To die for love Update Wednesday 1 September 2021

To die for love 1 September 2021: Deep sees Tarra’s mehndi. Tara says deep hurry up. Arohi reads it before Deep. She reads Deep 2.. Tara screams. She says my hands are burning I water. She rushes and washes her hand. Her hands are all red. Deep is worried for her. Arohi says to Tara I mixed this in your mehndi that burned your hands. Tara says I will kill you. Arohi slaps her. Deep is coming there. Arohi and Tara fight with each other. Deep says Tara open the door. What is this noise. He breaks the door and comes in.

Roma says how are you hands? Why were you not opening the door She syas i can’t touch anything. Deep says it will all be fine. Arohi hit Tara on neck and she fainted.Virat says to mehndi girls where is the old woman who was with you both. She says we don’t know. Virat says prithvi look for her in the house. Deep gets a call. HE says what.. ARe you sure. He says the mehndi woman who had to come here was told that mehndi is over. roma says Arohi came here as mehndi girl. Arohi says yes I knew she would come. I told you not to do all this. Roma says deep trap her again. No one should enter this house. Virat and Prithvi be careful. I will see who can stop this wedding.

Arohi comes to Tara and says should I blast your mom? Tara says no. Arohi says tomorrow is haldi sit there silently. Niku is looking at her.Arohi says now you know I am Arohi not Tara. I am just acting so we can avenge these bad people. We have to punish them. He hugs her. Arohi is in tears. Arohi says niku.. you recognized bua. I looked everywhere for you. He says b.. Aorhi says because of me all this happened. your voice.. I can never forgive myself. I am sorry. He swipes her tears. Arohi says don’t be scared. I promise we will get out of here. Chawani says we should call chintu here. You have to disguise as someone else now.

Arohi says to deep my hands hurt. He says don’t worry. Nothing would happen now. I have taken appointment from dermatologist. There is a cctv camera in every room of the house. Now our enemy can’t do anything. Arohi says she will get caught now.Deep prepares for haldi. Roma says when to start? Deep says just lights.. Arohi is there as lights man. Tara comes downstairs. Haldi starts.Tara is fainting. She says I wanna go to washroom. I will drink this later. Tara leaves. Arohi says Tara tried doing something. I don’t know what.. everything looks normal. Roma looks at Arohi. She says necklace.. She took off Roma’s necklace. Arohi goes after Tara. Arohi says Tara don’t try to be smart. You know I wont stop. Come in front of me. Tara picks a vase to hit Arohi with. She hits Arohi on head. Arohi holds her head. Arohi falls down. She faints.

Arohi opens her eyes and she is tied. Tara says having fun? She says you look so pretty. This necklace looks so good on you. She made arohi wear roma’s necklace. Tara says our lives is a battler. some times things are in your hands and some times in mine. You shouldn’t have kept me alive. Be ready to die. Arohi wore the same clothes as Tara.Tara says if you killed me you wouldn’t have been tied here like this. She is about to press the button. Arohi says stop Tara. Arohi says i know it is in your hands but listen to me once. If I die no one would be here to tell you all this. Suddenly lights turn off and someone shoves Tara. The remote falls. Deep says whats happening. Where is Tara? Arohi and kids tie Tara.

Lights turn off. Arohi comes downstairs and says someone is there in the washroom. See what she did to me my hands are injured. Go and catch her. She will run. Deep says where is your haldi?Virat syas I think the same. Aroi says that Arohi came and you care about haldi. I went to freshen up. She came here as electrician. She left this mom’s necklace that I gave her. she was running with it. roma says how she got it? Arohi says take care of it and keep wearing it. Deep applies haldi on Arohi’s face. She says I don’t like it. I don’t wanna do this rituals. Because of all this Arohi comes there. No more rituals. We will just get married tomorrow.

Arohi looks at Niku and says I will kill your bua. She gives him sign that she is Arohi. Virat says we should try to catch Arohi. Arohi says Arohi wants us not to get married. I wont give up. Deep picks her up and says you need rest. I will drop you both to room.Arohi wakes up Tara. Tara says why are you not happy? Tara says why are you doing this all this? You should have killed me. Arohi says I want to give deep a lot of happiness. And then I will break him. Thats how i will kill him. Tara says you are dead human who is just breathing. You will always be alone. Arohi says I am not alone my niku is with me.

Arohi makes Niku eat. She says why did Tara take Niku’s name. How she knows Niku is here? Chawani says maybe she heard someone talking. Arohi says it can be a plan too. Chawnai says you two should run from here. Arohi says we wont run. We will take our revenge,, We have to be careful and take care of Niku.Deep gets ready as groom. He says to Roma I don’t have parents. You are all I have you have to make me wear sehri. Roma says you are my son. I will make you wear it. I and Dilip will be in bbarat and Virat will be from girl’s side.Roma says if that Arohi dares coming here we will kill that child.

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