The Promise Written Update – Friday 7 December 2018

Read events from The Promise on zee world today Friday 7th December 2018.


Jai is worried about Krishna and why she is behaving like that. Bani makes him understand that she will be fine in a few days.. just give her time.

Krishna and Vicky are arguing. She is still angry at what Veer has done… she is not convinced that Veer will improve.. Veer comes there and says she is right in thinking .. what I did was wrong and how can anybody give me a second chance after what I did.. Bani told me to come here and I thought if I make peace with everyone, I shall complete my repentance.. I want to be the friend to Bani who she has lost in Pushkar…even life gives second chances.. but I could not make use of this chance…

Veer promises Krishna that tomorrow morning he will go far away from them all … Vicky tells Krishna that even they did mistakes but their parents gave them second chances.. even though what Veer did is wrong, I think he deserves a second chance …

Rishi is hurt and sad and remembers the fight.. Ganga comes there and tries to bandage his wound, but Rishi refuses.. he tries but cannot do it .. Ganga says let me do it as a friend we were … she describes everything that has happened between and realises why he did all that.. she says she misses the friend in him and the path that she has choosen, she needs him as a friend more,.. Rishi says you are asking for too much.

Aditya says it was a mistake to bring Veer here.. Bani tries to make him understand that they should support him.. Veer says no.. he is all set to leave… he tells Bani he is leaving .. he came here to repent for the mistakes… but since the family does not want him here and if the family is sad cause of him, he wont be able to take it .. he tries to touch Pia’s feet but she refuses.. he is leaving when Krishna stops him…she tells him that you will stay with us.. she tells Jai that she is sorry for yesterday and he should tell Veer to stay… she appologises to Veer too and the family supported her when she was wrong.. they will also support him.. she hopes that you will do whatever he promised her..

Jigyasa is surprised at whatever is happening… she is actually stunned… she says she has to talk to Veer …Aditya praises Jai for what he has done for Veer and now he will be a part of the family… Jai says Veer deserves the same respect we gave Pushkar.. he says he has the pen that Pushkar hought was his lucky pen and we should give it to Veer …

Veer remembers the things that Pia had said to him.. Jigyasa comes to meet Veer and asks him why he is doing all this drama.. Veer stops her and says that you poisoned my mind so much that I killed my own father… so now just stay away from me.. Jai is there and he hears everything.

Jigyasa tries to tell Jai that she was here to ask Veer something,.. He tells her to get lost .. jai tells Veer that u need not to explain anything.. he gives Veer the lucky pen that he had given Pushkar so many years ago.. Veer is very emotional and Jai wishes him all the success.

Jai comes to the room and realises that he had a drink with Aditya and that Bani will scold him… she does and tells him that he always breaks her rules.. Jai says sorry and Bani says you will say sorry and again tomorrow you will break the rules.. she says ur punishment for today is that you have to sleep on the floor today.. she forgives him..

Rishi is waiting for Ganga and the bus driver tells him to hurry … .Ganga does not come and he thinks she has left.. he forgets his wallet on the check out counter.

The family is having breakfast and Veer says that he had opened a new factory in his fathers name and today is guru ponima and he wants the family to come for bhoomi pujan. Bani tells Jigyasa that you hate me but this is family happiness and you should be a part of it.. Jigyasa angrily throws away the plate…



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