True Love Season Finale Update Friday 5 February 2021


True Love 5 February 2021: Begin with Tamanna telling Meethi not to cry. Everything will be fine once I will leave from here. Rani Didi wont be upset and neither will my Pari Ma cry. Meethi is in tears. Akash sits down before her. my daughter is really smart but you want your Pari Ma to smile right? Who will make her smile or wipe her tears if you are gone? Your Pari Ma will be very happy if you will stay back with us. Tamanna nods, seeing which Meethi too smiles a little. Everyone is touched. Akash kisses Tamanna.

Maiyya tells Meethi and Akash that it is enough of benevolence. Now decide upon one thing, who will stay in this house – Rani or Tamanna? If both of them will stay here then it will cause problems only. Their jealously, enmity will continue to increase only. If this is the present then think what will happen in the future. Nani says this is not how you brighten someone’s childhood. I too did the same thing years ago what you are doing today! I accept it today that that was my fault. Today Meethi is standing at the same place where Damini was yesterday. You are in my place. Kids will only learn what we will teach them or however way we elders will mould them to think. Seeing Meethi today I wish how I wouldn’t have encouraged Tappu towards the path of anger and hatred. Things would have been different today then. Damini keeps her hand at Nani’s shoulder. I know what all Damini has been through in her life. I have seen the game of jealousy in front of me own eyes in this very house. I only had instilled jealousy and hatred in Mukku’s heart. Luckily, the kids were more matured than us. Their mothers, Tappu and Iccha, handled them with maturity and made them understand. Maybe this is why Meethi and Mukta couldn’t hate each other.

Maiyya says both the situations are different but Nani denies. The same thing is repeating today. the only difference is that at that time I was the one who had started it and today it is you! If you will accept this girl today then Rani will not even dare to do anything wrong. If either of us will try to wipe out these differences then all the problems will disappear. Thereafter, this story of Uttaran wont be repeated in this new generation. She folds her hands to request Maiyya to understand the kids. Baki to Ram hi Rakhey! Damini too tells Maiyya not to let her family break like this. There is still time. Join all the pieces together. Maiyya remarks that she had heard that everyone’s blood is red. She calls Tamanna near her and wishes her happy birthday. You too are my granddaughter now. Stay with us only!

Everyone is relieved to hear it from her. Meethi smiles thinking that now it wont be tough to make Rani understand. Akash has an idea! Akash comes to Rani’s room. He sits down besides her on the floor. There is a call for you. She refuses to talk to anyone but he says maybe you would want to talk to the caller. Check once. Rani takes it. Nandini wishes happy birthday to Rani. Rani is pleased to hear Chameli’s voice. Nandini says your Meethi Ma has made so many preps for your birthday and you are crying. Rani says you don’t know anything.

These people are not good at all. Meethi Ma has changed completely. She has brought a girl named Tamanna. She doesn’t love me anymore. She only loves Tamanna. Meethi hears them from the door. Nandini tells Rani that she cannot believe that Rani is talking like this. Rani says I am not wrong. Meethi Ma only loves Tamanna. She doesn’t love me. Don’t know from where she has brought that Tamanna! Nandini tells Rani that her Meethi Ma dint just bring Tamanna from anywhere. I only had told her to take care of Tamanna. You are talking against your Meethi Ma? Did you forget how she accepted you, gave you love and a home? You are feeling jealous today when she is giving the same love to Tamanna? Tamanna has no one to take care of her. her parents are dead. What’s wrong if Meethi is trying to accept her as her own? Rani notices Meethi at the door while listening intently to what Nandini is saying. Become like your Meethi Ma. Become a good person. You will never be happy if you become like your Chameli.

Your life will change for good if you will become like your Meethi Ma. Rest is up to you, who you want to be! Rani says I have understood what I have to do. She ends the call while Meethi wipes her tears.
Meethi tells them that she will set dinner for them. Come for dinner. Rani calls out for her Meethi Ma. Please forgive me. I wont repeat my mistake ever. I have got to know that you are really good. I wanted to be like you, you are too good. I am sorry, please forgive me. She touches Meethi’s feet but Meethi stops her. you are my daughter. You don’t have to touch my feet ever. Plus you don’t have to apologize. It is enough that you have realised your mistake. Rani agrees to say sorry to Tamanna too. Come, we will go to talk to her. Meethi nods.


Rani finds Tamanna sitting in the courtyard and crying. She holds out a sorry card for Tamanna but Tamanna doesn’t take it. This time Rani opens the card for her. Inside she has asked Tamanna to forgive her Rani Didi. A smile appears on Tamanna’s face immediately. Rani says sorry to her. Tamanna instead says sorry to her for spoiling her birthday. I should go from here. Rani shakes her head. why will you go? it was my mistake. Plus I am elder to you so you will listen to whatever I will say right? Tamanna nods. Rani asks her if she will forgive her in case she makes any mistakes. One sister like me and the other sister like you, too good (sweet)! All the family members come there as well. Rani folds her hands before Tamanna. Please forgive me my little sister. Tamanna asks her if she really thinks of her as her little sister. Rani affirms. Rani helps Tamanna in getting up and the sisters share a hug.

Nani and Damini too side hug each other. Tamanna looks at Meethi. Rani Di, look how Pari Ma is crying. Meethi shakes her head hinting that she is alright. Rani says I know how we can bring a smile on her face. She whispers something in Tamanna’s ears. Both the sisters hug their Ma together. Everyone is touched to see it. Rani and Tamanna call her Ma in unison. Meethi smiles through her tears. She bends down and both the girls give her a kiss on her each cheek together. Everyone is happy seeing all of them together. Meethi tells the girls to be together always.
Damini tells Meethi that she is proud of her. Today, you have done what our generation could not achieve! You were strong, you had learnt a lot from our life and your own life. See, your daughters have given a new meaning to Uttaran today. You have erased hatred from their lives in their childhood only. I am really proud of you.

when I look back today, I see a long journey. The new generation today stands at where we were yesterday. Tomorrow there will be another generation. We will watch them grow from a distance. Every life teaches us something new. I was poor, was working at a rich people’s house. There indeed was a difference of rich and poor but love was above that. I had heard a lot many times in life that I have lived my life on Uttaran, that my daughter was raised on Uttaran. It used to hurt and upset me a lot. Was Uttaran meant that only? Whenever Baby ji used to give something to my daughter with love, was it Uttaran? No, it was love! it was accepting someone as your own. When the same word echoed in your daughter’s lives then I got scared. I was scared thinking that Ekadish ji wont repeat what Mata ji (Nani) had done in the past. I have been thinking he whole night and could see the whole thing in an altogether different light. Sun’s rays are not night’s Uttaran. Moon makes our night beautiful. Have you heard moon complaining that it lives on Sun’s Uttaran?

Wind, earth, mountains, ocean, sea, they all give us something. But do they ever complain that we are living on their Uttaran? Why do we humans think like that then? What do we have (as like really ours) that we can give to others? We come and leave this world empty handed. In this journey of life, if we give something to someone with love then will we call it Uttaran? What stays with us for life is the experiences and teachings. After so long we have finally understood what true love really is!

A big thank you to all our readers for journeying with us through out this series. I was indeed a awesome experience with you.



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