rush. Talk to Bulbul once. She is a very good dancer. It will be a good thing if she agrees for it.

Teachers go out for a while. Neha tells Ganga that she is ready too. She also invites Ganga for the birthday party at her house. Ganga thinks that she cannot go. Amma ji will scold. Reena convinces her to go. It wont take long. Plus Neha has agreed. If you don’t go then she might change her mind. Ganga agrees.

Neha cuts the cake and celebrates it with her family and friends. Bulbul eyes Ganga pointedly. Neha gives cake to everyone. Ganga cannot eat it as widows aren’t allowed to eat such stuff. Later, Ganga observes Bulbul as she dances. She dances so well. Principal Ma’am also told me to include Bulbul in the group. I will have to do something.

Bulbul is still dancing. Ganga requests Neha to ask Bulbul to take part in the dance competition. Try to talk to her. You agreed so maybe she too will. Neha is sure that is never going to happen. Bulbul’s friends update Bulbul that Neha has agreed to take part in the dance competition. Bulbul confronts Neha. Our friendship ends now. Neha tries to put some sense in her head but Bulbul walks out of the party. Neha is sad as they are very old friends yet Bulbul got upset with her.

Next day, Bulbul’s friends are discussing about Ganga and the dance competition. They talk in favour of Ganga. Bulbul keeps fighting with everyone. Bulbul overhears this. What magic has this girl done on everyone that everyone is going against me and praising her! Morning Prayer starts.

The dance teacher keeps focusing
on Chandan and explaining him the same steps again and again. The same lady teacher comes there again. She asks the dance teacher that there has been no change in Chandan’s act even after teaching him so much. He is dancing better than him. The dance teacher knows that Chandan is MLA’s son. he will feel bad otherwise. She reasons that they might lose the competition otherwise. He suggests her to think one more time. She agrees to talk to Principal Sir. I am sure he too will support me. She switches Chandan and Sagar’s place. Chandan angrily looks at Sagar. They start the rehearsal once again.

Principal Ma’am tells the girls about Ganga wanting their school to take part in the competition. We wont be able to take part this year too as we need atleast 8-10 girls for dance troop. Everyone looks sad but Bulbul surprises everyone by agreeing to take part in the competition. Everyone gets happy. I know I too lot of time but we still have time in submitting the form. Everyone should participate. It will be a good thing for us and our school. I will talk to everyone and get you the names in an hour. Principal Ma’am nods. She talks about what all Ganga has done for it. I would want Ganga to be the leader of the group. They all clap for Ganga. Bulbul isn’t happy. This widow will be our leader? She will get equal scolding in the end. She doesn’t know what all is going to happen with her.

Bulbul and Gunwanti note down the names of the girls who want to be a part of the group. 12 girls have agreed so far. Reena and Ganga are glad that the girls agreed. Gunwanti updates Principal Ma’am. She tells Gunwanti to send Bulbul and Ganga in the room with the form. Ganga thanks Bulbul for her help. One girl questions Bulbul over her act. Why are you helping Ganga? Bulbul says time will tell.

Maharaj ji has got all the stuff that has to go to widow Ashram today. She is a little lost. I had seen that guy near Sagar’s school. If he is there today and sees me then it will be a trouble. Madhvi comes there. She asks Amma ji something but Amma ji is all quiet, lost in her thoughts. She declines to go to Ashram. Maharaj ji suggests taking rest for a few hours. You do this on your own every month. Amma ji tells him to go. She walks to her room. Madhvi asks her something but Amma ji doesn’t even hear her. Madhvi is concerned about her.

Gunwanti ji submits the form in Sagar’s school. The Principal appreciates her on her efforts. Ganga says thank you to him. He tells Gunwanti to take all details of the competition from their teacher. They all go out. They are in front of the room where the kids are doing dance practise. Ganga thinks that Sagar too will be here. She goes closer and peeks in. She is very happy to see Sagar. Bulbul has her eyes set on Ganga. Gunwanti’s discussion ends. She too joins the girls. This is a school. They have so many facilities – dance teacher, music system! The dance practise session ends. Ganga calls out for Sagar so he goes out.

You are here again? Ganga tells Sagar and Yash that she had come to submit the form for the competition. The dance teacher asks Sagar about the girls. Sagar introduces them. She tells him the same thing. He says your school will compete with us. That isn’t possible! Ganga remarks that it is possible. My school might be small but the girls of my school are very sharp and bright. They know everything right from studies to dance and everything. Gunwanti affirms. Our talent will be seen in the competition. I saw the kids of your school practising just now. They cannot match their steps or do it perfectly. Chandan comes out to ask his dance teacher something when he notices Bulbul. What is my driver’s daughter doing here? Bulbul tells everyone to leave. Gunwanti takes the girls from there. Ganga and Sagar say bye to each other.

The goon tells MLA that he overheard Solanki talking to the police. He was telling them about a little girl wearing white saree while talking about the CD. MLA tells him to search every nook and corner to find that girl. She might be living in that area only. The goon nods and leaves. MLA is tensed as if anyone finds that CD then he will be finished. Who is that girl and where is she! Does she have that CD? It is becoming a puzzle. I will have to sort it out before it all breaks.

Ganga and Sagar bicker over the dance teacher who spoke wrongly. My Ma’am got angry for the very same reason. He justifies it saying that their school dint participate since last many years. She is positive that their school will win. He laughs that they still haven’t started the practise yet. We have been practising since so long and have finalised most of the things. How will you win? She is sure they only will win. You be prepared this time. The competition is going to be tough. He allows her to hear song on his laptop or she wont be able to prepare for it. Ganga is overjoyed.



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