Strange Love update Wednesday 3 November 2021


Strange Love 3 November 2021: The Episode starts with Poornima admiring her dress and saying she will look the best in the party. She shouts seeing cockroach and Shlok comes to her. He scares her more by putting more cockroaches. Poornima shouts and runs out. Ahilya and Indrajeet come and ask whats the matter. Poornima says about cockroach in her room. Ahlya asks Ballu how did cockroach came in her room. Shlok says its not just in her room, its everywhere in house, we must get the pest control done. Ahilya asks him to make the arrangements for it. He leaves.

Poornima says she will sleep with Ahilya today in her room. Ahilya looks worried and Indrajeet asks her whats the matter. Ahilya tells about Kavita, the pest control will be done in all rooms, but what about her room, she has locked herself in her room. They all sit for dinner and Astha says Ballu has called the pest control guys and we need to vacate the house tomorrow. Ballu asks them to get up early and Poornima opposes it. Shlok says we don’t have any option, we have to get up early and vacate house, they will do the work in 4 hours. Poornima says she will stay in any hotel.Astha says fine I will book a hotel. Indrajeet says thanks, but Ahilya and I will be here, there is imp thing at home. Astha thinks how will they find POA if Shlok goes, she can see her plan flopping.

She says there is another order, we can spend the day in lawn. She says it will be picnic for kids and the kids agree happily.Poornima says its such a bad idea, we have money, we can go out too for picnic. Indrajeet says its not about money, I think its not a bad idea, we can celebrate picnic in garden. Ahilya says yes, even I liked the idea. Astha says Shontu and I will make the setup and Ballu will make the food.Shlok asks the kids to hurry up, as they have to sleep. Shantanu asks him to play with them. Shlok agrees and takes them to room. Its morning, the family spends time in the lawn. The kids play and Rashmi gets disturbed by cricket. Astha smiles and says lets play basketball.

The kids enjoy with her and Indrajeet smiles seeing her. Ahilya notices his smile and stare at Sapna. Mishti gets hurt and Astha cares for her. She beats the floor for hurting Mishti. Indrajeet and Ahilya smile.Astha sees Indrajeet looking at her and asks him to have the juice. She says she got all the files, he can ask for more, as they can’t go one pest control starts. He says not needed. She goes to Shlok and asks for water. She tells him that we have to find POA today. Shlok thinks he has to help Astha. Astha instructs the pest control guys and thinks Ahilya asked them not to do pest control in Niranjan’s room, and maybe POA is there.

Poornima asks for water. Shlok gives her the glass and she scolds him to properly serve her by bringing the glass in tray. He does so and she reminds him that he works in big house. Indrajeet and Ahilya look on. Ahilya asks Shontu about Sapna. He says she went inside the house. Astha goes to Kavita’s room.Astha sees the lady praying to Lord. Ahilya comes and talks to Astha. She scolds her and asks her not to come again in this room. Ahilya asks Kavita till when will she keep herself locked in the room. Kavita says she does not have anything to do with the world and she does not want to meet anyone. Ahilya says I got you here to come out of your past by facing it.

Kavita says how to explain you Aai, I can’t forget my past. She says I just want to be here. Ahilya says the one who darkened your past that you are limiting to put light on your present, I will not forgive that man who cheated my daughter, I felt I can lessen your pain and take revenge from Niranjan, I will still do this, this is my promise. She leaves.Avdhoot saying Kalindi that he will help Niranjan but in legal rules. Niranjan calls him and asks for his help. Avdhoot tells about a plot and says the rates quotation. Niranjan thanks him for the help, and says I was thinking to give a good rate. Avdhoot says then work will be easy, can you come to my office, we can discuss the details. He ends the call and tells Kalindi that he hopes the work is done. Astha thinks to find the POA and looks for some files. She gets the paper cuttings of Niranjan.

Astha takes the files and bumps into Ahilya. The files fall and Ahilya is shocked seeing the newspapers about Niranjan. Shlok comes and sees this. Astha tries giving the explanation and Ahilya takes the file. She burns all the papers. Astha and Shlok look on. Shlok gets angry and Astha stops him. Shlok and Astha leave. Ahilya rages and says Niranjan, I just burnt the papers, and soon I will burn your happiness.Varad comes to some place in new getup of a businessman and talks to a man. He says he will return everything if he wins, and people will bet more on him then. The man asks whats his profit in this. Varad bribes him and waits for Shlok. He gets Sojal’s call and says yes I know what I m doing is wrong and illegal, I called police, they will raid when my work is over. He sees a man/Pradeep and says he has come, when I call you again, you reach M G road.

Varad sees Pradeep’s and acts. The betting guy says Patel wins always and asks his number. Varad tells some numbers. The guy says he has won Rs 10000. Varad/Patel asks for betting again. The guy says you won 1 lakh. Varad says more. Pradeep is shocked seeing how Patel is winning again and again. The betting guy says you won 10 lakhs. Varad says keep going. He takes the money and Pradeep stops him, saying you have some powers. Pradeep tries getting friendly with him. Varad says you won my heart, I will teach you everything about this game, keep this card, we will meet again later.Pradeep says he was waiting for such a man, I think our fate will change now. Varad returns the money and leaves. Everyone sit for dinner. Astha keeps the soup and it falls.

Poornima scolds her asking her to serve everything in tray. Indrajeet looks on. Ahilya says it fell so less, I will get it cleaned, if you need anything, ask Ballu, he will get it, Sapna is not our maid, she is Indrajeet’s PA. Poornima says whats the difference, we pay salary to her. Shlok comes and serves her the dish. Poornima eats it and asks him to give water. She says quick. He fills the water glass and goes to kitchen, while she asks for it.He brings it in tray and she drinks it. She scolds him asking what did he do, she asked for water and he went to kitchen, he always misbehaves. Shantanu says stop it, you felt the spice and could have taken water on your own. Rashmi says Bally taught them this. She defends Poornima. Shlok says I did what I was told to, she told me to serve everything in tray, I went to kitchen to get tray, else the matter would have gone more ahead. Astha smiles. Ahilya asks her to have food and Poornima leaves refusing it.

Astha comes to Indrajeet and gives him coffee. He says thanks. She tries changing AC temp and stands at the window feeling the breeze and smiling. She says I did some research, this is best far presentations from Agnihotris, you can see it, I read. He says I don’t need to see, I hate their name. She says their presentations are best, I thought we can take help from it. He scolds her and she says sorry. He feels sad for scolding her, as she does not know anything about his hatred.

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