Strange Love Update Saturday 9 October 2021

Strange Love 9 October 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok and Raghu fighting. Raghu raises hand and Shlok holds his hand. Raghu beats him and Shlok does not reply. His face bleeds. He beats Raghu and Raghu falls. Astha worries for Shlok, as Raghu beats him more. Astha cries. Chowksi asks Raghu to leave Shlok. Raghu pushes Chowksi and laughs seeing Shlok on the ground. He says your hero is gone. Shlok stands and looks at Raghu Bhai. Shlok punches his face and Raghu falls. Raghu fights again and Shlok gives him good punches. A goon hits Shlok from back, and Shlok beats him too. He pulls Raghu by his leg and beats him. The people get courage and they all stop the goons and fight with them. Shlok sees people’s anger and courage. The people beat Raghu and his goons.

Shlok and Astha look on as police comes. The police arrests Raghu, and inspector says the whole chawl people will be witness this time. Raghu and his goons are taken away. Chowksi tells Shlok that he did a great work. Everyone cheer up. Chowksi says we are saved because of you. Shlok says I should say thanks. Chowksi says we need a party. The people dance happily. Shlok feels Shlok has won today, not Shlok Agnihotri, I got this love and respect in their hearts by my own self, I wish Anjali could see this. Niranjan sees Shlok’s pics and talks to him. He says why did I not stop you that day, I m a father but I could not bed infront of my ego. Varad looks on and thinks its good way to take his sign, he is emotional in Shlok’s memories and he will sign on any paper and give.

Varad comes to him, and says he is missing Shlok a lot, we tried hard to find him, but could not.He asys I wish wherever he is, he should be happy. He asks Niranjan to sign on the new project file. He says Shlok is making us work, when he comes back, we will relax and make him work, I want to start this project soon. Niranjan says I m glad knowing you worry for him so much, and takes the file. Varad thinks I wish Baba worried for me too, but I don’t care now, I will do everything for me now. Niranjan signs on the papers, and Varad smiles.

Sachin brings Astha and Shlok blindfolded. Astha asks where is he taking them. Sachin says wait, and asks them to open eyes. They are happy to see a thank you party kept for Shlok and Astha. Shlok smiles. Chowksi says it’s a thank you from all of us. Shlok says you call me brother and say thanks. Rekha says its not thank you, but love from all of us. Chowksi asks Shlok to cut the cake. Shlok cuts the cake and makes Astha have it. They all eat the cake and smile. Chowksi asks kids to come and have the cake. Shlok tells Astha that its first step to make Shlok’s identity, without Agnihotri name.Niranjan looks at the papers, and Varad gets worried. He coughs to divert his mind. Niranjan signs further. Shlok sees a loving father and son, and recalls Niranjan. Astha asks is he missing Baba. Shlok nods no. Astha says see everyone is happy, don’t you think we should be a part of it. Niranjan says Shlok might be missing him. Shlok tells Chowksi that he wants to tell them something, as they all trust and support him. He thanks him for making him come in this chawl, it feels like a family now. Everyone clap.

Varad takes the file smiling and thanks Niranjan. Niranjan says best wishes for the new project. Varad thinks I got it, all this property is mine, you gave me big happiness today.Astha and Shlok come to their room. She says the chalw people are so sweet, the party was good. Chowksi comes and gives Shlok’s mobile. He says he has seen a big one room kitchen flat and you can shift tomorrow. Apsara hears them. Shlok says fine, we will see it. Astha says I m so happy, our problems are ending, and hugs Shlok. Apsara thinks my Shlok ji will not stay here now, and gets upset. Varad tells Sojal that my dreams are becoming true, everything is in my hands now. Sojal says I m very happy for you. Jyoti waits for Sid. She worries for him as he is not ready to take anyone’s help. Sid comes home and rests. She thinks Sid is still annoyed, how to explain him to make him agree to take Varad’s help.

