Twist of fate 2 Written Update – Saturday 8 December 2018

In today’s episode, an accident occurs and a possible return of Abhi’s memory finally! See daily update for 8th December 2018.


Abhi and Pragya are running away from goons. Commando asks goon to catch them alive. Abhi and Pragya have a laugh as they fool the goons. Purab and Inspector hear the gun sound. Inspector asks driver to take jeep there. Purab prays for their safety.

The same goon who escaped from jeep sees Abhi and Pragya and points gun at them. Abhi makes him unconscious and run with Pragya. Pragya says they shall go back and hide in the temple. Commando and goons come there and see the unconscious goon.

He says he will make their dead more painful. Abhi and Pragya take shelter in the hut. Abhi gets closer to her. Pragya asks him to see the situation and says goons are after us. Abhi says we shall have suhaagraat here. He sings song. Pragya asks him not to make sound.

They hear goon coming there. Damru asks goon to go inside and check. Abhi tells Pragya that the goons are afraid of dogs and says they shall bark. Damru and the other goon get scared.

Commando comes and asks them to check inside. Goon says we heard jungle dogs voice. Commando slaps him and says they are inside and fooling you both. They break the door.

Raghuveer ji, Pujari ji and his daughter see abhi and Pragya in the hut from far and thinks how to help them. Raghuveer ji asks if he has mobile with it. Pujari says no. Pragya prays to God to save them and let them stay together for a day atleast.

They break and open the door and comes inside. Goons hold Abhi and says I didn’t think we will meet like this and says you made me so tired and made me dog. He says he is not bad guy at heart, but he made him angry.

He says he didn’t sleep since 3 days and will take revenge now. He will give them more painful death. He says I came to know that you got married, and thought to give gift then thought what you will do with the gift as you will die same day.

He asks if your family will have your marriage anniversary or death anniversary, and that’s why thought to bury you inside. They laugh. He asks Abhi to come. Pragya peeps out. Commando asks her to come out. Purab and Police reach temple. Raghuveer ji asks them to save Abhi and Pragya and says they are in the hut.

Commando asks Pragya to come infront and says wife shall die first. Abhi makes her turn and asks goon to kill him first else he will not leave him. Commando says ok, I will kill you. Pragya asks him to kill her. Commando aims to shoot.

Abhi asks Pragya to move back and says he will die first. Pragya says you are not my boss now. Abhi says I am your husband and says he will die. Commando says he will kill them together and says this is Indian husband and wife. He asks Damru what you would have done if you and your wife are in this situation.

Commando asking Pragya and Abhi to get ready to die. He says he left family to enter this profession. Damru says that’s why big gangsters are bachelor. Abhi kicks dust in his eyes.. Commando gets angry and says he will shoot them now. Before he could shoot, Police fires on them. Commando asks goons to hide with them. Inspector asks them to surrender.

Abhi sees Purab and calls his name. He says my bhai, why you haven’t come before. Purab says he is searching them since 3 days and says he is happy to see them together. Abhi and Pragya asks him about their family members. Abhi says they are worried about you.

Commando kills a police constable. Inspector and Constables gets shocked. Commando asks Inspector to run from there else he will be dead. He says I will kill them for sure. Inspector says I give you same offer and asks them to surrender. He says Police force will come here in sometime. Commando says I have taken contract and will kill them. Inspector says you are desh drohi and says I will not leave you. Commando kills another constable. Purab tries to shoot Commando.

Commando acts to be injured and falls down. Purab comes near him. Commando gets up and starts fighting. Purb also fights with him and asks Abhi and Pragya to run. Abhi asks Purab to come with them. Purab asks them to go and says I have gun with me. Commando asks him to give gun.

Purab congratulates them on their wedding as they leave. Commando kicks on the gun and beats him. Abhi and Pragya free their hands. Raghuveer ji thinks where is abhi and Pragya. Commando beats Purab badly. Damru asks him to come with him as Police came. Police rescues him.

Abhi and Pragya see car on the road. They sit in the car. Damru comes and asks Abhi to come with them. Abhi gets down the car. Damru says we are hungry since 3 days. Abhi slaps him and he falls down unconscious.

Pragya says if goons come here then. Car starts and it shows that petrol is leaking from the car. Abhi says car is nicely and will stop at home. Pragya thinks about Purab. Abhi says he must be fine. Pragya thinks about Raghuveer ji.. Abhi says we will go back to him for a month after reaching home.

Damru comes to Commando and tells him that Abhi and Pragya left in their car, but there is a good news too. He says diesel started leaking as car collides with stone. Commando says this is not diesel, but brake oil, and says this means their car brakes failed.

He laughs and says they thought they are saved from us, when they will put the brake, they will not and then they will die. He says I couldn’t kill them, but god will kill them. He calls Nikhil and says he came to give good news. He tells everything.

Nikhil asks if this is good news and says you couldn’t kill them. Commando tells him that their car brakes failed and asks him to make money ready.

Purab gains consciousness and asks Inspector to save them. Raghuveer ji asks him not to worry and says nothing will happen to them. Abhi is driving the car. Pragya thinks Abhi calling her before meeting with the accident. She thinks why I am remembering that. Abhi says he found the main road and asks her to say something. Pragya says she don’t want to talk about the recent happenings. Abhi asks her to say about past.

Abhi asking Pragya to tell something. Pragya is tensed. Abhi tries to put brakes and tells that it is failed. Pragya asks him to stop the car. He says nothing will happen. Pragya says I am telling this for you and not for me. He gets flashes of his accident. He asks her to open the door and jump. Pragya says I will not leave you.

Abhi says he is imagining things and asks her to just jump. Pragya asks him not to think all that. Abhi says I am seeing as if I met with an accident. Pragya thinks it seems he recollected his accident and asks him to stop the car and not to think all that.

She thinks I will not let him remember anything as Doctor said that he shall not force on his mind. Sarla tells that she will call Purab. Dadi asks her to have patience. Sarla says her heart is shaken up and says Purab must have called by now. Beeji asks Janki to call Purab.

Janki calls Purab and asks about him and Abhi and Pragya. Purab says he is fine and is about to tell about Abhi and Pragya. Sarla takes the call and asks about Abhi and Pragya.

They see goon’s jeep and gets down their jeep. He asks where is Abhi and Pragya? Goon says they might be dead by now and tells Purab that their car brakes failed. Sarla hears and is shocked. She tells Dadi that Abhi and Pragya escaped from there, but their car brakes failed. She cries. Everyone is shocked. Mitali hears them. Abhi tells Pragya that it is too late now and says I have done mistake and married you near my death.

Pragya says you haven’t done mistake and says we will die together. She asks him not to think anything. Abhi looks at her. Truck comes from the opposite direction and the car slips in the sliding path.

Abhi gets flashes of his accident. Pragya says we shall make this thing memorable and says we will be together in every births. She says we will live together for 7 births as we love each other a lot.

Abhi and Pragya looks at each other while recalling their moments. Pragya falls down from the car while Abhi is stuck in the car. Commando and his goons come there. They see many people gathering there and asks them to go. Commando asks them to go there and bring their dead bodies here.



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