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I do 31 December 2021: The next morning, haseena comes to razia pretending to be very hurt at the fact that rashid has been arrested. Razia asks her to stop the drama and tell her the real reason of her visit.

Haseena asks what would happen to her prestige if the relatives come to know of this. Razia retorts saying that she should call off the relation then, and leave the car keys. Haseena immediately changes her attitude and tells her that she has to go with her sister in law, to a ritual in somebody’s home who she personally knows. Razia is surprised to know that it is actually dilshad’s house where haseena is going.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Asad tries to talk to ayan, but he refuses to talk to him, remembering what asad had told him and cancels the phone. Ayan throws away the phone. He then gets an SMS from asad which asks ayan to meet him. He wonders why asad wants to meet him now.

As asad finds zoya on the door, he asks why doesnt she ever bother to knock. She retorts back saying that he should keep the door locked if he wants it to be knocked. He asks her whats wrong with her, that she is behving like this with him. She instead asks whats wrong with him as he’s always finding fault with everyone. Then he is snubbed off by zoya too who reprimands him for being emotionally challenged and cant feel anything. She sys that she hadnt shared her life’s secret with anyone, as she thought he would understand, but instead he just walked off. She says thats because he doesnt have a chest on his stone, which asad carefully reminds that its wrong and that the correct thing to say is that he doesnt have a heart in his chest. He is again rebuked for finding faults in everyone, with zoya saying that he might find fault with everyone, but never stopped to wonder that he might be the problem.

As asad tries to talk, but zoya asks him not to make the effort and leaves from his room. asad is tensed that both ayan and zoya are behaving like this. To top it off, she again comes back in the room, just to say that she wanted him to realise what it feels when someone wants to talk and the other person just leaves. Saying so, she exits.

Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad is entertaining guests and also entertains a lady who has come along with haseena, who shows off as very religious. Dilshad welcomes them with an open heart. Haseena reminds them of their earlier meeting, dilshad has a vague impression.

While zoya finishes talking to her brother in law, asad offers to help looking at the photographs that zoya has. zoya again reprimands him for being indirect and instead of not asking directly that she wants to help. Asad, after she’s done, asks for the pics, and zoya gives them to him, saying that he’s impossible. After zoya says that she feels that she should leave for the religious ritual, asad asks her to change into something more appropriate, but is again rebuked by zoya for being narrow minded. she leaves and joins the the ladies in the ritual.

Meanwhile the maid asks her daughter, to sit in a corner while she works.

Razia comes to dilshad’s house stealthily. In a religious ceremony being performed at dilshad’s house, razia thinks that this would be the apt time to find about the doll. Haseena almost recognises razia behind her veil, but she clenches her hand away from haseena. Dilshad looks back, but isnt able to see razia behind the veil. Zoya gives her meds but forgets to get a particular kind, and goes into dilshad’s room to get it. Razia thinks that she would have to search this room only for finding the doll.

All are busy paying their tributes to the Allah. dilshad prays to the lord to enable her to be able to prove rashid innocent. Zoya prays for the family so that they are relieved from all the troubles in their life.

Razia rummages through dishad’s room. Hearing a knock on the door, she hides behind the almirah and is shocked to find dilshad entering. Dilshad finishes some work in the almirah. she is about to leave, when the cell phone starts ringing. she turns around to pick it up, with razia scared ouit of her wits, for the fear of being caught. Dilshad attends to the call, unaware of razia’s presence. After she leaves, razia is relieved.

But just then, Razia is shocked to hear her voice’s recording coming from the garden and is surprised to see the doll playing the recording in the girl’s arms. She is detremined to get it somehow or else her secret will be out.

As she comes out of the room, she meets nazma, who asks her if she needs anything. She makes up an excuse that she has to go to the bathroom, and nazma begins to show her the way. Razia is upset at being diverted from the doll.