Astha says thank Bappa that you got saved, but how, I went there and there was no one. Shlok says I m saved because of you, when police came there, they took me to shift, a goon was taking me, and I thought they are tensed, and I swapped myself. In FB, Shlok opens his hands and beats the goon. He exchanges his clothes and leaves. Astha smiles and says you are really a hero, maybe Bappa wanted us to be together. She hugs him and he promises they will be always together.Astha packing the bags. Apsara looks at Shlok. She tells Sachin that they are leaving the house, how will you stay without Astha. Sachin says if they are going, let them go, daily fights will end. Astha and Shlok come out. Astha apologizes for anything she felt bad. Apsara says we will feel bad if you go like this, please stay here, we will feel good.

Astha looks at Shlok. Sachin says I will keep coming to meet you. Astha hugs him. Shlok says lets leave. Jyoti talks to Sid. He gets a call from Laxmi bank and comes to know his loan is passed. Sid and Jyoti get happy and hug. She says now all our problems will end, I was not feeling good to see you in tension. Varad is behind the loan sanction. The man says no need to thanks, its your money.Chowksi brings Shlok and Astha to their new home, and they like it a lot. He asks them to do grah pravesh and hope its lucky for them. He says congrats for the new house. They smile. He gives them the keys and leaves. Shlok stops Astha and takes her bag. She asks what is he doing. Shlok brings the Grah Pravesh ritual items and makes Astha glad. Astha walks inside and stands in the window. He locks the door and looks at her. Mahiya mere mahiya………………plays……………She says its looking really peaceful, I feel I got my dream house, I m so happy that I can’t tell you. Maine khudko tujhme tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil……………….plays…………….. He holds her and says I can’t say how much happy I m. He gets closer to her.

He gives her the waist ornament, and hugs her. He says its just me and you, this day is special. She looks at him. They have an eyelock. He holds her face and music plays……………… She smiles and hugs him. Apsara thinks she will win Shlok by making great food, and imagines mesmerizing Shlok., and upsetting Astha. She comes out of her dream. Sachin comes and says Sheera looks good. She gives him and says she will go to Shlok. Sachin takes it and says I will give it. She gets annoyed.Astha arranges home. She says I did not inform Aai that Shlok will come to take her tomorrow. She calls Anjali. She asks her to pack her bag and her parents’ bags too, as Shlok is coming to take them tomorrow. Anjali cries and asks did you get big house. Astha says yes, and we shifted. She tells everything how Shlok became hero by beating the goons. She says goons kidnapped Shlok.

Anjali worries and asks why did you not tell me. Astha says I did not had time, relax, he is back and sent the goons to jail. Anjali gets angry and scolds her for hiding this matter. Astha says don’t worry, everything is fine, get all my ashram friends, we will enjoy, I miss you a lot, you will be with us finally.Anjali says I will come alone, ask him not to come here to take me. Astha asks why, how will you come. Anjali says my bahu taught me to face all problems myself, I will come. Shlok takes phone and asks what happened, I will come. Anjali says I learnt to do my every work, I want to show my confidence. She says my bahu is my teacher and tomorrow is my exam, I have to pass. Shlok says fine, I will come to take you from bus stop. Astha asks her to take care. Anjali says I will reach soon, and I will scold you when I come. She asks her parents to come. Her dad asks her to go, Astha and Shlok will get more duties, you are going and that’s happiness for us. Matron says yes, he is like my dad too. Anjali smiles and says I will miss you all, I will always be indebted. Matron says nom we did not do any favor, we were supporting out family member. Anjali’s mum says accept this life by heart.

Its morning, Astha and Shlok are happy that Anjali is coming. She asks why did he keep tv here and asks him not to help. They argue sweetly. Music plays………… She says its my house and I will arrange the house I want. He says you are mine and I can do anything I want. She asks him to go and get Aai, and house will be perfect as you say. He leaves. Apsara bargains. She sees Shlok calling auto and bumping into her. The flowers fall on them and she stares at him. He says I m sorry. She thinks he is realizing my love by staying far, so he said sorry with love, sometimes distance is also necessary to get two people closer.

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