To die for love Update Wednesday 27 October 2021

To die for love 27 October 2021:Arohi says please look for deep. I know his life is in danger. Inspector says we will find him don’t worry. arohi runs around. Prithvi says arohi stop. they can be here and kill you. Virat comes with a knife. inspector comes he says don’t worry he will be fine. Arohi sees Virat. He throws the knife towards her. Dany comes in front of her and the knife stabs him. Arohi screams inspector.. Virat runs and they leave. Arohi says dany why you did this? Please open your eyes. They take him to hospital. Arohi is worried. She says deep? His phone is off. Arohi says what should I do. Where is deep? Nurse says to Arohi you cant leave we need your signature. Arohi calls inspector.

she says we couldn’t find deepp. Virat ran. Arohi says please do something please find Deep. Doctor says heart is just one cm away from heart. He could die.Inspector says tara took Deep? She can’t do that alone? Then where did deep go?
Deep shoves Tara in the room. He says today i will know about my past. Why did I see you in my hallucinations? Why was I holding a gun? Arohi says to Dany how are you now? He says a knife can’t break my heart you can. Arohi gets a call. She goes out. Arohi says thank God. You have tracked deep’s location. i will come there as well. Inspector says we will pick you from hospital.

Dany says to doctor you said what I asked you to? Aroi hears. Dany says doctor said I can be fine. She says that’s great. arohi says i am going to location inspector traced. Dany says please don’t go. That could be dangerous. Arohi leaves.Dany says I knew this was the only way to catch you and I did. Now tell me about my past. Tara says that could be arohi too. Deep says i didn’t know her back then, It was you tell me what was happening there? Tara hits him with a rod and says first tell me why did you cheat me for that arohi. Deep shoves her and says tell me about my past. Tara says i love you and you are mine. Deep says shut up. Tara says I will kill that arohi. She shoves him and hits him with a bottle. Deep throttles her and says tell me what that secret is. I will kill you. Tara says you can’t kill me.

Arohi arrives outside with police. Roma hits deep on his head. He faints. Roma says I will kill him. Tara says he wont die easily. Roma says police is here we have to run. Tara says deep will come with us. Roma says we have to run alone.Arohi and police come in. Arohi sees deep. She says tara.. She ran again.Arohi brings deep in. Dany is there. Arohi says dany you.. He says doctor discharged me. Deeep checks his wound. arohi says what are you doing. Deep says seeing if this is a drama or not. Dany says you are the one doing drama. See what happened with your plan.Deep says do you have problem with my way or engagement? We will get engagement today. He says Arohi the day hasn’t ended. He bows down and says Arohi will you want to be my wife. arohi says yes. He makes her wear the ring. Deep says you are mine forever. No one can come between us. She says no one can come between us. Deep says the wedding in shimla was wrong. I want to get married to you with all my heart. I want to spend my whole life with you. Will you be mine? She nods.

Arohi says to Tara are you crazy? Tara says my deep can’t be Arohi’s. I want to take my revenge. Roma says deep and arohi will pay for your tears. i will tell yo what to do next.Arohi says I dont want any outsider in our wedding. Deep says to dany you can be part of our wedding. Dany leaves. Deep coughs. Arohi gives deep water. Phone rings. Its Tara. She says happy engagement arohi deep will be yours. Wow so romantic. Arohi says how do you know all this? She says I also know deep is having water. Arohi breaks the glass

Arohi says tara knows everything. she even knows that you were having water. Are you okay? deep says I would have died if there was poison. arohi says how she knows what happened here? Deep comes to Dany and hits him. He says you are Tara’s spy. You tell her everything. Deep says your wound is fake as well. Show. He opens his bandadge. Arohi says deep what are you doing? Chawani says he was with me please don’t hit him. he was playing with me. Dany says you saved Arohi’s life so that is your favor on me but i will keep an eye on you. If you are with virat and tarra you will die. dany says i will keep an eye on you.

Arohi says to Deep we should go away from this place. away from all these people. We can’t even sleep at night. Deep says we have new guards and I am with you don’t be scared. they took everything from us and we kicked them out of their house as well. They can’t harm us. We are together and will always be. He says I will make you sleep at night dont’ worry. Deep hugs her and sings her a song. Deep says once all this is over we will go wherever you want/ Arohi sleeps.Arohi is blindfolded. She says deep why did you close my eyes? He says I want to give you a surprise. He picks her in arms and takes her downstairs. Dany comes and says where are you doing with her closed eyes? Deep says none one your business. He takes her to the car. Deep and arohi leave. Dany follows them.Deep brings Arohi to a building. He takes her in the lift.

The lift doesn’t open. Lights turn off as well. Arohi and deep get scared. Arohi says how will we go out of here now. He opens the door and ays get out I will come. Someone is keeping an eye on them. Arohi tries to pull deep out. Someone closes the lift. deep comes out. Arohi asys you were about to get crashed. He says but nothing happened. Let’s go. Deep blindfolds her and takes her to a room. Arohi opens her eyes there is a kalash in her feet. He says greh parevesh. He says you wanted a new and small house. So here we are. You are protected here. Arohi is happy. Deep brings arti and says step in the red color and enter your house. Arohi holds his hand and enters the house with him.

Deep says I will never let these memories blur. This is our bedroom. Arohi says this house is so pretty.Deep says lets do havan and arti. Arohi says you are the best. Thank you so much. Deep says I want to take rounds around this fire with you and marry you right now. Since you didn’t want anyone else. He holds her hadn and takes round around the fire. Deep says the promises I want to make to you are too much to be said in these seven rounds. Deep says I will always keep you happy. Arohi hugs him. Deep caresses her face and says I wont let a tear wet your eyes.Virat kills the watchman outside. Roma Dilip and Tara come in too.

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