As the entire ladies along with haseena begin to taunt and insult zoya for her choice of dressing to a religious ritual, comparing her to a professional woman, to please men, razia gets about doing her work. Razia asks the girl about the doll, first lovingly and then angrily at which the girl starts crying. Her mother comes in and razia makes up an excuse saying that she saw her crying and hence came to soother her down. Razia enters back inside. She doesnt notice the doll lying in one corner of the room.

Haseena and the other ladies are taunting zoya for being so insensitive and being the reason their girls get spoiled. But dilshad takes a firm stand for zoya saying that they are noone to judge mannerisms as its her house, and she more than welcomes them, but it would be her call to decide what happens in the house. she says that they are being no more mannered when they talk and insult their own host’s guest.

she says that she can vouch for zoya being a mannered girl in her heart, behaviour and personality and therefore doesnt need to pretend by wearing traditional clothes. she asks nazma to take zoya inside, while she again criticises them for wearing more revealing sarees than zoya’s modern outfits show. she silences the ladies into submission. razia however spots the doll, lying in the corner.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan says that he had come to see his friends and therefore dropped by, but that doesnt mean, that everything is alright between them. Asad says that he gets it, and that not just him, the ladies of his house too are angry at him for doing this. Asad says that he wants to help the lady guest in his house. ayan says that he would help, not him but for his lady guest. asad shows him the photographs and asks him to locate the place. Ayan says that he would forgive asad only if he introuduces ayan to that lady guest, sullenly. asad hugs him, and ayan too finally unable to resist his emotions, he too hugs him back.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
As razia finds the doll lying at a corner, Razia goes over to take the doll, lying on the ground, but is interrupted by dilshad, who seeing her in a veil, asks for her introduction politely. Razia starts pretendiong to cough. As dilshad asks for her condition, she is distracted by someone who asks her to come outside as someone is waiting for her. Razia waits for dilshad to go before she can take the doll.

The next morning, zoya receives a letter telling that asad has to report the day after, for giving testimony against rashid at his hearing two days later. As zoya goes to keep it in asad’s room, she is stopped by dilshad who takes the papers from her saying that asad wont know about this or about rashid’s hearing in the coming two days. Zoya is surprised

Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia tells someone on the phone that the doll is in dilshad’s room and if she finds it then they would be in trouble, and that now she would have to resort to the last option, BILLO RANI. As she finds someone snooping on her, she goes out to find badi bi there, who blatantly says that she’s keeping a close eye on her and waiting for her to make one small mistake.

She asks razia as to what was she doing clicking the pics, when rashid was burning the factory, and why didnt she destroy the evidence if she really cared for him and his kids. she herself gives the logic saying that the crime that night was done by her, and that she kept rashid under her control by blackmailing rashid into submission. she says that she would see to it that razia’a true face would come out in front of the whole world.

As razia goes inside, she takes out rope from the drawer, thinking that she would teach badi bi a lesson, for her overzealousness.

Badi bi, while looking for ayan, falls into a land trap, and hangs in the air upside down. razia comes upto her and facing her, threatens that she could bury her alive, if she feels like doing it. She scares badi bi saying that there’s noone in the house. Badi bi asks to be left alone. But razia says that since she is so keen on keeping an eye, she should tell how she is feeling now seeing the world upside down. Badi bi tells razia that she would tell the whole family about this. Razia says that badi bi favours rashid in everything and should be there with rashid also when he hangs, and not because of razia but for his own son, asad. Badi bi says that god wont forgive her for this. Razia says that the weak always says this to the strong. She threatens badi bi saying that this is her last warning to her and if she doesnt beware this time, then the next time, this rope would be around her neck.

Razia is messaging badi bi’s legs with ointments, when ayan and humaira come and are shocked to see it. Badi bi is turned into stone. Ayan asks how did this happen, arazi replies that she fell into the lawn. Whe ayan asks badi bi if she fell, or was she thrown, razia asks him not to talk like that, since she clearly told him that badi bi fell. ayan says that he’s talking to badi bi and not her. razia reprimands her for being so impolite and leaves from there. humaira is shocked. He keeps asking badi bi, but she doesnt respond. finally she says that she’s very tired and wants to rest and asks him to leave.

