Twist of Fate 2 Written update – Sunday 9 December 2018


Dadi says nothing will happen to my kids. Abhi promised me that he will bring Pragya safely back home and calls Purab. Purab thinks why this thing happens with them again and again and hopes they reach home safely.

Dadi calls Purab and asks if he is bringing them. Purab apologizes to Dadi and says I asked them to run, oblivious to the fact that their car brakes will fail. Dadi is shocked.

Aaliya asks Tanu why did she ask Nikhil to kill Abhi when she told him not to do anything to him. Mitali comes there and tells Aaliya that Abhi and Pragya’s car fall down from the cliff and they are not found and are assumed dead.

Tanu excitedly calls Nikhil and asks if this is true. Aaliya snatches phone from her hand and threatens Nikhil. Tanu asks her to give phone. Aaliya slaps her hard angrily.

Pragya coming to Abhi after their car falls down in the valley. She asks Abhi to open his eyes, but he is unconscious and badly hurt. She shouts for help and thinks this is the same place where I met Baba before, and thinks to take him to his house somehow.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she did wrong to have planned Abhi’s murder and says now just wait and watch, and says if anything happens to my brother then I will kill you both without any planning. She asks how could you Tanu? She says you would have kill Pragya, and her family, but why Bhai. Tanu says whenever I try to kill her, Abhi rescues her.

She says she has done so much for him, but he made her lifeless body. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says there is nobody for her except Abhi in the world. Pragya manages to get the cart and takes out Abhi from the car. He makes him lie down on the cart and pulls it.

Aaliya asks Tanu to call Nikhil and asks him to find out abhi. She says accident happened, but nothing can happen to him. She asks her to tell Nikhil to search him and take him to hospital, else you won’t be saved.

Tanu says I will not hear your threats and says if you pester me then I will go to Police station and will tell Inspector that you are my partner in crime.

Mitali asks them to stop fighting and says if anyone hears you both then they will kill you both. Pragya brings Abhi to Raghuveer ji’s house. She knocks on the door calling him. Raghuveer ji opens the door and asks what happened? They take him inside the house. Raghuveer ji asks what happened?

Pragya tells him that they left in car and met with an accident. Raghuveer ji says Purab got worried for him. She asks if there is any doctor here. Raghuveer ji says no and tells that he will bring medicine from chemist. Pragya asks if goons come here again.

Raghuveer ji says he is not afraid of goons. He goes to chemist shop and asks her to clean his wounds. Damru and other goons come near the car and look for Abhi and Pragya, but they couldn’t find them. They assumed them dead. Other goon says they shall tell Commando that they are dead else they will not get money.

Damru says they have to tell Commando. They go to Commando and tell that their dead bodies are not found and say that they might be eaten by wild animals. Commando says there is no wild animal here. He asks them to catch them. Commando thinks they are saved again and thinks now his life motive is to kill them.

Abhi gains consciousness and asks for Pragya. Pragya says I am here and asks him to say what happened? He hugs her and asks are you fine. He says I am saved. How I am saved and says my car fell down in the cliff and asks if there are in Mumbai or Lonavala.

Pragya is shocked. He says I was talking to Purab that time, and asked him to take care of yours. He tells that I was driving the car and called you, you asked me to stop the car, but it didn’t stop and fell in the valley.

Pragya says you regained your memory. Abhi asks what did I forget? Pragya asks who am I? Abhi says you are my wife, if I will forget my wife. Pragya says no. She says you didn’t know that I have done so many mannats to see this day.

Abhi asks if he was in coma. Pragya tells him that she found him injured and took him to hospital. When you regained consciousness in hospital, you forgot me, our marriage, love, whatever happened for last 2.5 years. Abhi hears her carefully.


Sridevi meeting Sarla and asks about Pragya and Bulbul. Sarla tells her that Bulbul is no more and Pragya is married to rockstar. She cries and tells that her strength is broken since Bulbul left and she can’t afford to lose Pragya.

Sridevi says she will be alright with your blessings and promotes her film MOM which is releasing on 7th July. Abhi asks Pragya what he had forgotten? Pragya says you had forgotten me and all the things which happened since 2.5 years.

Abhi asks then how come you are with me. Pragya says you had forgotten me and our love, but remembered only your family. She says I went far from you, and one day we met in a office.

You made me your secretary and took me home. Then you fell in love with me, but you said that you can’t marry me as you had promised marriage with Tanu. When I was kidnapped, you came to rescue me and since then we have been running from goons and got married in a temple. We have united again. She hugs him and cries.

Abhi says I forgotten you, but you didn’t lose strength and got me again. He says how can anyone love me so much and says if I can’t lower your favors.

He says now he knows what is meant by 7th births and says I got this second birth because of you. He says we are together and I have no complaints even if I die. Pragya keeps her hand on his mouth.

He says we are lucky to stay together. He feels pain. Pragya asks what happened? He says nothing and says his luck is good to get him, but what happened to her destiny. Pragya smiles.

Mitali asks kids to have food fast. Dadi prays to God and says nothing shall happen to Abhi and Pragya. Just then photo frame falls from her hand. Dasi comes and says although frame fell down, but mirror is not broken.

She says they will return safely. Janki says they are safe. Beeji says until they are together, no trouble can touch them. Pragya makes coffee for Abhi. She says I made coffee for you many times as your secretary. Abhi says he remembered to romance with him.

Raghuveer ji comes and says it is good that you got consciousness. Abhi doesn’t identify him. Pragya asks Raghuveer ji to come, and takes him to other room. She says she said that she can’t marry Abhi as she is already married to him.

She tells him about his accident and memory loss. She says we got married again. Raghuveer says he is surprised to get a married woman marry her husband, and blesses her. He asks her to take care of Abhi.

Commando says where they have gone and says they can’t go far. Nikhil comes and says you were not in army, but in some group, betrayed them and were kicked out from there. He asks him not to betray him. Command says you enquired about me, it is good, but you would have got full info about me.

He says I never betray my client and says when I told that I will kill them then I will kill them. Nikhil says if you don’t complete my work then you will be same as other goons to me.

Abhi asks Pragya to come near him and says we are newly married and the newly weds have suhaag raat. Pragya says you are unwell and wants to have suhaagraat. Abhi says we will have it later, but comes closer to me. Pragya says she will bring blanket if he is feeling cold. She gets the blanket and finds an old pic. She gets shocked



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