Brave and Beautiful Update Thursday 4 February 2021 (season finale)


Brave and Beautiful 4 February 2021: starts with Mummy telling Ishaan that Papa was her Jija and her sister died because of cancer. Then he married her and accepted Ishaan. Papa asks Mummy to stop it. He asks Ishaan to do what he wants. Ishaan asks Papa to slap him for his mistakes. Shraddha looks on. Ishaan apologizes to Papa. Mummy cries. Shraddha smiles. Papa forgives Ishaan. Ishaan cries and says I will never forgive myself. Papa says you are my strong son, you are my son. Shraddha calls everyone and tells them that Ishaan and Papa have talked and everything is fine now. Papa brings Ishaan and says my son will never leave me.

Ishaan says sorry for my mistake. Anand says yes, you did mistake, I will slap you. He teases him and hugs him. Everyone smile. Jaya pulls Ishaan’s cheeks. All of them have a family hug. Mummy and Papa looks on. Shraddah comes to Kittu and says everything is normal have food now. Kittu says I did not see Papa so much disturbed before. Anand says I will prove to you that he is normal. Anand comes to Papa. Papa is watching cricket. Anand comes in between the TV. Papa is irritated. Papa scolds him. Papa says where is my gun. He says get out. Anand does not leave and teases him. Papa scolds like always. Anand smiles.

Jaya does so much work. Mummy tells her that her mum called. Jaya is happy. Mummy says she said she wants you to come as she is not well. Mummy asks her to go. Jaya is happy that she can skip work. Jaya tells her friend that Mummy agreed to let her go. Kunal calls Shraddha and ask for his yellow shirt. He says check it. He stops her and smiles. He flirts with her. She says anyone will see. He says you are my wife now. She says I have work. He says fine go. She says there is yes in my no. She smiles. He gets romantic and is about to kiss her. She stops him and pushes him. She runs. He smiles.

Jaya is leaving. Mummy asks her to take care of her mum. Shraddha asks the men to cook today. The men agree and cook in the kitchen. Papa instructs everyone. They spoil everyone. Kunal says I know how to cook, as I lived in US and cooked for myself. Jaya does not leave and have fun with everyone. The women laugh seeing the men cook so bad. Ishaan cuts onions and cries. Anand and Papa get worried. Ishaan says its because of onions. Papa wipes Ishaan’s tears. Papa says I m a good cook, I will show you all how to cook.
Kunal whistles. The women look at them and laugh. Ashish manages everything alone and cooks well. The women are surprised. The men sit and look at Ashish smiling.

Kamini talking to Jaya. Jaya tells her Kittu is fine and Kunal is busy cooking. Jaya says our relation is over now, if you don’t love your children, what will you love me, I have seen love in this family who has given me so much love seeing my mistakes. The men have food and are not ready to take the risk. Papa and everyone eat it and like the food. Everyone praise Ashish. Papa says the women have made it better, thanks. Jaya apologizes to everyone and says I promise I will not go to my mum’s place. I m happy here. Papa smiles and have a talk with Mummy. Mummy says Kamini should also accept her children. Papa says what can we do, her children are adamant. Mummy says shall we go and talk to Kamini.

Papa says yes, when Ishaan was leaving us, that time I understood what happens when children get annoyed by parents. Jaya cooks for everyone. Kunal asks Shraddha to have food. Shraddha says I m thinking to do teacher’s course. Mummy says we have to go out, who will be with Kittu. Jaya says I will be with Kittu, you go. Ishaan says I m going to meet Ritika after college. Papa and everyone talk about elections. Shraddha tells Kittu that she is going out and Jaya will take care of her. Mummy and Papa come to meet Kamini. Purshottam welcomes them. Dhruv asks Kittu to make something, as Jaya is not there. Kittu says I will make something. He says give me only milk. She says fine, I will go and boil it, you sit here. Kittu goes to the kitchen to boil milk. Her dupatta catches fire by the stove. Kittu sees the fire and shouts for help. Shraddha and Jaya come there. Shraddha says take off the dupatta.


Shraddha calls Kunal. Kunal comes there and is shocked. Dhruv looks on shocked. Shraddha tries to blow off the fire by her hands. Kunal saves them. Mummy talks to Kamini and says we have always protected our children. Shraddha’s hands burns to save Kittu. Kunal gets worried and looks at her hands. Mummy and Papa tells Kamini that her children loves her a lot, give them a chance. Mummy requests Kamini to give love to Kittu as she is pregnant. Papa gets a call and is shocked. Kamini takes the phone. Kunal says Shraddha saved Kittu’s life else Kittu would have burnt today. Kunal says Kittu is fine only because of Shraddha. Kunal says Ishaan is not Papa’s son, but they stay happy, and mum is angry on her own son.

Everyone come home with Kamini. Kamini thanks her for saving Kittu’s life and apologizes to her. Kamini says I have hurt everyone here. Mummy says no, its not like that. Kamini says I have come to accept you as my bahu from my heart. Everyone are happy. Kamini asks Shraddha can you be my bahu. Shraddha agrees. Kamini talks to Dhruv and asks will you accept me as your Dadi. She says I have troubled you a lot, but I promise I will never do that again. Dhruv is happy and hugs her.

Kamini realizes her mistakes and she has a change of heart. She asks Shraddha will you come with me. Shraddha says yes. Kamini says you brought happiness in my son’s life and you are my house’s Laxmi. Kittu says are you accepting her by heart. Kamini says yes. Kamini apologies to Shraddha. Shraddha says don’t be, please, just bless me. She says we all were upset without you, Kunal was not talking to you, but were waiting for your call. He was very sad here. Our family is incomplete without you. Shraddha hugs Kamini. Everyone smile. Purshottam asks Kamini to hug Kittu and Kunal. Kamini asks how.

She says I don’t deserve to be called their mum, I m ashamed, they tried to explain me and apologized to me, but I did not hear them. She says I know you both will not forgive me, but its fine, I just want you both to be happy. She apologizes to everyone and cries. Kunal and Kittu apologize to her. Kamini gets happy and hugs them. Everyone smile happily looking at them. Purshottam says now our family is bigger than yours. Everyone have a family hug and laugh.

It’s indeed an honour with you all. Thank you for reading our daily update. Brave and Beautiful will be replaced with Scared Relationship.



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