To die for love Update Wednesday 3 November 2021

To die for love 3 November 2021: Deep sees Arohi. He says why are you here again? She says because you still don’t know I am Arohi. she says inspector she is your culprit please arrest her. Inspector asks all of them to come in. He says in a few moments we will all know the truth. He says here is the report of finger prints. Arohi’s finger prints don’t match tara’s. Real arohi says she must have done something. Deep says enough. She says I am Arohi she is Tara. Inspector says enough go out. Deep leaves.

Arohi stops Deep and says can’t you see the love in my eyes? Can’t my touch remind you of who I am? Deep shoves her and says do you have any character? Arohi says you and Chawani are in danger. She is Tara and she is playing this game. Deep says I know who my wife is. Youa re not Arohi.Arohi recalls how Deep used to recognize her. She says deep is my love so weak that you can’t recognize who am I? Look in my eyes. Deep shoves her and says enough. Deep leaves with Tara.At night. Arohi is in a restaurant. she asks for water but doesn’t have money. arohi sees a kid drinking from tap. She drinks from there. arohi says how did all this happen? I was marrying deep and then I ate the sweets and slept with Deep. After that I don’t remember what happened? She asks someone date. Its three months past her wedding. Arohi says what happened with me in three month? Where was I?

WHy don’t I remember anything? What is happening. What has Tara done. WHat should I do?At night, Tara comes to Chawani’s room. she looks a Deep asleep. Tara says poor arohi lost everything even her face and husband. No one can win from Tara. She says deep I can do anything for yyou. She takes out her knife and stabs him. Arohi wakes up. She saw this dream. Arohi is scared.Tara says to Deep she thinks she is Arohi who is she? Deep says if she bothers us again, I will get her jailed. Tara says I am really scared. Deep says calm down. Take your medicine.Tara drink water. arohi comes there. She is scared. She says how did you come? SHe says this is my house I know how to get in. Tara says stop annoying us. I am Arohi. Arohi says don’t you lie with me.

What will you do with Chawani and Deep? I will expose you I will tell them who am I? Deep comes there with police. HE says I knew you would come here, Deep says take her and arrest her.Arohi says deep plaese stop. Please don’t do all this. Tara says don’t arrest her. She is mental. She should go to mental asylum. She says Deep you are in danger. She is lying. I am your Arohi. Deep says she is crazy. she will be given shocks there.. she will know her reality.Arohi is in mental asylum. They give her sedatives. Aroi wakes up and says I am not crazy. Please don’t give me these shocks. The doctor says we can’t give you shocks. You are pregnant. You are three months pregnant. She says deep and my child? My child will return my identity to me

Arohi sees her baby in sonoraphy. She says your papa will know when you are born that you are his baby. Arohi recalls her moments with Deep. Arohi says can you give me phone? i have to tell my husband. She says we aren’t allowed to let anyone call from hospital. Arohi says please.. I really need to call him. He should know. Please. doctor gives her phone. Arohi calls on landline. Deep picks. Arohi says deep I wanna tell you somethign very important. doctor said that.. Deep says who are you? Doctor takes the phone and says you have to come here to know about patient’s condition. Tara hears on other line.
Deep is leaving. Tara says were are you going? Can you please go with Chawani on his presentation? He says okay I will go.

Doctor says to her senior we can’ keep her here in this condition. A crazy patient tries to attack arohi. doctor says are you okay?
Deep comes to Tara and hugs her. Chawani comes and says you came to take keys. Deep says coming. He smiles.
Deep hugged Arohi and says when we have kids they will annoy us like this. Arohi said its not easy to handle kids. He said I will handle them. She said who will handle me? Deep said you.Tara comes to hospital. Arohi sees her and says what are you doing here? She says you invited my husband here. So i came. Arohi says he is my husband. Tara says he is my husband stop annoying him. Dep says God has given me something that will get me everything. Tara says who are you what you want? I know you are not Arohi. She says Aroi is dead. Arohi is dazed. Tara says I burned her alive. Arohi is dazed. Tara says I can prove. She shows her video of the room arohi was in and was burned. Arohi says in heart why dont’ I remember anything. Arohi says you did all this to me.

Tara says you know plan was it? She looks at deep and says depp.Tara hides. Arohi comes to Deep. Doctor says deep please be in my cabin I wanna talk about the patient. Arohi says doctor will tell you everything deep.Tara is keeping an eye on them. Arohi says deep must be fainted as well. He wont have let all this happen.Doctor doesn’t tell Deep anything. Tara gave him money. Nurse takes Arohi back to her room. arohi says I will go with my husband. Nurse shows Arohi a patient. She says this patient is very dangerous. she has injured many people. Arohi comes to her ward.Nurse leaves that dangerous patient with her. She says I will kill you. Arohi screams. She says please save me. Get me out. Arohi screams deep. THe patient comes near her. Tara asys you will be dead.

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