To die for love update Wednesday 8 december 2021

To die for love 8 december: Deep says how could you keep me away from this happiness.Arohi puts gun on deep nd says if you come near my parents again I will kill you. Deep pulls her and says I can’t scare you. I can kill you. I only hate you. i gave you your parents but you didn’t give me my mom. I can kill you but if I kill you my son would died too. Tara says I wont let anyone come between us. I will kill you and your baby. Tara cuts her hand and drips blood on her photo. she says you kidnapped deep’s mom. You made my work easy. Deep wont leave you alive. But if he gets to know she is pregnant with his child he wont kill her. deep says you first took my mom and you now my baby.

Arohi says how dare you call this your babby. He is alive because of me. You made sure he dis. I wont let you come near him. I kept your mom there someone took her from there but I dont’ know. I didn’t tell you so you suffer like me too. You ruined my life. Her stomach hurts. Deep holds her.Deep takes Arohi to a room. she says let me o. He says I wont let you go. I dont like losing. He says I am alive and that is a lost. Deep has roped his hand with hers. She says what do you want. He says so you are tied with me all the time. I want to take care of my baby. She says I am enough for him.

Bell rings. Deep goes downstairs. Doctor comes. She checks arohi. Arohi says he isn’t my husband ask him to stay out. Doctor says you need rest.
Kashap comes to Arohi. Arohi says go from here before someone sees you. Lets run from here. He says you should know the truth. Deep knwos everything. He asked me to help you every time. He told me where your parents are. Aroi is dazed. He says deep wants to stay behind curtain because Tara can kill you. This face has a lot of money to it. Arohi says i can’t trust him. He isn’t worth.

Deep says to Arohi doctor asked you to rest. I will get you the food. I will take care of my baby. Tara overhears. She says so deep knows. Tara says no one can save her from me today. Tara opens the washroom. ARohi ran from there. She stops a taxi. Deep comes out of it and pulls her. He says told you don’t run. Tara sees them together. Tara is about to stab soeone hits her head.
Tara wakes up. she says you saved arohi again. He says if she died we will never know where that gold is. We can’t kill her. Tara says deep knows she is pregnant. Virat says if she is alive we will know where the gold is.

Arohi says if she runs she can have a good life. Virat says that wont happen. Tara says then kill her. Tara says I will burn everything deep goes to her. Deep says to arohi you can’t leave the house. You will go to doctor with me. You need rest. Arohi says your father is alive now? You wanted to kill me till yesterday. Dont’ do all this drama. Kashap told me you changed my face to save me. But you could tell me. You sent to that asylum where my baby was attacked first. You sent people to kill me. You hated tara how she came back? You have no right to my baby. If you answer me I think. Deep says on right time you will have all answers. Arohi says I can’t trust you. she faints. Something goes in her eye, deep cleans it. Deep says I will protect you and my baby. Arohi says in heart i can’t trust you. All this was a game for you.

Tara looks at her photo with Deep. She says Deep can never go away from me. Love can’t make me eat. She writes deep with blood on the mirror. Tara says no one can come between us.
Tara comes downstairs and deep and Arohi playing with baby. Arohi says Tara I have everything now. Deep says sorry Tara I am with arohi. she is my baby’s mother. Tara says I am your wife. Deep you can’t leave me alone. she was dreaming all this.Deep and doctor come to hospital. Deep says you kept me away from my baby. You hid it from me. arohi says you cheated me. You tried to kill me nd saying all this? I can take care of my baby. He says enough. You will do what I ask. I promise I will care for you and my baby. Trust me. This baby is my reason to live.

Deep comes home. Tara says where were you all night? She sees Arohi’s reports. Tara says he went to hospital with her?
Arohi says is deep lying or is he not? Should I trust him or not? Deep was so worried about his mom. i have to find about her. Where is she who took her.
She calls the shopkeeper. He says I went out to take the medicine but she went in a car. He tells her car’s number. Arohi gives car number to Kashap. Arohi says deep kept my parents away from me. Kashap calls her and says that car is Virat’s. Arohi is dazed. She says so deep doesn’t know virat is kashap. Should I tell deep. Arohi calls deep. Tara sees the call and breaks the phone. She says I gave you one chance nd you are with arohi again.

she puts knife on his neck. Deep kisses her and says I have a plan. I am doing all this for a reason. He smirks. He says no one can come between us. ARohi hears all this. Deep whispers something to tara. Tara says you can’t kill her but you can torture her. Show me then i will trust you. Aroi says is deep right or what I saw right? Deep comes to her room. He locks the door. Deep plugs in tattoo machine. Arohi says what are you doing? Deep gives her a tatoo. Arohi screams.

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