To die for love Update Thursday 28 October 2021


To die for love 28 October 2021: Deep hugs Arohi. He kisses her neck. Arohi says don’t tease me let me cook. He says I will stay here. Deep takes measurements of her body. He says I am going to get your wedding dress. Deep pulls her close. Arohi gets a call. Its Tara she says don’t be happy about your new house. Arohi it was tara. She said happy wedding and happy new house. Arohi calls inspector and says where is chawani? She says we are bringing him to your new house. Deep says you shouldn’t have told police.Deep runs to lift. Chawani is there. Te door closes. Chawani screams. Deep stops the elevator from his hand. He pulls Chawani outside.
Arohi screams.. Depp runs in. Deep sees that she is tied. he releases her. Deep says we have to go from here. He says we have to go from here. Thhis place is not safe.

To die for love 27 October 2021

Arohi says but you decorated this house with love. He says your life is more important. He takes her from there. It was Tara.Virat and Tara hit arohi on head took her ring and Tara wore her clothes. Tara goes with Deep. Virat and roma take Arohi from there.Tara says to deep promise me you will love me forever. He says I promise. She says if you break the promise there will be a punishment. He says I don’t mind. Tara hugs her. Tara says in heart you should be punished. tara says kiss me. He comes close. Tara tries to put in a tablet in his house. He comes close and slaps her. He says you thought I wont know you are tara? He saw that tattoo isn’t there. Deep says now you will tell me about my past and where is arohi? She says you wont ever know. If you can’t be mine you wont be anyone else. Deep says I will kill you. SHe hits her head on the wall and says I dont’ fear death or pain.

Virat says lets kill her. By now Tara must have killed deep. Roma shoves arohi and roma puts gun on her. Arohi puts sindur in their eyes. Roma catches her. Deep calls from tara’ number. He says wanna see your daughter? He shows her tara tied. Deep says if you harm arohi i will cut her into pieces. Bring arohi to the address I text you and take Tara.Virat and Roma bring Arohi to a shed. Deep comes with tara and says leave Arohi I will leave tara. They both walk. Tara stops near Arohi and hits her head. Virat and deep take out their guns. Police comes. Deep sees roma hidden on a corner. He takes her to a side an says tell me about my past. Or I will kill you. She says once you know you would want to kill yourself. She says your mom was a very nice woman. The man who killed her.

Deep says this can’t happen. Why would i kill my mom. Roma says you know why you were with tara? You are like her. You killed your mom in your senses. You were using girls. Your man was tired of your behavior. She asked you to use your path and one day you picked your gun and shot your mom. Deep hits his head on wall. He says no this can’t happen. arohi looks for deep. Inspector stops Virat. Virat hits him and runs.Roma says I was there. You were upset and you tried killing yourself. I was there and saved you but couldn’t save your memory. I told you all those lies so you can stay sane. But you wanna kill the woman who saved you for that arohi. deep says you are lying. Aroi comes there. she says inspector roma is here. roma runs. Arohi says deep what happened? He hits his head on the wall. arohi says you didn’t do anything. She lied. Deep’s head bleeds and he faints.

Arohi brings deep home. He says deep is under a lot of stress. Try to keep him asleep. Arohi wonders who was deep talking about. Arohi says I promise you deep i wont let anything happen to you. dany comes. CHawani says where did you go? Arohi says you are behind all this. You told tara what was happening in this account. DAnys says I saved your life. I went out to find about deep’s past. i got some info. Arohi says what is it? He says I found about a police officer. He told me that Deep’s mom was murdered and deep murdered her. Arohi is dazed. She says this can’t be true. Arohi says deep can never murder anyone.

Arohi and dany come to a place. A man says no one lives here for ages. This house is of Rustom and he is in Australia. Dany says I met the inspector her two hours ago. Arohi says this house has been closed for six years. Aroi says in heart is deep safe? She calls chawani and says check deep. He says I am i n Deep’s room. He is sleeping.Dany says I doubted that deep was with roma and tara. I met that inspctor. Arohi says I will decide what is right. I wont forgive you if anything happens to deep.Arohi comes home. She says inspector I want to know about the criminal case against. This is very important. I need that file. Inspector says that is from another state. It will take time. Inspector says yes. The murder happened and deep was hidden. But police doubted why deep ran. Arohi says this was done to make deep their slave. She made him listen fake stories. My deep didn’t kill anyone. i will tell him everything. Arohi runs to deep’s room.

Tara twists Roma’s arm and says why did you lie me about deep’s past. Roma says have you gone crazy. He would have killed us. Tara says if anything happens to deep I will kill you. i decide if deep lives or dies not you.Deep recalls what roma said and wakes up.Arohi comes to deep’s room and sees that he isn’t there. Deep comes to store and puts gun on his head. Arohi says deep where are you. Roma recalls roma’s words and is about to shoot himself.

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