An Unusual tale Update Friday 3 September 2021

An Unusual tale 3 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Shobha and Vikram having a talk in office. She tells about the scheduled meetings. He asks will she attend it too. She says yes. He says you are lying to me, what happened to you, do you think I m kid to fool me, you have made us a joke, this job does not need you, as it needs someone who values it. She says its nothing like this. He says then what, I felt you are talented and passionate, who needed it, buy now you don’t need it, you feel then work here will stop, it will function as you were not here, I will not miss you as you think.

He says I don’t miss anyone, I don’t need anyone in my life, it will be running as before. He asks her to leave. She leaves.She thinks she can understand Vikram’s anger, but she is not feeling good that she is leaving the job, she found her existence with this, this sacrifice is tough for me, as I m giving a chance to my marriage, I have to do my best to make it strong, even I regret that I m leaving this for it, but I m helpless, if I m with Samarth, people will taunt me and you, I don’t want anyone to point on you, you don’t know this politics and I don’t want to be dragged in this, you are so pure, I can’t bear if anyone stains you.

Vikram throws things and says I will bear this wound too, the one I loved always left me, I m a survivor.Nani bumps into Sarika and Sarika offers help. Nani scolds her. She leaves. Sarika says I would have killed you if you were not imp for Vikram. Samarth coughs and Sharda gives him water. He asks her to sit and talk. He says you can punish me, but don’t ignore me. She says I m mum, if I hate, then also I will love you, but you don’t make your wife and kids regret, give them love. He says I apologized to them, you support me, as Shobha trusts you.

I will do what I say, just bless me once. She says I have made you learn walk, I m with you but don’t hurt her again. He promises he will not hurt Shobha, I want her to rest so I asked her to leave the job. She asks him to give her love and respect. He says I m thinking to surprise her.Shobha thinks we have good understanding, Vikram got angry but I know he will understand this is the best thing to do for all of us. Vikram comes to her and hands over the termination letter. She is shocked.

He says you know how will I react to this, but you don’t have to go one month notice, just submits papers and leave, we will be on different ways now. He leaves. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………………plays…………..Vinita thinks if Garima gives birth to baby, I will not have any value, my child will be first in this house, not Garima’s. She brings juice for Garima and asks her to have it. Garima thanks her. Vinita says its healthy for you. Garima smiles and before she could drink, Saurabh comes home from office.

He says he is very hungry. Vinita goes to make food for him. Garima asks Saurabh to have the juice. Vinita is shocked and says its made for you, I m making food for him, you have it. Saurabh says yes, you need it. Garima says I m fine, you have it, I insists. Saurabh says fine, and drinks it.He stops Vinita and asks whats in this, which fruits. She says all fruits. He says it has papaya, its like poison for Garima, if Garima drank it, anything could have happened, and I would have never forgiven you.

Vinita says I m sorry, I did not know about papaya, as all fruits were kept cut in bowl. Garima says I know, don’t feel sad. Vinita thinks Saurabh has saved her, I will see you next time. Reyaan comes to Shobha and says my maths homework is not ending. She says I will help. He sees the trophy and he likes it. He says I will show everyone and runs to Samarth. He says my mum is superwoman. Samarth says yes.Sarika gets angry and thinks she did not leave job. Shobha thinks I m leaving job, love’s other name is sacrifice.

Vikram talks on phone and Nani hears him about Shobha leaving home. He tells her that he gave her termination letter. She says Samarth would have told her to leave job. He says I knew love is blind, but such foolish. She says he is doing what you told, as you have sent her to Samarth. Shobha comes to her room, and sees the candle light dinner decorations. Samarth comes and gives her rose, flirting with her and reminds the old times. He asks her to sit and he has reserved the table.

Sarika and Sharda come. Shobha says I will come with you. Sharda asks her to spend time with Samarth. Shobha says I decided I m leaving the job. Sarika gets glad. Sharda says see Samarth, she is again sacrificing for you. Samarth says I just want her to be happy. Shobha says this job saved me in bad time, I found myself, if Vikram did not give me job, I would have shattered. Sharda says yes, it changed our lives. Shobha says I got employee of the month, I did not know I m capable and can do this. Samarth asks her not to leave the job. She is shocked.

