To die for love Update Monday 15 November 2021

To die for love 15 November 2021: Nimki says I will give you all this big news together with someone. Reporter tells reporter Deep’s story. Tara says deep do something stop all this. DEep says don’t do anyting. Media is here you have to control.
Deep says to Arohi what are you doing. She says truth always comes out. I will tell you I will stand in front of you. You can’t do anything. Deep says you think I can’t do anyting? HE says wanna live in this house? You know death any time comes here. The one who lives here is one I protect. No one knows what happens here. Better go from here. You don’t know who live who dies.

Arohi says soon you will know. Arohi hugs Tara and says he is here.Virat comes out of his car. Virat says I am here to get something back that is my mine. This raichand mansion. I and my sister tara have right on this property. No one else. I will live in this house with my gf Anjali. He recalls Anjali said I want our baby to live in the house that is his. So that we should live there. Tara wonders whats happening.Tara takes Mausi inside and says I saw something. You did all this right? Mausi says if they kick you out I will be out as well. WHy would I o against you.Virat says second news is that I will be marrying my gf Anjali. Please be part of our wedding. He makes her wear the ring. Deep says stops this drama. SHe can’t be his wife. Why are you doing this drama? You lost and I won.

You are mine and you will always be because I can’t see you with anyone else. I want to tell all of you that this is my wife Arohi and she can’t marry anyone else. everyone is dazed. Deep says how can you marry virat when I am alive? You are my arohi. Tara says what are you saying. Deep says I can’t hide the news. Tell everyone that arohi is this. SHe is my life and my love. I did all that because I was helpless. Reporter says is Anajli arohi?

He says you thought only you could act? I did too. One day there was a party at my place. She said she is Arohi. She is a fraud. virat she is fooling you too. Ask her why is she doing all this. You saw how emotional she got? Virat she is getting you in a trap. Virat says anjali whata re you saying? Tara says she came to party and said she is Arohi. Mausi calls police. Virat says why you did this? She says I did that for you and for our baby. I went there and said that I am aRohi but she is tara. I went there to get you your right and job back. You don’t have any riht to live here. VIrat will live in this house. Get out right now.

Arohi says get out of this house. This house only belongs to Virat. Police comes and says we got news that virat and anjali came here. Arohi says this house is of Virat. We have to kick him out. Media reports all of this.Tara comes and says read it. Inspector reads it. Virat reads mom named this property for Arohi. Arohi says how is that possible. Tara says Tar loved you so much. She gave the house to me. Anjali says Virat is still half owner of the house. Deep says we can’t live here with tara’s brother. Go to court we will give you the money. Paolice says according to the papers at the moment only deep and aroi can live here. Deep says get out. Virat says see you in court then. I will get you out of there. Tara says no one needs to go anywhere. Virat is the half owner of this house then he can live here with Anjali.

Equal. Your face gives me a connection. Let’s live together. ARohi says welcome virat. We will all live here.ARohi says to Virat Tara is around as well. We will find her.Tara says I don’t need to be scared of Virat. He wants his job back by getting Tara on the death sentence. Welcome back home virat. Let me know if you need anything else.Aroi says you said I can’t even be close to this house. See I am in. DEep says I will get you out of here. she says bring a new threat. VIrat says are you threatening Anjali.Virat takes ARohi to Roma’s room and says this is my mom’s room. You can stay here.Arohi says you know everything. Why you play with my feelings. For a moment I thought m,y deep came back. You sowed your real face again. You can’t fool me again. I wont ever trust you.

She comes out. Someone has placed a wire on carpet. Mausi comes in and says I want to talk. She steps on wire and faints. ARohi rushes her to hospital.Deep comes to hospital and says she got her here on time otherwise her life would have been in danger.Arohi says you are an amazing actor.A maid stops arohi and says anjali madam. Is everything okay? She says yes. Maid says your life is in danger. I will come back on work from tomorrow. Arohi says sit in my car. I live in raichand house these days.The maid says you are living in virat’s house? Stay away from him. His intentions are bad. You promised your dad that you wont ever give up. You are very strong.

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