Humaira is angry at ayan for being so impolite to razia, and that badi bi might have lost her sanity at this old age, hence all the time, accusing razia of being conspiring and now he too believing on his grandmother, is being so impolite and rude to her mother. Ayan says and tries to reason with her that there’s something in the whole affair that they dont know, but badi bi does and he believes her. humaiar shouts at ayan saying that she wont hear another word against her mother as she might be blunt but not wicked. ayan says that there must be something that she is able to hide her faults so easily and that she is in fact, a lady who can stoop down to any level. humaira slaps ayan for this. she says that she could never believe that ayan could say something like this. Ayan too says that why would she believe him, as she has proved that she is her mother’s child. Humaira leaves.

shirin sees this and reprimands him for fighting with his own family, when the actual war is with outsiders, like asad, and that razia is working for their benefit only. Ayan refuses to believe it saying that razia and mamu arent in their favour actually. shirin asks him to stop thinking about others and dwell on himself as to what he has done for his mother, who he promised that she would get rashid back.

Ayan tries to clarify that asad has seen rashid at the factory and that all the evidence also points out towards him, and therefore maybe asad is not wrong in doing what he is doing. shirin asks who would she choose between asad and rashid. She says that asad is accusing that person who tried to kill his mother. shirin asks ayan that if asad can fight for hhis mother, cant he? He says determinedly that he would fight for rashid and get him out of the jail.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
As asad comes inside, zoya’s remembers dilshad’s statement. She tries to avoid talking to asad, while he continuously keeps addressing to her. She again breaks into her impromptu poetry, to distract him:

Asad shows zoya her pics, saying that one of the places is near NH13 and thought it would help. zoya is filled with gratitude. She turns around thinking that she is feeling all the more guilty now that she has hiddent the truth from asad. As asads tries to talk more, zoya goes inside thanking ayan when she knows he was behind this, and leaves. asad thinks that zoya is a hypocrite scolding him for leaving while she’s talking midway, and now doing the same awkward behaviour with her.

Asad gets a call from someone, who asksd if he has received court case letter, saying that they were received at his house by a girl named zoya. He says that then they must be in the house only, and cancels the call. he thinks that now he understands why zoya was behaving such.

As asad walks into zoya’s room, she again begins with her poetry:

Jahapanah ke six packs dikhte hai bina kameezon ke,
Bino knock kiye aana, habit hai badtammezon ke!!!
Asad says that the door was open only. But she makes him go out of the room, and closing it asks him to request for permission to enter the room. when asad’s patience is tested enough, he storms into the room.

Asad asks if she has something to give him, just like he has given her clues about her father. She says she has thankyou and best wishes to be given to him. asad asks her to think again. she turns around and says that she has nothing more to give. asad turns her around and pins her to the wall. when she still pretends ignorance, Asad asks zoya why she didnt give him the papers that had come for him, and lied instead. Zoya is at a loss for an answer. He tells her that he would go and give evidence against rashid. He says that he had advised her that she should stay away from their personal matters. Dilshad comes into the room, saying that zoya might not but she has all the right to interfere in his matters.

She tells him everything that its not zoya’s fault and tells asad the entire story, saying that she would do everything to save rashid from this. Asad says that this descision that she took, to keep him in ignorance was wrong. She says that she knows that, but the wrong path taken for a right work, is not wrong. She says that she has less than two days left for the hearing and she still hasnt found the doll. Hence the only way to save rashid is from stopping him to give his testimony in court.

Asad determinedly says that he would give evidence against rashid, and dilshad says that she would see to it that he isnt able to do that. she says that she would leave no stone unturned in proving rashid innocent. The screen freezes on asad’s face.

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