Vikram saying he is habitual to Shobha, maybe its love. He recalls Nani’s words and thinks about Shobha. He cries. Music plays…………….. He says this is love. Samarth talks to Sarika. She asks how can you make Shobha work with Vikram, did you leave your mind in jail, or don’t you care for your marriage. Samarth asks her to talk with respect, and don’t interfere in me and my wife’s matter. I know you have benefit in this. Sarika says its not for my benefit, I m doing this for you. He says I m your brother, we are same blood, you went on me, this does not suit you, I m trying to join my family, I can’t let it get ruin by your politics, I will find your motive, don’t interfere. He leaves.

Its morning, Shobha comes office and a lady says she will miss her, its her last day. Shobha wants to say she is not leaving. Mahesh says your all documents are ready. She says I don’t need, I m not leaving this job. He asks whats this joke, you are strange, I don’t understand. She asks is he not happy. He says no, you trouble me a lot, welcome back. Vikram comes and Mahesh says good news Sir, Shobha is not leaving the job. Vikram goes to his cabin. Vikram asks Shobha why did she come back. She says I want my job. He scolds her for joking.

She says sorry, you told me to give a chance to Samarth, I m following it, to give him time I was leaving job, you got angry. Samarth said I can work, I can do anything that gives me happiness, he wants me to fly in sky and not cage me like before, maybe he changed.She asks did she get the job? He stays silent. She leaves. He asks why is Samarth doing this, whats his plan behind this. Shobha starts working. She gets Samarth’s call that he is missing her. She asks who is this.

He says I m Samarth, don’t you recognize my voice now. He says he is really missing her, end work soon and come home, there is lot to talk. He says he will live anyhow till she comes, and says I love you Shobha. She says ok, and ends the call. She says did he really change, dinner yesterday and this phone call, he is trying to change.Samarth talks to the politician Tiwari. He says you changed, as you are saying I love you to your wife after so many years of marriage. Samarth says yes, I have to, I lie a lot.

Shobha thinks Samarth is not lying to her now, he encouraged her to work. The man says it means it was acting, even I got fooled, then Shobha will also get fooled. Samarth says world sees me as cheater, a man who cheated wife and country, I want to show I m responsible husband. Shobha thinks Samarth has become responsible. Tiwari laughs and says we will try to change your image, will your wife help us in this. Samarth says I m acting to love, she believes in emotions and will help me.

He says I have fooled this woman a lot of times, and she is mad to believe me always. Vikram talks to Mahesh. He sees Shobha going home, and ends the call. He talks to driver. He comes to know its auto strike. He comes to Shobha and says he will drop her home, as its auto strike today, kids are waiting for her. He holds her hand and takes her. He looks at her. Nani calls him, and it gets on speaker. Nani says you will be upset as Shobha is leaving, I know you will miss her. He ends the call. Shobha asks did you tell Nani about my termination. He says there are many spies in the building who give Nani all the news. He smiles seeing her.

He drops her home She leaves her scarf. He waves her scarf to her, and she goes. He holds her scarf and smiles. Sarika sees Nani and calls someone to power off the lift. Nani panics as the power goes. She asks for help. Sarika acts like helping her. Sarika thinks you panic for more time, then I will free you. She says I called lift man, don’t worry. Nani gets short of breath. She asks the man to on the lift. Nani cries and comes out. The watchman catches the man, and brings him to Nani. He says he was changing the power switch. Nani asks who is he. He says he works for Sarika. Sarika scolds him. Nani gets angry on Sarika.

She beats Sairka and says you will kill me, and scolds her. Sarika says I was saving your life. Nani says you are trying to reach Vikram through me, this can’t happen, he loves a very nice girl, even she does not stay with him, it will be good to stay in her love than loving you. Sarika gets frustrated. Shobha gets hurt and Samarth shows his care. He applies ointment to her hand. He asks what happened. She says why are you becoming sensitive, I can’t believe. He says I m still the same, I always loved you and was mad in love, after I lost you, I realized your value, I don’t want to lose you again.

He holds her. She says she needs time. He says I m ready to wait all my life. He plays with kids. She thinks.

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