To die for love Update Wednesday 25 August 2021

To die for love 25 August 2021: Arohi says I will come with you as well. He says I love you for that. I will take you on a long drive. Lets go. She says let me talk to mom.
Arohi comes to Roma’s room and says mom where are you? Deep leaves. Arohi says he fooled me and went. Where did he go? Lab or niku. She calls Chawani. She says deep just left. don’t know where he went. Find out where he is. Chawani asks his friends to look for deep.Prithvi says to Laksh deep got that video viral. Virat says I am sure. Mom really loves him. I have to do something. He says listen to me.

Chawani calls arohi and says I am following Deep in rickshaw. Deep sees the auto following him. He moves in another street. Chawani says to Arohi I lost him.
Arohi says what if deep gets to know the reality.Tar says to Chawani I want water. She says I will kill you. Arohi comes and says don’t you have any shame after killing so many people. Arohi says I feel so bad for you. Deep has kept my bhabhi and niku alive. They are witness to your crimes and that is why deep kept them alive. She says you don’t know where they are. You will never find them. I will kill them. Chawnai says why did you tell her. She would try to kill them once she is out.Arohi says I can’t find them. I don’t know what to do. If deep gets to know I am aorhi my game will be over. Deep calls Arohi. He says where are you? come home there’s a surprise waiting for you. Arohgi says I think he knows the reality. Chawani says what will happen now?

Arohi comes home. Deep says you are here sweet heart. You came so late. Did you find niku? SHe says I don’t have time for that. He says look there. You know why are we celebrating. This was related to Arohi. But you are tara. Lets cut the cake. Arohi says why are you cutting the cake. He says I will tell you. He cuts the cake. He says today is anniversary of Arohi and my fake wedding. She says i wont even touch this cake. He says real surprise is left. He says surprise. The doctor that made fake report of Arohi’s pregnancy comes in. He shocked? Tell her the truth doctor. He says she asked me to make fake report and blackmailed me. Deep says do you wanna say something?

Arohi says you have found a good way to get rid of your child. you don’t love me. He says I love Arohi. I don’t care about you. bla bla bla. I am sick and tired of listening this but I don’t have to hear this anymore. See these papers. She reads the papers it says the finger prints were of Arohi. She is dazed. Deep says got it? deep says it says finger prints are of Arohi. i don’t get it. You forgot how clever I was. If you are Tara why this report says you are Arohi.Deep says if you are Tara why this report says you are Arohi. Arohi is dazed. She tries to run someone comes in from the gate.. Arohi is dazed. Its Virat. He says you can’t run from here. I will send you to hell. Arohi tries to run from other side Roma and Prithvi stop her. Roma says you thought you will kidnap my daughter and take her place? Your game is over. She grasps her haro and shoves her. Deep says we should burn and kill you but if you beg we might just shoot you. Virat says first kill that child too. Roma says first ask her where is Tara. They all ask her where is Tara. Arohi tries to run but deep throttles her. Deep says we will only count till 5. Tell us where is Tara. he counts 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Deep shoots Aohi. Virat shoots her more. Then Prithvi and Roma shoot her. Deep holds her hand. She falls down and dies.

Arohi was imagining all this. Deep says where are you lost? You must be thinking your game is over and what should you do to fool me again. Arohi claps. She says wow. He says what new game will you play now? She says you would be glad to know today we both found out same secret together. He says what do you mean? She says come with me I will show you. Arohi says the hospital that you brought this doctor from I will tell you.Arohi shows him a video and says what was the name of that woman? Nurse says Tara. Arohi gave her money and says do what i asked you to that pregnant woman. kill that child it shouldn’t be born. Tara says see Arohi is alive. Go and do something about it.
Deep says if glass had finger print of Arohi not tara that means you might be Arohi and Tara is lost. If you are not Arohi why report had your name? She says how would I know? She is very clever. she pretended her death and ran from jail. Deep says why would I arohi do that? Why would she expose herself? Its better for her to keep hiding as a dead person. Tara says seeing this Arohi alive scares me. I thought my Deep is with me everything should be fine. But i was wrong. Deep doubts me only. You are disgusting. Deep says listen.

Arohi comes to her room and says I am doing all this to find my niku. Please help me in finding him. Deep comes to the room. Arohi grasps his collar and says why are you here? Don’t even apologize. He says I wont apologize until everything is clear. She says if all these misunderstandings cleared everything would have been happy. I was so happy that we will become family now. But orphans never understand value of family. But you don’t want all this. I don’t know what you want. I did so much for you. I changed myself. I left all bad things what did you do? You hurt me for that arohi. I want to get aborted right now but I can’t do this. This child isn’t in this world but he gave me a hope. Deep says listen.. She says I won’t. Arohhi says go from here . I don’t wanna see your face. She shoves him out of the room and locks the room. Arohi is scared. Deep is confused.Deep sits outside and recalls the video tara showed him. He recalls what she said. He says I dont’ know what to trust.Arohi says is deep actually looking for Arohi? deep says if I see Arohi in Tara? The one I think is Tara might be Arohi.. then? Arohi says that man can never love anyone. He can only find Arohi to kill her again.

Next morning, deep sees Arohi asleep on bed. He draws curtains. Deep says I know I made a mistake. You did so much for me. I always doubted you. I made a mistake. please forgive me. hit me. Arohi says what is wrong with you. She hugs him. Deep says I promise I will be a good husband and a good father. She says I am sorry too. That Arohi makes me aggressive. I was so rude to you. Enough of it. You have to forget that arohi now. We have to face her she is our enemy,. Before our child comes we have to use niku and kill arohi. Deep says get fresh I wanna take you where niku is. Arohi is happy.

Deep and Arohi are going. Virat comes in. He hits deep. He points gun at Deep. Arohi says why are you doing all this. Virat says he deserves this. Deep snatches the gun from him and says what did I do? Virat says you did all this to me. You brought that girl here. Deep says you trusted other people and not me. I gave my whole life for this family. Lets go to those dancers they will tell us what truth is. If I am the culprit kill me. They leave.Virat and Deep come to the dancers. He asks who gave you money? Virat points gun at him and says who gave you money? he says Tara. Deep says what are you saying. He says Tara gave us momey and said if you get caught take deep’s name. Virat beats them and says you are lying. Deep says they are lying but even if they are not we have to be careful. Don’t tell tara anything i will handle it all. Virat says what you mean? deep says you will know it all tomorrow.

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