Strange Love Update Sunday 24 October 2021

Strange Love 24 October 2021: The Episode starts with Ahilya asking Indrajeet about the interview of the male governess and says she needs a caretaker soon for the kids. Indrajeet says he doesn’t like the guy and calls him manner less. Ahilya says kids’ didn’t like their previous caretakers and made them leave their job. Indrajeet says we can’t keep the caretaker based on an interview. Ahilya suggests him to keep the caretaker for sometime, and says if they like his work then will keep, else will fire him. Indrajeet agrees. Ahilya says we will keep him for now, till we get a good caretaker. Indrajeet says we have to find a good caretaker soon, as I can’t bear him for long. Shlok and Astha hear him. Shlok takes a sigh of relief. Astha asks Shlok to have faith on Bappa and says he will not let anything wrong happen to us.

Kalindi calls Anjali and greets her. She reminds her to come to her house. Anjali says I remember, we will come home after Astha and Shlok come back home. Kalindi asks is everything fine? Anjali says yes. We have to be patient and face the coming struggles come our way.Ahilya talks on phone. Shlok and Astha come downstairs. Astha says I will leave now. Ahilya tells her that Indrajeet has a meeting to attend and asks her to go, but come on time. Astha agrees. She asks Shlok to stay in the house for 24 hours. Shlok says he will get his stuff. She says you will get the things here. Shlok says I likes to use my own things. She asks him to come at 6 pm and says you have to make kids food and iron their clothes. She asks his name. Shlok says Balwankar. Ahilya says it is strange name and says she will call him Ballu. Shlok says ok. Ahilya thinks he is an egoistic man.

Kalindi tells Mala that Astha didn’t know anything and she is thinking to inform her about Ankush. Ankush says he is very happy as he is going to meet his sister finally. He says shall I arrange band? Kalindi says no and asks him to keep his mouth shut. She asks him to behave properly and acts to be Mala’s husband. Ankush agrees, but thinks to tell the truth to Astha before her.The servant makes orange juice. Kids look at them through the window. He thinks he will feed the kids banana milk shake and gets angry on them. The kids decide to do something and teach him a lesson. Shlok and Astha come back home. Anjali asks did you get the job?

Shlok says yes. Varad says we will sure succeed. Astha says we will soon get POA papers and asks Anjali to smile. Anjali says Kalindi called us for dinner. Astha says I have to go back as there is some meeting scheduled. She then thinks to make some excuse and skip the meeting. Shlok says what you will say? Astha says you don’t know my mind? I will just be back.Indrajeet’s son asks the servant to make chocolate milk shake. The servant says his phone was switched off and asks them to drink banana milk shake. Indrajeet’s son refuses to drink it and threatens to complain about him. The Servant says he will also complain about them and goes out. Kids thinks it will be fun.

Astha calls Indrajeet and starts coughing. She says she have cough and fever and when she went to the doctor. She confirmed that it is viral fever. She asks for a leave. Indrajeet agrees. He thinks she was fine till morning. What happened to her now, very strange.The kids trouble the Servant and light the crackers on his way. He gets shocked and shouts. Indrajeet and Ahilya come out. The Servant complains to them. Indrajeet asks the kids to come inside. His children complain about the servant. Indrajeet scolds them for troubling the servant and says he have to bring a good caretaker for them who will behave strictly with them. He says I tried to handle you in every possible manner, but couldn’t. Shantanu calls him bad and cries. Indrajeet says you are spoiling even your sister. I will get a strict care taker for you and warns them not to trouble the new caretaker, else he will send them to hostel.

Mami says what are you saying? They are innocent, motherless kids. She goes in. Indrajeet says don’t know what to do? How to get them on the right path. Ahilya asks him not to worry.Ajju asks Kalindi to rest for sometime. Kalindi says she is thinking to tell Astha about Ankush. Ajju says it is Astha’s responsibility to inform her family about Ankush. Astha comes with her family and greets them. They have dinner. Later Kalindi asks Astha to come inside as she needs to talk to her. Astha says ok. Ankush comes down with Mala, holding her hand. Everyone look puzzled. Astha asks Kalindi, who are they? Ankush telling Astha that he is her step brother. He is Kalindi’s son, and Mala is Kalindi’s bahu. Everyone is shocked. Ankush says your Aai is playing hide and seek, I m staying here since many months, why did you not guess why Kalindi is not stopping you from coming here, I felt you are smart seeing your pic, think in rewind how Kalindi stopped you everytime. Kalindi says its true that Ankush is my son. Astha cries.

Kalindi says Ankush was born to me in my first marriage, but I got to know about him recently. Ankush asks her to be honest atleast with Astha. Kalindi says please trust me, I was told that I gave birth to a dead baby and I was kicked out from my inlaws, I did not tell you as you had problems on your life. Ankush says I told her many times that I want to meet me, she does not trust you or think I m black shadow on her past which she does not want to fall on you, she finds me unlucky so she did not tell you. Kalindi says let me talk to her. Astha goes.

Shantanu and Mishti laugh and Rashmi asks what did they make that they are laughing. They show the cartoon and she likes it. She asks why did they get upset with her, what can she do, she said you don’t need caretaker, and acts sweet to them. She says she has blood relations with them, not Ahilya. Shantanu says we don’t want any caretaker, why don’t they understand. She asks them to make the new caretaker run, as they know it very well. They smile.

Astha cries and walks on the road, thinking about talking to Ankush on phone and Kalindi lying to her. Avdhoot pacifies Kalindi and says it was not her mistake if her first marriage did not succeed, Prabhakar has lied to you about your son and kicked you out, its done by him, not you. Ankush says Kalindi has done this, the truth is what my dad told me, she left us to marry anyone else. Avdhoot says shut up, I told this before, if you don’t accept, this does not mean its lie. Ankush says I hate this Kalindi, and even her daughter will hate her now. Kalindi cries.

Ankush says what you did with me, your daughter will do it with you, both your children will hate you from today, this is your gift from my side. He leaves. Indrajeet comes home, and Ahilya talks to him. Indrajeet says Sapna won’t come today as she called and said she is not well. She says its third day of work, we kept her so that you should not have trouble, I think I had high hopes from her, she has disappointed me. The servant says Sapna has written the chit and asks her to read. Ahilya reads the menu made for Indrajeet.Indrajeet says she did not come, but she made sure we did not get into trouble, but I will talk to her to take permission from you for leave. She smiles. Ajju apologizes to Anjali and Niranjan, as they invited them for dinner and they are ashamed. Anjali says don’t apologize, we trust you. Avdhoot says Niranjan ji, we…. Niranjan says no, what you did, I respect you even more, anyone else in your place would have not bear this.

Anjali says I will explain Astha, we know her nature, she is mature, she will understand this, we will leave now. They leave.Astha comes home crying and recalls about Ankush. She says Aai did not tell me. Shlok comes after her and pacifies her. She hugs him. She says my Aai has lied to me. He says you did not hear everything, and did not think about her point of view, what do you know what she went through, what she tolerated, she is your mum, and you should believe her. Astha says its not small thing that I have brother, she did not tell me. Shlok says they have told us everything, you also lied to her so that you don’t get trouble, she also did the same, she knows we are already in tension so she did not tell us, I don’t feel this is wrong, you are wrong at this time, you should have trusted her, she felt bad that you did not.

Astha says you are right, I should have not done this, Aai would have felt bad, how did I become selfish, I have to apologize, lets go there. Shlok says we will go tomorrow. She says I have to go now. Anjali and Niranjan come home. Anjali says I knew Astha will wish to apologize, take her home, else she will cry all night. Shlok and Astha leave. Kalindi tells Avdhoot that she did wrong with Astha. Avdhoot says we are her parents, she is a mature girl and she will understand everything as you are right. She says she is annoyed with me. Astha comes there. Avdhoot says I trust my daughter, she will understand you. He sees Astha.Kalindi apologizes to Astha and Astha also apologizes to her. Kalindi tells her about her try to change Ankush. Astha says I know you are right, I felt bad that you have hidden it, I felt you don’t trust me. She says I m sorry, and its my responsibility to change Ankush now. Shlok says don’t tell me you have any stupid idea. Astha says she has a plan and smiles.

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